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Will these corrupt lawyers find a new home? … the Jail Cell!

I view honesty as the most basic element in all relationships. When there is honesty, there is no fault in trying and failing… there is no fault in making a mistake… there is no fault in an unfortunate consequence. When there is ‘honesty’ civilized people will always recognize the “honest intentions and effort” regardless of the outcome.
On the other hand, no relationship can survive when there is dishonesty, deceit, and betrayal. For this simple principle — honesty — I have dedicated my life to weeding out those in positions of ‘trust’ who treat people in the most dishonest, deceitful and evil way because they are a DANGER TO A CIVILIZED SOCIETY.

The following lawyers have no concept of “truth nor honor” and they need to be removed from our society for the sake of its very survival.

At the center of it all is Lawyer Scott M. Ellerby of the firm Mills, Meyers, Swartling. He is defendant in my case against him for various violations of common law and statutory law. Lawyer Ellerby is a big shot with the WA State Bar and the WA State Supreme Court. Lawyer Ellerby is actually on the WSBA’s “ETHICS” committee. Because Lawyer Ellerby is so important to the “image” the legal establishment hides behind, this big-shot lawyer must be ‘sheltered’ from a “jury” and all the other lawyers must come to his aid to help hide Ellerby’s unlawful conduct.

Lawyer Larry Mills, past president of the firm Mills, Meyers, Swartling. Lawyer Mills is also a big-shot with the WA State Bar and the Supreme Court. He also must be protected by all the other lawyers to save the “image” of the profession.

Lawyer Jeffrey Downer, (past president) of the firm Lee Smart PS, Inc. Lawyer Downer has been hired by Mills Meyers Swartling to defend the conduct of lawyer Scott Ellerby. Lawyer Downer is nothing but a corrupt individual who thinks he is practicing law, when he is actually writing fiction.

Lawyer Russell Hartman (ret. Judge)… Russell Hartman is simply a good-ole-boy who walks the “party line” rather than abide by the constitution or common law tenets

Lawyer Joel Penoyar, Justice of the Court of Appeals (recently announced early retirement)…. This guy is a “in the full light of day” fraud!!! I suppose big shot Ellerby and big shot Mills get a good laugh when they hear how lawyer Joel Penoyar fabricated a complete case for their benefit. Then again maybe Penoyar has to march to the tune of Ellerby, Mills and the WA Supreme Court to help cover up the legal establishment’s criminal conduct.

Lawyer Kevin Hull, judge Kitsap Superior Court. He too is a “good-ole-boy” who walks the party line just like all the other judges.

Lawyer Felice Congalton, Associate Director of the WSBA,  who’s job is to shelter lawyers who are members of the WSBA from citizens who file grievances with the WSBA against a lawyer.

J. Reiko Callner, Executive Director of the Commission on Judicial Conduct…. she is simply the Felice Congalton of the CJC who’s job is to shelter judges from citizen complaints.

Lawyer Kristen Schimpff who’s job is to argue why lawyers who belong to the WSBA are “exempt from the law”. Ms. Schimpff claims only the WA State Supreme Court may discipline a lawyer and a citizen has no right of action because no court except the Supreme court has jurisdiction.   Of course until Felice Congalton “investigates” lawyers and reports them to the Supreme Court, the Court will never hear about a lawyers misconduct.

Lawyer Mary M Tennyson, of the WA State Attorney General’s Office, argues WA State Government officials are free to violate the law and are absolutely immune from any “civil or criminal” complaint.

Lawyer Jennifer Forbes, recently elected Judge of Kitsap Superior court… Jennifer Forbes, and there is no other way to say it, is simply an airhead and doesn’t know what planet she inhabits …this is well documented in the Kitsap Sun newspaper, which endorsed Forbes candidacy. Here’s an article about Forbes

And finally, the only NON LAWYER on this list, Clerk of the Court of Appeals II, David Penzoha, who has promoted himself “JUDGE” because he has clearly exceeded his statutory duties defined by RCW 2.32.050.


About Brandia

I am an animals rescuer, a mother, a grandmother, a minister, & a human being who is tired of all the corruption going on in our state.


51 thoughts on “Will these corrupt lawyers find a new home? … the Jail Cell!

  1. Well, I just wrote a grievance complaint for many ethical violations for our new President Elect, Anthony Gipe of the WSBA and his partner Dennis McGlothin of Olympic Law Group. We will see what happens or whether or not there conduct violations are reported on their professional record by the WSBA. I would assume since Gipe is in such a high position my grievance will not be taken seriously. If they choose not to publish their unethical and cirminal actions, I will be doing this myself. … and it’s not what these lawyers would wan the public to know.


    Posted by Rebecca Wilson | March 9, 2014, 7:19 pm
  2. Thank you, there will be a hearing on Dennis McGlothin on March 19th to the Disciplinarian Committee, and I am hoping for the best. Mr. Anthony Gipe is still in the appeal process. I have not lost complete hope for the WSBA, as I believe they have a duty to protect the citizens of this state from serious past criminal actions involving conduct violations. Maybe I am completely naive, and if I am…. I do have a voice. Sometimes that can be much worse then a public record.


    Posted by Rebecca Wilson | March 9, 2014, 8:02 pm
  3. Its called the WSBA’s CLOAK of PROTECTION. They all are aware of it and basically know well in advance as to just how far they are able to abuse the profession, the Law and the client. Then still be able to count on Congalton, and or the Fearless, Ethics Breathing Disciplinary Board providing the grievance would even make it that far. Same for a Judge with the CJC.

    Just like in my case where attorney Grahn was totally off the hook, screwing over multiple clients including my now ex-wife. But since Grahn knew he had made a mockery out of the Superior Court by continuing to practice Law while currently suspended from Practice by the Supreme court and the WSBA. But since those bungling corrupt spineless unaccountable unprofessional fools in the Superior Court Clerks Office had screwed up and not made all judges that Grahn would appear before aware of this, or if they did and now it was just the Judges letting Grahn get away with, it did not matter, the Superior Court was Liable for 100% of it , including anything that would have directly resulted from it.

    So Grahn & Cross both knew this well in advance, that is why they went ahead and flagrantly defrauded me of my Deed Release and then Just Flat out committed Grand theft of another $1500.00 of my cash in their “TRUST” account that they had already stolen thousands upon thousands from.

    But they knew that even with me flipping out, calling the Clerks Office daily after filing time and date stamped Motions for contempt, and a Emergency Motion to save the family home and my new Loan , my good credit from being destroyed by all of this, it did not matter. Because both Cross & Grahn Knew they had already gotten the Superior Court to sign the illegal Order stripping from my innocent kids their right to Child support from their mother, that had already been ordered by the very same Superior Court.

    So Cross & Grahn knew they were safe and could just steal this money too, plus what ever they were paid by my ex and who ever else for defrauding me , withdrawing from the case and leaving me ripped off and screwed over, refusing to comply with their own court drawn deal, and saving my ex. approx. $10,000.00 plus a stay in Jail for refusing to adhere to this court Order and remaining in Contempt for the better part of 2 years.

    So both attorneys knew that in order for the Superior Court to respond to both of these time & date Stamped filed Motions of mine, and for the Tac. Bar association to respond to my filed complaints, it would mean fronting off the Superior court who was liable for all of it. So they all just remain SILENT, GET THE Bankruptcy Court Clerks office, judge Snyder, Attorney Brian Lynch and attorney Desa Coniff and their attorney friends at the U .S. Trustees Office and at David M. Howe to just remain silent, and make damn sure not to help me or respond to my multiple Official written notice to them all notifying them of these 3 sep. Felony crimes being committed against me by the attorneys and my now ex-wife that were 100% responsible for me even being in bankruptcy court at all. The same Felony crimes that the Superior Court was notified about in writing and filed with the clerks office , but just allowed to be committed so as to protect their unprofessional gross negligence from direct liability for all of it.

    Hoping to herd me through bankruptcy , and my son’s illegally charging and wrongful Imprisonment that, I would be so burdened, over whelmed and scrambling to try and pay for the double amount house payments then raised to $3300.00 per month, right before they were raised 450% to $5326.12 per month, that I would not have the time or the money to be able to pursue any of them and get this horrendous flagrant theft and screw job corrected, and the court exposed and in line to pay for it all.

    And the attorneys were exactly right in their assessment of playing the odds and playing the Superior court that had placed themselves in that position.

    So when Grahn was finally disbarred for continuing to practice and not show up for that other clients child support case, they used that excuse to finally disbar Grahn. For THE RECORD. But the real reason why he got disbarred is because he ignored the WSBA, and the Supreme Court and Really pissed them off for taking advantage of the dumb ass mistakes by the Superior Court, and playing on them so he and Cross could commit Fraud, GrAND THEFT, AND GET AWAY WITH IT RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE SUPERIOR COURT AND THE TAC. BAR ASSOCIATIONS FACE. Making a mockery of the Superior Court, insulting the WSBA and the Supreme Courts authority like they had none at all, at least not enough to prevent Mr. Unstoppable Grahn from continuing this Illegal charade.

    Otherwise, they would have all just lied for and covered for Grahn like they do everyone else, and said to hell with the other client and her child support case, exactly like they do everyone else. Just like they did for Cross in the same case, and then Grahn again after he had already been disbarred for the same rule violations. That is why the Lawyers Fund and the Disciplinary Board were so reckless and desperate for me to go away and my case to be placed in the trash

    So Welden and Turner in the Fund, Defraud me just like the Dic. Board had just done when they dismissed my grievance against both of these crooks Grahn & Cross. For not only the same rule violations they disbarred Grahn for, but a truckload more violations on top of those.

