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THE 7 ELEMENTS OF JURISDICTION LAW AND POLITICS THE 7 ELEMENTS OF JURISDICTION Specifically, before an individual can be charged and convicted with a crime, the government official or agency must prove jurisdiction. In fact, jurisdiction is almost never even addressed.   But to win, jurisdiction MUST be challenged by the individual, and if challenged successfully, … Continue reading

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The ugly truth about the Kitsap Sun

Anyone who has ever read the Kitsap Sun newspaper has more than likely reached the opinion that the Kitsap Sun is little more than a propaganda tool for local government.  And indeed the Kitsap Sun has more in common with local government than with its readers. Thomas Jefferson said, The man who reads nothing at … Continue reading

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Our legal system is a “business”. It is a system created by lawyers for raping people of their wealth.

Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their Powers from the Consent of the Governed, that whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these Ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute a New Government….it is their Right, it is their Duty, to throw off such … Continue reading

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Legally Kidnapped by the CT DCF – The True Story of Jamaal Jacob

Legally Kidnapped: The Jamaal Jacob Story, written by CT DCF A True Story Written, Produced and Edited by the Torrington DCF & Police Department and retold by CorruptCT. Thursday, November 29th was a day like any other day.  Jamaal’s children were due home at any time.  It was a clear day with that winter chill in the … Continue reading

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How to read the Washington State Court website (so you don’t get sued)

Lots of folks have now discovered the Washington state website that shows anyone’s dealings with the courts, the problem is they don’t understand what they are reading. I am going to show you mine so we can break it down so you will understand it a little bit better… Just be warned I am a … Continue reading

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Answers about my case & how Rose Adams arrest will affect it.

I have had thousands (literally) of people asking me how Rose’s arrest will affect my ongoing case in Everett because of the lies that her, Christine James & Ginger Luke told about me. I am now on my way to the state Appellate courts, so there I might stand a chance once real judges & … Continue reading

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Judge Ronald B. Leighton dishonors his office as Federal Court Judge

Judge Ronald B. Leighton uses court rules as a hatchet to statutory and constitutional rights.  Not only is this a slimy way to use his power, but it is an “unlawful” way in which he uses his power.  It is true that courts have the authority to make rules for the efficient and expeditions way … Continue reading

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18,750 People Spoke: The Snohomish County Prosecutor told us all to piss up a rope.

I want you to look at this video I want you to hear Sadie’s screams as she violently attacked by 3 other dogs, she has no way out, she can not escape the tearing of her flesh, she does not even try to fight back as she is grabbed by her throat & shaken like … Continue reading

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Family rights.

One of our colleagues, Jan Smith, is an activist in family rights issues and we are working to get Jan to serve as contributor for us too.  Until all the bugs are worked out please follow Jan Smith in her effort on behalf of families. Take the Land…   UPDATE: June 11, 2013 Hello, There … Continue reading

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Updates for everyone on the Rose Adams case

First & most importantly: 1) Sadie has been released from the vet’s office & is recovering at Adix Bed & Bath 2) Brownie the main dog attacking her is still being treated for his injuries 3) The other dogs are at Adix as well & they are being well cared for. In answer to the … Continue reading

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Sometimes a win is not a win… Rose Adams might walk off scott free

As of now Rose Adams is in custody but only being charged with 2 misdemeanor charges of Animal Cruelty, that is a sham. The city is simply filing fluff charges to shut us up. She is on welfare & social security & one of the provisions of that law is that she can claim an … Continue reading

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Rose Marie Adams finally thrown in jail for horrific abuse of animals

First off I would like to thank the entire world wide web, but mostly I would like to thank Rose Adams son, even though at times it put him in mortal danger he still stood up & did what was right for the dogs. I have been trying to tell people for years what a … Continue reading

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Rose Adams dog fight caught on tape, the prosecutor is protecting her & the police do NOTHING

For those of you been following the situation with Rose Marie Adams I have some really bad news. There is videos posted of the horrific dogfight that happened yesterday and we tried to get everybody to share the videos which they did but the prosecutor for the city of Edmonds refused to do anything about … Continue reading

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Bremerton Mayor, Patty Lent, hypocrite and overall scam artist?

