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No brains required to live in the city of everett

Every once in a while I let me guard down, & it usually results in a cosmic b*tch-slap upside the head. So I am stuck in pit stain of a place called everett, it is one of my childhood homes, it is also still one of the most prejudiced places in the state. So if you’re looking for a new headquarters for the KKK we got space for ya! I very rarely copy n paste a whole story, the story is not in question, it is the comments that show exactly what the climate of everett was, is and always will be. Never mind that children were hurt, never mind that lives are ruined, but you know we gotta get rid of those damn beaners, never mind that unless you are Native American you are immigrants who’s families got here before it became illegal.


I am so glad that I am so blessed to be SURROUNDED with tons of people who don’t think, act, talk, or feel like this!!!

Published: Friday, January 6, 2012

$1 million bail in ‘horrific’ child pornography case At least four girls might have been victimized and Snohomish police believe there could be more

By Rikki King, Herald Writer
SNOHOMISH — Police in Snohomish have seized roughly 30 computers and 60 external hard drives as part of an ongoing child pornography investigation. A man was being held Friday on $1 million bail, facing allegations that a longtime detective fears could be unprecedented in the close-knit Snohomish community. The computers reportedly were found at a Snohomish apartment earlier this week. Detectives had been investigating a man who lived in the apartment after two young girls allegedly told police they had been repeatedly raped and molested there over the past few years.
The girls, 5 and 8, last week went to family members about the alleged abuse. The family called 911, according to a police affidavit. Investigators believe there may be other victims in the case.
On Thursday, Snohomish police arrested Enrique D. Sanchez Leon, 39, in connection with the investigation. Sanchez Leon appeared Friday in Everett District Court. In court on Friday, Snohomish County deputy prosecutor Adam Cornell called the allegations “horrific.” He said a longtime detective told him the scope of the case was unprecedented in the detective’s career. The two sisters reportedly told detectives that Sanchez Leon forced them to perform sex acts with him while he taped or photographed them, according to court papers. They also reportedly said that he forced them to pose nude, and that he gave them candy and chocolate milk when they followed his orders. They also said they saw the images and videos of themselves on his computer screen. As of Friday afternoon, detectives had identified at least four girls they believe were victimized. The girls ranged in age from 3 to 16. Detectives served a search warrant Thursday night at Sanchez Leon’s apartment. They found items there indicating that Sanchez Leon may have represented himself as a photographer in the community to recruit children and teens, court records show.
Detectives now must look through the computers for evidence, Snohomish County sheriff’s bureau chief Kevin Prentiss said Friday.
“That’s an absolutely massive undertaking,” he said. Sanchez Leon reportedly admitted to police that his computers contain child pornography, according to the affidavit. He also allegedly told detectives that he had taken nude photos of other girls. Sanchez Leon denied ever distributing or sharing the materials with others.
Yet the sheer number of computers and hard drives in Sanchez Leon’s apartment was a major red flag, Prentiss said. “That would certainly indicate to me that this was more than just personal-use equipment,” he said. At the apartment, police reportedly found business cards listing Sanchez Leon as a “professional photographer,” as well as a file folder of what appeared to be modeling contracts. Cornell asked for the high bail partly because Sanchez Leon’s immigration status is murky and he is considered a flight risk, Cornell said. Sanchez Leon has no known criminal history in Washington, but investigators on Friday still were checking other locations.
Rikki King: 425-339-3449; police
The Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office is asking for anyone who has had any dealings with Enrique D. Sanchez Leon, 39, of Snohomish, to contact Snohomish police at 360-568-0888. That includes anyone who might recognize his name, or anyone whose children might have had contact with him.


What does his nationality or status have to do with anything? Those little girl’s lives are still ruined along with who knows how many others. Just disgusting that anyone would take this as a cause to bash anyone or anything, Are you taking lessons from Bush? We get bombed, so we go to some other country & kill them for oil… makes perfect sense… to a psychopath.

