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252 days & counting. Let me tell you about who Everett murdered

I think I am ready to tell you about my babies. I have my web page, I have my blog, I can discuss all the legal elements to my case, I can tell you about the ugly evil people involved in this. I can give you the legal costs, & I can tell you about the waste this case has been.

It is time for me to tell you about my babies…


I got him & his brother from the POS who was the caseworker who did nothing for the lady who was kept prisoner by her husband on a sailboat in Everett, Harlan Eaglebear, actually I got them from his ex after he abandoned them & she was afraid for their lives. Hoki had seizures for a reason, but he was such a sweet soul, he actually was our nurse maid for orphaned pups & kittens, he also had another gift, he was my seizure alert dog, Hoki has been with me for a long time, his parents & most of his siblings were murdered by their owner, the fact that he came back to me was amazing in itself. Hoki is a Kelpie mix, I kept his name which was originally Hokeshila which means “My Son” in Lakota his brother was Mitakola which means “My Friend” I loved his brother, he was the most breathtakingly beautiful creature I have ever laid eyes on, 2 yrs after we had the boys, they started to fight by the time they were 5 yrs old. Kola could find a home anywhere, with people who would adore him & I made the decision to find Kola a home & keep Hoki, To the average person Hoki wasn’t the most beautiful but to me he was the most exquisite creature on earth, his seizures got so bad that we were sure we were going to lose him, we tried every kind of medication available & nothing helped. I was so broke that I could not afford his medication & was cutting them in quarters to try to stave off the seizures & a very interesting thing happened, he no longer was having seizures! I got his meds & gave him a normal dose & he had a seizure so bad we almost lost him again, I once again quartered them up & he had been seizure free for over a year when he was taken. This info taught me, & saved well over 40 other dogs throughout the years. I sold everything I owned of any value to care for him, & to get him fixed & healthy, he was still terrified of men, but he was so sweet that you couldn’t deny his beautiful nature. Now I read & reread the reports of his multiple seizures & of the condition he showed up at the shelter in 7 hours after he was stolen from me. What happened to my precious sweet little scared boy for SEVEN hours??? He was my little fur pillow, & after I had my stroke, he & Soffie would NEVER leave me, even if they had to eat or go to the bathroom they did it in shifts, at that time my little Meeko was still alive before lymphoma ravaged his body, my first Kennewick Eskimo before I even knew about puppy mills or animal rescue. It was also a time when my wolves were alive, so we had a pack of wolves, dogs & one helpless human, my male wolf would drag me up & down the stairs with a homemade harness, the female would lay guard next to me at all times, my Eskimo & Hoki would lay under me or under my head to keep me partially sitting up & my Soffie would lay next to me & keep our 2 cats from sleeping on my face. Hoki is  9yrs old if he is still alive, his birthday was August 15th, & I don’t even know if he got a party or if he was alive on his special day.



Soffie was my heart breaker, she was covered in cigarette burns & was terrified of everything, lighters, cigarette packs, pop bottles, pop cans, I got her from the Everett Police from a domestic violence situation, they knew she wouldn’t stand a chance at the shelter & gave her to me well over 6 yrs ago, actually almost 7 now, funny how time stalls in your mind after a traumatic event. Soffie was a very hard sell, she was so scared of everything but bless her heart, once I had my stroke she became the bravest creature I have ever known, anytime anyone came near me as terribly as she trembled she would still stand in front of me & bark & snarl, she was my link to the outside world for many years, it still amazes me when people think I rescued her, the truth is she rescued me, so many things I could not have done in life if she would not have been there. She was such a little Diva once she got some confidence, we still have to knock her out to do her nails but boy if she got a new dress or sweater you should’ve seen her run to everyone in the house & do her catwalk & spin model moves to show off her dress & she would not leave you alone until you told her how beautiful she was. She had the most beautiful eyelashes yes eyelashes, they were about 6 inches long & when I would give her a hair cut she had to go run to my husband & bat her little eyelashes at him until he told her she was beautiful & sang her song to her, yes Soffie has her own song, as a matter of fact she has 2! I didn’t give her a hair cut before we were going to be homeless so she wouldn’t get cold, they made such a big deal that I had several bags in the car, what they never knew is that one of those were entirely her wardrobe, when she arrived at the shelter 7 hours after she was taken she was bloody, missing teeth & hypothermic. What kind of sick son of a bitches beat a 12yr old dog??? One as sweet as her, once you met her you would’ve been in love with her, & her last memory of me is me handing her to the sick fucks who did it. I handed her to them, I let them hurt her.