The “Gas Works Superfund Site” …. is the Mayor of Bremerton, Patty Lent, involved?  Stay tuned! UPDATE: June 10, 2013.  Papers obtained from reliable sources filed with the Environmental Protection Agency show that the toxic materials that were known to come from a concrete pipe existing at the Bremerton Gas Works Superfund site  was and … Continue reading

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Here is my Appeal Brief as promised Part 4 (Discussion & Cases)

Here is a short list of the violations of my Constitutional Rights that have not only been trampled on, the city backed up over me with a steam roller. I am not going to make much of a commentary here but to say that my case is not the norm, there are about 12 other … Continue reading

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Here is my Appeal Brief as promised Part 3 (My Brief & My Exhibits)

Now here is the most devastating part of my case. It describes what has happened to me, but worse yet what has happened to my animals simply because the city wanted revenge. I had a law professor tell me my case alone could be used for 4 different semesters in atleast 6 different law classes … Continue reading

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Here is my Appeal Brief as promised Part 2 (Side By Side Constitutional Analysis)

This is part of my brief as well, or rather my Exhibits but it also stands alone in describing the flaws in the codes vs the state laws. It is indicative of the disregard that the city has for state, federal or Constitutional law. This is how they operate & if there was in fact … Continue reading

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Here is my Appeal Brief as promised Part 1 (Table of Authorities, Laws, Statutes & Case Law)

Okay I have filed all of this, so it is public record now. I am going to share it with you. This is only for my appeal, not for the city,county,state or federal lawsuits but obviously this will be part & parcel of it. The link below is the actual document so that you can … Continue reading

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Maybe the City of Everett should pay attention to this one… maybe a few others should

Okay fresh off the presses of Top Cat’s Roar Federal Case -Plaintiff wins!!! -4th Amendment suit and damages On Wednesday a federal court awarded a woman convicted of mistreating animals nearly $200,000. Jennifer Petkus filed a lawsuit against Richland County, accusing the county of “unreasonable search and seizure,” according to federal court documents. Petkus owned … Continue reading

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The removal & indoctrination of Children. What purpose does it serve now?

The theft & indoctrination of children is as old as time. In the beginning of man it meant you would have more workers & become stronger, raise more crops, grow more food & childbirth was deadly so it was in the best interest of different clans to not go through it. I wonder if the … Continue reading

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Do not pass go, go to jail… but no worries there’s plenty of drugs there

Sorry I am behind but I am working on puppy mills, lawsuits, & a number of other things. Oh & just for funsies my stalker’s daughter is now hanging around my kids place (Like mother like daughter?) So anyway, I have been to jail, once for being 8 minutes late for court & then for … Continue reading

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When all you’ve ever written about is gone… You write what you can

So now that Aaron Reardon is supposed to be resigning at the end of the month & the Edmond Thomas mystery has been solved (or so they think) you can almost hear the crickets at the local newsrooms. Now we’re down to stories about a new twist on Mozzarella sticks & the opening date of … Continue reading

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Playing Hot Potato with the National Rescue Director & other strange happenings at “Heart Bandits”

Just be warned this is one of those stories that creates more questions than it does answers… Heart Bandits is the national Eskimo rescue. Heart Bandits is also the rescue that stole two of my dogs Huka and Watsi.   Watsi is prounced Watch-ee it means Watcher, protector, defender, he guards his little brother Huka … Continue reading

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Please share our newest petition to end BSL (Breed Specific Legislation) for all of Snohomish County

Our newest petition is under way to end the BSL that the city of Everett & the Snohomish County Assessor Carolyn Weikel ENACTED BY PROXY ON THE ENTIRE COUNTY Everett has BSL enacted decades ago, the real reason was because all of Mexicans & African American’s starting moving into Everett so this was at the … Continue reading

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So why did I put up a page about my case & my stalker? Why write this blog?

The simple answer is I was afraid for my life & my animals lives, I know the corruption that goes on in Everett & Snohomish County. I wanted people – the world – to see what kind of crap these people were pulling & to help others in my situation to know they weren’t alone, … Continue reading

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