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Oaths: Why they matter

I got the most disheartening question/statement the other day that I need to address.

I was asked why I was in such an uproar over “Oaths”, because it was just plain silly to believe that anyone would stick to them, honor them, or even follow them. Wow.

We have come to expect this behavior because we have at one time or another come to accept this behavior. Society breaks down one person at a time. Standards are degraded when we stand idly by & do nothing. When we see wrong or are the victim  of it we take it, & rationalize it… Eventually the resentment of not being able to trust helps us cross that line & soon we are the ones committing the wrongs because “Hey everyone else does it” Then we cease to be the square peg in the round hole.

I have been told over & over & over again that I have a disability, & that I qualify for Social Security because of my Autism, PTSD/Agoraphobia, & other quirks. That has NEVER sat well with me. Social Security was created as a Retirement program, retirement means that you have worked your life for something & you are now able to collect from the dues you paid into it. I have worked since I was 14 yrs old off & on but not enough to claim any benefits in my opinion. Just because you “qualify” for something doesn’t mean that you earned it or even deserve it. It is that way with a lot of things. Just because you can pop out a baby doesn’t mean you deserve to be a parent, just because you can go buy a gun does not mean you should have one. Just because you swear an oath doesn’t mean you have the moral fiber or character to stand by it

Besides that, what other folks view as a disability… I see as an ability that I wish more people had. Autism gives you a black & white view of the world, it is either right or wrong, good or bad, & we don’t even entertain the “Grey” areas.

It used to be that “A man’s word, was his bond” there was very little need for attorneys, & contracts because people had morals, they had integrity, if farmer Brown said he was going to repay you for something you gave him farmer Brown by God repaid you because his reputation & standing were important to him, it was his crowning glory, his word meant something.

I stand accused in a court of dishonor in front of people with no more moral fiber than a soggy wheat thin, people who take oaths & swear them to God when they never have had any intention of following those oaths, it was nothing more than a piece of paper they signed real quick so they could get into office, so that they could wield control over other people’s lives & bully lie & intimidate others.

I swear with God as my witness my Judge sat on the bench & lied right in my face, in a court of law, in a court created by God. On 4/21/2011 he stated in open court. Well you abused your animals so I think Everett Animal Control knows what’s better for them. Really, aren’t you supposed to have a TRIAL before you are convicted or condemned in the “Eyes of the Law”??? He flat out denied saying it, saying I was making some pretty serious accusations against him when I submitted my Final Demand for Dismissal. WHAT THE HELL??? Seems to me he was doing the same thing by stating I was guilty before trial when he knew NOTHING about my case. All he had to do was go listen to his own tape from that hearing. It was at that moment I knew I was facing a person with no integrity & you can’t expect “justice” from people who don’t have honor.

This isn’t just about some sleazy car dealer, this is about a matter in the courts that could ruin my life, my reputation & everything I have worked my whole life for, this has kept me away from my animals for 363 days, this has seen them be abused, get beaten, get attacked, get worms, get other diseases, being given medications that have endangered their lives, being terrified, feeling abandoned, & just left me to wonder. For months, til this day I don’t know if any of my animals are really even alive, they lie about everything else… At first I was fighting with the hope of getting them home, now I have come to accept the fact that they may have never been alive after they were taken from me since they lie about everything else, so now my mindset is I am fighting for justice for them & all of the other animals they murder on a daily basis. They have never provided any photos of them other than the day they were picked up so I can’t hold out much hope.

These piece of shit dirty corrupt bastards, have held my dogs & cat hostage in many ways, not letting me see them to break me down, not giving me any sign of life because they know a mother’s love & then trying to use them to try to give me an offer that they were never going to uphold with the conditions they gave. Yet they continue.

Law is an evil art, I would rather pick up a Satanic Bible & memorize it word for word, at least that book means what it says. Law is nothing more than a play on words, they say one thing & when it doesn’t go in their favor they turn it around or add a new meaning to suit their needs. Every single word needs to be chosen deliberately & carefully or they will use those same words to cut your throat. Where is the “Honor” in that?

