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In other news, Rose Adams harassment Journal

Christine James… Liar extraordinaire Part 2

Onto the second part, this is more about the lies Christine will tell the second she gets caught in one lie. If you wait long enough & listen to her drivel she will always eventually tell on herself: Without fail. This post is just about her ranting & ravings when she is trying to cover her butt, most of it when she didn’t realize I had proof she was lying about most everything. I am actually going to do a 3rd post about her stealing my dogs from me, that will give you a glimpse inside of what kind of mentality she has.

This is a message Christine James sent out enmass trying to cover her ass, I took out most of the drivel & kept the parts where she lies, it was a big ‘un.

Most of anything Christine says is a lie, like I said in the post if you listen long enough you will see her change her stories over & over again & eventually she does tell on herself. When she gets lying red handed she says she was confused or in the infamous words of a past president “I don’t recall” & when that fails she makes herself into a victim, you know “poor widdle Cwistine is just getting picked on by big bad meanie old Brandia”

Hello? 1~800~who~cares… Can we get Christine a Whaaaamblunce?

—– Forwarded Message —–

From: Christine / CJ <>


Sent: Wednesday, May 15, 2013 8:15 PM

Subject: Fwd: Thank you

If any of you walk on water, I want to meet you. Because I think everybody makes mistakes. At least anybody who ever does anything makes mistakes. I make mistakes all the time and am willing to admit to them when I do. I also take care of approx. 20 dogs a day using ONLY my husband’s paycheck to pay for everything… no donations, no fundraisers.

1) Yet she is only licensed for 10 dogs & 15 puppies. She also doesn’t happen to mention that she keeps those poor dogs locked in kennels in her garage

20 dogs

I did “work” with Rose rescuing but I do want you to know that I never gave her a single dog. Never.

2) She claims this over & over through this driveling letter but the documents show she was the one who was getting the dogs for Rose, the rescues were not sending them to “Rose Adams” they were being sent to CJ’s Rescue” so how does that equate to not getting dogs for her? Is it called something else in her alternative universe?

However I am a softie for dogs and a sucker for punishment and so when Brandia called me for help. I was there. That got ugly when she gave me 5 dogs and then decided that I needed to give them back after I vetted them completely. I would not give them back to her. She was living in a motel room that was the most disgusting place I had ever set foot in. At one time she had 30+ dogs in that motel room. Fortunately she gave me the 5 and took some to PAWS and I don’t know about the others.I lost touch with Brandia

3) She stole five dogs from me & they were not vetted, in another version of this story “I wanted her to give them back to me all vetted” then at another version I “sold them to her”. This however did tell me something. In October of 2011 I was asked by a rescue to go pick up some dogs from a transport, no one showed so I called the Washington Dept of Agriculture & said I was stuck with 23 dogs who had health certs, were UTD on shots but no HW tests,, the next day HE also got a call from an “anonymous person” that I had illegally transported 23 dogs across the state line, so we both figured out this was a set up, the part that should’ve made me figure it out is that Christine popped back up about a week before the transport. I am also sick & tired of this retarded bitch saying I live in a hotel room… It is a 1 bedroom basement apt with a hotel, bungalows & monthly rentals on the property. I could not figure out who told Snohomish County Animal Control that I had THIRTY dogs in my place but now I know exactly who!

Rose wanted the gossip on Brandia and so made contact with me. Sucker that I am, I got friendly with her again when she asked me to help her with some vet bills and said she was short of crates and dog food.

4) This whole thing makes no sense, she had not lost contact with me, I told her to f-off & wasn’t speaking to her but how does Rose wanting gossip on me who was not speaking with Christine make any sense?

She would see pleas that were circulating for dogs and connect with the posters and say she was my friend and that I would vouch for her and she got dogs from shelters this way. I did make the mistake of okaying her with a few pullers. I thought that she was an odd bod but I thought she was a good dog person.

5) That is not how it works, the rescue, shelter or transporter gets the rescues 501 or non-profit info before they release any dogs, so they had to use Christine’s because Rose did not have any of the above

I finally completely broke away from her in Nov 2012 when Sadie and Sadey had ANOTHER dog fight and she took the dogs to the vet and charged their treatment to CJ’s Dog Rescue account without my knowledge. Next day – again without my consent or knowledge – she took her own dog Missy to the same vet to get a tumor treated. She put $2481 on my vet account. I am still making payments on it.

6) This version also changes, in some she paid for it out of the kindness of her heart, in others she was robbed

I believe the reason she took Missy in is because she knew our friendship was over. She was being visited almost daily by Animal Control and they contacted me because she told them that she was fostering for me. I told them that was a total lie. I did not have any foster homes and Rose was not fostering for me, that she was her own rescue. The AC officer asked me why Rose’s dogs were on my Petfinder page, I said that was because Rose did not have a Petfinder account and she needed to get the dogs adopted but the AC officer advised me not to have that kind of connection with “someone like Rose Adams”. I removed all of Rose’s dogs on my page.