    They accomplished 6 things, by committing fraud on me. They protected Cross, the Superior Court, the Supreme Court and themselves for never informing the parties who according to statute had a legal right to know and expect to be informed of Grahn practicing Law while unlicensed in their cases. They also protected Judge Armijo, Judge Snyder, attorney Brian Lynch(now Judge Lynch) and attorney Disa Coniff for not responding to Offcial filed and written notice that according to WSBA rule 8.3 they had Duty to act upon. Plus USC Tiltle 18 chap.9, sec 3057 sub. sec. 152-154 commanded the B.R. court to do the same thing and report this to the U.S. Attorneys office with the recommendation of a Grand Jury investigation. Plus they saved the superior court a ton of money and the Lawyers fund $288,712.36

    So if Grahn hadn’t placed the superior Court in that position by playing on the Superior Courts own Guilt concerning all of this, Grahn would still be licensed and practicing his style of Law to this very day, with a good butt chewing from the WSBA and Ron Carpenter.

    The WSBA and the CJC were both created to improve the publics opinion of the legal profession and silence al the complaints of fraud and theft, by giving the public false impression of an actual Board or Commission that was going to stick up for the innocent victims in the public and of these various attorneys and judges. But as we all know, that was the least of either the WSBA or the CJC real intentions. Just give the public some more if not even worse of a screw job than what had brought these victims to each of them in the first place, exactly like they have blatantly – flagrantly done to all of us.


    Posted by Bruce Gambill | March 9, 2014, 8:56 pm
  4. I know how you feel. IGNORED!! Just like most are.. IGNORED by the bar! I’ve suffered (and still am to this day!) from the same corruption, and now he’s running for office AGAIN! God help Snohomish County- June 28, 2011 GRIEVANCE AGAINST A LAWYER-Office of Disciplinary Counsel Washington State Bar Association 1325 Fourth Avenue, Suite 600 Seattle, WA 98101-2539. GRIEVANCE AGAINST A LAWYER.

    A Message from Mark Roe, Snohomish County Prosecutor… February 2014
    Dear Friends, For the past 27 years, it has been my honor to serve in the office of the Snohomish County Prosecutor. Thank you for trusting me to serve the last 4 1/2 years as your Prosecutor. I respectfully ask your support in seeking a second term.


    Posted by No-More Legal-Abuse Bren | March 9, 2014, 9:37 pm
    • Hi Missbren, wanted to let you know that I found your comment about legal abuse (in the spam folder) and rightfully published it where you intended…. sorry for the delay and thank you for contributing to the web site and for the important work you do. Bill


      Posted by Bill S | March 12, 2014, 8:39 am
  5. I tried to follow all of this, but as we know, cases can get complicated. It sounds awful. What has happened to me and my husband is beyond horrible, but it happened, it’s over, and can’t spend my life being bitter…. or these unethical and corrupt attorneys win by taking my happiness away. They took all my money, but they will never take my soul. What I do know, is that the public needs to know so they don’t do what they did to my family to others. Zachary Mosner, a conflict review officer, reviewed both of my grievances in the beginning. Both times he got my address incorrect, while refusing to talk or ask me for additional information. He claimed in one of his dismissal letters that one of the attorneys who had made my life miserable wasn’t the primary attorney. He blamed all the conduct violations on his partner, so our new president elect of WSBA, Anthony Gipe would not be held accountable. Again, I still have hope that justice will be served. All I have is hope at this point, and if I am denied to have a voice and these attorneys are not punished properly, the public will soon hear my story… every last detail! I will keep you all posted!


    Posted by Rebecca Wilson | March 10, 2014, 7:41 am
  6. Rebecca, because the “legal establishment” has a monopoly over our judicial branch it is very unlikely they will relinquish their power without a fight. The ‘legal establishment’ has had decades to put in place their organization that is designed to rape citizens of their assets, their children, the elderly.

    What is changing this dynamic is the Internet! We can now know that what we experience isn’t just an isolated occurrence of bad luck. But rather, know we share a widespread cancer that infects anyone who “looks to the justice system” for a fair, honest, and speedy remedy. We now know the legal establishment preys upon the notion of “JUSTICE” to commit unbelievable violence on people.

    This is why the POWER OF THE INTERNET and “instant communication” must be used to inform, educate, alert, expose these despicable public servants… so those who are in the battle to reclaim our justice system from the grip by the legal establishment gains support.

    This is why I ask that these stories by folks like you get passed around to your Facebook and LinkedIn contacts. The “legal enterprise” is well funded, already in control … but they are criminals and in being criminals they can be defeated in a lawful and just way…. I hope.

    Thanks for your contribution to expose the corruption in WA.



    Posted by billscheidler | March 10, 2014, 10:19 am
  7. Thank you Bill…. I will have to think long and hard if I expose these attorneys on other social networking sights. I risk another lawsuit, and I need to be prepared for this. There isn’t much for them to gain by suing me, so they would just add other people to their lawsuit like they did before. I spoke my mind in a 33 page, 44 exhibit appeal, and I will see what happens. I don’t have much faith, but I did the best I could to be heard. I have always been a well respected citizen of this state, by never committing a criminal crime in my life. I didn’t deserve to have all my assets ripped away in a defense by lawyers that had past proven and documented criminal felony acts and serious conduct violations. WSBA should have been telling me about these lawyers, while protecting the public from harm. They failed to do this the first time while innocent lives have been forever effected and seriously harmed. I can’t fathom they would allow them to go on. We will see…..


    Posted by Rebecca Wilson | March 10, 2014, 12:17 pm
    • I understand by firsthand experience … the “legal establishment” is intent on protecting their ‘turf’ and will attack anyone who poses a risk to their ‘enterprise’. Their tactics are to intimidate and ruin their opposition by any and all means at their disposal — and because they have commandeered our justice system, they will use judges, the Bar Associations and the Commission on Judicial Conduct to accomplish their campaign to dominate the conditions of society.

      These ‘tactics’ don’t work on me as “honesty” has more value than any material possession or creature comfort. I am ‘buckled in for the long and difficult fight’ against these corrupt lawyers and judges… and I’d appreciate if you would share my web site with as many others as you can. It is my belief that every ‘tool in the tool box’ needs to be utilized against the powerful legal establishment and “publicity” is an important tool.

      Thanks again for your courage! I hope those that read your comments and the comments of others motivates others to action against these criminals.


      Posted by Bill S | March 10, 2014, 1:44 pm
  8. Futhermore…. I just noticed that after I sent it my appeal on these attorneys and exposed their criminal activity on district court records, there whole law firm closed down. I am not sure why…. but the timing seems very weird. All attorneys are working elsewhere.


    Posted by Rebecca Wilson | March 10, 2014, 12:53 pm
  9. HI Bill… I just got word from the WSBA, and the Review Committee ordered additional investigation with a 3 to 0 vote on my appeal regarding my grievance against Dennis McGlothin of Olympic Law Group. I am not sure what this means, but my appeal was not dismissed and they are following through and conducting a thorough investigation. Mr. Anthony Gipe, this States new President elect was his right hand man who tried to ruin my family and steal all of our assets. I am still holding out hope that they are both held accountable! I have made some progress, so I will keep my fingers crossed!!!


    Posted by Rebecca Wilson | March 26, 2014, 4:12 pm
  10. Rebecca, good job for turning these guys in, because Anthony Gipe is as corrupted as they come. I couldn’t believe he was going to be the new president of the WSBA, until I found out he was the only one that ran for the position. Before Anthony Gipe started working for Olympic Law Group, he was partnered with Lindsey Thompson, which their firm was called Thompson & Gipe. Anthony Gipe’s partner was disbarred for stealing people’s money, and the firm was shut down. It’s no surprise that Anthony Gipe started employment with other dishonest lawyers, because this is how he practices. He is in the business of stealing other people’s money for his own advancement and abuses his legal power. I hope the WSBA wakes up and sees this guy for who he is. I will be following your post only wish you the best!!


    Posted by Jason Wilcox | March 30, 2014, 8:18 pm
  11. Dennis McGlothin bankrupted his law firm, Olympic Law Group which I am sure there is more to the story as to why they closed. Both Dennis McGlothin and Anthony Gipe are unethical and dishonest, and it is no surprise that WSBA chose Anthony Gipe to be their new president elect. He fits in to a “T”, being around his “own” Anthony Gipe’s partner at Olympic Law Group, Dennis McGlothin is under investigation for serious conduct violations with the WSBA. It has been more than once Mr. Anthony Gipe partners with criminals and tries to hide behind their crimes by playing innocent. In my opinion, Anthony Gipe is no different than Lindsey Thomson and/or Dennis McGlothin. It’s a disgrace to the citizens of this state that Anthony Gipe will be representing our legal community.


    Posted by Sally Garfield | May 24, 2014, 2:37 pm
  12. I have dealt the receiving blows of Dennis McGlothin for over 14years. He abuses the system, has his clients lie, has been arrested for impersonating an officer to solicit sex with young boys and yet he advertises himself as a guardian ad litem -why he is still practicing law and not behind bars is an outrage!


