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Margi Hamilton – AKC Judge/Accused Animal Hoarder

The video is hard to ignore, even harder to refute. the fact that 14 dogs had to die, that almost 100 dogs were found between 2 people in 2 different houses… None of it is settling well with me.

There are things I know, people I know, & things I have learned. Margie is alone now to face this deluge by herself. Her husband died shortly after the raid. On the surface it seems as though it is a cut & dried case. If it was an investigation by King County Sheriffs or by King County Animal Control, in my mind it would be, but enter “Pasado’s Safe Haven” a group that that has many questionable endeavors under it’s belt. They slander people, interfere in criminal investigations & have had their own share of trouble in their own circle. The local newspapers have major misgivings about them as well. I always go to the Charity Navigator for info on a Charity & that is where you see things going south…

They seem to be needing to get a handle on their own affairs. There are many different articles about them as well in the Herald:

House built on Pasado's property entangled in divorce
Pasado’s agrees to changes by state (Please make sure to check out the documents included in this article)
Pasado's Safe Haven: Charity is a force for animals, but critics question tactics, finances
Pasado's vows fight, faces new questions Animal rescue charity says it's target of 'smear campaign'
More to Pasado's story than dead 'puppies'
Dog killer sentenced to 90 days


Dog left to starve to death in it's cage after being DUMPED by Pasado's Animal Haven

I am just sick, I seen the pictures of these poor dead dogs, dogs left to starve to death in their cages because of the carelessness of Pasado’s. These are the people who are accusing Margie Hamilton of abuse? WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THAT PICTURE???

You know something else? I have had too freakin many dogs & while we were doing transfers have grabbed kennels from outside with hair like that on teh cages because they sat face down outside & got rained on, it was only temporary & the kennels were thrown outside & it NOW occurs to me anyone could’ve snapped a picture of it or took a film at that minute & I would’ve been screwed! The only thing that would’ve saved me is we were doing the transfers with the help of animal control & were in a hurry & had a critical situation going on.

But… C.A.R.E.S., King Co AC & the King County Sheriff’s I trust them with all of my heart, I also respect them very much so until I hear from them that there was abuse going on I will reserve judgement. CARES would not have put those 14 dogs down if they weren’t suffering, they would’ve done anything to save them if there had been even 1/10 of a percent that they could’ve lived.

It should also be noted the house in Burien is where the dogs were put down from, the dogs in the Issaquah house were taken because of the condition at the house in Burien, the reports don’t say who the “man” at the house was so we don’t know if it was her husband or not, her husband who just recently passed away, her husband she is trying to bury right now, we also don’t know if his health is what caused the decline, or what he died from, we don’t know why he didn’t reach out for help, we don’t know who the “man” was. We know that all of the Issaquah dogs were healthy, so why the contrast? What is the connection to both of the houses? I will keep digging til we get to the bottom of this. If one or both of them is guilty of what is being reported I hope the book is thrown at her, but if she is not, then I hope that she is vindicated.

I have had too many dogs, up to 32 one time for almost a whole day. Another time 24 at once for a couple of days & that was the closest to insanity I have ever been in life. Seriously by the time the volunteers got there the next day I was a crying mess, we have ONE foster dog here, which is a medical needs dog so I won’t even think about another dog, between her & my bulldog it is a full time job. I generally own 3 to 5 dogs at a time, but as I slow down with age well there is NO WAY I am going to ever get more than 3 rescue dogs at a time. Why? Because I can’t handle that many dogs but now my great-grandfather.. He never had LESS than 12 hound dogs. As soon as one would die of old age he’d go to the local feed store & search the big metal trough that perpetually held assorted puppies for just the perfect one. I still remember the pungent smell of puppy breath & hay & sitting in the tub with puppies crawling all over me.

Honestly I don’t care who you are, you don’t need 38 dogs, & you most certainly don’t need 62 dogs. I think that is abuse in & of itself, no matter how much staff, room or volunteers you have. How can you pay attention & interact with that many dogs with any kind of quality or anything even close to meaningful? You can’t!!! It was however brought to my attention that there are other scenarios that play out & other things to consider. as noted in this article.

Dog ordinance 'number limits' in Animal Laws are not logical or valid – Will You Help Fight This Animal Control Tyranny?

