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Prejudice is alive & well in Everett… Neo-Nazi paradise.

I was on you tube looking for a council meeting, one of the 3 that I know of where they discussed my case. I found this video instead

This is a situation that occurred at the QFC on Broadway in Everett. A black man went into the QFC where employees accused him of shoplifting Everett Officer Franklin responded, it is unclear to me if he was on duty or if he was hired to stay at the store itself as security, the employees & Officer Franklin assaulted the man according to witnesses & then left him bloody on the walkway. Officer Franklin AND the employees cancelled the calls for an ambulance TWICE, & stood outside smoking & laughing while the man laid on the ground writhing & crying in pain.

Below are the comments so you can get a feel for the climate of Everett. I guess nothing has changed since I was a little girl there… It should be NOTED that this situation happened before K Atwood took over as Chief of Police so hopefully she has taken some action on it. I will go try to find out anything was ever done about this.

More importantly it should be noted that this is a thinking, living feeling human being, no matter what color of skin he is wrapped in. He has the same worth as anyone else, he was hurting, & crying out in pain while people laughed, but there were the brave souls who STAYED BY HIS SIDE So this behavior is not indicative of the CITIZENS of Everett. These people embody the true spirit of Heroism, but you didn’t see them at any Mayoral awards ceremony, they were not honored, they were shunned… I mean it’s not like they stopped a car prowler from stealing from the Mayor’s car or anything important like that.

This is the climate you are supporting by voting for the same people over & over again, yes I know Everett City Council has ONE black man on their council… Ron Gipson. No one here has ever heard of the Token Black Man? He got in solely on the merits of his father’s service to the community, Mr Carl Gipson who KNEW he was the Token but he still forged through & did good works, if the junior Gipson was making a change or a difference I would support him but he is not, he does nothing, he comes up with a heart string motion once in a while but there is nothing extraordinary in his service that I can find. Not to mention he is ONE OF THE ORIGINAL COUNCIL MEMBERS WHO VOTED ON THE BSL TO KILL ALL TERRIERS IN THE CITY OF EVERETT & HE OVERSEES IT TO THIS DAY TO MAKE SURE THEY KILL ALL THE TERRIERS… Talk about reverse discrimination. He is listed as the head of the shelter, but this Deborah Wright who keeps snooping around my pages is also claiming she is the head of the shelter, then there is Bud Wessman who used to be the manager & the head of their 501(c)3, then quit that to head the charity, now he is out but up until a couple weeks ago he was still listed as the manger & Shannon Delgado was listed as the asst manager, but since I made a big stink about it NOW she is listed as the manager but this D Wright is still claiming to be the head, yet R Gipson is still listed as such. All of this is just a big clusterf*ck with a bunch of helpless animals at their mercy who are being murdered because they were also born in the wrong skin… Some things never change.

  • This couldn’t happen at Safeway or Walmart. They have better management and control their workers. Ray is a terrible Asst. manager. He is weak and corrupt. He lets the workers do whatever they want. Me and my Christian friends have decided to find somewhere else to gather. The workers at QFC Broadway have no social skills and are unfriendly. I blame terrible management. The store went to hell under Ray and the current manager. They need to bring in STRICT management.

    SeaPD2 5 months ago
  • Wow, the hateful messages are pretty interesting. They come right from people who admit to being the nightcrew at Broadway QFC. I would back off the threats folks. You are not even close to finding out the “several” people we are or the many who have tipped us off. In fact, you are way off. There is NO EXCUSE for a man being left laying in his own drool, face down for an hour in front of your store! That is the only issue here. I would chill out if I was you unless you want the Herald involved.

    STOPQFCABUSE 8 months ago
  • Impersonating a police officer is indeed a felony and corporate needs to know that an employee used the company phones to commit a felony and to try to get a customer fired from their job! Whoever it is should be fired on the spot!!!

