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When good officers are just plain good! Everett Police Dept.

I couldn’t find this anywhere in full print, just some flyers & I want to make sure the community sees this. I was sad to see our Officer Pontain not listed but there is always next year! When an Officer is in the line of Duty & does something extraordinary it is NOT him or her “Just doing their job” they can use discretion to err on the side of caution for themselves, it is the human spirit that reaches out to another human being in trouble & puts his own life on the line.

So why would I of all people do a complimentary story about the EPD? Well as I have said over & over & over again, I have never been treated with anything but patience & kindness by the Everett Police dept in over 40 yrs. They fed me when I was starving, they comforted me when I was scared, they tried their best to help me as a child & as an adult I have watched them do the same for my children, Officer Summerfield was their DARE Officer, & one of the kindest men they have ever known, the Atwoods have gone absolutely insane keeping up with & giving chance after chance to my crazy siblings, & even my son at one time, personally I would’ve kicked his tail inside out but that’s just me…. Nope between the Snohomish County Sheriffs & the Everett Police Department my life was made better for knowing them.

Special Honors

Narrator: Captain David Fudge

Brian DiBucci Award Officer Anatoliy Kravchun

The Brian DiBucci Award is named for Officer Brian DiBucci who died in the line of duty. Officer DiBucci established himself as a highly proactive officer during his career with the Everett Police Department. This award is selected by the Patrol Captains.

Officer Anatoliy Kravchun joined the Everett Police Department in 2008. Officer Kravchun quickly began to get to know the people in the south Everett neighborhoods. He has the uncanny ability to remember the names and history of the people that he meets, and he puts that recall to good use. Officer Kravchun’s skill, work ethic and proactive efforts have led to the arrest and removal of prolific forgery and identity thieves, the seizure of narcotics, warrant suspects being put back in front of the court and ultimately, a safer community for our citizens. For his outstanding and exemplary proactive work as a patrol officer, Officer Anatoliy Kravchun is awarded the Brian DiBucci Award.

Medal of Merit Officer Jack Jessup

On February 7, 2011, Officer Jack Jessup was working off-duty at the Comcast Arena. Officer Jessup was contacted by a citizen who told him that a man had collapse near the entrance to the arena. When Officer Jessup arrived, he discovered a 62 year old man who had just suffered a heart attack. The victim was completely unresponsive. Officer Jessup quickly assessed the man and determined that CPR was needed. Officer Jessup administered CPR to the victim along with Everett Fire personnel for nearly 30 minutes until the victim was transported to the hospital. Because of Officer Jessup’s quick action, the victim survived the heart attack. For his quick actions in saving the victim’s life, Officer Jack Jessup is awarded the Medal of Merit.

Medal of Merit Officer Alex Soderstrom

On February 9, 2011, Officer Alex Soderstrom was on patrol on the 1400 block of Broadway when he was flagged down by a citizen and told of a woman sitting in the back seat of a car who unresponsive. Officer Soderstrom rushed to the woman and discovered she was in fact not breathing and without a pulse. He removed the victim from the vehicle and immediately began CPR. Officer Soderstrom continued CPR until relieved by Everett Fire Medics. A check at the hospital four days later discovered that the woman had been moved from critical care and was recovering. For his life saving efforts, Officer Alex Soderstrom is awarded the Medal of Merit.

Medal of Valor Sergeant William Lange & Officer Mike Braley

On November 24, 2011, just before 2:00 A.M. Sergeant William Lange and Officer Mike Braley were on patrol in the north end of the city. Dispatch advised units of a house fire in the 2000 block of McDougall Avenue and that there was someone trapped inside. The officers arrived well in advance of the fire department and made verbal contact with the wheelchair bound woman whom they could see inside and whom was unable to unlock the front door to escape. The officers broke down the front door and courageously entered the burning home and carried the woman to safety. Firefighters at the scene noted that the officers’ immediate action was necessary to prevent serious injury or death. For their exceptional act of bravery, Sergeant William Lange and Officer Mike Braley are awarded the Medal of Valor.

Honored Officers

Narrator: Captain Mark St. Clair

Officer Jeff Klages Certificate of Merit

On April 15, 2011, Officer Jeff Klages responded to a call of a possible overdose with CRP in progress. Officer Klages was the first to arrive and found the victim’s wife performing CPR but obviously exhausted from her efforts. Despite the fact that it was clear to Officer Klages that the victim had passed, he took over CPR and continued until Everett Fire personnel arrived. He then stayed to comfort the family and friends who had come to the home. Officer Klages’ compassion and professionalism were truly on display during this incident. For his superior performance during this emotional incident, Officer Jeff Klages is awarded a Certificate of Merit.

