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Our case, Snohomish County Follies

Writ of Habeus Corpus, Writ of Mandate and Cease & Desist

Do you ever just get tired of all the bull?

I am tired, very tired.

The MAGNITUDE of violations of the City of Everett of law & my rights is unimaginable. I now have:

1) My Appeal

2) My Civil Claim

3) My Tort Claim

4) My Writ of Mandate/Habeus Corpus with a Cease & Desist order

5) My Federal Claim

It doesn’t seem to matter how many THOUSANDS of hours I work on them as soon as I think I have it done: the City up & does something else to violate the law or my Constitutional Rights!!!

This is a test of my patience, & a test of who can learn what the fastest, I’m usually one step behind them but I have nothing to lose  so I will never quit fighting. Remember what I always tell you, a woman with nothing to lose is society’s most dangerous creation.

I just talked to the attorney they assigned for me, for what I thought was the Municipal matter, turns out she was supposed to be my appeal attorney, but she has only been to 4 appeal hearings & only won one of them, NOT to fault her, bless her heart, but appellate work is a very specialized area of law as well. I have no idea if they are daft or if they are hoping I am… Since when have I ever presented myself as someone who was just going to bend over & take in the hindquarters??? In my opinion this is just another way for them to keep me in their courtroom, & under their jurisdiction but they lost “Title” to me once I filed this matter in Superior Court as an appeal.

I got my Writs last night, & YIKES!!! There sure is a lot of saying the same thing over & over involved in it, but it was pretty good reading all in all. I still have some more work to do on my brief though now because of it… I am still fuzzy about the Brief, I have to only bring up points of the trial but all the motions I filed can be included, the thing that helps me is the things that aren’t there, no witness, no documents, no evidence, no expert witness (because I wasn’t allowed any of the above) & the prosecutor was kind enough to point that out in his closing statements about the evidence, & witnesses as if it were my doing! The closing statements & the statements made by the judge are absolute GOLD, that also helps me immensely, so even if I can bring in nothing else it is pretty much okay.

I am pretty freaked out about the Federal Lawsuit it is coming along but paring it down is a nightmare, but I figured out how to add more pages now all I have to do is figure out how to come up with the money for filing fees, & copies of all of the flippin documents. I need one of those attorneys fresh out of law school who graduated by just showing up because they were so smart that they never had to study & who knows Federal, Maritime, Civil & Criminal Law. If Alva Long was alive there would be none of this nonsense going on, or if Harvey Chamberlain was not ill, this blog would’ve never even existed, hell if Alva was still alive he would’ve done all  this for free just for fun.

If I could just get this to the State Appellate level then I could finally just relax & take a break because I have a choice of excellent attorneys from that area. Although I do have to say I have checked out every single Snohomish County Superior Court Justice & found an interesting trend: Very few cases make it from Snohomish County Superior Court to Washington State Division 1 of the State Appellate Court, I thought maybe it was because of more dirty dealing in the county but the trend from the cases I have been researching is that they usually correct the error of the Districts & Municipal Courts. That doesn’t guarantee me a win, no matter how right I am, but it darn sure increases my odds. What I am seeing is that the Superior Court Justices KNOW about the law, they understand it enough to be able to disseminate it, apply it & work within it’s parameters.

In order to understand the process it goes like this, Everett is a Municipality of the County & the County is a Corporation of the state, so even if my problem lies in the city it is still the county & state’s liability. If Snohomish County cleans up the messes that the City makes they reduce their liability so it is in their best interest to do so quickly… The only stumbling block I can see is that the muni judge is also a pro-tem Superior court judge so hopefully I don’t have to fight the good old boy club

Then there is the fact that Municipal court judges are usually elected by voters who couldn’t tell you what The Bill of Rights is to save their dying souls, they vote for the familiar name or the guy or gal they know, it does not take any kind of specialized knowledge to be one of these. Superior Courts on the other hand, that is a whole different story, most people are appointed some (maybe 1 or 2) are elected but so you have to have some special qualification to be appointed to the position.

My Judge was a divorce attorney, I think that is about all I have to say about that.

As far as my complaints to the Bar, the Judicial Commission, the Medical Quality Assurance Board, the Dept of Justice & the Human Rights Commission it goes back to the same problems, every time I get everything together to send them in they do something else so it seems like I am going to have to send them in & see if I can add more later.

