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Observations in life. Corruption,insanity & cruelty

There always has to be a critic somewhere. There always has to be someone who is so personally deficient that the only joy they get is in hurting other people that they perceive have more than them or are happier than they are.

I got an email from a reader, from a disposable address saying I sound like a crazy person. Well… I am. At this point I have one foot in an asylum & the other on the edge of the abyss.

Let’s go over the past year, I lost my 18 yr old poodle in November, my 17 yr old Chihuahua in December, both from old age, then was facing being homeless because we had a landlord who was terrorizing us coming in my house, vandalizing it, calling animal control, taking my doors, stealing  our license plates, & my underwear, letting all of my dogs out when I was gone, & finally killing my 2 deformed helpless little bulldogs, then I really did become homeless, with my terminally ill dogs who was weeks away from leaving this earth, I was forced to give away my husbands 2 dogs, & still had 3 of my own dogs & 2 foster dogs, plus my 2 cats. One of my cats disappears, then an animal control agency I have been fighting for over a decade takes them from me. Come to find out it is because a lady I thought was a friend was calling them telling them HORRIFIC lies about me. Then I find out that for 7 hours they were torturing & abusing my dogs… WHO WOULDN’T BE CRAZY, CAPTAIN OBVIOUS???

Just for the fact that I can complete an entire sentence & have learned more about the law than most 4 yr college students know, speaks VOLUMES about my sanity. Just for the fact that I haven’t snapped & went on a killing rampage after finding out that my terminally ill dog was unable to walk & bleeding from his butt, or that my Kelpie was in full throes of seizures, & that my 12 yr old schnauzer was bloody, missing teeth & hypothermic AT THE HANDS OF EVERETT ANIMAL CONTROL AGENT WHO HAD THEM SOMEWHERE FOR 7 HOURS TORTURING THEM, when they left my car, warm dry & not injured at all. Seriously I took all of my hand guns & my shot guns to a friend to put in his walk in safe.

The problem is that this whole thing is bigger than me, it is like a big nasty onion created by old corrupt business as usual politics in Everett.

The so-called animal attorney’s have sold out to HSUS or to whoever can pay the most money, & when or if I file my Motions in Appellate or even Superior court it becomes a matter of public record that anyone has access to. Washington state’s animal protection laws are so constitutionally flawed that anyone with a good lawyer will be able to avoid prosecution no matter how guilty they are, so by me fighting for my own animals I run the risk of endangering 1000’s of other animals. I am an animal rescuer, how am I supposed to reconcile all of this, saving my own I could hurt many, but quite frankly I’m not the MORON who wrote the laws, it is not my fault.

I can get a tort claim attorney but not an animal law attorney, so that is another reason I don’t really want to file all of my proceedings as public record. I did the work on my own, let them do the same thing. The only one who was willing to help me without a 10K check in hand was Cynthia Hodges but she is so busy right now that she can’t in good faith take on my case. My attorney has been all the way to the state supreme courts but… Animal law is so complicated that it is almost impossible to know all the facets of it, it involves, animal law,constitutional law, maritime law, & about 4 other areas of specialty law. So… that is also the reason I don’t post my whole case on this blog on my webpage. It is there mostly for information for other people facing the same thing, for their attorneys, a good attorney will see exactly what I am alluding to & pick up on it quickly. It is also up here so you an see what a piece of shit these animal control agencies are & how they selectively enforce & abuse animal laws to exact revenge on whomever they want.

So let me tell you know about the people involved & what I really think of them:

EVERETT ANIMAL CONTROL AGENT LORI TRASK: Lori is a big huge gelatinous woman, seriously you could set a full serving tray on her butt without worrying if it will fall off, there will be extra room. It seems her obsession with my size & ethnicity is born of her own shortcomings. There is Jenny Craig, Curves, & Overeaters Anonoymous, there are counselors & tanning booths on every corner. I have over 92 other minorities she has harassed which will come out during the tort claim. She like so many others has attained a position of power so that she can abuse others & make them feel the pain she does when it would be so simple to get herself some counseling so she wouldn’t hate herself so much. In her case I think her prejudice is born out of her jealousy more than thinking she is superior, she knows she is not, that she is lacking, that the only way she will matter is if she causes other people as much pain as she is in. She is the fat girl on the bus who squishes & bullies the skinny girls. I can give you my opinion based on my experience with her, this is what I KNOW to be true, this is my story. I can say what I think or feel about her because I am not doing so in a capacity of work & I am NOT representing a municipality. She on the other hand can NOT do this but she does & she has gotten away with it because the Mayor, the Council & the people in charge have let her do it & have condoned her behavior & it will cost them all dearly. The funny thing about all of this is that I don’t think about skin or size when it comes to people, it is very odd to me that others do. I have friends from every ethnicity, every age, every size, every religion & it just doesn’t register in my brain that it would somehow make them “different” than me. Why would it? How does it? That is just stupid, we are all human beings just trying to find our place & purpose in life. Now I do have to admit something, it never occurred to me the “way” someone looked had anything to do with it. As a young divorcee I liked to go to the club about once a month or so just to dance but I didn’t want the horn dogs all over me, so I had 2 girlfriends I would take with me because the guys flocked to them like bees to honey. Here is what I never considered until this whole thing came up. They were BOTH big women, & they are still the sexiest women I know, they are comfortable in their skin & LOVE themselves & I might add they are both now married some 20 yrs later to the most gorgeous men you have ever laid eyes on who are such gentle sweet men. They KNOW the secret: Not everyone is supposed to look like a Cosmo girl, & that beauty, true beauty; comes from inside of you, it shines, it glows & it can not be held inside, it leaks out all over the place & makes the people who are lucky enough to know those women so much more rich & blessed to know them.