    Posted by Carrie | July 31, 2014, 4:22 pm
  13. Carrie…. I just got word that Mr. McGlothin has finally been assigned to a special disciplinarian council because of the information I submitted to expose his actions. He will be under a thorough investigation. Again, his right hand man, Mr. Anthony Gipe will be our new WSBA president, which it is hard to believe especially the additional grievance I submitted on him. The public will never know the harm Anthony Gipe caused my children and family, because –we the people of this State– don’t have the “right” to read dismissed grievances. I am looking into ways to publish my grievance, so when Anthony Gipe or Dennis McGlothin’s names are googled, my grievance will be the first to show up. If you have additional information about Dennis McGlothin, please e-mail me all the proof you have @ I will make sure the disciplinarian council receives every last detail so this man gets exactly what he deserves…. punishment and/or disbarment. If we don’t speak out, he will continue to practice law and and continue to hurt innocent victims and ruin young children’s life. Him continuing to be be a guardian ad litem makes me sick to my stomach!!!


    Posted by Rebecca Wilson | August 26, 2014, 10:39 am
    • Thanks Rebecca! I also filed a grievance that is currently in review for disciplinary action against Dennis McGlothin. I will forward you everything I have as well. Thank you so much for your perseverance and dedication to fairness, integrity and justice against such evil and corrupt lawyers: Dennis McGlothin and Anthony Gipe. Carrie


      Posted by Carrie | August 26, 2014, 1:07 pm
  14. Thank you so much, as I would be interested to see your information also. Thank you for speaking out, because it takes a village. I will also forward you both of my grievances, so you can get an idea what Anthony Gipe and his partner Dennis McGlothin put my family and me through. It was an unbelievable nightmare and with perseverance and dedication, I hope to get justice! As promised in my grievance, I will be HEARD!


    Posted by Rebecca Wilson | August 26, 2014, 10:21 pm
    • Rebecca and Carrie, there is a ‘class action’ being initiated in which you may want to join…. We are claiming our WA State Legislators (many of which are lawyers, or are being “handled” by lawyers) have forsaken their role in providing “checks and balances” of judicial and attorney corruption. Our legislature is required, by constitution, to remove any judge who violates his oath, the law, the constitution — and that includes a judges responsibility to hold lawyers accountable for their misconduct. They, our legislators, have not and we citizens are being abused by these lawyers and judges at their will and pleasure.


      Posted by Bill S | August 27, 2014, 5:47 am
    • I am extremely pleased Bill and Rebecca in the possibility that both McGlothin and Gipe will get a fair review and justice will prevail over both of these corrupt and unethical lawyers. I honestly thought my family must be the only ones who were so abused by the “system” that continually allowed both of those lawyers to get away with the antics they called practicing law. It is interesting to note that even though Mr. McGlothin has established a new law practice “by referral only” in Edmonds, he is also moving most of his practice to Florida where his license is still current and he is still in good standing. I suspect he will merely go back to Florida again if he receives any disciplinary action or disbarment in Washington. I intend to follow him wherever he goes to publish the truth about his unethical practice. Carrie


      Posted by Carrie | August 27, 2014, 6:12 am
  15. @ Bill, I would like to have more information about this “Class Action.” If there is anything additional I can do? I would love you forward me any/all the information to help get these attorneys out of our system.

    @Carrie…. only Dennis McGlothin is being investigated as WSBA dismissed my grievance and appeal against Anthony Gipe and they assumed the ethical violations were because of Dennis McGlothin. Anthony Gipe gets away with “abusing” his legal authority once again! He has since run off to Shatz Law Group and he is WSAJ liaison to WSBA, and as an adjunct investigator for WSBA to investigate alleged ethical violations…… UNBELIEVABLE…. THAT SUCH A PERSON IS THE ONE WHO IS INVESTIGATING ETHICAL VIOLATIONS FOR ATTORNEYS! I did not have a chance when the attorney I was reporting about is friends and colleagues with everyone who makes these decisions and is on the WSBA board of governors. They assumed that this did not matter, and Anthony Gipe would be treated just like everyone one else. I do not believe this happened –and this man who tried to destroy my two teenage boys, steal all of my husband’s assets after his mother had died of cardiac arrest while breaking numerous rules of professional conduct– will soon be our new WSBA president. Our system will be allowing this attorney to continue to harm innocent victims with his evil, deceptive, and unethical practices by abusing his legal power. As with you Carrie…. and as promised in my grievance; the public will hear my story and –I will too– follow these attorneys, speak the truth, and make sure they are held accountable. They can close down their firm, try to hide while working at other firms, move to a different state, and/or hold positions with the Board of Governers to rebuild their reputations– but there is this wonderful invention which is known as the internet. Anthony Gipe and Dennis McGlothin can run… but they will certainly never be able to hide! I used to be scared of these attorneys, but no more will I coward down and allow them to ever abuse me or hurt any other innocent victim again! They tried to rape my soul, but in return, they have only made me stronger! I will not rest until Anthony Gipe –not just Dennis McGlothin– is held accountable for everything he tried to do to my family and me. I will seek justice until the day I die, and whether or not the WSBA discounts and/or dismissed the proven violations conducted by Mr. Anthony Gipe; the public will someday hear every gory detail of my complete nightmare and the public can then make their own opinion. I don’t need the WSBA to publish my accounts of Anthony Gipe, as I will be doing this myself and letting the public draw their own conclusion. It will also be clearly noted how the WSBA ignored all the warnings of this attorney while allowing him to continue to practice law in our State. He will continue to do this because he believes he is ‘above the law’ and will never be held accountable for his actions because he GETS AWAY WITH IT!! This may be the case for now, so “MR. ANTHONY GIPE” enjoy it while it lasts! The truth always prevails as it did in your bull-shit, frivolous law suit against my husband, children and me that only made you rich. YOU STOLE MY FAMILY’S MONEY AND CHILDREN’S COLLEGE TUITIONS TO GET RICH OFF OF A LAWSUIT WHERE YOUR CLIENT WAS THE ACTUAL PROVEN PERPETRATOR AND YOU KNEW IT! You will soon learn that you don’t mess with a mother’s child, because “mama bear’ is relentless and she will seek justice! It will be my life’s mission to make sure this happens. Carrie… you are not alone… and there are many others, but probably too scared to speak out. Some have contacted me through e-mail because they are too afraid to write anything on this website. Just understand, there are many, many others just like you and the more information we can get to expose these attorneys for what they really are, the better chance we have getting justice served. I believe Dennis McGlothin will be held accountable for his crimes and proven rules of professional conduction violations, which will be only half of my battle. If it take me 50 years, I WILL complete the second half and the people of this State will know exactly who Mr. Anthony Gipe really is with or without WSBA help!


    Posted by Sally Garfield | August 27, 2014, 12:25 pm
    • Sally, the class action begins with a ‘claim for damages’ filed according to RCW 4.92 … which we have already done…. This claim has been assigned to the Attorney General for investigation If you would like to be part of this effort, file a claim with the Office of Risk management (I can help you if you want to go this road) and ask that you be joined with our claim #05070004.

      In addition we are working on a RICO claim against the WA State Bar … this is being drafted and we can add you as a co-plaintiff (we’ll also seek class status). Let me know if either course of action appeals to you and I’ll tell you all that we know and what we think needs to be filed… etc.


      Posted by Bill S | August 27, 2014, 1:27 pm
      • Wow Bill, after reading your class action suit and the details of your grievances and the corruption and collusion by the WSBA, I just feel sick. Thank goodness you have a spine of steel and continue to persevere against such odds. I wonder why we cannot get any exposure from King 5 Investigators, there seems to be a very relevant and timely opportunity to expose the general public. Carrie


        Posted by Carrie | September 12, 2014, 7:49 am
    • Thank you Sally for your input and update. I agree with you – the Internet is no friend of the corrupt and Dennis McGlothin and Anthony Gipe can run, but they cannot hide. Truth and justice will prevail through the use of communication and exposure to their evil manipulations and raping of innocent people’s life savings and their peace of mind. Dennis McGlothin even told his friends in his AA and NA support group that he intends to ruin people’s lives through his frivolous litigation tactics, and I am sure Anthony Gipe is a snake of the same magnitude. I am not afraid and I have worked hard to expose fraud, illegal activities in more extreme cases than these two pathetic men who call themselves human. Carrie


      Posted by Carrie | August 27, 2014, 1:27 pm
      • Carrie,

        Not up to speed on all that is happening to you, but if there is a lawsuit in the works, I can “intervene” if the WA State Bar is implicated should you want a little added support. I’d also file to “join” the WSBA in any action from or against a lawyer… and I’d demand that any WSBA lawyer, who is serving as “judge” disqualify himself under RCW 2.28.030(1) because of his “direct interest in the association” to which all lawyers belong.

        Bottom line… I’m looking for cases to become involved and I will join anyone in any grievance against a lawyer.