That is exactly why I work with breeders. Reputable breeders, they will fix & vet the dogs & give them to me to adopt out most times, the animals aren’t unsocialized, but other breeders & showers like to talk so much crap & start so much trouble that at times they can get into trouble if they have no one to reach out to, animal rights groups bash the breeders, they are ostrasized by shelters & other rescues: So who can they turn to? NO ONE.

One thing I did see that makes me believe this whole story was the little Papillion looking dog who was spinning & barking, my experience with puppy mill dogs, chained dogs & crated for life dogs is that they spin sometimes for years afterwards. It was heartbreaking to watch & that is what prompted me to write about this, to look into it.

I figure until someone nails me to a cross & I can come back from the dead 3 days later, I’ll stay off that cross because I don’t belong there. Judge not lest ye be judged, I believe that is a DIRECT quote from the guy who was on the cross.

This woman is also trying to deal with the loss of her husband, her partner, her lover, her best friend, & deal with this mess. I can’t take any joy in kicking someone when they are down. If you can that says very little about you as a human being. I have confidence in the King County Authorities, but I did want to put it out there that Pasado’s intentions have not always been of the highest quality & standards & they should not being throwing too many stones from their little glass shack: I’m just saying!

I also absolutely dare, Pasado’s to try to threaten to sue me: I could bring up my own lawsuit that would keep them busy for years to come two words, Angel & Brewster…

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About Brandia

I am an animals rescuer, a mother, a grandmother, a minister, & a human being who is tired of all the corruption going on in our state.


13 thoughts on “Margi Hamilton – AKC Judge/Accused Animal Hoarder

  1. I certainly do NOT defend BAD Rescues, BAD Animal Shelters, or BAD Animal Owners, but there is NO QUESTION that the Animal Rights Agendas to illegally, immorally, and illicitly “pervert” animal laws to destroy all dog, pet and animal ownership in a free society is present nationwide. Specifically, I present the TRUTH in the “Number LImits” in Animal Laws…

    Dog ordinance ‘number limits’ in Animal Laws are not logical or valid – Will You Help Fight This Animal Control Tyranny?

    Dog ordinance ‘number limits’ in Animal Laws are not logical or valid – Will You Help Fight This Animal Control Tyranny?

    Dog number limit ordinances in Animal Laws will lead to a decrease in pet licensing taxes by scared dog owners who are over the dog limit imposed.

    POLK COUNTY, Iowa, 3 December 11 ( —

    Dogs and dog owners face more discrimination than ever before in American society, and now specifically in Polk County, Iowa for no apparent reason other than to enforce tyranny in dog “number limits” upon animal owners who appropriately take care of their dogs in their homes and on their private property in Polk County, Iowa.

    Specifically, this Investigative Reporter has interviewed, (Named Withheld), a 19 year old famale lady and upstanding citizen of Polk County, Iowa who proudly owns and properly maintains the love, care and control of their dogs and goats at their residence in Polk County, Iowa. This lady now is allegedly faced with having “all” the animals confiscated, for no other reason than for Animal Control to allegedly enforce their tyranny animal control “number limits” upon the good people of Polk County.

    This lady stated to this Investigator, “All of my animals are up to date on shots, feed and watered properly, housed properly and loved more than anything in the world. “

    It is alleged that Animal Control Authorities in Polk County, have “threatened” to confiscate “ALL” of this lady’s animals, when in actuality, animal control has apparently informed her that the “number limit” ordinance “allows” this lady to maintain three dogs on her property. This allegedly appears to be “intimidation” by animal control, to get control of the people, thru the animal’s confiscation or alleged “threat” of total animal seizure, be told.

    While local, city, county, state, and federal entities pay lip service to the dog as man’s best friend by passing tyranny dog limiting ordinances and laws, We the People as a whole community, and in the community of Polk County, Iowa, have allowed fear and politics of their “Animal Control” and their “Animal Authorities” to run rampant (with citizens being unaware) by this alleged threat of tyranny animal enforcement to seize “ALL” of this lady’s animals on private property potentially resulting in a “total animal confiscation” of this lady’s “Intrinsic Valued” and beloved dogs and goats on their private property.

    This “real threat” of Animal Control Authorities allegedly “intimidating” this lady will determine the parameters of dog ownership based upon emotions not logic and common sense in law making for all citizens in Polk County, Iowa or any other location with similar animal laws.

