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Mission Statement- Who we are… What we do… Why we’re here…

Here is our Mission Statement for our Ministries… Still fine tuning it but it covers most everything. A work of art in progress. I welcome all ideas & comments 8)

Bringing people & animals together through Faith, Love, Hope & Healing…

Mission statement:
We believe that all life is precious & is worth celebrating, we are all here for some purpose, we all are meant to be. We strive for greater understanding of our place in the universe, for ourselves & our fellow beings, whether they are covered with skin, fur, feathers, or scales. Our most important mission is to leave the world a better place then we found it. Next on our mission list to create a sanctuary where all beings can be safe, loved & cared for. We would like to create a climate of acceptance so that we are free to express ourselves & to learn & grow as individuals & as a church “family” As with any family everyone is different & it is these differences we wish to celebrate. To the best of our abilites we also strive to teach without prejudice, or forcing our own opinions on others

About Us
I was born “different” at the age of 18 months I was diagnosed with high functioning autism, I had all the classic signs, with some emerging language skills, I believe Einstien was also autistic, as he was regarded a dummy at the age of 5 but later grew to be one of the most respected minds of our current times, far ahead of his day & age. My mother being young & unwed couldn’t handle the diagnosis & left me with grandparents til she found out at 6 yrs of age I began to speak well, so she came back & stole me from the only life I knew in the middle of the night, she brought with her a creature named a step-father who would spend the next 5 years, torturing me, in every way imaginable & even some unimaginable until I couldn’t take it anymore & left home at 11 yrs of age, I made my way to down town Seattle & slept behind a dumpster, it was the first real night of sleep I had had in well over 5 years… since I had spent so much time with food being withheld from me I could stand to not eat for days. Seattle at that time had an extensive streetchild population as well as a very large Gay community, between the other streetkids, & most of the gay community I learned alot about life, love & how to be a good person, it is because of this I believe I went on to have 4 children of my own, adopt 3 more, & foster my own siblings as well as countless other children, without violence or abuse, it is because of this I now rescue unwanted & abused animals. They also taught me to love all people no matter their religion, appearance, sexual orientation, culture, or color. I have explored just about every religion known to man, even tried to make my own up, til I realized there is no exact science or method to it, it is a collection of thoughts, experiences & emotions. I trained as a Medicine Woman under a Lakota Medicine man so my basic philosophy is geared towards Native Religion, I have documented well over 12 Native bands in my bloodline so it makes sense that this is the road I travel, my name for God is Creator, or Father, my name for the earth is Mother, I consider all creatures my sisters & brothers & I am honor bound to care for them all. I am the one who sits out in the woods for days trying to catch a stray dog who’d been attacked by coyotes, or the one who goes into a mountain before a storm to catch a runaway dog, or even the one who will head over mountain passes in ice & snow storms to go rescue a pack of feral dogs, I take the worst case scenario dogs, then I rehab them & find them homes. I have a big mouth which gets me into quite a bit of trouble, I say what I think even at times I shouldn’t which is in part due to the autism, but you will always know where you stand with me, you won’t find any ulterior motives in my heart or soul. I don’t sugar-coat things so if you do not want my opinion please for both of our sake’s don’t ask for it. I’ve realized something very basic… I can’t save the world & everything in it, but I am going to make sure I make a difference in it!

Why are we here?
Why start another church when there seems to be one on every block you pass? We believe that most religions have the very best of intentions but faith & spirituality is a very personal matter, we all are unique individuals & although one school of philosophy may be correct for one person, the other may not. Our differences should not separate us, it should be the very reason we come together to learn, to explore, & to express ourselves without guilt.

What do we hope to achieve? What are our goals?