I hope I get my court transcripts soon, I just realized that there is also a lot of what I need in there for some of the complaints

I did however send them an email on the public record letting them know what I think is going on & what I know is going on. I have also been advised to publish ALL of the emails I have sent them so there is something else I have to do, as well as resending all of my emails & putting them on as a matter of public record

This email communication is matter of public record

Mr Fisher & Judge Mitchell,
It has come to my attention that the attorney you have assigned to me is NOT an appellate defender, I will not accept counsel who is not qualified to represent me. Haven’t we done this before?
She will be making a motion to withdraw & I suggest you appoint someone from a pool of APPEAL attorneys or let the Superior Courts appoint a decent & qualified attorney. I also fail to see where the Municipal Court has jurisdiction any longer in my case. I also know I had no business in Jail since Judge Mitchell did not stipulate at the time of my sentencing that I was a flight risk or a danger to the community.
I would also like to know when the transcripts will be made available as I only have 15 days left to file my brief, so I am going to have to file a brief based on what I know, not what the record shows. Stalling on getting the records to me will not stop me from proceeding & will only serve to aggravate the Superior Courts Justices.
Mr Fisher you might do well to remember that you are ultimately responsible for the garbage YOUR witness is posting all over the internet, along with all of the personal information about MY witnesses that you have given to her about them. They are contacting attorneys. In case you were unaware, this is not High School so sending the “loudmouth” after me is not going to look very good to the Bar, or the Justice Dept, the info she is spewing is info ONLY you could’ve given to her.. I would LOVE to see you pull my business license, add that to the list of you falsely reporting I had 20+ dogs in feces encrusted cages with no food or water, or to the info you sent to petfinder’s to get my account shut down. Seriously what is wrong with you ALL? I will be filing a Federal Lawsuit against each one of you personally as well as the City of Everett as well as my Tort claim. I suggest you pull my records to verify that I am not on SSI & tell your little harpy you are wrong, actually I simply suggest you get her under control. I also suggest you find ONE instance where I have ever claimed to be a 501(c)3, or find one instance of my taking in donations lately, or one instance of my using any donation monies to pay any of my bills, in case you are unaware, you have no power to pull my business license nor do you have the power to prevent me from working with or for animals sake & safety, I can do many other things besides actually taking animals in & besides that pretty much every shelter in the state has already said they are still MORE than willing to work with me
I will be filing a writ of Prohibition, Cease & Desist as well as Habeus Corpus in this matter under RAP 7.2 & RCW 7.16 et sec & I will request a jury trial for that as well. It might do well for you both to get a hold of a docket from this case, count my court appearances, & get a copy of my sentencing forms to see what it was that was written on it to refresh your own memories before you start calling me a pathological liar, or making any other determinations of mental health that you are not qualified to make. I will also be requesting a copy of the docket to confirm that Judge Mitchell was on vacation as he stated in court at my in-custody hearing. I also have to wonder how much you had to do with the fact that I was refused medical treatment in jail
As you know one of your witnesses Jennifer Speelmon was on the run with a felony fugitive sex-offender boyfriend Michael Pilkington, I am happy to report that I found out that he was in fact staying with his brother, but that part you already knew, in the South Everett area & I followed them out of your jurisdiction & had him picked up by tribal police which you have NO authority over, if in the past year he has assaulted another child, I will be sure to let the prosecuting attorney for whatever agency & the dept of Justice know that the City of Everett was fully aware that they were also helping to help harbor a felony fugitive by not revealing his whereabouts so they could bring me to trial. I also see from the record you paid this woman based on mileage from Spokane knowing full well she was in South Everett. (She bragged about being “bulletproof”  and “untouchable” on her social network pages)
My Writs, Orders, & Motions are being worked on right now, but I have completed my own brief & will file that & drop off copies to your office sometime this week. I will see you on March 6th at Superior Court.

Katie: Can you please get the CD’s for January 26th & January 27th of my trial so I can perfect my brief even though I don’t have the actual transcripts? Thank you very much. Brandia

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About Brandia

I am an animals rescuer, a mother, a grandmother, a minister, & a human being who is tired of all the corruption going on in our state.


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