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Part 1- Did ANYONE ever stop to think that….

Any Public Employee, Officer, Elected Official is known as a Public Servant. Meaning they are there to SERVE you. As defined by Washington State Law:

RCW 42.52.010 Definitions
(18) “State officer” means every person holding a position of public trust in or under an executive, legislative, or judicial office of the state. “State officer” includes judges of the superior court, judges of the court of appeals, justices of the supreme court, members of the legislature together with the secretary of the senate and the chief clerk of the house of representatives, holders of elective offices in the executive branch of state government, chief executive officers of state agencies, members of boards, commissions, or committees with authority over one or more state agencies or institutions, and employees of the state who are engaged in supervisory, policy-making, or policy-enforcing work. For the purposes of this chapter, “state officer” also includes any person exercising or undertaking to exercise the powers or functions of a state officer.

I want you to read, and MEMORIZE the above law!!! It means, that all of the City and State Police Officers, the Judges, the Prosecutors, the Court Clerks, City Clerks, anyone who is elected, hired or contracted to preform and act as an agent of the City, County, State, or Government, and paid by any tax-payer funding whether it be local or Federal Monies, are there ONLY to serve you. Well I think we all somehow sense that Officers are, because they proudly display “To Serve and to Protect” on their vehicles.

But… You know that snotty little clerk at the DMV, or the rude caseworker at any number of Govt offices, the Judge, the prosecutor, and of course law enforcement officers. THEY WORK FOR YOU. THEY ARE ONLY HERE TO SERVE YOU. The job they have, the power they assert, the paycheck they bring home, that is only because you have given them the RIGHT to exist, to perform and function solely for your BENEFIT.

Don’t believe me? Well check this out!

Washington State Constitution”. Article one of our constitution’s “Bill of Rights (Declaration of Rights)” states that “All political power is inherent in the people, and governments derive their just powers from the consent of the governed, and are established to protect and maintain individual rights. All men are born equally free and independent” and that therefore, all government of right originates from the people, and “is founded in consent”.
So what does this all mean???
You have a name. You have an “Estate” You own & have power over your Name & your Estate. These people that you perceive to be in power over you in reality are not, they work for you, they exist ONLY with your approval & permission.
Still not getting “it”?
We’ll use my case as an example. the Animal Control Officer is MY PUBLIC SERVANT, the judge, the prosecutor, & all the other agents involved in the process. I ALLOWED them  to do what they have done to me by agreeing to their “contract”. When I pled not guilty that was as good as me saying well I agree to the terms of your sham prosecution. I gave them executorship, administration, & dominion over my Estate, I made them the beneficiaries over myself & my life.
So now what? Well I am sending them notice that I am once again taking over as the Executor Administrator & the Beneficiary of my own Estate, I am null & voiding the contract I made with them under intimidation, duress per minas, exaction, collusion, oppression, color of title, and color of authority as defined in Black’s Law* I am stating very clearly that they are to remove themselves as my Executor, & Beneficiary, of my Estate, & to assume their rightful positions of “Trustees” I am rescinding all of my signatures & all of the signatures made on my behalf by people who were never authorized to make decisions on my behalf.
I have named the Judge & the Prosecutor, and all agents of the City, County & State, as my trustees, which means they are required by law to follow my directions, period. If they don’t I can have the County Sheriff’s make them do what I have commanded them to do. Now why the County Sheriff’s have more power than the city, state or federal police I am not sure, I haven’t worked that out in my head yet. I figured it out when the Federal Govt tried to go after a Sheriff in a certain county & basically he told them to go piss up a rope! Well I got a hold of that man toot sweet & asked him how & why he had the authority to do so, he didn’t know exactly why either but he knew he did & so far he has been right! He said it was the darndest thing he had ever learned & he was never going to change jobs in case all hell broke loose in this country, then he could, by God, protect it.
So why hasn’t anyone ever heard of this before? Well they hide it from you!!! Seriously, nowhere in Washington State laws, or in the Blacks Law Dictionary, nor the Bovier Law Dictionary will you find the words together “Public Trustee” if you did you wouldn’t need lawyers, you would be able to assert & claim your rights & we can’t have the American People too educated.. but if you look very carefully you will see it:

RCW 42.52.010 Definitions
(18) “State officer” means every person holding a position of public trust in or under an executive, legislative, or judicial office of the state. (AKA Public Trustee)

Washington State Constitution”. Article one of your constitution’s “Bill of Rights(Declaration of Rights)” states that “All political power is inherent in the people, and governments derive their just powers from the consent of the governed, and are established to protect and maintain individual rights. All men are born equally free and independent” and that therefore, all government of right originates from the people, and “is founded in consent

The Govt only has the power you give them, INDIVIDUALLY. They have NEVER been a beneficiary, administrator, or executor over you, your name & your estate. Unless YOU give them permission.

Now let’s stop to consider this. When the STATE makes a charge against you, you are listed as the defendant, which means they are listed as the Plaintiff, in order to have a crime, they HAVE to show how they, the plaintiff were personally injured by your actions.

Now this usually only works for traffic & misdemeanors, so don’t go kill someone & try this crap, at that point the person is dead & the state does become their executor & administrator, as well as their beneficiary. Same with robbing a bank, banks are public trusts as well, so you are violating a public trust & they are an entity so the state has every right too assume executorship to come after you. So please don’t be a dumbass. I am not giving you information to go on a crime spree I am trying to help you understand & know YOUR RIGHTS for the trivial pursuits of the courts.

Did you know that you really don’t need a drivers license? Yep! All public roads are considered Public Easements, all citizens have a right of way to use a “Public” easements. Do I recommend you to do that… NO! Some people who have  car & the ability to drive should be monitored like habitual drunk drivers, or reckless drivers. Or 12 yr olds…

The point I am trying to make is some of the laws & rules we make as a people are good, some not so much & all it takes is a few dirty SOB’s to totally destroy what is good, twist it around & use it to hurt people. They do this because we are IGNORANT, we choose to let them abuse us, we choose to give them our power, we choose to let them have dominion over us. We are too lazy to learn shit, we would rather spend hours on Facebook on mindless farm games then to learn about our basic human rights, or to even try to understand “The Process”. So if you have recently had your rights violated or had your property illegally seized, thank yourself, that is right, you have only yourself to blame. Get off of Facebook, Myspace, Farmville, Maffia Wars & learn something for the love of God already!!!

I’ve been learning about the Patriots, the Freeman, & Constitutional law. I have read Black’s Law Dictionary about 8 times beginning to end, & Bovier’s Law Dictionary just about every day. I have taken every on-line legal course I can find, but it was the one about Trust Law that got me here. I started with the Magna Carta & have been hooked ever since, Law, is quite possibly the most exciting creation of man’s mind that there is, it is all interwoven with drippings of the past, insight into the future & every single time you think you have arrived at a conclusion you find there is infinitely more to the whole story. It is the greatest con game, & sham there is, it is the darkest of all of the arts of practice. It can be used to destroy & to build all in the same sentence, it has no conscience, no beginning & no end. It ONLY works when you know how to work it. You quite literally have to have a criminal mind to understand or comprehend just how it all “works”

I am off to go shake a few nuts out of a few trees but I will finish this story up later this evening. Go read the Bill of Rights already!!!


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I am an animals rescuer, a mother, a grandmother, a minister, & a human being who is tired of all the corruption going on in our state.


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