        Posted by Bill S | August 27, 2014, 1:35 pm
      • Bill, the Grievance filed by my husband, Ken Gronewald, against Dennis Mcglothin was given the WSBA file no 14-01407 on August 19, 2014. Carrie


        Posted by Carrie | August 28, 2014, 5:32 pm
  16. @Bill…. I will e-mail you a private and get more information, and would be happy to look into this especially if I could make a difference. I definitely want to make a change in the way our legal system is set up so it stops draining innocent victims of their entire life savings defending against frivolous lawsuits made up by attorneys like Anthony Gipe and Dennis McGlothin. Anthony Gipe and Dennis McGlothin enjoy feeding on the money they receive from their angry rich clients who want revenge on their ex-wives. My lawsuit is over, but at a very high cost of having to defend against Dennis McGlothin and Anthony’s Gipes frivolous claims and all of their expensive and unnecessary litigation. I lost my entire life savings, my home, and had to file bankruptcy because of the $150,000 that they cost me defending their false allegations. Even though the allegations against me were criminal, they sued me civilly in Federal Court because the Redmond police thought their case was a complete joke and dismissed their claims. No charges were ever filed against me. I did not receive public assistance, because I was not charged on a criminal level, and had to defend this case with everything I had. I wasn’t going to give in, and fought for my life to prove my innocence. My kids will have long lasting effects for the rest of their life because this person, Anthony Gipe, who claims to be human tried to depose and have my own children testify against their own mother. It caused serious psychological effects that my children are suffering with today. Luckily, a very smart, intelligent mediator who had been a judge for 30 years was able to put a stop to Anthony Gipe’s abusive litigation tactics. I owe this man my life… and I will forever be grateful to him, as he could see right through the person Anthony Gipe is.

    @Carrie… I don’t know if you can call “pure evil” human as Anthony Gipe and Dennis McGlothin lack 0 percent empathy for another human being. I have no doubt what Dennis McGlothin claimed in his AA meetings, because this is what Olympic Law Group represented and has been allowed to accomplish. Stealing people’s money on frivolous claims and lawsuits to benefit themselves. They will search and destroy everything and anything in their path to make a buck, regardless of the long lasting impact on humans including young children’s lives I heard Dennis McGlothin was sick and this is why he closed his practice. I think it’s complete bull shit… as I believe he is reorganizing himself to search a new avenue while searching ways to destroy everything in his path. And… if he is sick…. I hope he is dying a slow and miserable death because he deserves no place in society and should –like Carrie commented– be behind bars!


    Posted by Sally Garfield | August 27, 2014, 2:54 pm
  17. Bill, my husband’s ex-wife has been receiving pro bono work from Dennis and all of his law firm associates from his various firms for the last 14 years. He counseled her on how to fabricate her tax returns, how to accept money under the table for child care, how to file frivolous motions and how to litigate for alimony that she has been receiving as well as fabricated legal cost each and every year for 14 years. She actually has been honest about her concern that he is dying from AIDS and did not actually want to litigate but he told her that he would file motions with or without her consent. Her daughters hate his presence and the mandatory family dinners that they had to endure with him and feel like their Mom is over her head in legal battles that really could have been settled out of court. He has been admonished by judges, missed court appearances and when he forced a court trial only to discover that he had a judge that did not support him, immediately requested a settlement that was previously offered prior to his $15,000 worth of legal fees. I have seen Declarations with his itemized bills that he has written off as pro bono. He needs to have his tax filings reviewed, as my husband’s ex-wife said that he made up a ton of legal proceedings on her behalf that she never was aware of. Dennis McGlothin preys on stupid and vulnerable people, supposedly hires experts for testimony that he never intends to use. I have 14 years worth of documentation and emails that we were never meant to see that were accidentally forwarded to us. Dennis told my husband’s ex-wife that he intended to spend all of the kid’s college savings that was saved over a 20 year period, had her file divorce, suggested she max out all joint credit cards and hide all savings and checking accounts and then directed her to claim both physical and mental abuse, directed a psychiatric evaluation for the kids and knowing her ex-husband flew out of state, had him arrested when he re-entered the country. My husband served 21 years in the Air Force and is a disabled Veteran and Dennis McGlothin intended to prove that his client actually served in the military by falsifying records to make his client a more sympathetic witness. None of his antics worked, but over 10 years and $100,000 worth of legal fees, the only person who thrived was Dennis Mcglothin. These are just small examples of his tactics.


    Posted by Carrie | August 27, 2014, 7:41 pm
  18. OMG… Carrie…. I am so so so sorry! I feel as though I am reading a text book from my own experience. I never wish any one a slow and miserable death, but I could seriously watch Dennis McGlothin and Anthony Gipe be strapped in an electric chair and not feel an ounce of remorse for either one of them. and… I am the type of person who can’t see a spider get killed without feeling bad. As well as these attorneys suing me in federal court, they also filed full custody on my two children who were 17 and 18. I had been a working single mom for most of their lives, and was involved in their schools and sports activities while my ex-husband traveled the world and partied. Dennis McGlothin accused me of the unthinkable and made up so many lies, as well as Anthony Gipe. Anthony Gipe accused my new husband of child abuse which his accusations did not go very far in court. Dennis McGlothin was sanctioned in federal court, and his client was ordered to pay my attorney fees on a many occasions. Even after all the trouble Dennis McGlothin kept getting into by judges, he seemed to just keep coming at me with more frivolous litigation, costing me thousands. It was almost as if he was unstoppable and the more trouble he got in didn’t scare him one bit! I couldn’t understand how our system could keep allowing this to happen, allowing these attorneys to keep abusing me with litigation when they were breaking every ethical rule. Dennis McGlothin ordered a parent evaluation which cost $14,000 for two almost grown boys, and served me with 37 pages of interrogatories, while having his client fight for one 17 year old boy. Anthony Gipe and Dennis McGlothin accused me of the ‘unthinkable’ when I had never had one bad mark on my record with any of my 3 children, and had never been charged for any criminal crimes in my life. For 18 years of raising children…. I was a model parent in every fashion where no one could say a bad word about me (although they tried to get people to say). With the help of Dennis McGlothin, his client stole every penny of my children’s college fund that my family had funded. When I found out the money was missing, Dennis McGlothin and Anthony Gipe contacted the police and claimed in federal court I had broken into my ex -husband’s personal bank accounts. Again, their claims did not go very far, and their client was ordered to return all the money…. but at a cost to everyone to fight in court about it.

    How can Anthony Gipe and Dennis McGlothin be allowed to use their legal power in this fashion? When they have criminal history, been sanctioned by judges, steals money, been caught lying and using the system for their benefit… how are they allowed to continue on and abuse the innocent???? In the end…. I signed over my custodial parental rights vs going to trial where my son would have been close to 18 years old by the time everything was over. Dennis McGlothin was able to get his client $100 a month in child support for 6 months after both parties spent close to a $100,000. My relationship with my son has been the best it has ever been after this experience, although we don’t speak of the past. It’s too painful for both of us. Again, Dennis McGlothin and Anthony Gipe were probably laughing themselves all the way to the bank, while doing their best to ruin family relations, while depositing all our money in their bank accounts. It was beyond SICK AND DISGUSTING, and now Anthony Gipe is going to be the new President Elect. WSBA should truly be ashamed of themselves!!! When you google Anthony Gipe’s name there is an article about him while he was in college which headlines, “Anthony Gipe does everyone a disservice” Even in college he left his true marks about the kind of person he is… and the WSBA could not see through this. I have no respect for this organization after electing someone who deliberately sets out to harm others. It’s so.. so.. so.. sad!!!


    Posted by Rebecca Wilson | August 28, 2014, 9:09 am
  19. I also want to add that Anthony Gipe ordered to a 7 hour deposition, which he made sure he used every last minute of his allowed time. He mentally abused me the entire time, and falsified an e-mail claiming to have the evidence in his hand. He put me in horrible emotional pain, while I had to leave the a room crying my eyes out. When I asked to see the e-mail he was holding, he tried to cover it up because he was fabricating the content trying to get me to admit to crimes I did not commit. I have all this on public recored, proving so many violations of the Rules of Professional conduct that were broken by Gipe. This was just a fraction of the unethical practices that were taking place, and the court reporter was horrified. She had never in her life seen such abuse by an attorney to another human being during deposition. After the deposition, I became physically ill for two days, and the sound of hearing his voice would make me sweat and my whole body went into a panic. It was almost as if I had been raped by this man, the emotions I felt after the abuse where so real and horrifying that is truly hard to explain. It’s even hard for me to write about it, as brining back these memories is that nightmare you try to block out of your memory for good. I wish I could !


    Posted by Rebecca Wilson | August 28, 2014, 9:39 am
    • OMG, I just assumed McGlothin and Gipe went after men and coerced his women clients to lie and fabricate stories. Their evilness knows no bounds. Whenever McGlothin missed a hearing or was caught in a lie he would claim a mental breakdown and was hospitalized so he would get clean and sober, and when he dumped his then 18 year old boyfriend – picked him up when the kid was 16, he claimed the break up caused his drinking and drug use. It is a vicious cycle that allows him to own multiple houses, pure breed dogs, expensive cars and I bet buying off the legal system along with Gipe to keep himself in good standing. I am so disappointed with the legal corruption in Washington, I have tried to get a King 5 investigation but no one dared expose those two frauds on air!


      Posted by Carrie | August 28, 2014, 3:26 pm
  20. @carrrie… Is it really true about dennis mcglothin being arrested for soliciting young boys. I know he impersonated a police officer while entering courtrooms and was charged for this. I did not hear about the young boys. If you have any proof of this, would you be able to email me any/all information. I think this would be critical in making sure it was also submitted to the disciplinarian council that was assigned to my case.


    Posted by Rebecca Wilson | August 28, 2014, 3:50 pm
    • Yes, my lawyer was able to check his arrest record that was sealed and get the original charging papers. I check his arrest record all the time and since it was fresh at the time of some drawn out litigation, she was able to get to it before he had it sealed and reclassified as a misdemeanor and not a felony.