So lets take a look at the Judges Oath & the Prosecutor’s Oath

Judge Mitchell’s Oath of Office

I David C Mitchell do solemnly swear that I will support the Constitution and the laws of the State of the United States and the Constitution of the laws of the State of Washington and that I will faithfully and impartially perform and discharge the duties of the Office of the City of Everett Municipal Court Position #2 for a 4-year term according to law to the best of my abilities

Mike Fisher’s Oath of Special Office

I Mike Fisher being first duly sworn on oath, depose and say 1) I am the individual herein above appointed special deputy prosecuting attorney for Snohomish County State of Washington 2) That I will uphold the Constitution and the laws of the United States & the State of Washington and I will perform the duties of such office in accordance with the law and to the best of my ability, so help me God

Please note one very chilling fact, the City of Everett has removed the term “So help me God” from it’s Oaths, & instead of saying they will “uphold” the law they simply say they will “Support” it. Snohomish County still has it though…. Let’s take a look at what those words mean by law to see what the Oath words actually mean:

SOLEMNITY. The formality established by law to render a contract, agreement, or other act valid.

TO SWEAR. To take an oath, judicially administered. Vide Affirmation; Oath.

SO HELP YOU GOD. The formula at the end of a common oath, as administered to a witness wlio testifies in chief.

OATH. A declaration made according to law, before a competent tribunal or officer, to tell the truth; or it is the act of one who, when lawfully required to tell the truth, takes God to witness that what he says is true. It is a religious act by which the party invokes God not only to witness the truth and sincerity of his promise, but also to avenge his imposture or violated faith, or in other words to punish his perjury if he shall be guilty of it. l0 Toull. n. 343 a 348; Puff. book, 4, c. 2, s. 4; Grot. book 2, c. 13, s. 1; Ruth Inst. book 1, ch. 14, s. 1; 1 Stark. Ev. 80; Merl. Repert. Convention; Dalloz, Dict. Serment: Dur. n. 592, 593; 3 Bouv. Inst. n. 3180.

2. It is proper to distinguish two things in oaths; 1. The invocation by which the God of truth, who knows all things, is taken to witness. 2. The imprecation by which he is asked as a just and all-powerful being, to punish perjury.

3. The commencement of an oath is made by the party taking hold of the book, after being required by the officer to do so, and ends generally with the words,”so help you God,” and kissing the book,  9 Car. & P. 137.

4. Oaths are taken in various forms; the most usual is upon the Gospel by taking the book in the hand; the words commonly used are, “You do swear that, ” &c. “so help you God,” and then kissing the book. The origin of this oath may be traced to the Roman law, Nov. 8, tit. 3; Nov. 74, cap. 5; Nov. 124, cap. 1

5. Another form is by the witness or party promising holding up his right hand while the officer repeats to him,”You do swear by Almighty God, the searcher of hearts, that,” &c., “And this as you shall answer to God at the great day.”

6. In another form of attestation commonly called an affirmation, (q. v.) the officer repeats, “You do solemnly, sincerely, and truly declare and affirm, that,” &c.

7. The oath, however, may be varied in any other form, in order to conform to the religious opinions of the person who takes it. 16 Pick. 154, 156, 157; 6 Mass. 262; 2 Gallis. 346; Ry. & Mo. N. P. Cas. 77; 2 Hawks, 458.

8. Oaths may conveniently be divided into promissory, assertory, judicial and extra judicial.

9. Among promissory oaths may be classed all those taken by public officers on entering into office, to support the constitution of the United States, and to perform the duties of the office.

11. Judicial oaths, or those administered in judicial proceedings.

13. Oaths are also divided into various kinds with reference to the purpose for which they are applied; as oath of allegiance, oath of calumny, oath ad litem, decisory oath, oath of supremacy, and the like.

14. The act of congress of June 1, 1789, 1 Story’s L. U. S. p. 1, regulates the time and manner of administering certain oaths as follows: §1. Be it enacted, &., That the oath or affirmation required by the sixth article of the constitution of the United States, shall be administered in the form following, to wit, “I, A B, do solemnly swear or affirm, (as the case may be,) that I will support the constitution of the United States.”

16. – §3. That the members of the several state legislatures, at the next session of the said legislatures respectively, and all executive and judicial officers of the several states, who have been heretofore chosen or appointed, or, who shall be chosen or appointed before the first day of August next, and who shall then be in office, shall, within one month thereafter, take the same oath or affirmation, except where they shall have taken it before which may be administered by any person authorized by the law of the state, in which such office shall be holden, to administer oaths. And the members of the several state legislatures, and all executive and judicial officers of the several states, who shall be chosen or appointed after the said first day of August, shall, before they proceed to execute the duties of their respective offices, take the foregoing oath or affirmation, which shall be administered by the person or persons, who, by the law of the state, shall be authorized to ad- minister the oath of office; and the person or persons so administering the oath hereby required to be taken, shall cause a record or certificate thereof to be made, in the same manner as, by the law of the state, he or they shall be directed to record or certify the oath of office.