Unless you are Native American you’re all immigrants your family just got here before it became a “crime”. matter of fact most of the apples in this state rotted on the trees because all of the unemployed people here wouldn’t go pick them. You know because they were too good to do that.

Did anyone else but me feel a few brain cells die just from reading this stupidity? NO IT IS NOT OUR CULTURE TO RAPE & MOLEST CHILDREN & NO NOT ALL OF US WITH A HISPANIC LAST NAME ARE ILLEGAL ALIENS. In case you’re worried about it you can check with immigration just to be sure, but my status will also be murky… cause I was born here so I wouldn’t be in their records.

I see not much has changed in Everett since I was a little girl & had to run home full speed or get beat up. That poor family! I’m glad they are getting more compassion from the Sheriff’s & Prosecutor, but I do hope you guys get put on this guys jury.

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Brandia Taamu
No subject
I thought of something that hasnt been discussed. Its possible that this might be a cultural thing, meaning that its related to more of a Latin or Latino, different cultures believe in different values on a lot of things. The Catholic church or values of the church have had serious issues with this for years. No matter what, this is wrong in so many ways. Lets assume that the parents trusted him like a family member, and again the parents were too trusting of this man. He abused the trust, and the parents failed the girls.
I re read the article and IM still amazed about the number of computers and hard drives. Thirty computers, and 60 external hard drives. The police should check with PUD, for that would have used a lot of electricity. And look for a server and server software that manages the computers. He was probably in contact with others and checking for an email server
would give email addresses, this man was smart, but
not applying all of his work for good.
January 7, 2012 9:38 pm |  Like or  Unlike | Request Removal
Online Reader
Shaun Maginnis,
your comments here make you see cut from the same general cloth as the perp in question.
You take a story of horrifying abut and the first comment you see fit to make is to blame it on your political adversaries. That is not merely pathetic, it is putrid, revolting, utterly heartless, shamelessly opportunistic and Machiavellian to the core. My God.
January 7, 2012 9:09 pm |  Like or  Unlike | Request Removal
Jacques Klahaya
Why why why would the parents of the 2 little girls allow a grown man give their daughters baths? Why would you allow your daughters to spend so much time with this man? RED FLAGS ALL OVER THE PLACE!!!
NO ADULT should be that interested in your children -EVER!!!
I pray that these 2 little girls will get all the help they need to try to overcome this sexual abuse by this monster. God help them.
January 7, 2012 1:13 pm |  Like or  Unlike | Request Removal
mabel owens
But are you REALLY surprised? Think about it: this is the 21st century. Things have gotten worse, not better. Family values mean nothing (to many) and many parents don’t have a clue (or don’t care) where their children are.(thankfully there are exceptions, for which I am thankful).
As for the criminal: you can thank the “bleeding hearts” and your elected officials that have made plenty of claims, time and time again, to be “tough on crime” but have FAILED to deliver.
Step one: re-write the “cruel and unusual punishment” so it INCLUDES “cruel and unusual crime” and try and “make the punishment fit the crime”. As long as our lovely system tries in vain to “correct” or “reform” these convicts, there will be a very high percentage of criminals (and repeat offenders). As long as treating them “fairly” by putting them in the “Residence Inn Rehab” (according to 60 minutes), they will have no REAL deterent because, we the taxpayer, will be picking up the tab, so why should they care?
The Middle East and Asia have a much lower crime rate because they actually punish them, sometimes severely. I’m all for the “due process” thing and getting a trial, but STOP being so tame on people that really need to be PUNISHED because, in order to be reformed, you have to WANT to change your ways. By the high number of repeat offenders (read: a failed system), it is obvious that many don’t want to (or don’t care to).
To overstate the obvious: this crime, like most, was deliberate, not accidental and therefore gathers no sympathy from most (if not all) people for the criminal.
In closing, keep the names of your elected officials in mind come election time (vote them out) and try and contact them regarding these issues (while they are still in office – and contact any “newbies” when they are elected). Putting pressure on them (i.e. strength in numbers) might make a difference.
