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Trust Law 101 Understanding the Governments OBLIGATION to you (Part 4)

So what is “Trust Law” ? The simple answer is it deals with people’s Estates & governs the rules of how Estates are administered. Each of us has an “Estate” alive or dead, our bodies, our possessions are our Estates.

Government Employees are considered PUBLIC TRUSTEE’S, they are paid with public monies, whether they are hired, contracted or elected. They are considered trustees for all of our Estates… & it has given them a BIG head because they don’t seem to understand their place, we have been so brainwashed that somehow we believe that they “Lord” over us. NOTHING could be further from the truth.

So here is what I did wrong: I pled “not guilty” thereby entering into a “Conract” with them. Of course they are not going to tell me that I had any other choice because they took out a bond on this cause number, & this is how they make money, they go to the bond insurer & say geez this case cost us 400K we need that money back right away. All of this time I thought they were squandering tax payer money, they are but my case is BONDED, it is why they can spend all this money & time on lil’ ol’ me.

So what do I do now??? Well I RESCIND all agreements & contracts with them, I withdraw my plea, & I acknowledge them as what they are, Trustees of my Estate, because you see once they used my name, they also created a Contract with me, & that bond money… It BELONGS to my Estate.

The STRANGEST part of this entire case is the way the charging papers read:

CITY OF EVERETT, a municipal corporation, Plaintiff



None of my other court papers have this, but… The charging papers have this on them to ESTABLISH THE BOND. Law is as close to the Devil as you will ever be while you are living, it is an art form of of a forked tongue. It is deceit & double talk at it’s finest. All of it is subject to “Interpretation” all of it is treachery. It is sad & it is pathetic & it will be the destruction of our nation.

So below is my Rescinsion  of my signature & all signatures made in my behalf by people who were NOT legally authorized to represent my Estate. It also establishes that they are what they truly are. Public Trustees, in other words THEY WORK FOR ME. They took my property & my animals in order to extort me into agreeing to a contract with them. So read this & move onto Part 5 of this.

