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The removal & indoctrination of Children. What purpose does it serve now?

The theft & indoctrination of children is as old as time. In the beginning of man it meant you would have more workers & become stronger, raise more crops, grow more food & childbirth was deadly so it was in the best interest of different clans to not go through it. I wonder if the weaker clans or tribes realized that they were nothing more than surrogate mothers for new slaves & workers.

Well as time went on, man created “Religion” as a means to control & manipulate others. You know those crazy villagers & their kooky earth religions, they just wouldn’t conform to the masses. So they set them on fire & took away the children to “civilize” them.

By then Africa was fully entrenched in the slave trade. My peoples in the Americas, Russia & Australia were busy conquering each other, different lands & of course taking other people’s children.

As some countries tried to become seemingly less barbaric they created words like indentured servant… which offered the chance at freedom.

Then these Europeans came to the new world found plenty of land but some very unwilling slaves, so they killed them off & sent the surviving children to government boarding schools. The missionaries came to the Alaskan Islands, the Hawaiian Islands & to Australia & removed their children, you know: “In the name of God” Meanwhile some parts of Europe had outlawed slavery so the African slave trade came to America.

Most of my ancestors were in the Government boarding schools, it is something that angers me but it is not my story, it was what they had to endure. It took me many years to put that anger into some useful purpose for me.

So why does “Indoctrination” matter?

It matters because humans fear & then ultimately destroy what they don’t understand, it is in our nature. We are the most upset about the children being taken & changed that we don’t even see it happening to us enmass.

Take the Radio & TV to start with, they were the magic boxes with the people inside telling us what was happening in the world, then advertisers got in there & convinced us that Lucky Strikes were great for our health & that Coke was the only real thing. Then religion got on the bandwagon, & dictated to us what was morally acceptable & what was not. We all believed it, it was easier then thinking for ourselves…

Then came the 60’s & life as we knew it was never going to be the same again. I mean dagnabbit! Those black folks were drinking out of the same fountain, sitting at the front of the bus, & even going to school them thar little white kids, & next thing you know they were making babies: together! Well then those damn injuns starting having their little uprisings on their reservations, after they got recognized as human beings you just couldn’t get them under control. Women started kicking their husbands asses for beating them & the kids up & then there were those divorces going on everywhere. Those darn Asians started buying their own places, & those Beaners started jumping the border. Those long haired hippies were protesting things, boycotting & having free love all over the damn place.

We were such a damn “cesspool” that even Russia stopped screwing with us  ” We do not have to destroy America with Missiles, America will destroy itself from within ” ( Nikita Kruschev 1961) Kind of ironic that it was in fact Communism that fell

The 70’s were just trying to recover from the 60’s & I can vouch for the fact that many folks got left back in the 60’s… a strange thing happened on the way to the 80’s though, women & children ceased to be “property” domestic violence was now frowned upon, child molestation was being talked about, being prosecuted. AIDS was the new killer.You know: “The gay disease” til Rock Hudson died of it, & Magic Johnson got it…

The 90’s were spent perfecting our child protection system & smoking the crack… & making the crack babies. Gang shootings were done by lazy saggy britches kids on drive bys… & the Pit Bull became the ultimate “Hood Rat Dog” & the seeds of the Animal Rights movement were born. BSL was born as a round about way to harass minorities & have a new thing to hate & fear.

Then was the Y-2K fear mongering, yet the world didn’t end, good thing for the wall street bankers because they were busy giving Americans homes they couldn’t afford & playing the world’s greatest Ponzi scheme with those notes & our money. Oh besides that we were busy bombing other countries & killing world leaders with the billions of dollars we had that Clinton amassed for us, that Bush spent & then blamed the banking industries & the terrorists for.

We elected our first black president, but we found out he may have smoked pot as a college student & his birthplace is still in question so then we blamed him. We let our elected dipshits make things like “The Patriot Act” & “NDAA” & gave up those rights we fought for two centuries for like a bunch of chickenshit ninnies.

If nothing else the past 50 years should show how easily indoctrinated we have become. How easily led we are, we are a weak nation that other nations teach their children NOT to become like, but there is hope for us…

You can not rape or beat your wife or set her on fire, you can’t molest the neighbor or your own kids & expect them to keep their mouths shut, children are cared for & protected, animals have protections now, people who love eachother can now get married, & you must remember we are still a country in it’s infancy, more like toddlerhood, we have much to learn, but we have much to teach. Unfortunately we are letting the government idiots take over but I feel an uprising coming.


The internet is a tool, sometimes good, sometimes bad, but there is a resurgence of political activists coming in all forms. From Susie homemaker to the Anonymous Legionaires. I see all the survivalists, even took a swing at being a “Patriot” for a while, I believe that the Government will do to us what we ALLOW them to do to us. So maybe there is a New World Order where we are all going to be shipped off to different sectors & used for slaves. Yes the Government is poisoning us, for greed & profit, that is no secret. Yes most Americans are lazy & get their news from the television or newspapers so they don’t have to think for themselves… but I have a newsflash for you. It has never been the masses who have created change, it has always been a small & committed group of individuals who later got the masses to jump on board.


I am asking you this, the time that you spend on Facebook games or pinning crap to Pinterest QUIT IT, read the Constitution, read a news story then investigate it with your google search bar. All of the information you need to not be a complete & utter moron is out there if you will look for it & for the love of God quit taking everyone’s word for everything, newspapers, media they lie, they embellish, they are merely tabloids all of them trying to sell the most sensational headlines. Challenge their stories with your own facts. Get involved in your local politics, go to a city or county council meeting, make an appointment with you local leaders & ask them what they are doing for YOU.


The reason the Government rarely takes children now is because we are all so easily led that they don’t even have to bother… Unless you are a pot advocate, or you speak up against the Government, then they have CPS go in & take your kids.

There are literally dozens of websites where you can take college courses for free, in all subjects… Don’t you think time is better spent learning then planting your seeds in farmer brown’s garden & pissing off a bunch of birds?

imagesPlease don’t choose ignorance… Future generations are depending on you.

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About Brandia

I am an animals rescuer, a mother, a grandmother, a minister, & a human being who is tired of all the corruption going on in our state.


4 thoughts on “The removal & indoctrination of Children. What purpose does it serve now?

  1. So true- and so concerning.
    Noticed how so many movies for kids these days teach new ideas/exploring is bad. or dangerous? (Everyone share everything! Don’t worry everything is OK. You are all wonderful!)
    Read widely. Look around. And wake up


    Posted by philosophermouseofthehedge | May 8, 2013, 7:33 am


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