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UPDATE:Marysville dog: Stolen, then returned injured… by “rescuers”




1rdsman 61p · 16 hours ago

The woman arrested in the Marysville dog theft has had all charges against her dropped. I hope Susie can go back to her life without prejudice. We hope the real THIEVES will come foreward before they hurt someone else.
Ron Smith

I’m one of those kinds of people who believes that everything happens for a reason.

Seriously, I didn’t have the balls to fight the City of Everett when I was pulling dogs out of their shelter that were beaten & maced, I listened to everyone who told me to keep my mouth shut… So now it was my own dogs who were beaten, & murdered by them. In my case it is my animals who must pay for the sins of their “mother”

So now there is this story about Takoda, a dog who was stolen from it’s yard in Marysville. The dog was a Husky, 9 yrs old, & a rescue group was already on the owners case about keeping her outside longer than they liked. The dog was drug across an electric fence screaming the whole time, it was all caught on tape. So the dog was returned, battered & injured, but alive. The person had an attorney’s worker go between to return the dog.

Let me tell you something, years ago I rented an apt that the previous tenants dogs used for a toilet, once we had the carpets steam cleaned we were all doomed, the heat hit the urine & all hell broke loose, we slept out on our balcony, myself & mine & my son’s husky mixes, eventually I had to rent some property from someone to board my dogs til we could move, but my point was we slept on the balcony for 2 reasons, 1) I couldn’t stand the smell, 2) because those dogs would NOT sleep inside, they had to be outside & cool to sleep. I boarded them in an outside property with a 1/4 acre & heated dog houses & Ill be damned if those dogs would go in the dog houses even in the pouring rain. Even when I would try to snuggle up next to them, they would eventually move because I would make them too hot. They are called Snow Dogs for a REASON!!!

Okay so I was raised by cops & criminals, I watched the interviews, & thought it VERY STRANGE that

A) A rescue group had been pestering the family about it being outside

B) The rescue group they interviewed about the story was in fact OLD DOG HAVEN, & the whole interview Judith was very nervous & her statements seemed to be trying to justify what had happened, talking about emotions getting high & so on.

C) The woman eventually arrested is in fact a volunteer with Old Dog Haven & a Greyhound rescue….

D) That anyone in rescue would steal an old dog

BUT… The woman they arrested was NOT the woman on the tape who took the dog, she may have been a driver, or she may be innocent as she claims, who knows. Being in rescue I know that rescues don’t just wander around stealing other people’s OLD dogs, there is barely enough room in rescue for young healthy adoptable dogs.

Now here is where I am going to speak out. Years ago, same apt as above, I rescued a dog from a chain, she was pooping pine cones, peeing blood, her nails were so overgrown that they were curled into her feet, she was tied up & competing with a younger stronger husky for food, she was so arthritic she could barely walk, so I got her fixed up & tried to find a rescue or shelter to take her, Everett Shelter referred me to ODH & they posted Samantha for me, we got adopters almost immediately & I thought all was well. Soon they dumped her back on my doorstep, & said she was bleeding all over, even though my vet & their vet said she appeared to be spayed. So I called the shelter back & asked them if they could help her any other way, I couldn’t keep Sam, my manager was having a fit about me having her along with my own dogs & we were going to be moving. I never got her with the intention of keeping her, I already had enough of my own dogs. I got a call back from Everett & the lady I talked to said to bring her in & she PROMISED me that she would get her into a rescue & not let her get put to sleep, so I brought her there, along with all of her vet records & I called every day to check on her & within 3 days they had her placed at Old Dog Haven. At this time we did establish that Sam was in heat, that both of the docs were wrong about her stomach scar, but I didn’t think it was an issue. We had one unfixed male at home, but the rest of my dogs were fixed & Sam was kept separate from him because he would always try to attack her. Fast forward, I emailed Judith to see how Sam was & she tried to tell me that she was pregnant & had died during delivery, I was freaking out, thinking she was dead, but ODH has a tribute page I went & looked on it to see just one last picture of her but INSTEAD I find a picture of Judith in her kitchen with about 12 dogs & there was Sam!!! ALIVE & WELL. So I figure she’s just a liar but I was just getting into rescue & was told that a lot of rescues act like this, lie like this & do things like this & to just be glad that she was alive & well. But here goes my autism, first off Sam was 9 yrs old, why in the hell would they let her go through the pregnancy as they claimed, & she said I (YES ME!!!) put them in a very awful situation, but knowing what I know NOW I realize that puppies are money makers, & if she was pregnant they made plenty of money off of those puppies, but now that I know something about dogs reproductive processes, it was absolutely impossible for the dog to have gotten pregnant while in my care, for years I carried the guilt of that around til I ended up with a pregnant dog & figured out gestation periods, & realized she couldn’t have gotten pregnant on my watch. I have just steered clear of them because I don’t deal with people like that.