17. – §4. That all officers appointed or hereafter to be appointed, under the authority of the United States, shall, before they act in their respective offices, take the same oath or affirmation, which shall be administered by the person or persons who shall be authorized by law to administer to such officers their respective oaths of office; and such officers shall incur the same penalties in case of failure, as shall be imposed by law in case of failure in taking their respective oaths of office.

25. A judicial oath is a solemn declaration made in some form warranted by law, before a court of justice or some officer authorized to administer it, by which the person who takes it promises to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, in relation to his knowledge of the matter then under examination, and appeals to God for his sincerity.

28. A promissory oath is an oath taken, by authority of law, by which the party declares that he will fulfil certain duties therein mentioned,  the oath which a judge takes that he will perform the duties of his office. The breach of this does not involve the party in the legal crime or punishment of perjury.

JUDGE. A public officer, lawfully appointed to decide litigated questions according to law. In a more limited sense, the term judge signifies an officer who is so named in his commission, and who presides in some court.

2. Judges are appointed or elected, in a variety of ways, in the United States they hold their offices during good behaviour;

3. Impartiality is the first duty of a judge; before he gives an opinion, or sits in judgment in a cause, he ought to be certain that he has no bias for or against either of the parties; and if he has any (the slightest) interest in the cause, he is disqualified from sitting as judge; aliquis non debet esse judex in propria causa; 8 Co. 118; 21 Pick. Rep. 101; 5 Mass. 92; 13 Mass. 340; 6 Pick. R. 109; 14 S. & R. 157-8; and when he is aware of such interest, he ought himself to refuse to sit on the case. But the delicacy which characterizes the judges in this country, generally, forbids their sitting in such a cause.

4. He must not only be impartial, but he must follow and enforce the law, whether good or bad. He is bound to declare what the law is , and not to make it; he is not an arbitrator, but an interpreter of the law. It is his duty to be patient in the investigation of the case, careful in considering it, and firm in his judgment. He ought, according to Cicero, “never to lose sight that he is a man, and that he cannot exceed the power given him by his commission; that not only power, but public confidence has been given to him; that he ought always seriously to attend not to his wishes but to the requisitions of law, of justice and religion.” Cic. pro. Cluentius.

I’m tired, I am sick, I have nothing to do but fight for air, for life, & for my animals memory. I am facing people with no ethics, no morals, & no integrity….

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About Brandia

I am an animals rescuer, a mother, a grandmother, a minister, & a human being who is tired of all the corruption going on in our state.


3 thoughts on “Oaths: Why they matter

  1. To be very serious I testify; I have taken an OATH” and it is as follows:

    I DEAN A. AYERS, of want to make something clear to all people who read this, about “Truth,” “Justice,” and the “American Way.” Laws are only words written on paper, words that change on society’s whim and are interpreted differently daily by politicians, lawyers, judges, and policemen. Anyone who believes that all laws should always be obeyed would have made a fine slave catcher. Anyone who believes that all laws are applied equally, despite race, religion, or economic status, is a fool. We cannot, by total reliance on law, escape the duty to judge right and wrong. There are good laws and regulations, and there are occasionally bad laws or regulations, and it conforms to the highest traditions of a free society to offer resistance to “bad” laws or regulations, and to “disobey” them. Am I not destroying my enemies when I make friends of them, using God’s word of power and authority? Never undertake anything for which you wouldn’t have the courage to ask the blessings of heaven. Speak what you think today, in words as hard and bold as cannon-balls; and tomorrow speak what tomorrow thinks, in hard and bold words again, though it contradict every thing you said today; if that be Right, under God, to Preserve Thee. The Motto for this group is: For “I AM” a man or woman, who is firm in the Faith of CHRIST, and he, and I, have “SWORN WITH AN OATH” to defend my Rights, my Dogs, and my Animals.

    “Brothers, what we do in life, echoes in eternity.”

    God Bless You Brandia…


    Posted by Dean A Ayers | January 4, 2012, 2:44 am
  2. Thank you Dean… Atleast I know your word is your bond.

    It is just disheartening to have someone look in your face & just blatantly LIE, someone who is supposed to be the administer of Justice, someone who is supposed to have integrity & morals… I am going down to record the court hearing tapes so I can post them.


    Posted by finallyhomerescue | January 5, 2012, 12:20 am

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