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Sometimes it is the dumb search terms people use to find my blog that are the fodder for a posting. The last term was “WordPress releasing personal information” now I’m pretty sure WordPress doesn’t go around giving out people’s info so I am assuming it is about the things people post on WordPress. I always also assume it is my little stalker trying to be creative as that IP address also showed up but it got me to thinking.

As most of you have seen I have made several video’s about our stories, using pictures of the scumbags that I found on line, because anything you put on line is public access basically.

It is a high tech world, & most of the info that can be found out about someone they themselves have put out into the world. So crying about it later does no good, & even if you erase it there are many cached pages all over the net.

Most people are good, most people are trusting, but as you see in my case some people are just plain ugly & evil. Everything I had on line was twisted & used against me, & most of it was only partial truths.
1) I sent out a link for another dog for another rescue for a chip-in & the woman is still claiming that it was my chip-in even though it has been proven it was not & never was
2) My state business license is a really big deal to this sicko, she constantly posts it saying I am not a rescue but then the moron posts the whole list of what it is & it CLEARLY says “Animal Shelter” but she continues to post it
3) She continually posts my court dates on craigslist & then puts her number in the ad so people can call her & give her some attention.
4) She is using my name & email address to post garbage about me on very strange boards that have nothing to do with anything but the weirdest part is she usually just posts random things that make no sense but then I have to come behind her & apologize to the board & board owners & tel them that she is a little unbalanced & get it straightened out.
5) She loves using a story that was in the newspaper & we all “KNOW” how dependable stories in the newspaper are about a time when I had a woman with 6 kids staying with me, I had my children across the street being watched while I was at work & the police came in & found her little heathens drunk & a big mess at the house, which the article FAILED to mention. I might also mention that that drunk child is now on Western Washington’s most wanted for rape & all kinds of other stuff Kevin Lockhart, didn’t trust him then which is why my kids were across the street at their babysitters & it’s a damn good thing. In the mess I lost my kids for a while but I got it IMMEDIATELY straightened out & got my kids home.
6) She also seems to love the fact that I got evicted, she absolutely harps on it, I believe everyone knew that but she has to keep on about it
7) She loves to accuse me of being a fraud, nothing concrete just her wild ramblings.

Now most of this stuff is online, except for her crazy rantings & innuendos but as always even in intimate relationships, when someone accuses you of something it is usually something THEY are guilty of. I guess a stalker believes they have an intimate relationship with you, that is kind of the whole point in their mentally ill minds.

So on to the internet! I have discovered at this point in time that if I just sit back & wait til she accuses me of something I can find the info in no time that it was something she did, or does!
1) She claims to be sanctioned by HSUS, they know nothing of her.
2) She claims she is a rescuer but is not licensed, has no petfinder page & doesn’t take animals in, transport or save any. She is also obsessed with the fact that I don’t have a 501(c)3 yet, which most true rescuers can’t afford anyway & a 501 is no guarantee that a rescue is worth a crap anyway.
3) She had posted one of my court dates on line with her phone number with her REAL name & when I went back to the link HOLY CHICLES I found over 80 different run in with the law she has had. I found out she has over 17 evictions in Snohomish County alone & haven’t checked out King County & Thurston County yet but I will. I also found out she lost her kids to the state for abusing them & found her mental evaluations as well showing that she has been unbalanced many years before I ever crossed paths with her. Most disturbing of all she posts for the boy she lost, but she posts for another girl she had & her statement to me was we already had 2 brats & we needed the money, so basically she sold the other child.
5) I always knew she was taking credit for the Rene Roske puppy mill bust, at the time when I gave her all of the info & the witness I was working on the Kennewick puppy mill & couldn’t blow my cover,she said she knew people in Sno Co that would do something about & that was ALL that mattered was saving those dogs, so really I didn’t care too much about that, the thing is I never erase emails, I send them to a yahoo group I made just to forward my emails to so I have proof of what I sent her & when I sent it

The point is here be careful what you post about yourself or someone else, it can be used to hurt someone no matter how innocent it may seem. Also be careful who you trust, I was talking to a “friend” & a lot of the stuff she is using came from her, & of course it was so twisted around that it took me almost 7 months to figure out she was the source of most of the bullshit this woman is spewing. I knew something was wrong with this woman’s head once she had me putting toothpaste in pin holes because she thought people were staring at her through them, & when she was calling CPS on her ex-son-in-law & his girlfriend just out & out lying, I did call them back & tell them she lied about those people but since I didn’t know their names she might still get away with it. This is also a person who counts forks, & laughs when her dogs bite you, & throws plates across the house because her slave husband didn’t make the eggs over medium, instead he made them over easy/medium, this is a person who has to be in the center of everything, who claims well over 12 people are trying to kill her, who won’t open the shades because most times she is hiding from landlords after not paying the rent, who won’t or can’t pay for garbage service & creeps around at night using other people’s dumpsters for her trash, who is on Social Security Disablity because she is mentally ill, who abuses her poor husband so badly I don’t understand why he hasn’t killed himself or her yet.

Me being who I am honestly I don’t really care too much what people think of me. I have tangled with the Eskie Rescuers, Ferry Dog Mothers, & Ginger’s pet Rescue, & I have found that a lot of people are in rescue because it is the only power & control they will have in life over another helpless being. A lot of them are backstabbing, manipulative & just plain evil so the good ones I hold on to with all of my might. I call bullshit when I see it & I have seen plenty of it. These woman have nothing better to do than try to destroy others, for month ER & FDM were calling Animal Control on me, the beautiful thing is they are such a bunch of dipshits that they kept reporting me on the days when the AC officer was at my house! LOL! The unfunny part is they got an adopter over to my house to adopt my two favorite dogs & then they stole them or killed them & that I will NEVER let go & when the time is right I will be going after them as well as Ginger. Ginger tried to tell the world I was a drunk drug addict & all kind of other crap, when she knows nothing about me but I sure do know some things about her, see I knew her when she was with her first husband, before she got shot, & I know why she got shot but here is the funniest part of the whole thing. Rose Adams or Rose Adams-Beutler as she likes to call herself, (also not married to poor George another thing she accused me of- Not being married to my husband because I don’t carry his last name because I had children previously & didn’t want us all having different last names, since it is already hard enough to be a child of divorce) Rose & Ginger worked together to do this to me, I found out later they are bestest buddies, but all the postings on craigslist that bash Ginger, Rose writes them!!! Can you even figure that out? I was floored once I found out. It still just amazes me!

Be careful who you trust, what you say & what you put on line, you never know when an unbalanced, mentally ill, or just plain ugly & jealous person is going to use something innocent to try to destroy you. There are people like that in the world

Everett Animal Control Abuse of my Animals

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About Brandia

I am an animals rescuer, a mother, a grandmother, a minister, & a human being who is tired of all the corruption going on in our state.


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