It is not my intention to “Save the World” it is my intention to gather together like minded people who are caring, loving, & accepting of others & who have respect for all forms of life. I would like to create a community that works together for the good of all not just our congregation, by creating community gardens, outreach programs, foster care programs, & educational programs. I would also like to create a sanctuary for all living creatures, where both human & animal can come together, for healing & to grow… Have you ever seen a dog or cat at church? Why is this, we are all endowed with the gift of life, all life is precious so why exclude any of it? In this rat ace of a world we have forgotten so many basic intrinsic things. we’ve all seen the animal laying by the side of the road dead, it haunts our thoughts all day long at first, soon we drive by thinking oops, then soon we don’t even notice, some would even run over the creature again just for fun. We need to understand first & foremost that we are not above any life. This day to day world has us struggling to get the best car, the best house, the best this, the best that…somewhere along the way we have forgotten that there is an outside world that we could make a huge difference in. Do you ever stop to consider that big steak dinner that you are sitting down to was once a living breathing feeling creature who gave his or her life in a very painful way so that you could have life yourself, have you ever stopped to thank this creature? Did you ever stop to consider that most of the products you used were first tested on animals also usually in a very painful & cruel manner, did it ever occur to you to thank them? That person on the corner this morning begging for your change… Did he annoy you, did you ever stop to consider their pain or what it was that brought them to that point in life, did you ever stop to consider that you could be one trauma, or one paycheck away from where they are at right now. I don’t advocate giving them money but I do think it wouldn’t kill you to give a kind word, or even a smile. My dream is create a giant sanctuary where people & animals can come together for healing, but in the meantime we can create many mini sanctuaries right in our own homes or hearts, taking in homeless animals, families or teens in transition, taking meals out to people on the street, helping victims of violence or trauma find resources. Each one of us is valuable & has something to offer, we are not above anyone. I believe there is good in all

What do we believe?
We believe in life, love, faith, hope & healing. That all life matters & everyone, & everything has something valuable to add to our lives & to this world. We believe that in helping others we help ourselves. We believe every day should be spent learning & teaching so we can grow as a community & as a person. My most important belief is this, inside of each & everyone of us there exists 1 single atom, the one thing that all life has, that connects us to eachother & this world. It is the one thing that connects to the one who gave us all life, & to the earth

Who can join?
Anyone can join, you can even still remain a member of your home church, we are not looking for quantity, we are reaching for quality, we are also hoping that we can teach one another, help one another, & make a difference in this world

What are the “rules”?
The Rules… well I guess we all have to have them, even the unwritten ones rule the universe. So I would say our rules are like this, accept one another, let people have the freedom to express themselves without fear of persecution or abandonment, strive to be the very best individual that you can be every day of your life, care for yourselves & eachother, respect life in all forms, do not try to indoctrinate others into your own belief system, spirituality is a very personal journey & every one creates their own road to it. Now just because we are a new freestyle thinking church doesn’t mean that we have no morals or values, in fact the very opposite, if you are engaging in illegal hurtful activities & expect acceptance here, you need to turn around & find another home. If you are drug addicted or abusive we will all try to help you but you also have to try to help yourself. If you abusing a child, animal, or any living creature actively that, we can not, will not, condone, we can try to get you some kind of help or resources, & offer support to you but until you try to change something in yourself it is dangerous for us to try to include you in working with others who are vulnerable themselves.

What “religion” are we?
We are all, we are none… yes I know that sounds like an “un” answer, but it is what is it is. Our congregation may have Catholics, Wiccans, Hoodoo practitioners, Jews, Muslims… we are not interested in “labels” or in labeling ourselves. We are here to come together as a group of living individuals with something to offer, something to learn, something to teach. Our “belief system” should remain open, growing & ever changing. Some of the world’s worst attrocities have been committed under the guise of “religion” & people have used God, in all forms & names to suit their own purposes for so long that it is hard to know the truth about anything, but there is something deep inside of you, that one single atom that connects all life that will guide you to where you need to be at the exact moment you need to be there if you will only listen to it. What is “true” for one person may not be so for the next. Some questions you may have…

How much does it cost to join?
Everything & nothing… I know it’s an un-answer thing again. So let me expound. It costs nothing to join but you are expected to give freely of yourself, your time & if you are able money as well.

