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Mrs. Dina Keller’s story about the Corrupt WA State Bar.

Today I received an email from Dina Keller telling me how disgusted she is with the WA State Bar Association and their total and malicious disregard to the principles of “truth and honor.” Ms. Keller ask that her story receives as much press as possible to cause citizens to rise up and demand accountability. Here is what Dina has to say,


Attention Veterans, stand up for justice!

Public, be forewarned what is allowed to happen to you!

Recent Washington State Bar Association (WSBA) decision condones Brady violations and grants WA prosecutors permission to suppress facts and witnesses capable of establishing the innocence of the accused and prosecute crimes with known false evidence

May 14, 2014: The Washington State Bar Association (WSBA), specifically, Berger, Coy, and Evans have set legal precedent in the state of Washington, deliberately reversing (or at least ignoring) the 1963 U.S. Supreme Court decision, Brady v. Maryland and related subsequent case law which long ago helped reinforce that a vital standard of our American justice system is that the police and prosecutors may not suppress evidence which exonerates a defendant, may not commit perjury and provide knowing false testimony and evidence against a defendant, and certainly cannot and should not initiate and perpetuate the fabrication of crimes that never occurred and seek to prosecute them.

This decision tears at the very fabric of our justice system and ought to call into question everything any law-abiding American has ever believed about truth, justice, and the American way; and, when you see what the WSBA has condoned a prosecutor doing to one American veteran, you will see why this decision should also cause every American veteran to seriously doubt the value of the sacrifices s/he has ever made to defend our rights and liberties and to assemble in vocal united protest of this decision.

This decision sends a message to all prosecutors state-wide that Brady rules violations and using evidence that does not exist is OK and will not result in any punishment from the WSBA, which is the only entity the WA Attorney General’s Office specifies to handle reports of wrongdoing by WA prosecutors. The WSBA, in making this decision, which they declare is not appealable, has knowingly granted carte blanche in prosecuting and potentially convicting WA citizens completely without evidence.

The WSBA decision invites prosecutorial anarchy.

The WSBA decision is directly opposite the American Bar Association Canons of Professional Ethics, Canon 5: The Defense or Prosecution of Those Accused of Crimes which declares “The suppression of facts or the secreting of witnesses capable of establishing the innocence of the accused is highly reprehensible.”

The WSBA decision makes item 5 in the oath of an attorney in APR 5 which all applicants seeking admission to the WA Bar Association shall take, “I will employ…only those means consistent with truth and honor. I will never seek to mislead he judge or jury by any artifice or false statement” completely null and void.

By unanimous vote of 3-0 the WSBA dismissed a request (#13-02257)
to punish or even hold accountable Stevens County Deputy Prosecutor Nicholas Andrew Force for bringing to prosecution a ‘crime’ he, the citing police chief Scott Sterland, and the victim Travis Hurst absolutely knew had never occurred at all, a ‘crime’ for which Mr. Force presented a false report under oath in court stating that his evidence was a newspaper photo of defendant and Hurst posed together while being honored at a very small local Veteran’s Day assembly. Mr. Force failed to provide (in court or to the defense) the only newspaper photo taken of Hurst at that event even though it had been downloaded to Chief Sterland’s police computer and was most certainly available as evidence almost immediately after Sterland had cited the ‘crime.’ Mr. Force completely failed to admit the defendant was not in the photo, no other photo existed, and he had zero evidence of a crime committed by defendant against Hurst. Hurst himself absolutely knew the crime against him had never occurred as he and Chief Sterland personally knew the defendant and had no possibility of mistaken identity among only 8 men in the photo. Further, although Mr. Force actively conferred with Hurst in the hallway before and after the arraignment, Hurst sat in court but provided no testimony.

The newspaper photo which, absent any testimony from Hurst, was purportedly the best evidence, was never provided to court or to defense. The only photo from that event that appeared in any newspaper and pictured Hurst was published with a complete and accurate photo caption naming the few men pictured, to include the victim Hurst. The defendant is absolutely not in the photo and he not only never posed with Hurst at that event but he also never placed himself within 50 feet of Hurst at the event, which both Hurst and defendant absolutely knew to be true.

What is also true is that the defendant, a U.S. Army Explosives Ordnance Disposal veteran who had served during Desert Storm, cleared weapons and IEDs in both Kuwait and Iraq, and had protected the President and Vice President of the United States and been entrusted with nuclear weapons information during his career had lost 30 pounds to fit into his dress blues and appear before his children and their friends in that Veterans’ Day assembly at their school, personally arranged for a military band to play at the small-town school which essentially has no music program, and invited veterans from all 5 branches of the armed forces to appear in uniform and answer the children’s questions about military service. (Hurst, an Air Force National Guardsman, wore only camos and attended as an audience member, he did not help coordinate the event.)

Also true: the defendant had a 48-year spotless criminal record before this happened. That record has been ruined.

