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Hoarding… The new hysteria (AKA the ASPCA’s new money maker)

HSUS did it with puppy mills, well designed ads & images designed to pull at our heartstrings that were directly connected to our wallets. In truth they have no shelters, their main goal is legislation, legislation that will eventually erode every states Constitutional rights, legislation that most times fails, their last tax return showed 500 million in donations, a miniscule fraction was given to shelters, the animals in so many of their pictures & ads are long dead, dumped at the nearest gas chamber shelters & forgotten, most are already dead by the time you see the ads, then there is the problem with them advertising for situations they are not even involved in, or showing pictures of animals they have never had any association with & don’t even get me started about their salaries

But this article is about the ASPCA, & the term they have coined & capitalized on so profoundly but you see there aren’t enough true “collectors” out there so they had to turn their attention elsewhere. Where to turn… EUREKA private rescues & shelters, they have many animals, a lot are in poor conditions upon arrival, combined with the training that big brother (HSUS) has already put in place they could make a killing on media campaigns & then wonders of all wonders Animal Planet picked up on the growing trend & all of sudden “Hoarding” is a big money maker. What I want to do today is take a good look at their explanation of “Hoarding”

Common questions about animal hoarding

How is animal hoarding defined?
Having more than the typical number of companion animals
(what is the “typical number of animals)
Failing to provide even minimal standards of nutrition, sanitation, shelter, and veterinary care, with this neglect often resulting in illness and death from starvation, spread of infectious disease, and untreated injury or medical condition
(Do you see how a sick animal coming into rescue could be the very catalyst to destroy someone in rescue, most animals are sick when brought in)
Denial of the inability to provide this minimum care and the impact of that failure on the animals, the household, and human occupants of the dwelling Persistence, despite this failure, in accumulating and controlling animals
(Define denial, could that be when AC shows up at your rescue or sanctuary & says one thing but you say another)

How is animal hoarding related to object hoarding and OCD?
But even with this well established literature, the role of object hoarding as a symptom for any given mental health diagnosis is currently under great debate as psychologists prepare for the release of DSM-V. There is a growing consensus that hoarding has more differences than similarities with OCD, and psychologists are currently considering whether hoarding should be a separate disorder in DSM-V A recent (June 2010) in-depth review by eminent psychologists explains the differences between OCD and hoarding, and suggests there is sufficient evidence for creation of a new disorder, provisionally called hoarding disorder, in DSM-V.
(There is no diagnosis for or word or name or “Hoarder, again this is an ASPCA creation, it will later be noted the rate of rescues, ranches & sanctuaries raided shortly after this article as well as the pervasive language that all of them are accompanied with)

Who are hoarders and why do they hoard animals?
The stereotype of an animal hoarder is that of a single, older woman, living alone and socioeconomically disadvantaged. Animal hoarding is likely a final common pathway from a variety of traumatic experiences which result in dysfunctional attachment styles to people and lead to compulsive and addictive behavior.
(This should concern EVERYONE READING THIS, they are trying to hedge this disorder into PTSD, which means if you have it, & local AC catches onto it, you will be termed a hoarder if you have more than 1 animal, also think… Aren’t MOST rescuers middle aged women & aren’t most of economically challenged from doing rescue no less & in further statements they have made it crystal clear that they are coming after us)

What is the difference between hoarding and sheltering or rescuing?
Animal hoarding is a complex behavior that results from a variety of psychological and behavioral deficits that may limit a person’s ability to care for themselves or others. Although hoarding may start out as a seemingly benevolent mission to save animals, eventually the needs of the animals become lost to the person’s needs for control. The resulting compulsive caregiving is pursued to fullfill unmet human needs, while the real needs of the animals are ignored or disregarded. Sometimes hoarders act as individuals, and other times they masquerade as animal rescue activities. They should never be confused for these legitimate and worthwhile efforts.
(We are “masquerading” now? Who decides who is legitimate & who is not, the indicator should be: Is the animal posted as adoptable if it is healthy enough? Are they getting any requests for adoptions? Do they respond & reply without coming up with 25 reasons to turn down adopters? What about those of us who treat most of our animals at home, what level of vet care are we supposed to give, who decides what that level is above & beyond common sense? Obviously you can’t spay & neuter at home but what about things like parvo, every dog I have ever taken to a vet for it has died 1800.00 later, but I have only lost 1 treating at home & that poor thing had been sick for 5 days previously)

The USDA, which regulates commercial animal dealers, has acknowledged that suffering encompasses a broader range of conditions: eg, defines suffering as “any condition that causes pain or distress. Examples [include]: animals with serious medical problems that are not receiving adequate veterinary care; animals without adequate food or water; animals exposed to temperature extremes without adequate shelter or bedding; and animals held in enclosures that are filthy. Animals do not need to be in jeopardy of dying to be in a state of suffering.” AC Policy No. 8 (May 8, 2001). This is discussed more fully under Animal Welfare.
(Here is where you can kiss the Constitution GOOD BYE, the language in most states is so ambigious that there is no protection whatsoever for individuals or rescues, “ADEQUATE” is left for local AC’s to define, & if they get it in for you they can phrase it & twist it to mean whatever suits their purpose. All they have to do is say your animals were “uncomfortable” & you are a convicted animal abuser)

I have been saying for 2 yrs that rescues are going to get slammed with this crap, now it is happening every day. It is the new WMD (Weapon of Mass Destruction) for rescues, private shelters & private sanctuaries. I would suggest that before you take another animal in you start saving for a retainer fee for a good attorney, because you may very well need it… Watch your backs, you middle aged ladies you!

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One thought on “Hoarding… The new hysteria (AKA the ASPCA’s new money maker)

  1. Just a little side note here… I was talking to a farmer the other day. We started talking about this very same situation, he looks at me & says “Anyone with less than 20 animals that has more than an acre is not to be trusted” I told him that pretty soon HSUS, ASPCA & PETA would e defining how many animals he could have, he looked at my & said I hope they run faster than a bullet then. I love older people!


    Posted by finallyhomerescue | June 22, 2011, 8:09 pm

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