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This just gets weirder & weirder… Hooved Animal Care of Thurston County!!!!

The problem with investigating anything to do with animal seizure cases is trying to sort through all the garbage.

Occasionally some one who has ever tried to “adopt” an animal from certain rescues has felt the wrath of the condescending mightier than thou attitude, not all rescues are like this, but some are. My experience has been that “those” ones are run by women who are emotionally lacking, controlling, manipulative & have no joy in life but to put other people down… If that fails they try to destroy other people: I have been the victim of them & have seen others almost destroyed as well.

Anyway I was re-reading all the posts from HOROTC‘s facebook page & I keep seeing this name Mary Cooper-Ware. Isn’t there a Lt. Mike Ware who is the Officer that ALWAYS seems to be at the heart of all of the Thurston County seizures? I have seen a few articles where Mrs Ware is acting as the spokesman for HOROTC

Okay so this is what I got:

Mary Cooper-Ware at some point co-founded Hooved Animal Rescue of Thurston County with a lady named Connie Patterson


Mary Cooper-Ware also started something called Livestock Protection Association with a lady last named Kris Hart.

Paws magazine did an interview with Mary Cooper-Ware which mentions that this Kris Hart woman was selling the rescue horses & advertising on Craigslist looking for horses to sell to a local horse meat dealer, Larry Schorno, Mary Cooper-Ware said she was in disdain for her partner selling horses to slaughter

Okay so are you following me? Mary Cooper-Ware is listed as the Director of LPA til 2010, & HOROTC, as well

Mary Cooper-Ware is listed as the Founder, but now her name is no where on the IRS 990 Tax forms for HOROTC

Mary Cooper-Ware is listed as the Director of LPA til 2010 until the non-profit went defunct, so obviously she wasn’t too disgusted with her partner for selling animals to slaughter.

This article is HORRIFYING, I can’t even begin to explain it so I have included excerpts of it & added my own comments in pink:

PAWS Magazine Issue 40, Winter 1999 Mary Grows Wary

by Mike Jones PAWS Investigator

A white sport-utility vehicle pulled into the parking lot, empty this autumn day but for the car of a visitor seeking a tour of a stable facility in Olympia. From the passenger side emerged Mary Ware, cofounder of the Livestock Protection Association. At the wheel was her husband, Lieutenant Mike Ware of the Thurston County Sheriff’s office.Okay so that answers my question as to how Mary Cooper-Ware & Lt Mike Ware are connected.

“I’ve given up,” said Mary. “I’ve given up on education. These people just don’t want to be educated. “It’s really difficult to rehabilitate adults regarding animal husbandry,” Mary continued. “You can only hope to teach the young.” Here is that “Holier than Thou” attitude I spoke of which Mrs Ware seems to have had since 1999

Mary’s husband led the seizure of Jack Burnham’s animals in Rainier.Burnham was accused of allowing his animals to live in extremely unsanitary conditions. Lieutenant Ware videotaped the scene while standing waste-deep in manure, and cited Burnham for every animal on his property, fifteen counts in all. Mary said Burnham “did not have any dry spots” for his animals. Burnham allowed eleven head of cattle to be sold. The Livestock Protection Association assumed the care of three horses and a bull. Waste deep? Really?

“We had to let the bull go,” said Mary. “Once he received veterinary care” (including the removal of the ingrown twine halter from his face) “and got cleaned up, well, he realized he was a bull. He became quite a handful.” After a month of private foster care, the bull was sold at auction. Translation we sold the bull to slaughter, um but don’t ask where the money from his meat went… If she has no problem selling “rescued” animals to slaughter then what about the rest of the animals from 1988 to 2012???

“People are so innovative that if you had a law for every little scam, you’d have thousands more laws on the books,” she said. “Meat dealers are coming to people’s homes after seeing ads in the paper, promising to give horses to good homes, then taking them to slaughter.” Isn’t that what Kris Hart was doing? I wonder how many people gave horses to these women thinking they were going to “rescue”.

Weeks after this visit to the stables, Mary would receive information that would only add to her disdain over the machinations of so-called “animal rescue.” Mary would learn that her partner in the LPA, Kris Hart, had been placing ads in a local horse publication seeking horses for good homes, drafting horses for Larry Schorno, the local kingpin of draft-horse dealing. So she just “learned” about it? Where exactly did she think the horses were going that had been “rescued”?

Kris Hart and Mary Ware formed the Livestock Protection Association in 1988. Through a sheriff’s deputy Hart met Ware, who was involved with Concern for Animals, and the two decided to focus on farm animals. Based in Thurston County, the LPA has rescued horses, cattle, sheep, pigs, goats, chickens, rabbits and others from neglect. “The majority of the cases are horses and of course most of my experience is with horses,” said Hart. “Horses, you know, are my first love.Love for money, love for meat, love for what? Aren’t you GLAD she doesn’t “love” any of you this much? YIKES!