Hanging him is too good for this criminal – we can’t play “vigilate”, although some of us might want to see him suffer greatly in a variety of different ways (I won’t go into details – use your imagination).
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David Schatz
I agree
I agree with all the comments below. This is beyond outragious. No punishment is too severe for this guy and his buddy from last week. Examples should be made of them.
Equally outragious is the action and lack thereof of the parents and the gov’ment.
Having raised four kids, two girls and two boys, I know there is NO situation where you abdicate your responsibility to monitor and protect your children. Shame shame shame on those parents. Incredibly, it is only too common.
And the gov’ment? Protection of the citizenry is one of their most basic responsibilities, yet they fail, no, REFUSE to do so in so many cases, using the resources instead, to care for half of the rest of the world. Seriously, what good are they?
Sorry to ramble on but this is INFURIATING on so many levels and something like this cannot be undone in those children’s lives.
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What would happen if this happened in his country or another country or 100 years ago? He has no rights, he violated many little lives, he deserves to be hanged and NOW. Don’t waste the taxpayers money just do it. I would ask where were the parents of these children when this was going on and why were they left alone with him in the first place better yet WHY is he even here?
January 7, 2012 9:25 am |  Like or  Unlike | Request Removal
Terri Knowles
Arrrrrrrrgh !
Anyone who abuses children deserves to be put in a dungeon and have the key thrown away…anyone convicted of heinous crimes like this, against children, deserves the death penalty!
I agree with you Shaun, feckless leadership ruined these children’s lives…when will the value of an innocent human life be deemed high enough to enforce our laws?
January 7, 2012 8:32 am |  Like or  Unlike | Request Removal
No subject
Id be willing to bet he has a server farm and that feeds his posssible growing business or need for hard drives.
For the average person, hard drives store data. Having multiple hard drives is nothing new, the average person may have one or two hard drives. Thats usually the c: drive, As files containing images, you may have a lot of images covering attachments that you got in an email or pictures from a friend’s vacation or wedding, or pictures of grandchildren, or other family members.
The hard drives sizes have grown because the programs running are larger. AOL used to send copies of AOL on a floppy disk and for the past few years they needed to put them on a cd disk.
Servers allow a computer to manage multiple hard drives. Every internet company uses servers, often your info you request may be on a different server, you may bounce between servers.
Having many multiple hard drives tells me that he may have many images stored, he may beat the number in a story last week where one man had/has over 1 million
pornographic images. Yes, thats 1 million. His were also of childen, maybe the Herald can see if there is a connection between this guy and that guy.
Parents really need to be aware of activity of their kids,
its got to 24/7 and not siting them in front of the tv or allow them to just spend time on the internet. Sometimes you have to be the parent and be hard on them or remember how parents were strict years ago.
January 7, 2012 7:15 am |  Like or  Unlike | Request Removal
Online Reader
Not just illegal aliens
You’d be amazed at who’s trafficking in Child Porn. Could even be that good old, been here forever, US Citizen neighbor.
Now a question for the parents of these children. At ages 5 and 8, why weren’t you aware of your children’s visits to this apartment? All to many parents today are unaware of their kids activities due to endless phone conversations with friends or addiction to daytime TV.
There was a time when the whereabouts and activities were monitored by parents as if it was military surveillance. That was also in a time when someone like this might not have made it to court, much less jail, if the neighborhood found out.
January 7, 2012 6:30 am |  Like or  Unlike | Request Removal
Mike Levin
Immigration Status is Murky?
Really??? If it isn’t readily apparent , it IS “crystal clear”. Old Sanchez-Leon is an illegal alien – another of the many benefits of “multiculturalism” and the government’s obstinate refusal to enforce our borders. The credit for destroying these children rests squarely with our trash politicians and the assanine “progressive” movement.
January 7, 2012 12:33 am |  Like or  Unlike | Request Removal
Shaun Maginnis
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