7) This is brilliant, in the first investigation she sent an official letter, email & fax to the City of Edmonds lying to them & saying Rose was fostering Layla for her. In the second investigation she said they were still on there because “she gets confused”

What I am guilty of:

Posting Rose’s dogs on Petfinder for her (anything to get them out of her place was my thought), pay some of her vet bills and give her money for gas and dog food.

8.) Oh but wait she said Rose was charging bills to the vet without her consent… so which one is it?

But my biggest mistake in all this is that I connected her CA shelters who sent her dogs.That is now being twisted into being that I gave her dogs. Not true at all. Once I realized that Rose was unstable, in the summer of 2012 her actions were worrisome…. especially the incident with the escaped chihuahua that she claimed to have found and that was a total lie. She had not found him and by lying and saying that she had this stopped other rescuers from searching for him. There were many offers to help find him and Rose refused them all.

9) Again Christine must not understand she is talking to other rescues who know how the pull/transport thing works, those dogs were pulled using her rescue’s name CJ’s Rescue so explain how that is NOT “giving” her dogs, dogs she would’ve NEVER had if CJ hadn’t facilitated them going to Rose Adams

Other rescuers have been getting her dogs since then but I do not know who. Other rescuers used to think Rose was OK, 5 years ago Rose adopted a dog from a 501c3 in this area and she fostered for her a few times. Rose had told me that she was a Parole Officer on disability because a “client” had attacked her. She also told me that she was a paralegal. Turns out she has never had a job in her life. She told me that she was buying the house she was living in in Everett and had a kennel license allowing her to have up to 10 dogs. She was a renter, didn’t have a single dog license and she was evicted. Apparently she has been evicted many times. Apparently George has a drug problem. Apparently Rose has been diagnosed with various mental ailments and anger management issues. Apparently she is addicted to prescription drugs. Apparently she lives on SSI. Apparently the house she currently lives in is owned by the man who lives in the basement who got the house when his mom died a few years ago but he has not kept up on the house payments and so the house is in foreclosure. Apparently they have had water and power disconnected a few times. and there are many other things that the other rescuers and I have learned in the last few months. Bottom line… she is mentally unstable, a pathological liar, a thief and has violent tendencies.

10) ALL OF THIS Christine James knew about almost 3 years ago, so now it’s a problem??? Please THINK people, she knew all of this 3 years ago, I showed her documentation, others told her about some of the other things, but she chose to send dogs to Rose knowing all of this. What has to be wrong in your head for you to “work” with someone like this? How can you knowing what Sadie has been going through for years still give anything more then a pet rock to this woman?

Brandia Taamu is spreading 90% of the gossip right now. She hates me because I was a witness for the prosecution in her case.

11) She was NEVER a witness in my case, she is just a person who lied about me having 30 dogs in my apartment but it looks like she learned the lessons Rose taught her very well: “When it in trouble lie about someone else to take the focus off of you”

This week has been horrendous with the mud flinging. I have to ask – have any of the people so quick to point the finger at me, never made a mistake? I am constantly being told I am too trusting, too naive, too gullible. When it comes to dogs my heart kicks into gear and my brain gets shoved aside… so I agree with anybody who says I was stupid and an idiot and a sucker. But I am not evil and I would NEVER ever hurt a dog intentionally or put a dog in harms way intentionally. Fortunately there were only 4 dogs at Rose’s that got there because of connections I made for her. I will do anything I can to help them BUT I did not give her any dogs.

12) She got Brownie, Mugsy, & the 4 Chihuahuas for her, plus many more. Sadie came from a co-worker but at one point Christine had custody of Sadie & chose to send her back there to Rose, the way I met Rose Adams is because Christine James asked me to go to her house & stitch Sadie up after her & black & white Sadie had gotten into ANOTHER fight.

I am not hiding or denying my connection to this terrible woman but I want the truth out there. Nobody is more sorry than I am that I was ever put in touch with Rose Adams but I am not sorry that I have been able to help dogs that she had. Sadie would be dead if my vet had not treated her in Nov 2012 because her injuries at that time were so severe.

13) Again now she was helping Rose Adams.

Actions speak much louder than words. Christine James

If you want to see another version of her big long story here it is

CJ's Dog Rescue 2013-05-27 14-18-04Now because this woman lies so much it is hard to keep up with all of them so I have been taking screenshots of the different stories. This first one is the day after Rose got busted, you will see her defending Rose, & LYING her ass off about me but that is okay. It will just make my lawsuit against her even stronger. Here I was going to go after Snohomish County because I thought they were harassing me making stuff up but it turns out that was Christine (((sigh))) Oh but notice this time I have 33 dogs in a motel room… Don’t worry those numbers change every time she tells the story.