      Posted by Carrie | August 28, 2014, 4:46 pm
    • This incident occurred on 5-9-2008, he was the defendant in King County District Court, case number 280036492.


      Posted by Carrie | August 28, 2014, 4:50 pm
  21. Hahaha I contacted king 5 also ! Actually I tried to “get Jesse” but no luck. I guess king 5 does not like to deal w lawyers. I still keep hoping someone out there will tell my story and expose these frauds for who they really are. It’s my
    Life’s mission to make this happen. They pissed off the wrong person and stole my life savings. I promise –some day– they will be held accountable. I will never give up until justice is served.


    Posted by Rebecca Wilson | August 28, 2014, 5:49 pm
    • We must be soul sisters. I also served 21 years in the military and the one point of honor and integrity that stuck with me is to expose corruption, fraud and dishonesty – even at a personal cost no matter how difficult. Aside from the fact that we wasted a ton of money, the kids were raked through the coals and had no college savings left and me and my husband virtually lost all of our investments, I, too, consider this my moral duty to rid the worst of the worst who prey on those who are honest and try to handle legal matters in a fair and supportive environment for the kids. I have read over 30 briefs on cases Mcglothin and Gipe appealed – most were turned down with prejudice. I am like you Rebecca, I will not rest this fight until I see those reptiles behind bars. Carrie


      Posted by Carrie | August 28, 2014, 6:42 pm
  22. Carrie… We must be soul sisters, and I am glad I got to hear some of your experiences. You sound like a wonderful person who had to go through the “unthinkable” with Dennis McGlothin. I am so… so… so sorry you had to endeavor the pain and hard ache that he brought upon you and your family. If you have been reading Anthony Gipe and Dennis McGlothin’s briefs, you have probably seen some of mine. They filed so many motions against me, and made me out to be a hard core criminal. They would get denied motion after motion, their client would be held in contempt, they would have to pay attorney fees… etc. They never prevailed, but still kept coming at me. No wonder Dennis McGlothin and Anthony Gipe used my two teenage boys as the core of their entire case and as their sacrificial lambs. Obviously, Dennis McGlothin has no empathy for young boys as well as Anthony Gipe. These two attorneys tried to convince me that my two children, the ones I gave birth too, would turn against their own mother to prove their frivolous lawsuit. They had no idea of the love a mother and child share, and using them as his impeachment witnesses was a laughing joke. I had to hold back cracking up in Anthony Gipe’s face when he mentioned this in my deposition. I mean…. REALLY… DID HE TRULY BELIEVE HE WAS SCARING ME WITH THOSE THREATS!!!! ! They had no other witnesses to prove their case against me, and tried to attack my children. WELL ANTHONY GIPE AND DENNIS MCGLOTHIN…. YOUR ANTICS AGAINST MY CHILDREN NEVER WORKED AND YOUR WHOLE CASE BLEW UP IN YOUR FACE, CRIMINALLY AND CIVILLY !!!!!! YOU MIGHT HAVE GOTTEN RICH BY MANIPULATING YOUR CLIENT AND RIPPING MY CHILDREN’S SOULS OUT, BUT YOUR REPUTATION AS BEING HONORABLE IS EVERYTHING IN YOUR LINE OF WORK! I BELIEVE THERE ARE MANY INNOCENT PEOPLE JUST LIKE MYSELF WHO WILL BE SHARING THEIR EXPERIENCE ABOUT HOW OLYMPIC LAW GROUP, DENNIS MCGLOTHIN, & ANTHONY GIPE TRIED TO DESTROY THEIR FAMILY WHILE STEALING ALL THEIR MONEY FOR UNNECESSARY LITIGATION. THE TRUTH ALWAYS COMES OUT, AND IN YOUR CASE, THERE SEEMS TO BE A LOT OF PEOPLE ARE ARE READY AND WILLING TO EXPOSE BOTH OF YOU!!!!

    Carrie… if you enjoy reading briefs that involve Dennis McGlothin and Anthony Gipe, here is another one to add to your collection. This is just one of many examples of the “3-ring circus” Dennis McGlothin and Anthony Gipe created to impose unnecessary litigation and abusing their legal power. You can obviously see what Judge Richard Jones –a well respected Federal court judge thought of these guys–as well as everyone else in the system. But then again… they have still been allowed to continue harming the innocent; they have still been allowed to hold honorable positions with the board of governors and then WSBA; they are still being allowed to harm young children; and the we, the citizens of this State need to stop the corruption of Dennis McGlothin and Anthony Gipe! The question is WHY and HOW they are being continued to do this and this is why are system in this State is so broken????

    In this order below, I am taking out my ex-husband’s name, only to protect my children. You can look it up, as it is public information on Case C12-851RAJ.

    “CASE NO. C12-851RAJ ORDER
    This matter comes before the court on Plaintiffs’ motion regarding the preservation of electronic evidence as well as their motion to compel mediation. For the reasons stated herein, the court DENIES both motions (Dkt. ## 64, 67) and awards Defendants their attorney fees as stated in this order. This order includes instructions for the parties to prepare for a February 12, 2013 status conference at 2:00 p.m. at which the court will set this matter for an expedited trial. At the same conference, Plaintiffs’ counsel shall show cause why he should not be sanctioned for accusing Ms. Wilson and her counsel of stealing evidence when there was no legitimate basis for that accusation.
    According to Plaintiff P.A. , his ex-wife, Defendant Rebecca Wilson, used computer software from January 2012 to May 2012 to unlawfully access his laptop
    Mr. A’s current wife is also a Plaintiff; Ms. Wilson’s current husband is also a Defendant. The court focuses on Mr. A and Ms. Wilson in this

    She allegedly used that access to acquire personal information from the laptop and from his online accounts, then disseminated that information to others. Although the court will refer to the laptop that Ms. Wilson allegedly accessed as the “A Laptop,” at least three people use it: Ms. C, Mr. A, and one of Mr. A and Ms. Wilson’s teenage sons. Prior to this litigation, Ms. Wilson had access to the A—– Laptop because her son frequently brought it to her house. Mr. A and Ms. Wilson share custody of their two sons, although they are embroiled in a King County Superior Court family law proceeding that Mr. A brought to challenge their custody arrangement. The court has repeatedly expressed its concern that Mr. A brought this lawsuit not to vindicate his legal rights, but for the purpose of subjecting Ms. Wilson to the emotional and financial burdens of litigation. The motions before the court only strengthen the court’s suspicions.

    After the parties engaged in substantial early discovery, the court imposed a discovery stay at a September 5, 2012 hearing. The court had already imposed a limited stay in an August 9 order. The court imposed the stay until at least mid-November,2 informing the parties that its decision on whether to lift the stay would depend on the status of the King County proceeding. The parties have been tight-lipped about the status of the King County proceeding. The court is aware only that a neutral evaluator recently completed a lengthy report in which he recommended that Mr. A and Ms. Wilson continue to share custody of their sons, and expressed concerns about the destructive impact of this litigation on the family.

    When it imposed the discovery stay, the court allowed the parties to attempt to resolve two discovery issues. The court directed the parties to resolve their dispute about the preservation of electronic evidence from Ms. Wilson’s computers and the A Laptop. The court also directed Ms. Wilson to assist Mr. A in attempting to locate an internet router that she once used in her home, but that she believed was now in the possession of Comcast, her cable provider. The parties’ attempted resolution of these discovery issues and its aftermath are the subject of Mr. A’s first motion. Mr. A’s demand that Ms. Wilson mediate this dispute concurrently with the King County proceeding is the subject of the second motion. The court now considers each motion.

    Mr. A erroneously contends that the stay expired on November 15, 2012. The minute entry from the September 5 hearing (Dkt. # 58) demonstrates that November 15 was merely the earliest day on which the court might lift the stay. The stay remains in effect.

    One of the few encouraging notes in this litigation came on September 18, when the parties submitted an agreed order resolving their disputes about the preservation of electronic evidence and the whereabouts of the router. Dkt. # 60. The agreed order was just over three pages long and described a reasonable protocol for preserving evidence from Ms. Wilson’s computers, her email accounts, and the A Laptop. The order required both parties to use technicians to accomplish the preservation of electronic evidence. It also directed Ms. Wilson to continue to assist Mr. A in determining if he could recover the router from Comcast.

    The record reveals that instead of using the agreed order as a means to expeditiously preserve evidence, Mr. A and his counsel used it as another way to pester Ms. Wilson. Mr. A’s counsel’s emails provide a diary of a campaign to heap additional expense on Ms. Wilson in the guise of achieving compliance with the agreed order. That campaign came to a head on October 25, when Mr. A filed a motion to enforce the agreed order. The court struck that motion because Mr. A’s counsel had ignored a previous order requiring the parties to meet and confer. Aug. 9, 2012 ord. (Dkt. # 50) at 4. Mr. A renewed the motion soon thereafter.

    The motion raises three issues. First, Mr. A complains that Ms. Wilson’s technician did not adequately preserve images of her hard drives or her email accounts. Second, he asks for additional assurances about the router. Third, he accuses Ms. Wilson of stealing the A Laptop.

