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Corruption in Washington State, Stevens County

Don’t look to the Bar Association to do anything about dirty prosecutors

The Washington State Bar Association = JOKE.

If you are having a problem with a Judge, with a prosecutor, or with an attorney save yourself some time & trouble & contact the Washington State Attorney General or start a legal proceeding of your own.

Most people don’t realize a couple things: Judges & Prosecutors are all still lawyers, which is why I don’t trust a “public defender” as far as I can throw them. They are all members of the bar.

The Washington State Bar Association has only ever, in it’s history only took action against ONE prosecutor ever, ever. Usually it’s the Washington State Supreme Courts that have to do anything about dirty prosecutors or judges.

So what set me off here? Well after all of the evidence I sent to them about the Prosecutor in Stevens County THEY CLEARED HIM!!!! It took them forever (years) to finally get it done & in the end when all was said at done at the end of the day they did what they do: NOTHING!

So for those of you who missed it:

1) The Stevens County prosecutor has a charity called “Water for Life” or “H2O for Life”

2) Two Judges turned him in because they knew something was amiss. The “rumor” in Stevens County is if you want a good deal for your client make a nice donation to International Child Care…

but WAIT that is not the name  of this guy’s charity so what is wrong with that?

3) Well International Child Care is a branch of Versacare located in Florida, & they donate money DIRECTLY BACK TO WATER FOR LIFE!!! FORTY SIX THOUSAND DOLLARS SO FAR!!!

So this is what International Children’s Care has to say about Versacare here

Here is the grant list from Versacare, at around 10K to 13K per year donated to Mr Rasmussen’s charity I’d say this gives the appearance of impropriety at the very least. Looks like a money laundering set up to me.

2011 Grant List

Water for Life Guatemala $13,000

2010 Grant List

Water for Life Guatemala $13,000

2010 Grant List

Water For Life Guatemala $10,000

2009 Grant List

Water For Life Guatemala $10,000

So why won’t the bar do anything about it? The Bar is not a state agency, they are exactly what they say they are: An Association, a private association that gets dues from it’s members, not from you or I, but from the SAME people they are supposed to be “policing” lawyers, prosecutors & judges!

Do you see how that is not working out for you or I right from the beginning??? It’s a little like letting sex-offenders supervise other sex-offenders. Do you have to ask yourself why there is so much corruption going on in the courtrooms? If you do then please check yourself for a pulse or any brain activity.

The ONLY thing they seem to act on is if an attorney steals from a client, almighty money, but that is about it.

So there is no incentive to act honorably, no reproccusions to fear.

So why is there a state commission to police Judges? The Washington State Commission of Judicial Conduct, yet there is no governing state sanctioned department to police prosecutors & lawyers. It’s not like the Judges go out into the streets & drag people in on charges, they can only hear what the prosecutor puts in front of them & you can damn well  believe if they don’t play along with the prosecutors they will drag them through the mud with the Judicial Commission questioning their competency. We have created a system that holds the Judges hostage & lets prosecutors & lawyers have free reign, we have created most of the corruption in Govt today by not getting involved in the process, by being complacent, by not educating ourselves.

So I have done a couple stories about a woman & the corruption she has faced in Stevens County under Timothy (Tim) Rasmussen.

I guess the latest is that he is threatening to prosecute her (again) for something else because she is fighting him… That is always his response whenever she gets the best of him, he’s going to bring up new charges.

I got some very very very bad news for him & Lloyd Nickels. In Tacoma we have Prosecutor Mark Lindquist, Mark isn’t anyone’s little patsy, he gets convictions by abiding by the LAW. I know a few prosecutors who desperately need a few lessons from him, so I would LOVE to see either one of those dipsticks bring charges against a resident of the City of Tacoma! LOL! It would be the equivalent of flicking a gnat off your shoulder. Seriously look at his “record”. How many appeals do you see with any merit coming out of Tacoma/Pierce County? That is not to say he won’t take on a complicated case, he does it all the time & the weirdest thing: Among his most staunch supporters are people he has actually convicted!!! Not kidding, no joke. His work ethic & that of his department precedes him, there are times that  when people realize they are going to be facing him, they simply fess up & confess & move on & take their punishment.

