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Another day in Kangaroo Court… this makes 21 times

Well I went to court again today, Officially this is my 21st Court appearance in this matter, unofficially it’s 18 (because I can’t find the paperwork for the other 3 court hearings) They managed to schedule me in front of the Judge I affidavited out AGAIN! Yes I said again, & to illustrate what my … Continue reading

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Releasing of personal information by Everett Animal Control?

Okay so here is the state’s STAR witness… She is sending out these emails saying Everett Animal Control is releasing personal information to her about me. The beauty of it is she is lying, or maybe they really did release the info to her & they are lying but it’s going to make court very … Continue reading

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Woman admits to selling dogs with fake papers

Just another news story, it wouldn’t have registered in my brain if I wouldn’t have seen the Eskimos, who look hauntingly like a couple I just adopted out. A dog flipper, according to her almost all the dogs she got were mangy matted flea bags who people only wanted money for… because her mind thinks … Continue reading

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Let’s pretend I had a real attorney… Rose Adams statement

Okay so if I had a REAL lawyer let’s just pretend I did let’s take a look at the statement from the borderline personality narcissistic nut job here. I have written numbers on the lines so we can keep it straight, you might have to blow it up to see it, not sure how this … Continue reading

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Is this a new world’s record for court appearances???

Court Hearings for this case of of 5/23/2011 1) 1/16/2011 Superior 2) 1/21/2011 District 3) 1/21/2011 Superior 4) 1/25/2011 District 5) 2/8/2011 District 6) 2/16/2011 Municipal 7) 2/23/2011 Superior 8) 2/25/2011 Municipal 9) 2/28/2011 Municipal 10) 3/3/2011 Superior 11) 3/24/2011 Municipal 12) 3/30/2011 Municipal 13) 4/4/2011 Municipal 14) 4/6/2011 Municipal 15) 4/21/2011 Municipal 16) 5/2/2011 … Continue reading

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I’m back & ready to fight

Sorry all I have been battling the flu & a major depression for the last few weeks but I finally figured out that they were connected… but I’m back now & ready to fight. I have been advised that me putting up this & the other website is making things harder on me & making … Continue reading

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I love my paralegal! Even though she picks on me…

Yes! Okay they say… You get what you pay for: but sometimes you get more! I have a very mean paralegal, seriously, she is brutal. See she is a paralegal so she can’t give me legal advice, so its up to me to find the laws, understand, then, read through 1000’s of cases, & pick … Continue reading

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Motion of Limine & other ways to waste taxpayers money…

Several days ago I sent an email to Everett City Mayor, the Everett City Prosecutor, Everett City Attorney & my attorney. I have heard nothing from any of them except for from my attorney telling me I missed my appt. She also is not even aware that the prosecution made a demand/motion for discovery, she … Continue reading

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Are they deaf or just ……?

Okay so my attorney is not doing anything, I have had the flu from hell so I will try to get down to Superior court to file my appeal to represent myself Pro Se, but I have a funny thing to tell you all. I sent all the demands for discovery, & I CC’d in … Continue reading

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This is who you, in the City of Everett, murdered.

This is George, he was alive, he had value, he meant something, he had feelings, he could love, he collapsed & refused to walk the day he was snatched from me, he only had a few precious weeks left & you took that from me, without so much as a second thought, I still remember … Continue reading

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