    A. Preservation of Ms. Wilson’s Computer Hard Drives and Emails

    After she signed the agreed order, Ms. Wilson’s technician began the process of creating images of twelve hard drives from ten computers that she identified during earlier discovery. The technician also copied several email accounts that she identified during discovery. The record reflects that her technician worked diligently to make the copies and that he often updated Mr. A’s technician on his progress. He also considered her input as to methodology for copying the hard drives and emails. Mr. A’s technician now points to inadequacies in Ms. Wilson’s technician’s approach.The agreed order permits Ms. Wilson’s technician, and only her technician, to make copies of her computer hard drives and email accounts. The order gave Mr. A’s technician a limited role. She was permitted to “attend and monitor the processes for the copying,” but she declined to take advantage of that opportunity. Agr. Ord. ¶ 3. She was also permitted to “verify and authenticate the copies made.” Id. The parties agreed to use “standard procedures for forensic computer preservation,” but made no agreement as to those procedures or for resolving disputes over those procedures. Id. ¶ 4. So far as the record reveals, Mr. A’s technician has reviewed Ms. Wilson’s technician’s report on the preservation process and has a host of complaints about the manner in which he copied both the hard drives and the emails. Whatever validity those complaints may have, the court will not resolve them today. The agreed order did not give Mr. A or his technician authority to dictate the processes Ms. Wilson’s technician used. If the evidence showed that Ms. Wilson’s technician’s approach was completely inadequate to preserve evidence, the court would perhaps intervene. Instead, the evidence suggests differences of opinion between two technicians as to the methodology and completeness of the preservation. If Mr. A preferred that he be able to dictate the means and manner of preservation of electronic evidence, then he should not have entered an agreement to allow Ms. Wilson to control that process.

    Apparently unhappy with the bargain he struck, Mr. A now asks the court to cast aside the agreed order and force Ms. Wilson to turn over her computers and email accounts to his technician. The court will not order Ms. Wilson to submit her computers and accounts for imaging a second time. If Mr. Ar is unhappy with the agreement he reached in the agreed order, he has only himself to blame.
    The court does not decide today whether Ms. Wilson’s efforts to preserve her hard drives and email accounts have been adequate. That is a dispute for the trier of fact. If the evidence supports an inference that Ms. Wilson or her technician did not make adequate efforts to preserve evidence, the court will consider instructing the jury as to adverse inferences they may draw. It may be in Ms. Wilson’s interests to consider Mr. A’s technician’s suggestions for better preserving evidence.
    The agreed order also requires Mr. A to pay Ms. Wilson’s technician for the cost of imaging Ms. Wilson’s hard drives and email accounts. He has not done so. He must pay the technician’s invoice in full within ten days of this order, or the court will impose sanctions.

    B. The Router
    Mr. A believes that the router, which Ms. Wilson used in early 2012, contains evidence of her wrongdoing. By the time Mr. Armour first raised the issue, Ms. Wilson had moved to a different home. She claimed that Comcast, her cable provider, reclaimed the router when she moved. In June, the court signed an order directing Comcast to respond to Mr. Armour’s subpoena. For reasons Mr. A has not explained, that subpoena was insufficient to reveal the fate of the router. At the September 5 hearing, the court directed Ms. Wilson to continue to assist in determining what happened to the router, and the parties memorialized her promise to do so in the agreed order.
    Ms. Wilson and her counsel have provided extensive evidence as to their efforts to determine what became of the router. It now appears that the router she used was her own, rather than one that Comcast provided. It is nonetheless possible that Comcast took possession of her router when she moved. Although Mr. A continues to complain that he has not been able to obtain the router or determine what happened to it, he suggests no course of action that is likely to reveal more than Ms. Wilson has already revealed. The court is satisfied that Ms. Wilson and her counsel have complied with the agreed order’s requirement that they make efforts to determine the fate of the router. They have no further obligations to locate the router, except to the extent the court approves future discovery requests regarding the router.
    C. The A—— Laptop
    The A—— Laptop (which he, his wife, and his son use) is the device at the center of Mr. A’s lawsuit. According to Mr. A, Ms. Wilson installed monitoring software on the laptop in January 2012 in order to obtain information about Mr. A and his wife. She also allegedly accessed Mr. A’s information directly by using the computer on occasions when her son brought it to her house. Since at least May 2012, Mr. A has been aware of Ms. Wilson’s alleged wrongdoing, and has had ample opportunity to prevent her from gaining access to the laptop. It is thus surprising, to say the least, that Mr. A still apparently stores his personal information on the A—— Laptop and permits his son to use it. His son took the A—– Laptop to his mother’s home (again) on October 1. During the course of that weekend visit, the laptop disappeared. Mr. A’s son and two of his friends had access to the laptop that weekend, as did Ms. Wilson and anyone else who was in her home. It is possible that Mr. A’s son took the laptop out of Ms. Wilson’s home, and may even have taken it to Mr. A’s home. Beyond this, there is no evidence at all about the location of the A Laptop. Nonetheless, Mr. A accuses Ms. Wilson of stealing it. One of his counsel also accuses Ms. Wilson’s counsel of being complicit in the theft. Mr. A’s complaints about the A Laptop border on the absurd. If the A—- Laptop is the portal through which Ms. Wilson allegedly gained access to Mr. A’s personal information, his decision to permit his son to continue to use it is a poor one. It suggests either that he is unwilling to take even minimal steps to secure his personal information, or it suggests that he prefers to use the laptop to generate additional fodder for this litigation. If Mr. A sought to keep his information from Ms. Wilson, and was behaving prudently, he would have either ceased using a laptop that his son also used or he would have done more to ensure that his son did not take the laptop to Ms. Wilson’s home. Instead, he continued to use the same laptop and his son again took it to his wife’s home. Now the laptop is missing. The court does not know what happened to the laptop. Ms. Wilson’s son may have done something with it, his son’s friends may have done something with it, Mr. A may have done something with it, Ms. Wilson may have done something with it, or some unknown party may have done something with it. Mr. A’s insistence that Ms. Wilson stole it is speculative at best and slanderous at worst. On the record before the court, the laptop is missing and Mr. A was at best negligent in allowing that to happen. Moreover, Mr. A has failed to comply with his own promise, in the agreed order, to make the laptop available to Ms. Wilson’s technician for copying. Mr. Armour has spent many thousands of dollars pursuing this litigation, suggesting that he has the means to purchase a laptop for his own use, rather than continuing to use a laptop that his son takes to his mother’s home.

    Mr. A and his counsel were not content merely to accuse Ms. Wilson of theft, his counsel (Dennis McGlothin, specifically) accused Ms. Wilson’s counsel of being complicit in the theft. These accusations were baseless and beneath the standards of an officer of the court. The court orders Mr. McGlothin to show cause why he should not be sanctioned $1,000 for making baseless accusations of Ms. Wilson’s counsel. He shall respond to this order at the February 12 status conference, although he may make a written submission no later than February 8, if he prefers.

    Mr. A filed a motion to compel mediation and timed the mediation so that Ms. Wilson would have to respond to it in the midst of the December holidays. In the motion, Mr. A contends that a mediation is tentatively scheduled in the King County proceeding for this month or February 2013, and that the court should order Ms. Wilson to mediate this dispute at the same time. Mr. A has done nothing to demonstrate to the court that a mediation will occur in the King County proceeding. The only update that the court has received regarding the King County proceeding is that an evaluator has completed a report. Mr. A provided only a four-page excerpt of the report, which is at least 170 pages long. Even that excerpt confirms the court’s suspicions about the use of this litigation as a weapon in a destructive family conflict. The evaluator opined that even in the best case (from the standpoint of the children’s interests), in which Mr. A agreed to voluntarily dismiss this lawsuit, its negative impact on his children would be substantial. In the evaluator’s opinion, the impacts will only worsen if Mr. A continues to pursue this case, regardless of its outcome. As to mediation, however, the excerpt that Mr. A provided is silent. Ms. Wilson’s counsel asserts that she will not oppose any of the recommendations the evaluator made, suggesting that no mediation is necessary in the King County proceeding. Even if the parties mediate the King County proceeding, the court will not order them to mediate this one. The court encourages the parties to attempt to resolve this dispute amicably, but it seems unlikely they will be able to do so. Mr. A offers nothing to counter Ms. Wilsons’ assertion that he has demanded a large monetary payment as a component of any settlement, and nothing to counter her assertion that she can no more afford a settlement than she can afford this litigation.

    Although the court will not compel mediation, it will develop a schedule for bringing this matter to a resolution. It will hold a status conference on February 12, for the purpose of setting this matter for an expedited trial. To prepare for the status conference, the parties shall prepare a list of what proceedings, if any, are necessary before this matter may be tried. That list must be specific. If the parties intend to request discovery, they shall draft discovery requests and bring them to the status conference. Although the court may lift the discovery stay at the status hearing, it will not permit any party to serve any discovery request (including, without limitation, subpoenas, deposition notices, interrogatories, requests for production of documents, or requests for admission) without the court’s prior approval. If the parties intend to file additional motions before trial, they must list them specifically. The parties must also estimate how many days they believe are necessary for trial. The court will use the parties’ input to develop a schedule for bringing this matter to a close as quickly and inexpensively as possible.