Detective Tasha Townsend Certificate of Merit

Detective Tasha Townsend has been assigned to the Snohomish Regional Drug and Gang Task Force for 9 years and has earned the reputation as a determined, well-organized, tenacious, and effective investigator. Her specialty at the Task Force is financial investigations, working to seize the assets of drug traffickers. In 2011, Detective Townsend distinguished herself by taking on several cases that had been left behind after the reassignment of another detective. Her work to efficiently evaluate and bring closure to those cases while maintaining her own case load is a credit to her hard work and dedication to the job. For her exceptional, distinctive work as a financial investigator, Detective Tasha Townsend is awarded a Certificate of Merit.

Property Room Specialists Tom Buss & Lisa Romberg Letter of Commendation

Mr. Tom Buss and Ms. Lisa Romberg have been Property Room Specialists for the past several years. During 2011, both Tom and Lisa have been particularly helpful to the new Property Room Manager, helping to familiarize him with the inner workings of the Property Room. It has been noted that they are both very dedicated to their job and both show a strong work ethic every day. They understands the need to prioritize the work in a way that provided added efficiency to the operation of the Property Room. Tom and Lisa also provided feedback to officers in an effort to help them properly handle evidence. Their positive attitude and willingness to help others has made them both well-respected members of the Everett Police Department. For their first-class work as a Property Room Specialists, Mr. Tom Buss and Ms. Lisa Romberg are awarded a Letter of Commendation.

Officer Scott Conner Letter of Commendation

Officer Scott Conner has worked primarily as the South Precinct Desk Officer during 2011. In his role as the Desk Officer, Officer Conner has exemplified what it means to provide quality customer service. That type of service has extended to the officers assigned to the South Precinct where his work has not gone without notice. He is very proactive in taking calls off of CAD and strives to serve citizens who come to the department in a very professional and expeditious way. He has gone out of his way to ensure that the facility is kept clean, supplies are order for officers and even goes so far as to prepare meals for officers on special occasions. Officer Conner showed his selfless compassion for a fellow officer when he volunteered to return to the street for several months allowing another officer, who had some medical issues, continue to work via the desk officer position. For his extraordinary work for this fellow officers, Officer Scott Conner is awarded a Letter of Commendation.

Honored Officers

Narrator: Captain Mark St. Clair

MPO Kelly Carman & Officer Stephen Klocker Certificate of Merit

May 30, 2011, Officers Stephen Klocker and Master Police Officer Kelly Carman responded to an apartment in central Everett after receiving reports of a domestic incident involving an intoxicated man. When the officers arrived they were told that the man had armed himself with a knife and had intended to force officers to shoot him. After over two hours of negotiations with the man, who repeatedly asked the officers to come in and shoot him, Officer Klocker and MPO Carman were able to convince the man to surrender without anyone being hurt. For their superb efforts during this intense incident, MPO Kelly Carman and Officer Stephen Klocker are awarded the Certificate of Merit.

Officer Mark Carter Certificate of Merit

Officer Mark Carter is the first school resource officer assigned to Explorer Middle School in 2008. Officer Carter has made a significant impact in reducing the number of incidents of violence and improving the overall outlook that Explorer is a safe place to teach and learn. In late 2010, Officer Carter had the idea of bringing the Cal Ripken Sr. Foundation’s Badges for Baseball program to Everett. He began working with the South Snohomish County Boys and Girls Club to develop what was to become a weeklong camp that brought 200 kids and police together to learn life lessons through baseball. Officer Carter’s leadership and organizational skills made this program a huge success and the first of its kind in Washington. For his dedication to youth in our community, Officer Mark Carter is awarded a Certificate of Merit.

Detective Deb Coleman Certificate of Merit

Detective Deb Coleman has been an investigator in the Office of Professional Standards since 2007. Since that time, she has been tasked with investigating several complex and sensitive cases requiring the highest degree of professionalism to complete. She has conducted investigations for other agencies at their request, doing so in a manner that brings credit to both her and the department. Detective Coleman is also tasked with maintaining the department’s accreditation files requiring tremendous organizational skills and attention to detail. For her first-class work in the Office of Professional Standards Unit, Detective Deb Coleman is awarded a Certificate of Merit.