    STOPQFCABUSE 8 months ago
  • Seems that HOWARD is on thin ice with the company. He actually called up a cab company and tried to get a cabbie fired. Howard called Yellow Cab and claimed he was a police officer and told the cab driver’s boss that the cab driver was banned from the property! Howard? Can you say FELONY??? It is a crime to impersonate a police officer!! You a-holes shouldn’t be smoking at the front entrance you slobs!

    foreststarchild 8 months ago
  • Just found out that pervert Bob isn’t allowed to work there days because he flirts with too many people. The cop is married!!! And have you seen the night crew? Slobs! They don’t even shower or shave. I agree that Everett has a homeless problem. I am anything but liberal. But that store has a bad rep for gossip, abuse and terrible customer service. Safeway has really strict security, but you wouldn’t catch this happening. Nope. That QFC has hurt too many people.

    foreststarchild 1 year ago
  • @SomeFishDude We DID do something. We called the police and an ambulance repeatedly. You don’t move an injured man. The situation at QFC happened because he was abused by QFC staff and left for dead. The man stayed on the ground because Officer Bob kept canceling the ambulance. The issue here is that QFC staff ignored the man’s cries and Officer Bob repeatedly canceled the ambulance. Filming abuse isn’t stupid. It is brave. Perhaps a public picket or civil unrest might work more next time!!!!!

    foreststarchild 1 year ago
  • It is about time that someone shows how abusive and unprofessional the night people are at QFC. Now all they have to do is fire that fat slob Howard. I can’t believe that the management lets their night crew dress and act like slobs. Have you seen them? They don’t even shave and Howard’s shirt is so old and dirty it is GREY!

    foreststarchild 1 year ago
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I am an animals rescuer, a mother, a grandmother, a minister, & a human being who is tired of all the corruption going on in our state.


14 thoughts on “Prejudice is alive & well in Everett… Neo-Nazi paradise.

  1. I can not find any follow up action nor even any mention of this is in the news either. I am going to bring this to the attention of Chief Atwood, because this is absolutely disgusting. IT IS NO WAY INDICATIVE OF ANY EVERETT POLICE OFFICER I HAVE MET OR HAD CONTACT WITH… Franklin is not representative of the Everett Police Dept or it’s mission. The officer who responded when they took my dogs looked like he wanted to cry because he knew this was wrong, the Officers who had to protect myself & my dogs from the Animal Control Officer’s harassment never acted like this, ever. I have never been treated with anything but respect by the EPD, & they go the extra mile for their community, even down t o helping me with one of my kids who was trying to be a little wanna be ganger banger, I asked them to kick his almighty little butt… They took him under their wings & he is now a tax paying father of the city of Everett with a good solid head on his shoulders who is still in contact with those same officers as far as I know. Another Officer in the DARE program was the one most important person who made an impact on my youngest kids lives & he would break his neck to help my kids or any of the kids with whatever they needed.

    No matter what kind of BS QFC or Franklin try to spew, if the man was indeed shoplifting as they say he would’ve been arrested, this was just a bully using a badge to hide behind, & the EPD needs to weed out the bad apples that the Mayor, & the City Council has done nothing about.


    Posted by finallyhomerescue | September 23, 2011, 2:52 pm
  2. This person just left this comment on the wrong story.. Looks like Officer Franklin fits the whole bill of what we were ALL thinking

    No-More Legal-Abuse Bren on 07/08/2012 at 10:19 AM said

    Police Sexual Misconducts-Everett Police Department, and from what I have learned over the past 2 1/2 years of fighting for the Awareness and End of Police Sexual Misconducts in WA State.. I am not the first!! for the cop who hurt me, and many other like him.. Well- I’m fighting to make damn sure.. .I AM THE LAST!! Filed (the first) civil on the 11th of June- legal service done 23rd June, and working on my Tort against the EPD as I fight to ensure that the despicable abuse of power against our innocent WA State women and girls ENDS NOW! I will not give up on these girls! Just can’t leave these little lambs out there to become the “Next One” as they have no clue that they could, at any time, be the next to be taken to the Sexual Slaughterer house, clueless to the fact that if, God Forbid it does happen to them- The PD in question, and the state is just going to let them be sexually abused and there is nothing she can do about it… NOPE! Not going to let it happen to yet another innocent WA State Women/Girl/Child.. NOT IN MY STATE- NOT IN MY TOWN.. This ENDS NOW!
    Superior Court Case Summary
    Court: Snohomish Superior
    Case Number: 12-2-05732-8
    Franklin, Robert W (He is a Everett Cop-4 now that is)
    DEFENDANT- Snohomish Superior-12-2-05732-8
    Service of Process Order #120615L3

    In the case of: Kennedy vs. Franklin, et al in Snohomish Superior
    Service of: Summons and Complaint
    Service upon: Robert W. Franklin and Christine M. Franklin


    Posted by finallyhomerescue | July 8, 2012, 10:57 am
    • You are Awesome!