1) Appt of Trustee
Appt of Trustee
Comes now the Executor, Administrator, and Beneficiary of:
The Living Trust and Estate of BRANDIA TAAMU
Let it be known on this 22nd day of our Lord of December of 2011 in the City of Lynnwood in the County of Snohomish and which is in the State of Washington, I hereby name and acknowledge all of the agents of the City of Everett, the agents of the County of Snohomish and the agents of the State of Washington correctly as Public Trustee(s).
Including but not limited to:
City of Everett, County of Snohomish and State of Washington Judiciary and Clerks,
City of Everett, County of Snohomish and State of Washington Police
City of Everett, County of Snohomish and State of Washington Prosecutor and lawyers
City of Everett, County of Snohomish and State of Washington Animal Control Agents
City of Everett, County of Snohomish and State of Washington Elected Officials
City of Everett, County of Snohomish and State of Washington Employees
City of Everett, County of Snohomish and State of Washington Contractor’s
All agents named above whether they be agents by employment, by election or by contract.
I attest to the fact that I am the Executor, Dual Administrator, and Beneficiary of the Estate of BRANDIA TAAMU and was and always have been before the matter before the courts today.
1) As Executor for the Estate of BRANDIA TAAMU I hereby rescind all signatures and contracts made by Ms Taamu and all agents acting in her behalf who had no real true vested interest in Ms TAAMU’S Estate or real authority to sign in Ms Taamu’s behalf. Under the facts that all signatures, agreements or contracts were null and void and made under intimidation*, duress per minas*, exaction*, collusion*, oppression*, color of title*, and color of authority*. We would also demand that all records and actions in this matter be taken off of all public record and Ms Taamu’s name be removed from all of the matters on public record on the matter before the courts and that this motion be immediately dismissed.
2) As Executor for the Estate of BRANDIA TAAMU I hereby acknowledge above named agents are in fact Public Trustees as defined by law, therefore, have no personal interest in the well being of said Estate, (whereas Ms Taamu does), and have no right to represent the will of the Estate in question.
3) As Executor of the Estate I must point out that the City of Everett officials, namely the judges, prosecutors, and animal control agents do in fact have a personal interest in this case by naming themselves the Plaintiffs in this case, so all persons contracted with them, hired by them or elected by them or others are also public servants, Ms Taamu and her Estate are to be served by them: Ms Taamu has no obligation to serve them, she is not a paid, elected or contracted public servant to which you are trying to apply your rules of Governance. It is not the fault of Ms TAAMU’S Estate if the Public Trustees do not understand their duties and obligations to the public.
4) As Executor for the Estate of BRANDIA TAAMU I hereby request the agents “claiming” to be the plaintiff’s in this case immediately show how they were personally injured by the acts of Ms Taamu within 72 calendar hours. Namely the City of Everett and the City of Everett Prosecutors and Judicial agents. At this point it would seem as though Ms Taamu is more correctly the plaintiff in this case and she can provide proof of harm and injury.
5) As Executor of the Estate in question I hereby order the Public Trustees in this matter to immediately return Ms Taamu’s property removed under exaction, collusion, color of title, color of authority, and oppression. Denying Ms Taamu’s beneficial enjoyment of her property and animals. Ms TAAMU is the real, true correct owner of as the property commonly known as:
1) George-a 14yr old deceased American Eskimo Dog
2) Hoki- a 9yr old Australian Kelpie Dog
3) Soffia- a 12yr old German Schnauzer Dog
4) Misty- a 5yr old Toy Australian Shepherd Dog
5) Libby- a 3yr old Pomeranian mix Dog
6) Taz- a 6yr old Domestic Short hair Cat
7,8,9) All kennels, blankets, and medications also seized on the same day
None of the above listed property and chattel may be sold, adopted or given away without the Executor’s explicit written consent, Ms Taamu may not be stripped of her possessions without the Executor’s written consent, and/or further used in a manner that forces Ms Taamu into contract with your agency. There is no lien or levy that supercedes the right of Ms Taamu and her Estate’s possession and property interest of the above named
6) As Executor of the Estate of Ms TAAMU We Do Not Consent To Your Governance, if you or your agency continues to send notices, complaints, or other paperwork to Ms TAAMU’S Estate that do not involve at least one injured Plaintiff from the state, they will be treated like a Contract offer to pay for Ms Taamu’s services, and time and a fee schedule will be required to be paid in full within 30 days of this date in full. Ms Taamu and her Estate time is also considered valuable, and any further continuance in this matter will be seen as an absolute agreement to pay for all prior court appearances and the thousands of personal hours Ms TAAMU’S Estate has accumulated thus far.
The Estate’s fee schedule is as follows:
A) Court appearance per instance 50,000.00
B) Filing of Motions and communications per instance 50,000.00
C) Time separated from Ms Taamu’s property per day 500.00
D) Hours spent on research totaling 2750hrs @ 200.00 pr hr
E) Time and travel for well over 50 court appearances, and research, at 150.00 pr incident
F) Loss of ability of Ms Taamu to obtain meaningful employment because of time constraints and numerous frivolous court appearances @ 20,00 per hour for 12 months
G) Time spent in jail for 2 days at the cost of 125,000.00 pr day
H) Loss of future income because of damage to the reputation of Ms TAAMU’S Estate at an amount to be later determined
I) Emotional damage to Ms Taamu and her Estate to also be determined at a later date for outrage and other damages
7) As Executor of Ms TAAMU’S Estate it should also be noted that I, the Executor of the Estate will represent Ms TAAMU’S Estate and Interests, not a public servant. No where in public law does it state that Ms Taamu must have counsel appointed by the Government, only that she has the right not the obligation. Ms Taamu is of sound mind and body and there is no God given reason that she can not chose how she is represented an by whom
8) As Executor of Ms TAAMU’S Estate I would like to make it crystal clear beyond a reasonable doubt that your agents claim to be acting under the “Washington State Constitution”. Article one of your constitution’s “Bill of Rights(Declaration of Rights)” states that All political power is inherent in the people, and governments derive their just powers from the consent of the governed, and are established to protect and maintain individual rights. All men are born equally free and independent” and that therefore, all government of right originates from the people, and “is founded in consent”. This means that in regards to your society’s “statutes” or “ordinances”, consent is required. Ms Taamu does not consent to your governance. As a free woman Ms Taamu and her Estate take responsibility for her actions and will do no harm to others or their property. Since your agents are not acting by the consent of the governed, then they are acting cohercively. This is not “government of right” but instead raw criminality which has already been proven by the courts own records.
As the Executor of the Estate state on my own unlimited liability, say that I have read the above affidavit, and do know the contents to be true, correct, complete and not misleading, the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth in accordance with God and Man’s Law.
_______BRANDIA TAAMU_______,
Signature of the Executor of the Estate of BRANDIA TAAMU (Electronic Signature)
CC: Washington State Attorney General
CC: Washington State Governor’s Office
CC: Washington’s Secretary of State
CC: City of Everett Prosecutor’s Office
CC: City of Everett Judge David Mitchell
CC: City of Everett Mayor
CC: City of Everett City Attorney
CC: City of Everett Animal Care and Control
CC: City of Everett Clerks
CC: Snohomish County Auditor’s Office
CC: Snohomish county Executive Aaron Reardon
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About Brandia

I am an animals rescuer, a mother, a grandmother, a minister, & a human being who is tired of all the corruption going on in our state.


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