Officer Robert Edmonds Certificate of Merit

On July 18, 2011, a woman assaulted two people as they all traveled in a van westbound on SR526. The woman jumped from the vehicle near Airport Road and then climbed over the railing, threatening to jump off the overpass. Officer Robert Edmonds arrived on scene and immediately began to negotiate with the woman to get her back onto the roadway. After about twenty-five minutes of talking with the woman, Officer Edmonds convinced her to not jump. She was taken into custody without injury. For his calm demeanor during a stressful situation, Officer Robert Edmonds is awarded the Certificate of Merit.

Special Honors

Narrator: Captain David Fudge

Heather Hanson Volunteer of the Year

Ms. Heather Hanson has been a volunteer working in the Crime Prevention Unit since April 2005, logging 375 hours in 2011. Heather’s “routine” duties have been to maintain the police blotter as well as the Rental Housing Incident Database. Those two tasks alone would keep an ordinary volunteer very busy. But Heather isn’t ordinary, she extraordinary. In 2011, Heather established a process to more efficiently maintain and update the Trespass Database that contains over 600 entries. She mailed out over 370 letters to property owners so that the database would be up to date and useful for patrol officers. Heather also assisted Crime Prevention in their pursuit of the IACP Webber-Seavey Award for Law Enforcement Excellence. For her outstanding work and service to the Everett Police Department, Ms. Heather Hanson is awarded the Volunteer of the Year.

Property Room Specialist Marci Slager Civilian Employee of the Year

Ms. Marci Slager has worked as a Property Room Specialist for the past eight years. Marci is known in the Property Room as a “full steam ahead” teammate from the moment she arrives at work. She is truly the go to person in the Property Room, with unparalleled knowledge of her work and the expertise to help others when needed. Marci has been a true asset to the Property Room Manager, assisting in both routine and complex tasks without hesitation. Her attention to detail has helped to improve the efficiency of the Property Room, ensuring the job is done right. For her meticulous work as a Property Room Specialist, Ms. Marci Slager is awarded the Civilian of the Year.

MPO Maryjane Hacker Officer of the Year

Master Police Officer Maryjane Hacker is assigned to the day “B” Platoon, North squad. During 2011, MPO Hacker has been called upon on several occasions to perform in the acting sergeant role. She has taken her responsibilities very serious while at the same time, realizing that her role is temporary. She balances her decision making with the need for continuity within the crew. MPO Hacker is part of the Strategic Planning Committee. In that role she is always seeking input from her crew to ensure that the ideas of many are being brought to the table. She has also received praise from the investigations division for her thorough and professional investigations. For her above and beyond work ethic, Master Police Officer Maryjane Hacker is awarded the Officer of the Year.

Detective Chris Roberts Investigator of the Year

Detective Chris Roberts has been the Everett Police Department’s Computer Forensic Detective since January 2, 2000. During that time, Detective Roberts has investigated complex and sometimes disturbing cases involving everything from internet based child pornography to the manufacturing of fraudulent documents as part of large identity theft rings. In all of his cases, Detective Roberts has worked tirelessly as he combed through the mountains of computer data in order to develop the evidence needed for a successful prosecution. In many of these cases, suspects simply pled guilty based upon evidence recovered by Detective Roberts. For his superior work and dedication to excellence, Detective Chris Roberts is awarded the Investigator of the Year.

Sergeant Tim Reeves Supervisor of the Year

Sergeant Tim Reeves is the supervisor of night “C” Platoon, South squad. During 2011 and throughout his career as a supervisor, Sergeant Reeves has lead by example. He stays closely involved in the day to day activity of his crew, routinely responds to calls with his officers and offers timely support when needed. He is quick to praise his officers, both public and privately, and lends sound advice for those who need it. His experience as both a former K-9 and SWAT officer has prepared him to remain a calm leader that instills confidence in his crew, which is a key to their success. For his remarkable leadership to his crew and other officers, Sergeant Timothy Reeves is awarded the Supervisor of the Year.

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3 thoughts on “When good officers are just plain good! Everett Police Dept.

  1. I don’t find any awards for police dog 😦


    Posted by kofegeek | February 9, 2012, 7:42 am
  2. I never even thought about that… The few Everett Canine Officers I have met have been just a little different, they are generally a lot more friendly & a lot less aggressive, they remind me of the Border Patrol Dogs.

    We had an Everett Police Dog who was attacked by another dog, unfortunately the officer had to shoot the dog to protect his partner. I didn’t see any awards for that Officer either. I’m going to go look for the story & at least do an honorable mention.

    I wrote about it before because it was a pit bull who attacked the police dog because the owner was agitating the whole situation. I felt so bad for the Officer, but stupid people just shouldn’t own pit bulls..


    Posted by finallyhomerescue | February 9, 2012, 8:37 am

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