    Mr. McGlothin initially sent a letter inquiring about the location of the A—- Laptop. When Ms. Wilson and her counsel explained that they did not have possession of the laptop and demanded that Mr. A produce it so that they could copy it in accordance with the agreed order, Mr. McGlothin reiterated his accusations of theft. Later that day, he sent an email that included the following passage:
    Do [sic] to this precipitous action on your client’s part that was obviously done with your knowledge and direction, [Mr. A’s son’s] school work that was on the computer has not been turned in and both [Mr. A’s son] and P— have been deprived of the use of their computer. I think this is conversion.
    Lewis Decl. (Dkt. # 65-1), Att. A (emphasis added). Later that day, after Ms. Wilson’s counsel denied any knowledge of the laptop’s whereabouts and demanded a retraction of the baseless allegations, counsel responded in another email. He wrote: “Let’s quit playing games and get the laptop back . . . .” Id. Mr. McGlothin appears to admit that he accused opposing counsel of theft as part of a “game” that he initiated.

    Mr. A brought neither of these motions in good faith. He will pay all of the attorney fees Ms. Wilson incurred in responding to these motions, including the time her counsel spent responding to his counsel’s emails. Counsel shall meet and confer and agree on the amount of attorney fees. If they are unable to reach an agreement, Ms. Wilson may file a motion for attorney fees. The court will impose additional fees on any party who takes an unreasonable position in that motion.

    For the reasons stated above, the court DENIES both of Plaintiffs’ motions, awards Defendants their attorney fees incurred in opposing the motions, and orders Plaintiff’s counsel to show cause why he should not be sanctioned. Dkt. ## 64, 67. The court sets a status conference for 2:00 p.m. on February 12, 2013.
    DATED this 29th day of January, 2013.



    Posted by Rebecca | August 29, 2014, 9:38 am
    • How ironic, I just sent you the link to this exact transcript that I read a couple of months ago when filing a grievance about McGlothin. Yeah, when I read this I just saw the amount of money and frivolous litigation that he provided in an obvious abuse of the system. More than 50 motions – OMG.


      Posted by Carrie | August 29, 2014, 9:53 am
  23. OMG… is right. The worst part about all of this is that they attacked my husband who had nothing to do with anything. My husband was in disbelief that they were able to have access to his personal information by abusing their legal authority when he did absolutely nothing to deserve any of this. They only put him on the lawsuit because they believed he had money, and tried to rip his soul out in the worst possible ways after his mother had died. I hope Dennis McGlothin and Anthony Gipe burn in hell if they are not punished to the fullest here on earth. I am not a huge religious person, but if heaven and hell exist, I hope satan is saving a place for both of them. It sounds as if Dennis will be heading there soon.


    Posted by Rebecca Wilson | August 29, 2014, 4:45 pm
    • Mcglothin has no soul – he is the devil and I hope he rots in jail with as many large boyfriends who will love to shower with him. He will probably figure a way out of this mess by running to Mexico. I hope he pisses off the Cartel and get his just rewards somehow. I also had an inheritance that he tried to take from me, four court proceedings and legal fees used it up anyway but he and my husband’s ex-wife did not get it, but I lost it anyway to all the legal fees! I am so sorry to hear and read your story, I appreciate your tough spirit because it is so easy to feel powerless without any support – thank you to you and everyone else on this site who is also working hard to expose these criminals!


      Posted by Carrie | August 29, 2014, 6:17 pm
    • Rebecca, having done nothing to deserve any of it, and then baited buy the possibility of converting what is yours to theirs somehow, appears to be a most popular motive for these type. As insane as it would appear to the normal rational thinking decent human being, it most certainly is not viewed like that by these type of greed fueled predators. I personally can assure you of that. This type of rational employed by this sick & twisted corrupt bunch is what makes it even so much more difficult for the normal logical thinking person to fight them or anticipate their next move. As to how we go about converting our mental process to adapt to this type of rational so as to effectively combat this disease in society is asking a lot from ourselves. Especially in consideration of the fact within doing so , it is only a temporary maneuver for us to evaluate them and what might be their next anticipated move.


      Posted by Bruce Gambill | August 30, 2014, 12:48 pm
  24. LOL!!!! Yes… Carrie…. I can so relate to what you would like to see happen to Dennis McGlothin. Thank you so much for your hard work, research, and dedication to expose McGlothin’s and Gipe’s corruption. There was a time I felt powerless, and so many people like you have given me the strength to fight for justice and not be scared anymore. Carrie, I admire your strength and courage, and thank you for sharing your story. It sounds as though you are a very honorable and courageous person, and someone who people respect. Doing “Good” always prevails over “Evil” even though is doesn’t always feel like it does. You just have to be patient and give it time, and you too will get the justice you deserve 🙂 I would actually be interested in reading your grievance if you would ever want to share. Again, my e-mail is I know I am going to be interviewed by the disciplinarian counsel soon, so any critical information you could share, would be greatly appreciated. It’s takes a village to get results…. and I too appreciate this website and I thank Bill for his perseverance in making a change in a broken system that so desperately needs to be changed while assisting in exposing these criminals!!!!!


    Posted by Rebecca Wilson | August 30, 2014, 8:23 am
    • And thanks to you Rebecca! Since my husband was the officially respondent the grievance had to be filed by him. I did all the research and documentation and wrote the grievance off the cuff for him to edit. It was all fact based with Dennis’s own accidentally forwarded emails and Declarations, but I will compile it and forward to you. Have a great weekend and thanks again for your courage, patience and wisdom!


      Posted by Carrie | August 30, 2014, 11:39 am
  25. Having my concerns be a bit off current topic of moral boosting which is of course essential for us humans under these conditions. However my concern is with the blatancy of the 12 yr old mentality employed by the Bar with their defensive moves to cover for their flagrant fraudulent acts, such as when Elizabeth Turner point blank altered the main facts in my application to their Fund so as to clearly defraud me/cheat me out of the measly $288,712.36 that I applied for. Having this amount only represent approx. 15% of what these two attorneys had actually illegally embezzled or had directly cost me to lose out of pocket.,

    Having all of which substantiated by verifiable finance records, including registered 1031 reverse exchange records, State, County, City and Federal development permits. With me knowing full and well that the likelihood of ever getting this Bar Association to actually fulfill what they have placed in print regarding the purpose & intent of the L.F.For C.P. Attempting to deceive the public through the false reassurance of thinking that if by some remote chance that one of their members accidently robbed you for your life’s saving, the ol’ Fund was their to make things better. Well point being, the likelihood of having that come to pass would be as likely that summer around here would extend through January

    So I merely applied for what I had directly been forced to lose in relationship to the illegally forced bankruptcy as it applied to my residence only . The directly resulting increased % rates and insurance rates to date at the time of application to the Fund.

    Squirming like most low budget small time criminals when caught, and desperate to escape accountability and prosecution, the Disc. Board files their duck blind decoy grievance against Miss Turner for me without my knowledge or consent.

    Being so forthright and well intended as they are, they even take it one step further to demonstrate just how fair and “unbiased”..they truly are by hiring Zachery Mosener to be the independent judge of this grievance from the same A.G.O. that had just previously told me that they could not be involved under any circumstances.

    Only failing to include any of the real pertinent documents whereas 300 + of which were available within my file at the Bar. Now basing this entire grievance on simply the 1.5 pg. semi cynical email I had sent to Julie Shankland who is the P.R. for the Disc. Board. Absolutely pathetic.

    Hardly any different than the multiple barrage of assaults attempted to be executed towards Anne Block by the Bar.

    Nothing more than a barbaric display of spiteful retaliation.

    Now yesterday having the U.S. Marshal ask me specifically as to what Attorney Grahn’s physical appearance was, age , weight , height, hair color etc. Clearly in an attempt to judge just how quickly and accurate I was in my ability to describe him. doing so in a psychological effort to determine if I intended on gathering up Grahn and leaving his remains on the front steps of the Temple of Justice I suppose.

    What I am driving at here is these people actually have the self appointed opinion of themselves as being sophisticated intellectual professionals in their field. Whereas I find it particularly boring and to some degree insulted by even being approached with this mentality, let alone these actors confidently assuming that it will be sufficient to effectively achieve their goals.

    Compounded by the fact that anyone with the brains that God would bestow upon a gopher could not readily see through these maneuvers like an open window.

    Further compounded by the fact that they have the arrogant audacity to openly refuse to follow printed guidelines for their Duty published by their employer. Including that they refuse to look at anything that might represent hard undeniable factual proof, evidence of illegal statute violating conduct. Then if attempted to be verbally described to them, they in turn proceed to tell you that no, water is not wet, the sun is not hot and we don’t really breath air.

    Having the next step being in this childish game they run in all of these law enforcement agencies, Bar Associations etc. if by chance it ends up in court and push becoming shove, the same total B.S. is reconfirmed for them by some Corrupt Organized Crime Judge riddled with RICO. Then having that be expected to be more than sufficient to mark an end, satisfactorily providing the necessities for a means.

    . Clearly being viewed by these manipulative run of the mill wanna be criminals as being sufficient for the vast majority of us who of course, only have mush for brains at our disposal, let alone any needs or Rights that would even begin to compare to these disgusting rodents of society.

    Personally , which of course they are quick to attempt to remind you that your thoughts regarding all of this personally, do not matter. I find this to be the ultimate insult to all of our lives , families etc. Just low life rude degrading attempts to feed off of us and then discard our insignificant remains.