    Based upon the allegations of animal control to this lady and her dogs, and soon to possibly be (the same treatment) to the other citizens and residents of Polk County, Iowa, will the Polk County community “stand together” to fight off this tyranny of animal control or “fail” to get involved, — and subsequently, each Polk County citizen, one by one, by one, will lose their animals in total, (each dog and every animal owner) in due time, in Polk County via “number limits” tyranny enforcement?

    This type of “number limit” control of the animals in Polk County, will leave their beloved dogs, pets, and animals, to be dealt with as “nothing” of value, other than being an animal having no more value than that of “chattel”.

    Will the oppressor controlling all “number limits’ and animals in Animal Laws in Iowa and the nation soon become the hand of the “Mark of the Beast” in care, and control regardless of whether the citizens in Polk County, Iowa or the nation are properly maintaining their care and control of their dogs, pets, and animals on their own private property?

    Time will surely tell, sooner rather than later, starting with (Name Withheld).

    My question to the citizens of this nation and Polk County, Iowa who own pets and animals is:

    Dog ordinance ‘number limits’ in Animal Laws are not logical or valid – Will You Help Innocent Dog Owners and their Dogs Fight This Animal Control Tyranny?

    We the People, spend hundreds of millions of dollars on premium foods, veterinary care, toys, kennels, pet sitters, training classes, and more even while tyranny Animal Laws and Tyranny Animal Control Authorities are unjustifiably limiting the number of dogs and type of dogs an owner can house. We use dogs to aid in catching criminals, search for victims of crimes and natural disasters, help handicapped humans, and provide emotional support even while barring dogs from communities if they exceed a certain weight, certain breed to be banned, or limits to the number of dogs allowed in a home even if they are properly cared for and loved as family.

    The disadvantages of ‘dog number’ limits in homes are:

    Dog owners in some communities face a limit on the number of pets they can own, but these limits, too, are counterproductive.

    Laws that criminalize pet ownership based on numbers alone have been declared unconstitutional in some states because they do not address the need to control nuisances or provide for the health and safety of residents.

    The Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania, the state’s highest court, has declared such a law unconstitutional in that state, citing a precedent in Kadash v City of Williamsport:

    “What is not an infringement upon public safety and is not a nuisance cannot be made one by legislative fiat and then prohibited….

    “Even legitimate legislative goals cannot be pursued by means which stifle fundamental personal liberty when the goals can otherwise be more reasonably achieved.”

    A dog or pet limit ordinance is difficult to enforce without increased presence of animal control or police agencies and often leads to a decrease in pet licensing to prevent cross-referencing of license records. If the law is enforced only upon complaint, it becomes just another law for people to circumvent and further erodes confidence in legislative bodies.

    Numbers have no relationship to nuisances. A person with one dog that runs loose or barks all night is a greater nuisance than a person with a dozen dogs that are quiet, clean, and kept at home.

    Limiting people to four dogs (or fewer) puts an unreasonable strain on people who raise show dogs, compete in performance trials, participate in canine rescue operations, foster dogs for service dog organizations, etc. and can lead to those responsible dog owners leaving the community.

    A number limit causes dog deaths by forcing people to give up dogs they own, thus causing crowding in local shelters; denying people the opportunity to buy an additional dog from a shelter or a rescue; and adversely impacting rescue groups and foster homes that help find new homes for dogs whose owners cannot keep them.

    Alternatives to number limits are:

    Passage and enforcement of strict nuisance laws.
    Use of an arbitrator to mediate neighborhood disputes about animals.
    Use of alternative sentencing such as community service at the county animal shelter or attendance at a full obedience training course for those who violate nuisance ordinances.
    Periodic programs or mailings about responsible dog ownership or city sponsorship of a Canine Good Citizen test to encourage residents to be responsible dog owners.
    Animal laws are not always a result of state and federal battles. Squabbles between neighbors often erupt over animals, squabbles that often spill over into law enforcement or animal control filed complaints to local governments.

    As an emotional result the local government greases the squeaky wheel complaints by citizens with even more stricter ordinances or other tacked on to the zoning code or the criminal codes to existing animal ordinances.