      It’s No-More Legal-Abuse Bren… (Brenda) Oh yeah! we need to talk.. Every word above is 100% Correct and oh boy oh boy do I have WAY MORE that can and WILL help all of us… please feel free to contact me at anytime k..

      Facebbook/Twitter Skype are the best to start… Can’t wait! I did fw both videos to ALL of the NAACP’s in WA State and National last week… The WSP/DOJ/ACLU (and MANY MORE in WA State) already have my past 2 years 8 months of hard work research and living HELL due to Franklin’s the EPD’s and the city of Everett’s flat out abuse to! I would love to share all of this with you.

      I hope to be in WA State Legislation 2013 due to what Franklin and the EPD have done to me, and from what my research has come up with, many many other innocent WA State (Snohomish County) Citizens…

      Hope to hear from you soon, and AWESOME the way you are fighting back! Kudos to all of us for fighting back! Luv it….. Btw- I block a lot of my Facebook, but feel free to read every tweet- check out my followers, and read my blog.. You will see what I mean = )


      Posted by missbrenslaw | August 19, 2012, 2:48 am
    • Actually- I knew what I was doing when I posted the above… Hi there… It’s No-More Legal-Abuse Bren- and yes you are 100% correct when you wrote…
      “this was just a bully using a badge to hide behind, & the EPD needs to weed out the bad apples that the Mayor, & the City Council has done nothing about” however… Franklin is NOT alone- Prior to his abuse of me, and what has fallowed, I considered the EPD nothing but “Perfect”… I know better now- I also know that we have more “Good” police officers than bad, as a few have asked me to NEVER give up, because they want the “Bad Ones” gone just as much as the public does…. Been working on that (and justice) going on three years now… I promise to never give up!


      Posted by missbrenslaw | August 19, 2012, 3:00 am
  3. Here is the second video about the whole situation I think since this is a civil matter his past acts really do matter so does his character so this can also be entered into evidence of his behavior


    Posted by finallyhomerescue | July 8, 2012, 11:03 am
  4. New Info Sweetie? or did world press auto re-post, or perhaps you did (good idea btw) Never heard ONE WORK back from “Stop Abuse QFC” Like all of them… Either FAKE and it’s the **PD or Officer you know who, pretending… who knows at this point- No matter what, it/they will NEVER stop me! Must be tired of trying after THREE years now.. lol- I said it on Representative Mike Hope’s Gov voice mail- You want to Stop me…. SHOOT ME!


    Posted by No-More Legal-Abuse Bren | December 17, 2012, 8:01 am
  5. You have this “Jen Letta” persons info- do some “Snooping” around? Lemmie know- 😉


    Posted by No-More Legal-Abuse Bren | December 17, 2012, 8:03 am
  6. That would be awesome!


    Posted by finallyhomerescue | December 18, 2012, 8:25 pm
  7. CONGRATULATIONS!!! Be sure to make sure you look at the Snohomish County Assesors website to get a list of his assets & valuations for your lawsuit, even if he puts it in his wife’s name it is still considered marital community property. When did he resign, are you sure he did?


    Posted by animallawnewsandabuse | April 20, 2013, 2:41 am
    • Oh Yeah! It’s 100% – but must stop there- just wanted you to know… Not sure if jen knows?

      Keep checking for updates k- It’s much more than just this. I’m so close to Legislation I can feel it. I’ve already been told with no doubts. Zero Tolerance is a “Common Sense Issue” Legislation 2014. Still have tons of work ahead of me and looking forward to every moment.

      Sexual/Welfare Fraud is becoming HUGE the Support is off the charts, Mostly from the MEN! it’s almost taken on a life of it’s own lol- It’s been amazing in that aspect and I love it. Could have done without the personal pain and suffering but still NO Regrets 🙂

      Was never about the $$$ if it were, that could have been done 3 years ago (I’ve Fired Lawyer #3) New Laws! We need these new laws.Not saying I’m not fighting to get MY Life back though.

      I am now even looking into becoming a professional Lobbyist for WA State- So much work ahead of us. Public Records have been sent for [by more than just me] Check for updates K- N be Safe boo 🙂


      Posted by No-More Legal-Abuse Bren | April 20, 2013, 2:52 am


  1. Pingback: Racial Disparity Still Safe in the City of Everett Under Judge Jones Authority - Snohomish County Reporter - May 1, 2015

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