Horses are the first priority of Schorno Agri-Business & Pacific Rim Quarantine, which, as its sign reads, is a “LIVE ANIMAL EXPORT FACILITY.” Representatives of the company make regular pilgrimages to Canada to bid on Premarin foals, the by-product of the growing trade in pregnant mare urine. The Premarin newborns are usually draft horses, their mothers in demand because of the volume of urine produced by the large mares. “The Schorno business primarily is draft horses,” said Hart. “And any of their riding-horse business I am very familiar with because I’m involved in it.”

Rubber sacks are strapped around their groins to capture the urine, valued at $12 to $17 per gallon. For most of the gestation period of 11 months, the mares are unable to turn around. Though horses can lock their legs and doze standing up, they must lie down for essential deep sleep; strong ropes secured to their heads prevent reclining. The bags strapped to them often cause sores and infections. The mares’ access to water is limited to manage the urine’s concentration of estrogen. Reports vary on the amount of sunlight and exercise these mares are allowed, but given the value of their “product,” the logistics of collecting it, and the fact that the cycle’s peak urine production occurs during the winter months, the mares’ “free time” is likely to be extremely limited. After the mare foals, she is separated from her baby, pushed back through Premarin production line and bred as soon as two weeks later. Hundreds of surviving Premarin foals cross the border from Canada in trucks bound for Yelm and Schorno Agri-Business. Most of these foals are exported to Japan to be eaten.

Some of the horses Larry Schorno and his employees have flown to Japan on Federal Express 747s were purchased for that purpose by Kris Hart.A member of the Schorno family placed ads in a Western Washington horse newspaper distributed free at area tack and feed shops. The ads offered to find “good homes” for unwanted horses. The ads encouraged respondents to call a phone number, Kris Hart’s phone number. “That’s what tipped me off,” said Penny Swanson, publisher of what then was called Puget Sound Horse and Tack. Swanson, who shortened the paper’s name to Horse and Tack and has since sold it to another publisher, was offended that a horse-rescue activist was helping to obtain horses for export to Japan, where they are likely to be a featured item on the dinner table of those “good homes.” Swanson refused to run the ad further. Okay is this Kris Hart a member of the Schorno family? Was this whole “rescue” started to get free horses to sell for slaughter, with donations to sweeten the deal by an unsuspecting public who thought they were helping animals find homes, not being featured as this evenings dinner.

Some of Schorno’s exported horses were targeted by Hart, who responded to classified ads offering horses free to good homes. “We’ve definitely done it,” said Hart when asked about responding to free-horse ads. But, she added, “none of the LPA horses ever get tangled up in export.” Um… How do we know that? Can we have a full accounting of every animal you took in & their adoptive homes?

Like Hart, Larry Schorno straddles the fence between animal salvation and animal exploitation. He provided a foster home for the bull the LPA could no longer handle. Okay so Mary Cooper-Ware & Kris Hart SENT this bull to Larry Schorno a KNOWN meat dealer to “foster”??? How many other “fosters” have been sent to Schorno’s

Hart spoke of the care Schorno’s business takes of their horses. “They’re slick. Their feet are trimmed.” If a horse gets so much as a runny nose, “they’re pulled in and medicated. And they are fed fed fed fed. It’s the healthiest bunch of horses you’ll ever see. And then one day it’s over.One day what is over? Their lives? Of course they feed them & take care of them, Japanese people are not going to eat or pay for sickly skinny animals

Hart has participated in Schorno’s transport of horses to Japan. “I flew over on the cargo plane with the draft horses. People can think, ‘oh, that’s just horrible,’ but it’s the smoothest ride.”I would DEFINITELY be concerned if I was having a “smooth ride” on my way to a slaughterhouse, I mean turbulance might upset my delicate balance!!!

When the usefulness of the draft horses and riding horses that aren’t immediately sent to slaughter is over, most face the slaughterhouse. Hart admitted to being concerned over the fate of the horses Schorno exports, “but that’s a concern here, too. In other words I got my money for them, why should I worry about them?

