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URGENT UPDATE: Parvo Outbreak in Seattle…

UPDATE: I just received an email from a breeder who had a horrid story to tell about the Puyallup fair grounds.

In the Spring of 2010 there was a dog show. A Poodle show/breeder lost 30 dogs, a Pekinese-Poodle show/breeder also lost 50 dogs another show person lost 5 or 6 then there was another lady who lost her dog collie who was also showing. It was kept very hush hush as evidenced by the LACK of any story in any newspaper or media outlet. I was also sent the vet records, & some other documents to back up what this person was telling me. I am working on getting the breeder to come out & personally tell her story so that you can have names & I can release names dates & info.

Now remember Parvo can live up to 5 years in the soil… I think there are some dog owners who might want to lawyer up. I got curious when I found out that the Puyallup Fairgrounds attorneys were looking at this article after I checked my stat tracker today, & started contacting other people who had attended events at the Fairgrounds. I still have about 15 more emails & phone calls out

Let’s follow the trail… It has a definitive trail.

1) Lewis County Sheriffs seize 72 foxhounds from breeder near Doty

October 20, 2012 | by seattledogspot reported yesterday that the Lewis County Sheriff’s office seized 72 foxhounds from a backyard breeder near Doty, WA. A representative for the Lewis County Health Department said the kennels were covered in sawdust and feces ranging from 2 inches to a foot deep. He also said the dogs were in good physical condition although they did find one that was dead. The dogs were taken in by shelters and should be available for adoption assuming they are heathly and well-behaved. As of last night the owner hadn’t been charged with anything. My guess is since she surrendered the dogs they will probably go easy on her, although I don’t understand why they waited so long to take the dogs. At least they’re safe now.

You can see Pasado’s call for blood against a 78 yr old woman who had been COOPERATING with authorities before the raid because we all know a gramma we’d like to see imprisoned for Pasado’s. Please note that the stories don’t happen to mention her age so that they can vilify her, nor do they mention that she had been cooperating with authorities for quite some time, don’t forget that they were bashing Lewis County authorities as well.

2) 20 foxhound puppies seized from Doty, WA breeder die from parvo

November 7, 2012 | by seattledogspot reported yesterday that 20 foxhound puppies seized from a Doty, WA breeder last month have died from canine parvovirus type 2, commonly know as parvo. The virus is particularly severe in puppies that are not protected by maternal antibodies or vaccination. A representative for the Lewis County Health Department said the dogs’ kennels were covered in sawdust and feces ranging from 2 inches to a foot deep. They found one dead dog on the property, so the total death toll is now 21. said that 9 of the foxhounds, which are “friendly and socialized”, are at the Lewis County Animal Shelter and available for adoption. 2 fox terriers taken from the house are also ready for adoption. Pasado’s Safe Haven took some of the dogs, but the article didn’t specify how many were available for adoption.

Punches refused to sign over 5 dogs and requested that they be returned to her. Given the condition of the dogs they found and the deaths of the puppies, I can’t imagine that anyone would allow her to get any of the dogs back. Furthermore, the Lewis County Sheriff’s Department has suggested “charges of 65 counts of Animal Cruelty in the First Degree” to Prosecutor Jonathan Meyer. If you have time, please consider sending an email to Mr. Meyer asking him to prosecute Ms. Punches to the fullest extent of the law and prevent her from getting any of the dogs back. Click here to send an email. Be sure to be respectful.

Here is the REAL story about all of the events without all the media drama 

Aged flood survivor loses her stock of prize-winning canines for the second time

Sunday, October 21, 2012 at 3:38 pm


Nancy Punches realizes she was in over her head.