Maybe I am just too simple minded to “get it” I enjoy good people & avoid the mean & nasty ones. I don’t have a skin/religion/size checklist I base my perceptions on. Please remember I lived down south when lynchings & hangings were common place, I witnessed a few in my day & I still never “got it” why people would hate others with such vengeance, it has never made any sense to me.

CITY OF EVERETT PROSECUTOR MIKE FISHER: This one is easy, he put his foot in it & then a simple little nobody challenged him, he truly does not understand why I don’t respect his authority, he is operating on ego, even though he is a chubby guy too he is not so focused on that, he is okay with being him, but he is going to make me pay for writing the things I do about him, & for not just bending over & taking it in the ass. He KNOWS that there is no case, but he is hell bent on destroying lowly little me, at the cost of violating over 62 different laws, rules, codes, & bill of rights. He has full reign because the Mayor, the City Attorney & the Council give it to him.





EVERETT CITY COUNCIL MEMBER RON GIPSON His father served 24 yrs as a council member & he is on year 15 of the same old, same old




EVERETT CITY COUNCIL MEMBER ARLAN HATLOE: I am actually somewhat worried for him. He has a bad habit of speaking up against the council policies, “Bad Arlan, no cookie for you!” Seriously, he is having some kind of health or family issues so I would request that everyone say a prayer for him & his family, please.

EVERETT CITY COUNCIL MEMBER PAUL ROBERTS: 6 yrs of being on the council

EVERETT CITY COUNCIL MEMBER JEFF MOORE: His father was a 3 term Mayor for the City of Everett


Now to explain my hesitation to go after Moore & Roberts with a vengeance, it is the same reason I haven’t totally tried to destroy Judge Mitchell. Blood. Part of the same blood that runs through them, runs through me. So in that respect don’t expect objectivity from me regarding them. It doesn’t mean I won’t go for their throat if I have to but I would practice a little more discretion than is usual… I am not a “journalist” so don’t expect journalistic integrity which is more of a joke then ever with local media.

Anyway let me explain why these idiots are the main culprits. NO ONE makes a move without their approval. Not the Police, the Prosecutor, Parks Dept, or the courts if they don’t approve it. That is the reason I go after them. I may or may not tell you how I know but I do know they have had THREE council meetings because of my case, behind closed doors of course. At which point in one of the meetings it was said to offer me a plea I couldn’t win & if I didn’t take it then to go after me with all of their resources. So for me backing down is not an option because there is no way I will win, even if I win a jry trial, Everett Animal Rescue Foundation is planning on coming after me for foster care fees, with the help of an un-named attorney, he has a name but I won’t say it, but what he may or may not realize is that I sent him my case, as well as an other animal law & injury law, & contractual law attorney which creates a conflict of interest & if was to represent them he could be in trouble, but no one knows that I know this. As a matter of fact every attorney they have consulted with over a 25 yr period, I have emailed them my case, so if they won’t help me, they can’t fight me either. So what the city will do is hire a no-name & these other attorneys will “advise” him, but when the check is written & the bill rolls in it will show that this person was paid to advise this person & it gets even more complex, now keep in mind the Mayor is an attorney & knows all the dirty little tricks, but I have several prosecutors & Mayors helping me & they tell me exactly what the game plan is & basically what the next move is.

Herein lies the problem, the citizens of the City have VOTED these people in, they have been in power for so long that they think, that the people should be grateful they showed up, they no longer aim to serve their community, they believe the voters are beholden to them, that they know more than everyone else, & the council members who are riding the coat tails of their daddy’s work seem to feel this way even more so.

Why should any of these people care? It is not their money, they’ll just dig deeper into the citizens pockets, cut more services & create more fines, penalties & assessments. At a time when they are claiming they are facing a 1 million dollar shortfall they are wasting millions to cover up a murder by cop, & spending over 100K so far to prosecute me for a misdemeanor. I might also add that they are all  in favor of me not being told about the disposition of my dogs, or if they are even alive, it was said “there has got to be a way to break me or just shut me up”

I would suggest that before you call someone crazy, you might want to find out just how crazy they are… Also for crying out loud, get some better software to hide your IP & carrier, idiot. Might be a little crazy but I am NOT stupid, stupid. Duh! Oh & I want the public records I requested, stop passing them around all over the place, & telling me you are going to call me the next day to give them to me. As a matter of fact I am going to be down there tomorrow to file another Public Records Request for the total cost of this case so far & for the projected costs of the trial BEFORE election time so I can post that on my web page & my blog too before the voters vote for stupidity again. I might also suggest that politics creates many many “Frenemies” there are people who really do not believe the sun sets & rises on your heads

The Judge & the Mayor make about 13K a month! Can you imagine making 13K a month? Some working families barely make that in a year!!! So trust me they have no problem throwing away 100K of your hard earned money, like water off of a duck’s back. I’m positive the City Attorney & the Prosecutor makes just as much, but the city council gets about 3K a month. So who stands to lose more?

Oh just to further insult your INTELLIGENCE the Mayor very “humbly” voted not to raise his salary. You should send him a Thank You note for being such an upstanding guy, I mean he could really suffer if he didn’t get more than THIRTEEN THOUSAND DOLLARS a month. Click the link below to see what they make!


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About Brandia

I am an animals rescuer, a mother, a grandmother, a minister, & a human being who is tired of all the corruption going on in our state.


2 thoughts on “Observations in life. Corruption,insanity & cruelty

  1. CORRECTION: The Everett City Council Members make almost 2200.00 per month not 3000.00 as I had reported earlier, still pretty good for a part time job but I want to make sure what I am saying is factual. Sorry about that


    Posted by finallyhomerescue | September 28, 2011, 11:41 am

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