CJ's Dog Rescue 2013-05-27 13-55-15This is just me flipping a switch on her because of her blase’ attitude about Sadie’s picture of one of her attacks

(1) For Sadie's Sake 2013-05-18 15-29-59Now she is slandering me again but also going after another rescue too, as usual lying about them too

(1) For Sadie's Sake 2013-05-18 16-49-40Now here Christine is inventing “cohorts” because we ALL know it wasn’t her…(1) For Sadie's Sake 2013-05-18 16-51-34Here is just a bit of comic relief… Now Christine doesn’t know who any of the dogs are. Never mind that they were ALL listed on her petfinder & adoptapet account the last post showed all the dogs

cjbs12wtfOh good grief… a couple posts up I was the dog hoarder, but now it is Rose who is the dog hoarder & me I guess I am just the devil incarnate

CJ's Dog Rescue 2013-05-27 13-58-29

Wait nevermind! I’m a hoarder again! (Sorry I didn’t get a screenshot of this before she removed the posting, she does this all the damn time, but I got wise at that point, I copy & paste her rants.) Please note that now I am evidently a social security welfare receiving psychiatric person. There is also a “new story” about her having a rescue friend offer to buy the dogs off of her. This is also a statement made by her before she knew we had proof she lied MANY times to Animal Control.

CJ’s Dog Rescue

May 17

Brandia Taamu posted “We don’t know what is going to happen with Sadie, as for Christine, I have all of my info in the albums on this page, she gave Rose Sadie & many other dogs & was aware of the abuse, she, Rose & Ginger lied about me to make themselves look better. If Christine had not lied to animal control as far back as last August those dogs may have been saved well before this. Bottom line is I that I hate her guts, she has ruined my life stolen dogs from me & caused me NOTHING but trouble so I am not a good person to ask.”
Seems I have “caused her NOTHING but trouble” simply by existing – I have had no contact with this sorry soul for years. This demented woman deserves nothing but trouble while she continues to hoard dogs and keep them in absolute squalor. She needs psychiatric help but since mental health help is not so easy to get these days she just continues to live on the fringe of society thanks to social security money and food stamps as she is unable to earn an income legitimately.As for stealing dogs. I would like to see a copy of the theft report that was filed. I know if somebody stole something from me, I would report it.I have not lied to AC. I admitted I helped Rose. It was a mistake. I tried to make amends by helping Logan get the dogs taken away from his mother. I started off by trying to get them adopted and then had a rescue friend offer to buy them off Rose for the same price that she posted them on CL for but Rose would not let a single dog go. I did not give Sadie to Rose, she was given to Rose by a friend of a friend long before I had heard of Rose Adams. Rose gave Sadie to me when she was in labor, actually Logan loaded her into my truck on April 26th 2010. She gave birth the next day. Rose got Sadie back from Thurston Animal Shelter after the rescue group DRAW had Sadies’s foster home take her there when they would not keep her anymore. Logan Broliath (Rose’s son) can verify this. “hate her guts” !! seriously – these words typed by an adult? But I am glad I am getting under her skin. It is the least I can do to a convicted animal abuser.Logan has stated that Sadie is fine in ADIX and will be fine until the investigation is over. So far two people have contacted me and said that they would like to adopt Sadie but she really should be an only dog.

This is just funny… So Logan finds out that his facebook email has another folder called “Other” magically Christine also finds this out & posts a supposed email from one of her “admirers”

Christine James 2013-05-29 21-42-31When she runs out of crap to say she just accuses me of being a convict… If that fails she starts bashing SADIE!!!! What is wrong with this woman?

For Sadie's Sake 2013-05-18 16-27-51 For Sadie's Sake 2013-05-18 16-28-21 UPDATE Today May 29th, 2013 was the Bond For Sadie's Sake 2013-05-30 17-28-16So all I want to know from her is does she think Sadie deserved this?

 Sadie block

Or this?Sadie getting killed

Or this?didnt deserve this

Oh but I am not alone… She will blame & attack everyone when she feels like the world is not feeling sorry for enough for her. Even down to her husband that has built her a beautiful home, a successful business, gives her unlimited access to his money. According to her the entire rescue world believes he is just a drunk abusive jerk who picks on her but if she treats other people the way she did to me & others just imagine how she treats her husband

(19 unread) - saving_them_all - Yahoo! Mail 2013-05-19 04-48-57 (19 unread) - saving_them_all - Yahoo! Mail 2013-05-19 04-53-37 (22 unread) - saving_them_all - Yahoo! Mail 2013-05-19 04-15-51 - Copy (22 unread) - saving_them_all - Yahoo! Mail 2013-05-19 04-15-51 (22 unread) - saving_them_all - Yahoo! Mail 2013-05-19 04-34-22Then again maybe there is a REASON he is a drunkard if he really is… Hard to tell because it is Christine saying it

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About Brandia

I am an animals rescuer, a mother, a grandmother, a minister, & a human being who is tired of all the corruption going on in our state.


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