By Sharyn  L. Decker Lewis County Sirens news reporter

DRYAD – Authorities seized dozens of foxhounds from a 79-year-old woman who lives in Dryad; animals they said were living in deplorable conditions. All but a few seemed to be well-fed but their living area was overrun with feces, according to Lewis County code enforcement officials. Code Enforcement Supervisor Bill Teitzel said he didn’t believe she was selling the dogs. “I think she essentially is not physically able to care for the dogs and they were breeding among themselves,” he said yesterday. Authorities rounded up 68 or 69 canines during Friday’s operation on the 400 block of River Road, 20 of them puppies, according to Teitzel… (Please click the link above to read the whole story)

Moving on…

November 3rd there was a huge event at the Puyallup Pet Expo Event

Parvo outbreak documented at Puyallup Pet Expo – One dog reported dead

November 16, 2012 | by seattledogspot

I just saw this post on the Northwest Boxer Rescue’s Facebook page: “Please be advised! Any folks who might have attended the Puyallup Pet Expo a few weeks ago, there has been documentation of a Parvo outbreak  from that event and dogs have consequently died. Others are very ill. Parvo is very serious. We were at the event, and are devistated to add, that one of our own volunteers personal dogs died from parvo just this last week, from being exposed while at that event. We would hate to hear of it happening to anybody else. Please, if your dogs looks ill, acts lethargic, lack of appetite, vomiting, diarrhea, even blood in the stool, get your dog to the vet! We are also in contact with the Expo company and the media, to make sure as many people are aware as possible.” The America’s Family Pet Expo Facebook page confirmed that a parvo outbreak occured.

Now let’s keep in mind that the AFPE states there is only 1 reported case of a dog dying, yet there is an outbreak from Renton to Seattle at exactly the right incubation period. Then they come on their page & announce it like a public service announcement but what they failed to tell everyone is that they HAD to tell everyone because it had already been posted on the NW Boxer’s Page. I have sent a request for info on other dogs who have been reported to have died but no one has any proof of that.

Oh but wait… then I find this little gem in the Everett Herald on November, 29th

Off-leash dog areas closed because of parvovirus

Three off-leash dog areas in Everett parks will be closed due to a recent outbreak of canine parvovirus in King County.  Off-leash areas at Howarth Park, Loganberry Lane Park and Lowell Park are closed until further notice. Parvovirus is highly contagious and can live in untreated areas for a long time. There have been unconfirmed reports of dogs falling ill after visiting an Everett dog park. For more information, talk to your vet.

Everyone is upset because rescues are getting blamed but the dog who we know did die, was in the rescue area, and now there is a parvo outbreak.

There have even been whispers that Pasado’s tracked it in from the Doty dogs but the problem is that none of the dogs they had contracted or had parvo, those dogs were at the Lewis County Shelter & their vets office which I confirmed today with a phone call.

Please note that they are in desperate need of supplies, large bags, kitty litter, gloves, cleaning supplies, disinfectants, laundry soap & bleach. Donations can be made to them & if you are so inclined please take a moment to offer some condolences as well, they entire staff is devastated by the loss of the 21 puppies. Lewis County Animal Shelter at (360) 740-1290.

Pasado’s said some of the dogs they had gotten had Giardia AKA the travelers trots, which is very common in rural communities, shelters, & parks. So by Pasado’s reasoning you should be jailed & lose your kids or your dogs if you go camping & drink from a stream where a wild animal went potty or went to Mexico & “drank the water” because they are idiots.

So lets get back to the America’s Family Pet Expo in Puyallup & RESCUES that were there: There was ONE rescue there that had gotten a shipment of dogs from California either the day before or 2 days before, & they had those dogs at the event. Remember I am on the email lists so I get the pleas for all of the California shelter dogs that need to be saved or will be euthanized. It really bites a big one that I can’t tell you at this point who it is, because I have to forward the info to authorities & this is not the first second or even 20th time that this person has done this, hot off the trucks & onto adoption events, then home to get sick on new unsuspecting owners. The scary fact of the matter is that they have foster homes all across Western Washington so if they got a sick shipment in then those dogs could be anywhere. Which would also explain why it is so spread out across the area.