George was my accidental dog, he was a standard size Eskimo, no one ever asked about him no one ever loved him, he spent 12 yrs in the Kennewick Puppy Mill, he had no reason to expect that anyone would love him. He was bounced around from shelter to shelter, finally he landed in my house. George wasn’t extraordinary, he was unassuming & you would hardly even know he was around if you didn’t occasionally see a white lump laying around. He was usually lost in the mix, always lagging behind but one day I noticed something, I thought I was imagining it but then I got out the video camera & THERE IT WAS!!! 3 short little wags of his tail! You would’ve thought I won the Publishers Clearinghouse sweepstakes for real, I picked him up & spun him around & then HOLY OF ALL I got 2 sweet little kisses from him!!! I was estatic & our bond grew everyday, then one cold winter night a pregnant mother got dumped on our porch in the middle of coyote country. We found out that George should’ve been named father of the year, he put up with puppy teeth, he helped the mother herd all of the little heathens everywhere & 1 was born with a liver shunt & until the day she left the earth, he never left her side, she was the cleanest puppy on the planet, & he never made her go to her bowl he would gently push her bowl to her, & he mourned along with her mother after she died, for many weeks. He never left her side either. Shortly thereafter George stopped being at my feet when I woke, he lost interest in food & I thought he was still mourning, but just to be sure he went for a vet check & there it was again, that ugly evil word… Lymphoma, it was already in stage 4 & the prognosis with treatment wasn’t good, without, it was even worse. We were only given a few short months together but I reached into my prior training as a medicine woman & used herbs on him, those few months turned into 18 months. The night before they took him was the first time that he didn’t sleep with me in the front seat in our “dogpile” a week before that I had to start pain management for him using actual narcotics so I knew it was the end of the road, my plan was to go to the park with him the next morning & let him go visit his ducks & then take him in to the vet & say goodbye to him. Our “agreement” was when he couldn’t take it anymore he was supposed to let me know & he did, so instead of dying peacefully in my arms he was taken by that piece of shit power tripping bitch & arrived 7 hours later BLEEDING FROM HIS RECTUM & UNABLE TO WALK. I hope to God that someone does the same thing to that sick bitch as she did to my babies, in hell for eternity. They killed him 5 days later & in the meantime they barely gave him any pain management at all. He was murdered on January,11th,2011 at 14yrs of age & his last memory of me was me handing him to that sick bitch, I promised him I would take care of him forever & now I have lied to him, he died, alone, scared & afraid, separated from the other animals he loved, & knew to be his family

I have been working on this all week, I am sorry, I can’t finish, I will try to tell you about my precious Misty, Libby Taz & Lilly next time. These are not “stories” they were living breathing feeling sentient beings, they were my babies, I think they are all dead, I don’t know. I will write again but I need to take a break before I snap. All of my worst fears were realized when I got the crappy copied & pasted scanty vet records, I just don’t know how to reconcile that, they were my babies, they were innocent, but this nasty pathetic power tripping bitch had to hurt them, the piece of shit has no power in her life, so abusing animals is the only recourse she has. Her constant reference to me as being a THIN NATIVE AMERICAN woman only shows her contempt for my build & for my ethnicity, if she would stop stuffing her fat face maybe she could at least not have an ass big enough to set a full service tray on it. How do you reach a point where you look like that & have the nerve to hate someone who doesn’t? Most of my friends are big or bigger women, they are the sexiest MOST beautiful women I know, not everyone is supposed to look like Twiggy, but not everyone who doesn’t is such a sick piece of shit…It is the soul of a person that matters & you don’t have one

Yes I called you fat, look at a couple of your pictures, you are nasty, see I can say that. Do you know why? Because I am a citizen, you on the other hand are a Public Servant, representing the piece of crap government in Everett, they allow you to be a fat angry prejudiced, pathetic woman, they allow you to conduct yourself like this, instead of getting you some counseling & Jenny Craig. I could introduce you to some of my friends & they could show you how to be happy with yourself & cause you sure could use some help but I’m not sure any of my friends would want anything to do with you, they don’t hang out with animal abusers

Oh & to the idiot prosecutor & the rest of you evil bastards show this one to the Jury, use this in yet ANOTHER frivolous motion of Limine because the citizens of Everett are NOTHING but bottomless pockets for all of you, you’re not paying for any of this, but it will come back to bite all of you.


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About Brandia

I am an animals rescuer, a mother, a grandmother, a minister, & a human being who is tired of all the corruption going on in our state.


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