    Dog limit ordinances are often passed out of frustration, with little consideration for the consequences or valid and factual basis to make any “positive or constructive” benefit to the community dog complaints, other than a government official “feel good” action giving We the People even more tyranny in our local animal control ordinances.

    Animals C.L.U.B.- Freedom National Organization Incorporated (Non-Profit)

    “The truth is rarely pure and never simple.”

    PLEASE DONATE to Animals C.L.U.B.- Freedom National Organization Incorporated (Non-Profit) BY CLICKING ON THE PAYPAL LINK:

    Fair Use Notice: Pursuant to Title 17 U.S.C. 107, other copyrighted work is provided for educational purposes, research, critical comment, or debate without profit or payment. If you wish to use copyrighted material from this site for your own purposes beyond the ‘fair use’ exception, you must obtain permission from the copyright owner.

    Legal Disclaimer: The information, articles, or links (posted, embedded or otherwise) to the above postings are provided to give readers more information on general dog-related or associated subjects and are not intended as legal advice. All individuals are urged to contact licensed attorneys in their states regarding specific legal issues.

    Copyright © 2006-2011, Animals C.L.U.B.- Freedom National Organization Incorporated (Non-Profit) Iowa 2009, News, All Rights Reserved

    Posted by Dogpressorg on 12/03/2011 at 02:53 PM in Animal Rights, Articles by Dean A. Ayers, Current Affairs, Dog Law, Dog ordinance ‘number limits’ in Animal Laws are not logical or valid – Will You Help Fight This Animal Control Tyranny?, Dogs, Web/Tech, Weblogs | Permalink
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    Posted by Nude Fake Art (C) | December 3, 2011, 1:46 pm
  2. Exactly what I’ve been thinking. There’s been a bit of chatter in the chihuahua world about this and I’m dismayed at the “Margie’s got Koodies” reactions that I’ve been sensing. But without all the facts we can only speculate.
    The guy on the cross also said: Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone.
    Tell me nobody has a half full bottle of Koody Cure in their own cabinet!


    Posted by samplsiz | December 5, 2011, 10:41 pm
  3. Thank you so much! I am not here to vindicate or convict, I want to challenge people to think before they react & not to believe everything they hear or see. I work with a lot of WONDERFUL breeders which makes me somewhat of a outcast in the rescue community. I work with hobby breeders, plus some very well known breeders, & have helped 2 breeders this year who’s animal numbers just got out of control for the reasons stated above, slander gossip & snobbery. If you are a puppy miller I will destroy you, if I haven’t tried it is only because I haven’t found you yet, believe me. I helped one lady with 126 dogs this year, once she discovered that some of her females had pyometria she shut down shop, helped me get almost all of them fixed & went south to retire with her own personal dogs. No HSUS, no ASPCA, no local AC’s we did it on our own, & she drove most of the dogs where they needed to go as far as Maryland. She wanted to get out of it over 5 yrs ago but had no one to reach out to.

    Mostly I would invite people to put themselves in the Hamilton’s place, & not be so quick to judge considering the source…


    Posted by finallyhomerescue | December 5, 2011, 11:00 pm
  4. Well it looks like they are going to charge Margie Hamilton with 2 counts of animal Cruelty… I wonder if her attorney is smart enough to realize that the “evidence” they gathered will be considered the “Fruit of the Poisonous Tree” Since Pasado’s entered the residence illegally most of it should get thrown out unless she ends up with a public defender that doesn’t care


    Posted by finallyhomerescue | May 10, 2012, 1:26 am
  5. I have been fostering one of Margi’s chihuahuas so I know a bit more about the situation than most. This chihuahua is young and one of Margi’s favorites, and when she came to me she was severely traumatized and unsocialized to an extreme. She also needed medical care: she had an ear infection that had gone untreated by Margi and has a heart murmur for which she should get surgery. The dog never sniffed anything, never made any noise, never tried to play, and was just a shell of a dog. I have been working with her since October to help socialize her, build her confidence, and help her become a well adjusted dog. She has made so much progress, and it is extremely disheartening to hear someone so passionately defend a woman who has abused so many dogs so horribly.

    In addition, Margi practices irresponsible breeding. As I mentioned, this dog has a heart murmur (and many of the dogs had congenital heart problems, to the point where a cardiologist was brought in to screen every one of them). The dog that I have is one of the three that is supposed to be returned to Margi, and Margi is planning to breed her, despite the fact that she has a heart murmur that will likely get passed on to her puppies. I doubt Margi is planning to tell the people who purchase the pups that they are at risk of heart problems.