    For us to be openly viewed and treated like this by those of who we are paying who are bound by sworn oath to serve us, then illegally forced to accept this or else……

    Are we totally fed up with being abused, tortured, terrorized, robbed, cheated by an inept gang of wanna be bullies who are clearly and consistently incapable of defeating us without isolating us, ganging up on us, breaking their own rules, violating their sworn Oaths, violating our guaranteed rights, and those of our children, friends and families?. Having it in the end by ultimate physical force at times, be crammed down our throats and made to eat this. Then expected to be content with just sitting back while we watch our lives, careers, credit, families , fruits of our hard work, our time &efforts, hopes and dreams be ruthlessly destroyed or stolen from us.

    I most certainly would hope that what I have written here today is not simply interpreted as merely a rant, but be faced as a blunt reality that clearly must be addressed with the greatest of vigor and steadfast determination for the sake of us all. As to why unity for us humans is so impossible to achieve, and having that be the main way and means for this corruption & life destroying criminal acts to be achieved against us all still continues to elude so many . Having this corrupt disease know this emphatically, enabling it to continue to grow each and every day to where it is no longer even attempted to be hidden. Flagrantly executed as if it was really the written rules and their right . God help us if we are truly incapable of helping each other so as to help ourselves..


    Posted by Bruce Gambill | August 30, 2014, 10:56 am
  26. Carrie & Bill, one last statement I want to make for people who are reading this blog and/or have read my court documents that are certainly public record. The one area that frustrates me, is that it doesn’t show my innocence, just all all the horrible defamatory accusation Gipe, McGlothin, and his wealthy client concocted. In fact, when you google my name, the crimes I am accused is of the unthinkable! It’s hard to believe that anyone can file a civil lawsuit, and publicize the “worst of the worst” about your character with defamatory and slanderous claims and be able to get away with this. So now, I want to publicly state the conclusion of this lawsuit myself. Anthony Gipe accused me of a number of criminal crimes and said I defamed my ex-husband and his new wife. He also claimed that I ruined her career with a defamatory anonymous letter to the Board of where she was employed causing her to be indefinitely suspended, as well as running her credit report. Gipe and McGlothin also encouraged his client to file a lengthy police report with the Redmond Police department who did a 1 year investigation with many search warrants invading my personal life as well as my husbands. The Redmond police dismissed all their claims and there was NEVER a SINGLE criminal charge filed against me. Even though I was never charged with as much as a misdemeanor, Anthony Gipe and Dennis McGlothin were still allowed to subpoena and have access to my personal computers, bank information, personal e-mails, phone records, text messages, and every thing else they could get their hands on. McGlothin, who at the time I didn’t know had been charged with felony crimes, had all of our personal information because someone paid him enough money to do so. The “System” allowed this criminal, Dennis McGlothin to have all my personal information without proof of one criminal charge and I now have to live in fear everyday. Although Judge Richard Jones had denied their motion to mediate this case, only because of the large amount Gipe and McGlothin demanded and knowing I could never pay. At first they wanted all of my husband’s assets and our marital community. They then thought they were being nice, by only asking for $150,000 to cover their client’s legal fees to settle. My attorney talked me into trying mediation with a man named Judge Bruce Hilyer, who worked with both parties until 11:30 p.m. at night. He was the only one that was able to get through to Anthony Gipe about how outrageous and crazy this entire lawsuit was. I don’t know what happened in the other room with Anthony Gipe and his clients, but all I could hear was a lot of yelling. Judge Hiyler was able to take Anthony Gipe’s ransom from $150,000 to $36,000 which was to be put in trust for my children. This money was to be used only to go toward my children’s expenses where I was to receive monthly accounting records. The sealed agreement said that neither party was at fault, and that we were not allowed to disclose the contents of this settlement agreement. Not 3 weeks later, Dennis McGlothin filed contempt on me in family court, and wrote in his filings the amount that I had paid to his client for all my “so called” wrongdoings (according to Gipe and McGlothin). Gipe and McGlothin deliberately breached the settlement agreement, and it was my choice to take their deliberate actions to arbitration. They also contacted the Redmond police and said I had admitted to all the crimes they had recorded on record and that I paid their client a lot of money to settle. The Redmond detective was going to reopen the criminal case against me because of the new information from Gipe, McGlothin and/or their client. I was out of money and mentally exhausted, and couldn’t fathom having to go through the hard-ache of possible criminal charges because of more manipulation conducted by Gipe and McGlothin. Instead of paying thousands to attend arbitration for the breach, I filed a motion to allow the settlement agreement to become public. Now, I am allowed to share what was written in this agreement, so McGlothin and Gipe can no longer defame my character anymore. I was able to submit this agreement to the Redmond Police, which closed and dismissed their case against me once and for all. Olympic Law Group still continued to harass me by threatening contempt again, until I filed my grievances with the WSBA. Ever since I was able to get a 3-0 vote with the WSBA to conduct a thorough investigation against my appeal on Dennis McGlothin, while assigning a special disciplinarian counsel; they have left me alone since last December. I haven’t even heard from their “go to girl” Serin Ngai who they pulled all the strings for her to do their “dirty work.” I had also filed a grievance against her, but decided not to appeal, because I don’t believe she is evil. I believe she is a new attorney, who got in with the wrong people and hopefully she will move on to more ethical and honorable practices. In fact, Anthony Gipe tries to hide behind his criminal partners in law firms, while I believe he has mastered how to manipulate the system to stay in good standing. How ironic that his first partner was Lindsey Thomson who was disbarred for stealing client’s money, and now his next partner is under investigation with the WSBA. Everything Dennis McGlothin did against me, Anthony Gipe had a hand in all of it and should also be held accountable.

    To date, Anthony Gipe has never sent me one legitimate accounting recored proving that the $36,000 is being used for my children or that it was ever put in a trust. Olympic Law Group and Anthony Gipe only ignored my requests to see these reports I was entitled too. Yes, one could say I should have filed a motion for arbitration, but this would cost me thousands, while Anthony Gipe is still being allowed to manipulate the truth, steal my savings, while continuing to keep me in unnecessary abusive litigation. There is a time to say… “IS IT ALL REALLY WORTH IT???” All my life, I have tried to be an honorable and good person and follow the laws that were set before us. I have never had as much as a speeding ticket, and have always been a good mother to my 3 children. I did not deserve what the system allowed to happen to me. I did not deserve to be abused and thrown into such abusive litigation in such a horrible fashion by attorneys who have been allowed by our WSBA to continue practicing law.

    Again, to the citizens of the State of Washington, Anthony Gipe will soon be our new WSBA president and who will be allowed to make decisions on attorney conduct. The citizens of this State should have a voice on allowing this to happen and the corruption needs to come to an end. It’s time that the WSBA punish these attorneys to the fullest and stop dismissing most of our grievances without as much as an interview or investigation.


    Posted by Rebecca | September 2, 2014, 8:59 am
  27. Rebecca, I have read all about your cases in family court and Federal, and I have followed Anthony Gipe for some time. I am so extremely apologetic for the extreme pain and anguish you and your children had to go through. I am especially so so sorry for your two young boys who had to face barbaric adult litigation, when the Court systems did nothing to protect them and allowed these monsters to continue! I do find is very amusing that Anthony Gipe tried his best to throw your two young sons into this mess, and he couldn’t as much, get a signed declaration from either one of them saying you committed these crimes. Every single one of his accusations was centered around your children’s accusations, and I could not find anything where they had stated that this was true. I did see they were going to use them as impeachment witnesses, which in itself is child abuse and sick! A son never turns on his mother, and using these poor boys as the center of their case was to be the cause of ruining their mother’s life was inhumane and should have never been allowed. After all, Anthony Gipe’s claims against you would not have even constituted a misdemeanor at best if there was even a criminal case filed. Since you had a clean recored, it would have been dismissed in criminal court if they were able to prove their case. They treated you as if you were on trial for murder for claiming to run a credit report and bad mouthing the new wife? WTF…. what a joke these two goons are! Who doesn’t bad mouth an ex’s new spouse. Then again, Anthony Gipe and Dennis McGlothin are two openly gay individuals who have no regard for young children’s lives. Did they not read on public recored why the new wife (that you bad mouthed) was canned from her job for? It’s right there in black and white, and they were able to accuse you of ruining her career. I wasn’t sure if I was reading the comic section of the paper or this was real pleadings done by two complete dumb asses who claim to have went to law school. I am gathering all my information on Anthony Gipe, and will too be writing a full grievance on this horrible man that the WSBA call their president. To me… he doesn’t deserve to be called human, and he will get exactly what he deserves in the end and justice will be served. Rebecca there are so many people who feel the same way you do, and if we all pull together, we can get this horrible individual off the streets, at least away from harming the public. He is a disgrace to society and complete joke to the legal profession. “Anthony Gipe does everyone a disservice” and it’s time for it to end!!


    Posted by Jason | September 4, 2014, 7:56 am
    •Investigators – Our viewers continue to be our most important sources on stories. Your tips can make a difference. If you have a story about fraud, government waste, rip-offs, environmental dangers or anything else the KING 5 Investigators should look into, you can contact us by e-mail or phone. Please be sure to leave a name and telephone number or e-mail address so we can contact you. ALL tips are confidential. Submit using the form above or call (888) 557-8679.

    I sent this entire link to King 5 Investigators and asked them to review all the comments including the class action suit, I hope they find it relevant. Carrie


    Posted by Carrie | September 12, 2014, 7:53 am
  29. GREAT carrie!! All we need is to be heard and the people of this State at least should be warned.


    Posted by Rebecca | September 12, 2014, 1:34 pm

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