Where & when are services?
Now here is where the fun begins! Our services may be at a local park, dog park, at the mall, at a sports game, or even at the zoo! Of course our home base is still my home where we will have services up to 3 times a week if you’re so inclined. Our “services” may even be online in a group chat forum to make it easier to connect as a group & to discuss events, review the week, share resources, & ideas, also to make it easier for people’s schedules & for those who can’t always travel, we want to accommodate your schedule & save on carbon emmissions as well.

What are we expected to give?
Well as the saying goes… money makes the world go round, so a monthly gift to the church would be very appreciated but service to others & community outreach still goes a long way in the “Karma Bank” If you are able to give, then please do, if you are not find other ways to contribute. I am setting up a PayPal account so that we can have a hard copy type of accounting of what gifts we have received & all members are welcome to look at our “books” as they are & also give suggestions about resources & spending. I will also be setting up a bank account that we can link to PayPal so that we have available resources when we need them.

What would my role in the church be?
That will be entirely up to you. We will have a volunteer list, we will have a needs list, we will have an idea board where we exchange resources, share info about families, people or animals in crisis or need, we will have a list of charities that have a good standing & that we know the proceeds are going towards, not just the fund raising companies, we will have a prayer request board. We value your input & opinions so you are encouraged to share any & all of your ideas. Everyone matters, everyone is important here.

What should I tell others about our church?
Church is a legal definition or designation, it was one we took on so that under the Contsititution of the United States of America we could practice our right to worship freely, in the manner we choose & to congregate & express our own unique opinions. I would like to build a refuge where you are free & safe to be yourself. My goal is to build a family of sorts, a group of people who although are very different have learned how to work together & love one another not just in spite of our differences, but because of them.

How do I know if this is “right” for me?
Well you may not know… that is what you’re here to learn, if it is not we will do our very best to help you find what is

Why is there an “Entrance Application”
Well because we’re nosy! We need to know some things about you so that we can help you find a place here, we need to know some skills you have, some talents, any ideas you have so we can grow as a community. It is also a formality so that we can catalogue our members for good old Uncle Sam. It is also a tool that help you assess 1 yr , 5 yrs, or 10 yrs down the road how’ve you’ve grown as an individual, what you’ve learned & how you’ve made difference in this world

When will we have a brick & mortar facility?
I just don’t have an answer for that, it depends on the gifts from others, the economy, & availability.

How will we communicate?
That is the simple part, we will operate a home page for news, events, resources, etc… but we are also going to create a Yahoo group so that we can all interact with eachother on a daily basis, to share, photos, tips, news, joys, sorrows, resources, jokes, & inspirations

I know what the ministries means but why does it include “rescue” in the name of the Church?
Well I originally started doing animal rescue, I have incorporated it into our mission & into our church activities as well. We are stewards of this earth we are put here to serve it & all beings on it whether they have skin, fur, feathers, or scales. The whole idea of the church & it’s philosophy is to protect & respect all life

What are your credentials?
I am an Ordained Minister, I have a Doctor of Divinity, an Interfaith Minister, a Spiritual Minister & a Ministerial degree or credential. So what does that mean? Well it means that I have 4 pieces of paper with fancy seals on them with fancy writing suitable for framing. What does that mean to me? It means that I have taken on some BIG shoes to fill, that I am more accountable than most because I have chosen this path, it means that I must strive daily to keep up with the real expectations that others have of me, it means I have to be honest & fair in all my dealings, it means that I am responsible for what I put out there into the universe, good or bad, it means that I am 100% accountable to those I choose to lead, it means I still have so much to learn… It means so much but if I don’t put it in to action then it means nothing. It means I can also preform at marriages, wakes, funerals, house blessings, christenings, & any other such matters in the legal sense…

Always remember:

To the world you may be only one person,

but to one person… you may be the world

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I am an animals rescuer, a mother, a grandmother, a minister, & a human being who is tired of all the corruption going on in our state.


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