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Is “morality” subjective… A blur on the black & white.

To our regular readers. This post is directed at the people from the City of Everett, employees & elected officials, so please bear with me, I will post the 20 to 70 hours a week they sit on my blog & webpage per week, even nights & weekends, so you can all see how your tax money is being spent after my court date on November 3rd & 4th. Win or lose I will be posting the info I have on my case & your elected officials.


Autistic brains are different… but not one functions or operates the same. I was diagnosed with high functioning Autism when I was less than 2 yrs old, before it was “popular” Every case presents differently, although there are some common themes that run through all of us.

I am sensitive to touch, light, & sound, I can not do facial recognition in a crowd, I hear in tones & pitches, maybe not really the way other people do. I talked by the time I was 8 months & at 19 months I went totally mute, until I was about 6, but… I was in Montessori & Catholic schools before there was such thing as “Special Ed” so in order to keep me occupied so I wouldn’t DESTROY the classroom the nuns & teachers quickly learned to buy me old college manuals & let me have at it, unfortunately most couldn’t keep up with me. Near as we can figure I could do 2nd yr college level work by the time I was 7 yrs old. I was the weird kid that hid under the bed & bit people til I was about 5, for everything I have in abundance for brains, I have no common sense AKA abstract thinking. Not to say I am not logical, I am anal retentively logical, hence the reason I got into accounting, you can play with numbers, but you can not change the reality of them or the logical sequences. I am very socially inept, & I swear with God as my witness it still aggravates me to hell that someone will ask you a question & get mad when you answer it truthfully, or when they do something totally assinine & if you point it out you are suddenly public enemy #1. It is sad to me that I have to warn new people that if they don’t want my opinion don’t ask for it, & let them know to not do stupid things in front of me & not expect me to say something. I also can’t say I am saying it to help you, or trying to make you feel bad, mostly I say it because I want a response so I can understand what motivates people to do the things they do, & to understand why they think that at that point the action was acceptable, it is how I learn.

So tonight I learned that my worst fear had come true in regards to the information I have made public, an animal abuser’s attorney used my info to get an abuser off scott free, the good news is that he had other charges pending & now has been remanded to that state’s custody for a period of NO LESS than 25yrs. BUT: 3 People have used the info that were unfairly accused & targeted by corrupt agencies have now gotten off, gotten their animals back & had their reputations restored.

So now I am no better than the depraved politicians I rally so hard against, I do good for some, hurt others. The truth has no conscience, it has no desires, no ulterior motives, it is black & white, it is not subject to whims of what’s popular, & it does not discern whether it hurts or heals. It is what it is…

The prosecutor who wrote me to tell me took about 3 hours out of his day to talk to me today, he wasn’t mad or mean to me, he was trying to troubleshoot with me to see how we can change the laws to protect CITIZENS & ANIMALS all at the same time as he realizes the faults in the Animal Welfare Protection System. Once I sent him my other documents with ALL of my info he said he just about pooped himself to see all the weaknesses & the loopholes in his state & our state, since most of the language is the same in both.