Here are some things that are messing with me right now. ODH has a very close relationship with Everett Animal Shelter, & Everett Animal Rescue Foundation, the shelter’s non-profit agency, I KNOW who it was that took the dog, I know the walk, I know the voice, & I have already told the police who I think it is. Now please watch the video, the person who is walking around the house is doing so as if she has a RIGHT to do so, she has a very peculiar gait, & the way she handles the dog is like she does this professionally, the dog is SCREAMING in pain but she is still dragging it along in a way that it can’t bite her or defend itself. Think people, think…

It could be coincidence that the person they interviewed, & the person they arrested are both from ODH. It could be a coincidence  that those 3 agencies work hand in hand. I sure as hell hope I find out before my court date though.

I don’t have any real opinion, I am going to wait & see, but I bet it will all be covered up, & I am still wondering why the family isn’t releasing the name of the rescue who approached them earlier. Or why the media is not saying who it was either.

Oh what a tangled web we weave when we practice to deceive.

Here is a link to ODH’s newsletter talking about Susie Kush fostering for them.   ODH September 2011 E-News

Theft of yelping Marysville dog caught on surveillance video

Woman accused of Marysville dog theft says she’s innocent

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I am an animals rescuer, a mother, a grandmother, a minister, & a human being who is tired of all the corruption going on in our state.


10 thoughts on “UPDATE:Marysville dog: Stolen, then returned injured… by “rescuers”

  1. I am the owner of Takoda, the stolen Siberian Husky.
    I have fowarded your page to the Marysville Animal Control Officer.
    The only place that contacted us was Dog Deserve Better, Kelly Page and of course the “President of the Condo owners” behind our house. He started all this, he asked to see Takoda in our back yard, I said no. I think it’s him who called DDB Kelly Page
    Ron Smith


    Posted by Ron Smith | October 8, 2011, 6:23 pm
  2. Now that is strange… I never seen any plea circulating about any dog in Marysville except for a couple of pit bulls, this year. We in rescue have lots of yahoo groups & network quite well on Facebook in a case where someone thinks a dog is in danger. I have cut off ties with them since they stole Joel from Dr Suzanne Fiala, they stole him right from his daycare because Dr Fiala said something to the head of DDB that the local reps didn’t like. Joel is the emaciated pit bull that was taken from Burien that Animal Control wants back, but DDB wouldn’t give it back, Dr Fiala was his vet who nursed him back from the brink of death. I cut ties with them after that, I don’t have anything to do with them, but now that you say it, it makes perfect sense. I still think I know who it is but I am in litigation with that person so I can’t say publicly, but I have already called the police about it & again I just can’t figure out the connection between ODH, & this Susie Kush, she is one of their fosters. Please just watch the video again & REALLY watch Judith’s reaction.


    Posted by finallyhomerescue | October 8, 2011, 6:35 pm
  3. I think I know who you are, I won’t say your name but are these your init. “S. W”?