    Posted by Rebecca (@notwomytowel) | June 8, 2012, 9:45 am
  6. Please don’t think I am defending any abuse of animals.

    My ONLY point of contention is the way that Pasado’s went about this, the way they always do things.

    If they would’ve handed over the tape to the REAL authorities then it could have been & would have been handled correctly.

    Did Margie Hamilton tell you personally that she was planning on breeding that particular dog?

    I’m very interested to know why she would tell you this when most likely the terms of any sentence would include her NOT being able to breed any dogs.

    I would also like to know why she would say she was going to breed a dog with congenital effects. Can you send us proof that she said that she is planning on breeding the dog you have, or that it has a congenital heart defect?

    I have gotten over 64 emails from her former adopters who haven’t had any health issues, 4 of them on the show circuit, prize winning dogs in perfect health. Not that they had much nice to say about Margi Hamilton but they did concede that they had gotten good dogs from her…


    Posted by finallyhomerescue | June 8, 2012, 10:03 am
  7. I have done a public records request and will be talking to the prosecutor, but what I have heard so far is that she is getting three dogs and plans to breed them. I don’t know why she would choose a dog with a heart defect. I do know that a large number of the dogs removed from her home had congenital heart defects, so this problem is very common for her dogs. Having met a number of the dogs, I can also attest to the fact that they were treated horribly and that Margi and her husband were basically running a puppy mill plus hoarding dogs. It’s a terrible situation, and I’m saddened to hear that people still plan to support someone who treats dogs so terribly.


    Posted by Rebecca (@notwomytowel) | June 8, 2012, 12:34 pm
  8. Who is still supporting her? If you are inferring that I am then I think you need to go back & reread my post. What I am concerned about is the fact that Pasado’s broke into someone’s home, that is against the law & it creates “The fruit of the poisonous tree” & now some of that evidence may not even be able to be used, or worse yet the charges may be dropped all together. If the info would’ve been given to King County they would’ve acted on it. I have worked with them & they care very deeply about animals.

    What public records requests have you done? Does it say she wants to breed these 3 dogs there?

    You do know that all you have to do is go down to the clerk’s office with the case number & you can get all the records & files for the case? All of these cases are a matter of public record.

    Since you are fostering the prosecutor should’ve already called you as your testimony would be vital to any case that they are making.

    Again who said she was going to breed these 3 specific dogs? That I would like to REALLY like to know…


    Posted by finallyhomerescue | June 8, 2012, 12:52 pm
  9. It looks like she has already pled guilty. So are those 3 dogs going back to her as part of the plea deal? That’s what it looks like.

    Superior Court Case Summary Court: King Co Superior Ct
    Case Number: 12-1-02188-7

    05-03-2012 Case Setting Info
    05-03-2012 ACTION Animal Cruelty 2 -2cts
    05-03-2012 FILING FEE ASSESSED 200.00
    1 05-03-2012 INFORMATION
    3 05-08-2012 SHERIFF’S RETURN OF SERVICE W/FEES 54.00
    5 06-05-2012 JDGMT & ORD SUSPND SENT, GRNT PROB 06-21-2012AU
    7 06-05-2012 AMENDED INFORMATION
    9 06-05-2012 NOTICE OF ASSIGNMENT
    JDG0005 Judge Lori K. Smith, Dept 5
    06-05-2012 AUDIO LOG Audio Log Dr 4b
    06-05-2012 ASSIGNED TO JDG0004 Assigned To Plea Judge
    Judge Mary E. Roberts Dept 4


    Posted by finallyhomerescue | June 8, 2012, 1:15 pm
  10. The evidence was turned over to King County, and they were the ones who handled the case.


    Posted by Rebecca (@notwomytowel) | June 8, 2012, 3:07 pm
  11. I knew that but I thought that because of the fact that Pasado’s broke into her house it would jeopardize the case.


    Posted by finallyhomerescue | June 8, 2012, 3:12 pm
  12. Dean just call me or send me an email… I want to know what happened: You don’t bother anyone, just advocate (???)


    Posted by finallyhomerescue | June 14, 2012, 1:41 pm

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