So why am I looking towards California, don’t all dogs deserved to be saved? California has a different strain of Parvo, & I am pretty sure that the state’s vet up here can test the strain that these local dogs have died from & figure it out. The problem with the Parvo virus is that it constantly mutates so if they don’t hurry up within a certain window of time & test for the strain they may never know. Yes all dogs deserved to be saved but there are dogs right here in this state that need to be saved too & maybe we should try cleaning up our OWN BACKYARDS first, maybe care about the animals who are dying in out state. Even I on occasion take a dog from out of state, I have done transports of dogs from all over & it is always a bittersweet drive… I am so happy for the precious little faces looking at me right then but I know that 20 or 30 other faces I will never see will DIE in their place, right here in our own state.

Now HERE is what the news is NOT telling you: 2 of the dogs that got sick & died were adults who had been properly vaccinated. I have confirmed this myself, both of the dogs belonged to people in the animal medical profession.

I haven’t done a follow up on the other dogs in the area that have died but I sure hope that the Washington state USDA is following up with the owners to figure out where the dogs were & what the common denominator is.

I will be doing follow up reports as I get more info but in the meantime I would say don’t even take your pets to the pet store, the pet sitters, photography events with Santa, the groomers, & if you have to take them anywhere: Carry them. Even at the vet’s office. Also keep in mind that the cold weather is a protective environment for Parvo meaning that it will live much longer in the environment. If you walk through parks or have any contact with other animals or people who do then make sure to take your shoes off at the door & if possible remove your clothing before you sit on furniture or greet your own animals. I suspect that is why the news have just done minimal stories without actually warning you of the dangers associated with Parvo & how highly dangerous & contagious it really is. I have dealt with it so I know all to well & it was very irresponsible of the news to NOT make you aware of the danger, the real danger.

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3 thoughts on “URGENT UPDATE: Parvo Outbreak in Seattle…

  1. I do need to clarify something here: I am in NO WAY advocating for Ms Punches, at all, she should’ve done something long before it came to where it was, she had 4 dogs who created 67 dogs, no doubt inbred & is requesting to get 5 dogs back & pitching a fit about them being fixed as part of the deal! She actually said they were no good if they were fixed to the bloodlines… all I heard was “they were no good” If she truly loved them for their real value she would crawl through lit coals to get them back. If I got offered something that simple it would never have crossed my mind to think of anything else but to be with them again. Her inability to see the true problem lets me know there are mental health issues. My point with the stories is to show the difference in reporting as to when someone is trying to tell you the whole UNBIASED story as to when they are trying to vilify someone to suit their own needs.

    I do not need to receive any more emails telling me thank you for telling the “truth” about her… the truth is subjective, & those dogs lived that “truth” some didn’t make it out of that “truth” alive.


    Posted by finallyhomerescue | December 2, 2012, 4:20 am
  2. I don’t question the words of a recent seizure victim…they are in shock…they hear about animal seizures and don’t realize it’s close at hand…For her it was likely a way to stop the neutering and least we forget it is likely her livelihood and part of her defense as it very well should be!!!

    I don’t know a thing about her to view the situation but protect her right to ownership and her right to pursue her livelihood…not commercial business but all the same her supplemental income. Unless it was felonious…unless there was petition and/or citation,time for correction…I can not judge this as legal…would love to see the warrant affidavit on this!!! Not a lawyer but can certainly see past the bulls**t!!!

    How soon after the dogs were seized did they come down with the parvo?!? And isn’t parvo an act of God…Were these puppies old enough to be vaccinated and most importantly, is vaccinating against parvo required (law)?!?
    I am not saying I approve of not vaccinating but seems to me it’s not a law or requirement-Just food for thought…

    Best -B.


    Posted by topcatsroar | December 5, 2012, 10:58 am
  3. I did get an email saying for her it wasn’t about whether they were fixed or not, it was about her right to decide & about her civil rights as a human being. That is the thing with all of these “cases” there are so many aspects to them, that is why I posted the other article that DIDN’T judge, just laid down the facts & interviewed the woman. Maybe she just doesn’t know that they will do anything they have to win & having them fixed is her ONLY chance at getting them back. I don’t know 😦


    Posted by finallyhomerescue | December 5, 2012, 12:55 pm

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