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It’s almost election time… Are you worried yet?

So Everett: Are you ready? Are you going to vote for the same old same old or are you going to take back control of your city & your bank accounts?

Do you know ANYTHING about your candidates? Do you just vote because of party affiliation? Do you just vote for someone you recognize? Do you have ANY understanding of the process by which your city is run or how the decisions are made that affect your lives, your homes, your children, or your future?

Look to Seattle. They are finally SICK & TIRED of corrupt Government & are making a stand. What have you done? Why is there no “Occupy Everett”? Is Seattle the only one’s civic minded enough to have an “Occupy Seattle” Hell we have a WALL STREET in Everett. Oh wait, I better watch out before they charge me with trying to incite a riot in “The People’s Republic of Everett”, they don’t have to abide by the Constitution, & they’d most likely send Officers Meade & Franklin out fully armed for “Crowd Control”. You know they don’t like to be challenged.

Amazing that  Everett is a Navy town with soldiers who can’t even fight City Hall, with Veterans who won’t even take advantage of the liberties they fought for, that others died for. Kind of a sad commentary… Hell has anyone even read their voter’s pamphlet???

So it’s Friday night: Do you know where your candidates are? Evidently still at the office reading my blog & looking at my website. In my romantic mind I would truly like to believe they are on my sites because they are feeling bad about how my animals have been treated, or what has been done to them & are thinking of ways to help me… The truth is that my postings & my page bothers them enough that they are at City Hall this late at night trying to figure out what in the Sam Hell is wrong with me & just how much damage I can do before their election. Elections November 8th… My court dates November 3rd, & 4rth., If I win I will hopefully be busy with my dogs, if I lose then it is at that time they should be worried, but that doesn’t rule me out for next years campaigns,or ANY of the upcoming elections for that matter.

The bottom line for me is that the cruelty that has been shown to my animals & to me was so far beyond what can even be explained, the pain we have all gone through was totally unnecessary, the quarter to a half million dollars that is being spent to prosecute a misdemeanor is blatant abuse of authority under the Color Of Law. So this whole election is personal for me, it is very personal, the only thing these sick SOB’s care for is their own ego’s, power, & money, they don’t care for the tax-payers, they don’t honor their position as SERVANTS of the community, so the ONLY recourse I have to go after them full steam & ahead & take the things from them that mean as much to me as my animals do to me.

I will take down the whole chain of command, I don’t care how long it takes me or what the personal cost is to me. If I lose I will lose any hope of seeing my animals alive ever again, IF THEY ARE EVEN ALIVE I am more terrified than I have ever been in my life, but you can not back someone into a corner & not expect a fight or flight response from them, I can’t flee, you are holding my animals hostage so the ONLY CHOICE YOU HAVE GIVEN ME IS TO STAND & FIGHT FOR MY LIFE & THEIRS. What don’t you understand about that? The scary thing is that the city acts as though they do this all the time, strip people of their civil rights, destroy their lives & walk away laughing like a serial killer, but you forgot to check & make sure I was dead… Oops… Now you have a witness. It is through this blog & through my web page that I testify everyday to your cruelty, your discrimination, your lack of regard for life, or the taxpayers of Everett. It is all documented, it is all in black & white, I serve no special interests, I only serve my animals & the 1000’s of animals you murder every year.

I used to wonder how you all slept at night, how you could laugh & enjoy your day, when night after night, day after day I could barely sleep, & when I can I have the most horrific nightmares, I can’t eat most of the time, there are days when I can not even walk. I finally figured it out, because you have no souls, you have no heart, no care, no compassion, there is nothing in you that resembles humanity.

Most of you were elected by default because of consumer ignorance. People don’t vote based on research & careful thought. The employees are just a “side effect” of the shoddy Government in full force. This is what “Politicians” count on year after year, voter ignorance, it’s what gets people elected.

So can the current officials be redeemed? I highly doubt it, but anything is possible, but they have to get knocked off their Imperial Thrones a bit, the attitude has gotten the better of them, they are drunk with power & can no longer differentiate between what they should do morally versus what they do to get elected year after year. I think we have way too many issues to try to salvage a bunch of ego tripping power hungry politicians. Send them to see Dr Phil & lets get some new people in there that still think they can make a difference, that will be looking after our best interest, not their next campaign bid.

So now I’ve got HSUS, Center for Consumer Freedom, The Dept of Defense, the Washnigton State Attorney General, U of Michigan, U of Washington, Portland State University, City of Tacoma, City of Mill Creek, City of Bothell, UC Berkley, The Herald & a few others I am scared to mention all over my page, but most importantly we have regular people, working people, the people that are starting to wake up & realize just how far to hell the economy & the country has gone.

I can change the world, I can make a difference, it doesn’t matter if what I do is newsworthy, all that matters is what I do changes a life & makes it better. I do that everyday, I rescue dogs & I rescue people, I help save lives, I give everything I am & that I have to help. When I screw up I try to make amends, or just admit I was wrong & move on. I don’t spend hundreds of thousands dollars of SOMEONE ELSE’S MONEY to cover my butt & make up lies to make someone else look worse or to take the focus off of me… Why is that? Because I am NOT a politician. The millions of voters in this state are also not politicians, they are just simple hard working folks looking for the American dream, they are willing to go to work every day to even pay taxes for things that make sense.

Any idea what could’ve been used to pay for the 250 to 500 thousand they have spent on trying to decimate me? Okay a cop makes about 25K a year, there is 10 to 20 cops, they could’ve fixed an area of roads the length of Everett, they could’ve kept ALL of their social services funded for the next 3 yrs with that amount of money, they could’ve funded the Public Health & Mental Health departments for at least 2 years, they could’ve given that money as tax incentives to new business to get some jobs into Everett or even to bolster some of the existing businesses, they could’ve used that money for the schools to put into educating our children, but instead it was used to torture innocent animals, break every conceivable law, several amendments & to bully someone who wouldn’t back down. Do the voters know that you all spent well over 8 million dollars (Possibly more) defending yourselves & covering your butts for the Troy Meade Case? Could that be the reason you are facing such a HUGE budget shortfall? Could that be the reason just about every social, health & mental service in Everett has been cut? Could that be the reason the pulp mill is closing down or that the Armory & the Postal Service is leaving, the reason Boeing is outsourcing as much of it’s work as they can? Is it the reason that Everett research lab employees can take some helpless monkeys who’ve already endured YEARS of horrific abuse & testing & burn them alive in an industrial dishwasher & get away with it but you can prosecute someone, strip them of their civil & human rights who pisses you off or challenges you. I mean we have to watch your precious egos right?

I also need to point out, Scott North from the Everett Herald wrote me a very long detailed email about what his intentions were, the focus for now & the future, & what he hopes to accomplish so that was terribly refreshing, I know the Candidates are putzes but I was very miffed that my own reporter seemed to have fallen into line with them. So at the end of the day, the doofuses are still doofy, my heros have been redeemed & the balance has been restored.

My case will probably never be newsworthy, it may not even garner the attention of anyone beyond our county, but at the end of our lives here, there will be judgement, no one will get away with anything at the end of their days…

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About Brandia

I am an animals rescuer, a mother, a grandmother, a minister, & a human being who is tired of all the corruption going on in our state.


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