“There are no guarantees either way. I can’t say that when a horse’s usefulness is over in Japan that that horse is going to be quietly put to sleep anymore than I can say that here. People advertise their pasture pets that they want to have a good home, and (then) they sell it to some dealer who says ‘that horse would be perfect for my grandchild.’ And (the killers) take it home and sell it for meat prices. So the only guarantee anybody has of making sure their horse never goes to slaughter is that when they buy that horse, they keep it.” Hart seemed oblivious to the fact that the practice she described echoed her own tactics. Hart seems to be oblivious to many things

Hart realizes people see a conflict between her work with the LPA and her work with Schorno. “There are people who are just horrified that I rescue animals on one hand and I put horses together for riding in Japan on the other. They just think this is a huge conflict. I am understanding of these people. They do have a point.” But if they have a point, what can be told to those who question Hart’s ethics, identify problems with her practices, wonder how she can be so deceptive in securing horses who are destined for a country that considers their meat a delicacy? “Justify our actions any way you want.” Basically she told the reporter & the general public to piss up a rope, she will do what she wants to do


So again this leaves more questions then answers:

1) Are animals from HAROTC also going to Schorno’s

2) If Mary Cooper-Ware was so upset about her partner selling horses to slaughter why was she still in business with this woman til 2010?

3) Why is the reporter here from PAWS & the horse & tack newspaper woman the only one’s who were upset by this?

4) How many other rescues could get away with this?

5) Why wasn’t any further investigations done about this?

6) Do you think that Lt Mike Ware is going to let his wife be investigated? What is his involvement with LPA & HAROTC?

7) How many people have turned over animals to them that have gone to slaughter?

8) Why is Mary Cooper-Ware’s name not on HARTOC anymore?

9) Does this explain why Lt Mike Ware is involved in most of the horse abuse cases in Thurston County?

10) Do they list the money they made from selling animals to slaughter on their 990 tax form?


12) Was LPA started to get access to free meat?

13) How are LPA & HARTOC connected, are they different, are they the same?

Okay so one of the founders of HARTOC is the manger of the county shelter, Connie Patterson. Like I said before she doesn’t even have to go out & look for meat…er… Horses, the reports come straight to HER!!!

So when people call HAROTC for help, they give the info to Animal Services & this Lt Ware, he runs right over makes a “case” against them. I know for a fact that this is what happened in the Rebecca Turner case & I am pretty sure this is what happened in the Nichol’s case as well…

Did I forget to mention they HAROTC charge the owners between 10K & 16 k for every seizure so they are making money hand over greedy greedy fist!!!

So she gets a paycheck AND donations from the county,

That “rescue’s” original director is married to the main investigating officer in most of ALL of the TC cases.

WTH??? I am going to contact every single lawyer from every single case in Thurston county involving any animal that these people were involved in SINCE 1988 & ask them to further investigate.

HAROTC receives tax payers money so they are accountable under the Freedom of Information Act, there was a case in Tri-Cities that confirmed that in the Washington state Supreme Court.

I am still trying to figure out how to connect all of these “dots” to explain it better to my readers but I am so upset & flabberghasted right now that I can hardly breathe.

I HATE corrupt agencies, I mean I HATE them with a burning rage, but I hate rescuers who abuse animals & people even more… It is now time for me to pull out the Press Pass once again & do some public records requests…

There have been 417 horses taken in by HAROTC & want to find out what happened to each & every single one of them AND they LOVE to brag that they have ONLY LOST ONE CASE…

Geez when the investigating officer’s wife is the founder of the rescue that is getting animals from the county funded shelter it’s a pretty good chance they are not going to lose.


I will finish this story later, I have much more information & documents I have to get sorted out & emotion is taking over, so it is best I close for the night. This whole thing is just disgusting

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About Brandia

I am an animals rescuer, a mother, a grandmother, a minister, & a human being who is tired of all the corruption going on in our state.


5 thoughts on “This just gets weirder & weirder… Hooved Animal Care of Thurston County!!!!

    1) Where is Rebecca Turner’s Pig? We haven’t seen any updated pictures of him OR the horses at all, only the Danes, not even the Healer…
    2) Was the horse that died in “foster care” at Schorno’s
    3) Where are their (LPA & HAROTC) 990 tax forms?


    Posted by finallyhomerescue | May 9, 2012, 5:38 pm
  2. Hello. I came across your blog while researching Schorno and their live shipments to Japan. I am located in Canada and am very interested to know if you would, by chance, know where Schorno keeps their drafts. I understand that they had a feedlot in Alberta but am wondering if they still have it or do they warehouse horses in Washington State?
    Thanks for any assistance, Loni.


    Posted by andalvin1962 | August 5, 2012, 10:28 am
  3. My understanding of the way the business is run is that he buys the drafts from Canada & brings them here to Yelm in Pierce County & then ship them off to Japan… This is how HE explains it

    After the mare foals, she is separated from her baby, pushed back through Premarin production line and bred as soon as two weeks later. Hundreds of surviving Premarin foals cross the border
    from Canada in trucks bound for Yelm and Schorno Agri-Business. Most of these foals are exported to Japan to be eaten.

    But they also troll craigslist looking for free to good home or cheap livestock to sell for slaughter too


    Posted by finallyhomerescue | August 6, 2012, 12:42 am


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