    Posted by Ron Smith | October 9, 2011, 11:15 am
  4. No my name is Brandia & I got into rescue by being a stupid owner & learning a few cruel lessons from “rescues” like this. I have watched & learned. Sometimes you have to take the good with the bad, I don’t like what Judith did to me, but she saves a lot of dogs who’s ONLY hope is her & her organization, as for DDB they have done a lot of good as well for dogs that are truly suffering. It is when they cross lines like this that it becomes an issue for me. It makes it harder for ME to deal with the general public because they lump ALL rescues into the same category. I used to rescue snow dogs & wolf hybrids or wolves only til I had a stroke so I know my dogs, your girl did not deserve what happened to her nor did your family. Her being a pack creature not very far removed from a wolf, in her mind being away from her pack is certain death, & I know she was terrified, I know how she got her injuries… Trying to escape to get back to you guys: “Her Pack” what they did was cruel beyond measure


    Posted by finallyhomerescue | October 9, 2011, 3:01 pm
  5. Do you recognize those initial’s as maybe the person in the video?
    You are right about the pack. I could not figure why she would pee next to me when happy and scared, then someone told me I was the Alpha and she was showing me she understood that. I had no idea it was that strong of a bond until I did some reading about Siberian huskies.
    I expected her to do just that when we first got her back, but she whimppered and was shaking and would not stop until she was at home and in the yard. She laid down in the front and did not want to move for for a few moments. You can see her laying in tthe yard in Elisa Hahn’s coverage on King 5. She starts shaking when strangers get close to her and doesn’t like to leave Colleen’s side or mine.


    Posted by Ron Smith | October 9, 2011, 3:48 pm
  6. I will say just this, I believe that the woman in the video is an animal control officer, she has the walk, & her voice on the video is the same, everyone keeps saying this woman’s hair was short but if you REALLY look you will see it is in a bun/pony tail the woman they arrested is not the same woman, she has different kinds of fat rolls & shape. Seriously, watch the “way” she handled Takoda, she kept her so that she couldn’t reach back & bite her & she lifted her a very strange way. Trust me I looked at the video for hours, I searched all of our rescue event photos to find anyone who remotely resembled this woman, trying to find who took your girl because I knew she was terrified, & I believed that she would escape from where ever she was at & get hurt if she didn’t get brought back. There was a driver, so who knows maybe this Susie was the driver, because there would be NO reason for her to go into the police station unless she was somehow involved. I have to tell you in rescue we don’t have room for an old dog, which is why Judith is so important to animals, she takes them, I do on occasion but a large, senior dog, NO ONE in rescue is standing in line to get one of those dogs. We see hundreds of young healthy dogs being euthanized every day in our state alone that we can’t help because we are so over loaded already & because other rescues are shipping in cute little adoptable dogs from California so for every dog they bring in here a dog dies in our state because they can’t make money off of them. It is sad & sick but it what it is. There are literally hundreds of dogs being brought in from other states every day, & hundreds of local dogs dying for money. I can run all over the state & pull dogs all day long but it won’t help if I don’t have the room or the money to help them & that is where I am at. If you email me privately I can send you a picture of who I think it is


    Posted by finallyhomerescue | October 9, 2011, 4:26 pm
  7. Nancy Howard from is the one arrested for the theft of Takoda.
    Nancy Howard also works at “AllThe Best Care” pet store.
    There is no doubt that Nancy Howard is guilty. She was paid $1,000 by one of our neighbors to steal our dog, we also think she stole 3 of our cats.
    Ron Smith


    Posted by Ron Smith | November 10, 2011, 2:18 pm
  8. OMGosh!!! Any news on your cats? I am so glad for you to have the answer at least. I hope your neighbor will be prosecuted to the fullest as well. Were they arrested too? Thank you for the update, I knew it wasn’t Susie, but you know who I thought it was… Glad I am wrong about that too.

    Look on this link to see if your cats are on here


    Posted by finallyhomerescue | November 10, 2011, 2:28 pm
  9. Oh FUNNY! I just realized that All the Best Pet Care started following me on Twitter a while ago. Probably just to see what I am saying. Let me go look & see who is coming in off of my Twitter account to this page.


    Posted by finallyhomerescue | November 10, 2011, 2:30 pm

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