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Don’t be an idiot, I’m not taking the “deal”!!!


Okay I don’t know if the most people realize this or not: I can tell WHO visited my blog as well as the search terms they used. So in case you were wondering I am not taking the deal, I am not going to let you get away with this sit, I am not going to drop my tort claim, I will not do a diversion because I AM NOT GUILTY, you are wrong, what you did was wrong & I am not going to back down, so snoop around all you want, it doesn’t matter, anything I say in a public forum you can’t fight, because you broke the law, trampled on the Constitution & you are liable. Where is my dogs body??? What did you do with him? What kind of a stupid ass bunch of morons gut an animal stick post it notes all over his internal organs, stick your hands in his intestines & take photos of you doing so??? Then LOSE HIM!!! Are you all frigging insane? Or are you just that sick in your heads? Do you believe I am as stupid as you think I am? I am not, I see what you are trying to do & you are not going to do it. This is absolute insanity. I will take my chances in court & if nothing else I will take it to appeal, try to dangle my animals in front of my nose when we were just a couple weeks away from court? YOU HAVE WITHHELD MY ANIMALS FROM ME FOR 198 DAYS & YOU THINK I AM GOING TO JUST TAKE IT LIKE A GOOD LITTLE B*TCH WHEN I DID NOTHING WRONG??? I would suggest you pull your heads out of your ass but I’m not entirely sure which one is which!!!

For those of you who are interested I have added 4 of the 8 pages, because I only got 4 of the 8 pages & I’d probably be even more PISSED if I had the other 4 pages if they are as stupid, insulting & assinine as the first four!!!

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About Brandia

I am an animals rescuer, a mother, a grandmother, a minister, & a human being who is tired of all the corruption going on in our state.


3 thoughts on “Don’t be an idiot, I’m not taking the “deal”!!!

  1. Just in case no one could sense that I was angry… You haven’t seen anything yet!!! I just got a notice that Rose Adams is posting crap about me on craigslist. I just blasted the Prosecutor, the City Attorney, The City Clerk, & sent it out to a couple of friends. I will repost her ad, which incidentally ONLY helps my case as she is bold face lying which makes her a WONDERFUL WITNESS!!! NOT! What a freakin idiot.


    Posted by finallyhomerescue | July 24, 2011, 7:44 am
  2. We’re a group of volunteers and starting a new scheme in our community. Your site provided us with valuable information to work on. You have done an impressive job and our whole community will be thankful to you.


    Posted by the effects of bullying | November 22, 2011, 9:30 pm

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