So… Do I continue to endanger other animals & let mine die, or do I fight for their lives & throw so many others under the proverbial bus? I say I am morally wrong to let others suffer to save my own, but I didn’t start this, I never would’ve been here if not for a dirty disgusting piece of pig shit hateful prejudice woman & her crazy cohort. I am fighting a crazy woman who’s mental evaluations are online for the whole world to see, who abused her own children so badly that the state took them from her & one doesn’t want anything to do with her, the very same woman that sold her child because she already had enough brats (her words NOT mine) , who has posted literally hundreds of ads on craigslist about me, & the AC Officers are no better they lie, tell the crazy woman lies about me & my animals, & then they BEAT & ABUSE ANIMALS as evidenced by the fact that my animals showed up at the shelter after 7 hours bleeding from their rectum, unable to walk, bloody missing teeth, hypothermic & having seizures. I have to know how anyone in this universe could stay sane after seeing that, knowing what happened to them, trying to eat, breath & live through a day. How would you handle it? What would you do? How would you react? The more pasted & copied crap they give me the worse it gets, my dogs have been infested with fleas, tapeworms, the AC Officers are treating my animals, my Soffie shows up on 8/11/2011 with “lacerations” no explanation, just lacerations so now I have to wonder what happened to her. They have given my dogs 1 medication KNOWN to kill that breed, another medication known to cause death in dogs, they have lost my terminally ill dog’s body AFTER they cut him open took pictures of them playing with his intestines, & then put sticky notes all over his internal organs & the pictures show him laying there with his legs splayed to the sides, & his head back, I have to look at the heart that once beat inside of him, & the belly I used to scratch gutted & wide open, & his precious little mouth that used to give me kisses hanging to the side with blood dripping out, I have to look at the pictures of my terrified bloody animals, who left me safe, warm, healthy & dry. His soul is doomed to wander the earth for eternity, so shaming & torturing, & mutilating him in life was not enough for them sick son of a bitches, they had to desecrate his remains & destroy his soul & quite frankly it DOESN’T MATTER what you believe, it is what I believe, it is my heritage, it is who I am. THE ONLY WAY I KNOW MY DOGS ARE ALIVE IS TO WAIT FOR SOME COPIED & PASTED CRAP TO SEE WHEN THEY HAVE BEEN BROUGHT IN FOR AN ILLNESS OR AN INJURY. My dogs have had more injuries & illnesses & close calls, toxic reactions & now parasitic infestations since January,6th, 2011 then they have had in their whole lives & some are seniors for crying out loud.

So basically what I am doing is morally wrong, but it is morally right to fight for my animals, they are my responsibility, but as a Minister & an Animal Rescuer I have a responsibility to others, but I didn’t cause or create this situation. It was MIKE FISHER who decided to prosecute me when he had no cause, just the shit they can make up, it was JAMES ILES the City of Everett’s Attorney who slandered me & broke the law because it became PERSONAL to him & the Mayor RAY STEPHANSON, & they have millions of dollars of tax payer money at their disposal to waste & throw around, oh & we can’t forget that the Judge DAVID MITCHELL has totally IGNORED every law they have broken, & has also made this personal,  & LORI TRASK who is claiming to be sick now & quite frankly I don’t believe it; but if she is then I hope she dies as slowly & painfully as my boy did. Then we have the wacktard of a shelter assistant manager SHANNON DELGADO who actually LAUGHED at me when I found out that my dog was dead, it was FUNNY to her, so keep donating to EVERETT ANIMAL RESCUE FOUNDATION so they can continue to kill dogs & laugh about it, yes EVERETT ANIMAL SHELTER & EVERETT ANIMAL RESCUE FOUNDATION are one in the same, every dollar you donate goes to help kill pitbulls, or any dog perceived to be a terrier or bulldog, it also wasn’t enough to save 82 cats they killed because they didn’t want to spend the money you donated to help save animals, even if the animals were not showing signs of any illness they killed them. Imagine that: the city vet LISA THOMPSON sat down & in ONE day they took the lives of 82 animals who fought for their lives because they couldn’t spend the 45.00 each it would’ve cost to save them. Cat’s don’t go down easy, they fight for their lives, you have to stab the needle in their hearts, imagine being stabbed in your heart with a poison & dying slowly painfully when your only sin was being born, (NO it is not a quick painless death when it is done directly into your heart, the medicine has to work it’s way through the cat’s system as it shuts down all the organs & they suffocate to death while their heart is seizing up) when all you wanted was to be loved, to live, to have a home of your own. Wait til court when you see the injuries on the animals I pulled from there. Innocent helpless animals that they beat, tortured, maced & abused. Wait til everyone sees my WHOLE story. Just to put it in perspective for our readers, they have spent more on my case then they have spent on Community Services, & the Senior Center for Services COMBINED this year alone. So all the homeless & struggling families, seniors & working families out there be sure to thank your Mayor, your city attorney, & your city prosecutor for bending you over & sticking it to you!