The only fault I have seen with Mr Lindquist is he is a bit like me, he only sees thing in black & white, it is wrong or it is right, he has no middle ground, there is no “compromise” in his thinking, just the fact that he has made it as far as he has is amazing because he is dealing with people who wouldn’t know what ethics are if they came & bitch slapped them.

So here was the final outcome of the kangaroo investigation, a 3 member panel who had the information I gave them, a 3 member panel that took 2 years to come to a conclusion about anything. Who didn’t even issue an “Advisory Letter” who actually chided the 2 judges who brought the complaints. I mean how dare we make them work!!! What an absolute utter joke, on the citizens of this state. I wonder how much they make in dues? Do the Judges, Prosecutors & Lawyers pay different fees?

Remember I said if you are having a problem with a Public Defender before you request a Marsden Hearing to be very careful & give it a lot of thought because you stood a chance of ruining someone’s life work? SCRATCH THAT, it will do nothing, the bar won’t act on it, nor will they even do anything to the lawyer, so Marsden away! At least the Judge will listen to you & the Prosecutor can’t strong arm his or her way out of a Marsden hearing or blame the Judge for it.

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About Brandia

I am an animals rescuer, a mother, a grandmother, a minister, & a human being who is tired of all the corruption going on in our state.


One thought on “Don’t look to the Bar Association to do anything about dirty prosecutors

  1. Here is the story about it from the Spokesman Review:

    October 14, 2011 in City
    Washington bar clears prosecutor
    Lawyer sought money for charity
    John Craig The Spokesman-Review


    Tags:Al NielsonDavid MillerRebecca BakerSpokane County prosecutor’s officeStevens County ProsecutorSuperior Court judgeTim RasmussenWashington State Bar Association

    The Washington State Bar Association has dismissed a complaint that Stevens County Prosecutor Tim Rasmussen improperly solicited contributions for a Guatemalan orphanage.

    A three-member review committee found unanimously that there was insufficient evidence to prove Rasmussen acted unethically when he steered defense attorneys to a charity called International Children’s Care.

    The ruling reflected the recommendation of bar association investigators except that it didn’t include an “advisory letter.”

    The letter would have warned Rasmussen to avoid the appearance of impropriety. It would not have constituted disciplinary action.

    Rasmussen said Thursday he was “relieved that the truth was ‘outed,’ ” but he acknowledged the problem of appearances.

    “I think I made myself vulnerable to political attack,” he said. “I told the state bar about a year ago that I would no longer do anything along these lines, and I will stand by that.”

    The grievance was filed by the county’s two Superior Court judges, Rebecca Baker and Al Nielson. The judges told the bar association they were concerned that defense attorneys’ donations would be “favorably remembered” by Rasmussen.

    A bar investigator said records showed some of the donor attorneys had no cases in Stevens County since Rasmussen’s election, some had only two or three and some had between 10 and 20.

    “I accept the bar association’s conclusion, and am confident that I’ll be able to work with Tim Rasmussen in the future,” Nielson said.

    Baker, whose retirement is effective today, called the bar investigation “pretty superficial.”

    “All they did was talk to the people that were directly involved with the donations and, of course, they are not going to admit that they had any motive,” she said.

    Baker, Nielson and Rasmussen agree on one thing: The bar took far too long to complete its investigation. The complaint was lodged in September 2009.

    A secretary’s telephone message to Rasmussen in February 2009, copied by a former deputy prosecutor, figured prominently in the judges’ complaint. The note said Spokane attorney David Miller “had a good month” and asked, “Does your charity need anything?”

    Bar investigators said Miller and seven other defense attorneys described themselves as friends of Rasmussen. They “considered their donations of $50 to $500 a purely personal matter” that didn’t win preferential treatment.

    The donations to International Children’s Care began while Rasmussen was a Spokane County deputy prosecutor.

    Rasmussen was elected in 2006, and the donations became an issue in his 2010 re-election campaign.

    He became a supporter of International Children’s Care while drilling wells in Guatemala for another charity, Water for Life International, of which he is a board member.


    Posted by finallyhomerescue | March 4, 2012, 8:59 pm

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