I have crossed the line in my own concept of morality, I now understand the “Grey Area” I so fully despise I am living in it now. Just for the fact that I haven’t gone postal & I have not been on top of any towers or rooftops speaks VOLUMES about my sanity, & did I mention I have extreme agoraphobia, but every week almost I get out, I leave my house, I go to court. I go to the law library, I go to the other courts, the printers, & just to keep my own sanity I drive all over hell & back to transport animals in a 5 state area. I have really really really believe it or not held my tongue on this but here I am, I have been given so much information on so many of you from people who see this & know it is wrong & that want me to destroy you, now all you ALL have to do is figure out HOW I am going to use it, WHEN I am going to use it, & WHAT it is going to do to your life. You want to destroy my life’s work, my reputation, & my poor precious innocent animals well… YOU PICKED THE WRONG VICTIM. After court I am also going to post ALL of the stats on just how many HOURS you spend on my site, as well as this blog, so the taxpayers can see right before elections, just how much of their money you are wasting & I sure hope you’re not claiming overtime for all the late nights & weekends you spend on my blog & page.

So here is my version of flipping out, but it is not me who needs to be worried, it is you. Maybe you better go take a look in your little closets & try to figure out how much I know now, & what it will cost you, not me. I tell the truth, I don’t hide behind speechwriters or politicians. I don’t have to. I am me, I came from the wrong side of the tracks & FOUGHT my way up, I am not a Harvard grad but I am not as stupid as you hoped I would be, matter of fact you have seen how fast I have learned, fast enough to keep up with your BS, hell I have other prosecutors in this state helping me because they know what a big POS you truly are. Withholding discovery won’t get you anywhere, we will go to court BEFORE elections. Oh & tell your boss, his election time is coming too & I will be there with bells &  whistles on, every day… day in & day out. You have made this personal, not me, & I am not one to walk away from a challenge or a fight. Anyone who abuses animals under the COLOR OF LAW needs to be dealt with & knocked out of power, & I will do everything & anything in my power to be the one to do it.

GIVE ME BACK MY ANIMALS & CLEAR MY RECORD before November 3rd. Seriously, & you better get a mediator I haven’t contacted yet real quick because I just finished my brief.

Oh & please keep in mind that IF YOU USE ANYTHING FROM THIS BLOG OR MY WEBPAGE THAT I WILL SUBMIT THAT IT ALL BE USED NOT JUST BITS & PIECES. I already have it all printed out! Even though my attorney is not going to fight for me I have a trick or two up my sleeve so Judgement Day is coming… Are You Ready???

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About Brandia

I am an animals rescuer, a mother, a grandmother, a minister, & a human being who is tired of all the corruption going on in our state.


4 thoughts on “Is “morality” subjective… A blur on the black & white.

  1. “I testify that as the forces of evil increase under Lucifer’s leadership and as the forces of good increase under the leadership of Jesus Christ, there will be growing battles between the two until the final confrontation.

    As the issues become clearer and more obvious, all mankind will eventually be required to align themselves either for the kingdom of God or for the kingdom of the devil.

    For “I AM” a man or woman, who is firm in the Faith of CHRIST, and he, and I, have “SWORN WITH AN OATH” to defend my Rights, my Dogs & my Animals.

    Defend your dogs, pets, and animals illegally, illicitly, and immorally taken from you. It is a noble action to sacrifice your for others, however the Lord god has made it clear that a person has the God given RIGHT to DEFEND the animals, in their Charge.

    Fight the Evil Ones. with the Fury of God’s Power, and Get your dogs, pets, and animals.back home with YOU! AMEN.

    Dean A. Ayers


    Posted by dogpressorg | October 24, 2011, 1:13 am
  2. Thank you Dean, as always. I feel bad for the other animals but I feel worse for mine & if that makes me wrong then I guess I am, but at the end of the day, when there is nothing but silence, myself & my God, I have to be able to justify that the ends suit the means. It wasn’t me who started this, but it will be me who finishes it.


    Posted by finallyhomerescue | October 24, 2011, 2:52 am
  3. Good job… I might need to remind the city again that I have 5 trackers so you beat a couple of them but not all of them. Good luck with that.


    Posted by finallyhomerescue | October 24, 2011, 3:59 pm

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