Prosecuting the defendant for this fabricated ‘crime’ was intentionally retaliatory and malicious. It destroyed all fond memories of that most wonderfully coordinated event [court clerk remarked that Veterans’ Day assembly was one of the best ever coordinated in that small town] and forever tainted all sense of honor defendant and his family will ever associate with Veterans’ Day.
FACTS (All supported by verifiable evidence provided upon request to
FACT: June 2011 defendant followed his civic duty to honestly report to small town Police Chief Sterland evidence of money missing (suspected theft) from a small-town charitable fundraiser, theft allegations are supported by both official state audit and other verifiable documentation provided to Chief.
FACT: September 2011 Police Chief Sterland dismissed theft with no police report or evidence of any investigation the exact day that Hurst, a local probation officer who is also the Civil Service Commissioner Chairman for the city Sterland served, discovered that his wife was one person implicated in the theft.
FACT: October 2011 Police Chief Sterland recommended Mrs. Hurst file for a protection order against defendant. She wrote a lengthy petition alleging harassment not only in the report of the alleged theft but also disagreements about music in the local school, defendant’s letter to editor written about our nation’s flag, and complaints about defendant sitting on the arm of a sofa above her in an amiable social setting. She cried repeatedly in court.
FACT: November 2011 P.O. CVY11-465 was granted with a tiny 50-ft distance restriction between Mr. and Mrs. Hurst and defendant and his wife. Although legal counsel recommends it, defendant did not spend money on appeal because he believed his honesty and law-abiding intent would protect him and if he and his wife dutifully obeyed the order and completely avoided all interaction with the Hursts that in a year the order would simply go away, causing no problem.
FACT: January 19, 2012 defendant was surprised to be cited by mail from Police Chief Sterland with criminal violation of protection order.
FACT: January 20, 2012 It was not until defendant retained defense attorney at considerable expense that he learned the details of that criminal charge. Defense obtained January 18, 2012 police report in which Chief Sterland falsely stated “Shortly after the Veterans’ Day assembly, there was a picture posted in one of the local papers showing Vict/Travis Hurst and Susp/[defendant] in the photograph both in military uniforms within just a few feet of one another. I am attempting to obtain a copy of that photograph and will provide it to the court when it is obtained.” (The Veteran’s Day assembly was in November 2011 just days after the P.O was granted and judge specified both veteran families of Hurst and defendant could attend as long as they stayed 50 feet apart in the large gymnasium. Defendant immediately notified organizers of the event about the order and dutifully arranged his participation to avoid any less-than-50-ft contact with Hursts. He knew he had never posed for a photo at that event with Hurst.) Defense at no time received a copy of the photo cited in the police report.
FACT: January 20, 2012 Police Chief Sterland’s office computer records show he downloaded to his computer that day between 2:30 and 3pm the only newspaper photo in which victim Hurst appears at 2011 Veterans’ Day assembly. Defendant is clearly not in the photo which bears a caption and shows only 8 men, with the only Army vets pictured obviously being decades older than defendant. (See: top of page 2) (Evidence of Sterland downloading photo was not discovered by defendant until February 14, 2014, long after damage of false criminal charges was done.)
FACT: February 3, 2012 Prosecutor Nicholas Force arraigned defendant on crime by citing under oath his evidence of the police report which mentions photo but he never provided any Veterans’ Day assembly photo or explained why it—the best evidence–was never provided. Victim Hurst actively conferred in hallway with Prosecutor Force and sat in courtroom but never provided testimony which, if offered truthfully, would absolutely exonerate defendant. Prosecutor Force intentionally suppressed all evidence and testimony which would have immediately exonerated defendant of the crime.
FACT: August 2012 Stevens County auditor Tim Gray response to public records request states he has no record of oath of office filed for deputy prosecutor Nicholas Force, although Force was appointed in 2011 and RCW requires he take an oath and file it at the county auditor. Nicholas Force allegedly intruding into office is also completely acceptable to the WSBA.

FACT: May 14, 2014 The WSBA perplexingly finds in the aforementioned facts not even a the lesser degree of proof, “preponderance of evidence,” of any wrongdoing by Prosecutor Force and dismisses the complaint with no further action.

About Brandia

I am an animals rescuer, a mother, a grandmother, a minister, & a human being who is tired of all the corruption going on in our state.


3 thoughts on “Mrs. Dina Keller’s story about the Corrupt WA State Bar.

  1. I have to wonder if you also were railroaded by Ms. Erica Temple of the WSBA – she seems to think she has the ultimate authority to dismiss grievances at her own discretion without even looking at the factual evidence. I also believe that she withholds information that goes to the Disciplinary group when they review an appeal.


    Posted by Cameo C Massey | May 19, 2014, 9:53 am
  2. The Bar Associations are the true “Shadow Government” in America and they now have the federal military trained police departments and SWAT teams as their hired thugs. Its time to do like the Declaration of Independence says and due our “DUTY” and take back America from these crooks.

    Think about this. To represent anyone, but yourself, you have to be a member of an exclusive private club that is protected by state(s) laws. You can’t defend you wife, children, friends, etc. We used to have three branch’s of federal government for checks and balances. The three branch’s are now run by attorneys, judges and the state(s) and American Bar Association. America the land of the not so free has more people in prison per capita than any other country on earth. There is one attorney for every 365 people in America. Corporate run/supplied prisons/jails are a growth industry because the corporations are run by attorneys. Judges hand out restraining orders like candy because it takes away civil right stated in the Constitution/Amendments without a trial by jury and instantly. Its all about power and control. Welcome to Nazi Germany/Stalinist Russia.

    I ran head long into the Washington State Bar Association. Because I made a corrupt Kitsap Country Superior Court judge retire (Leonard Costello). They committed illegal acts against me in both state and federal court using among other things a judge that died two weeks after he dismissed my case (stoned out of his mind on pain killers) and a judge that is a convicted criminal with an outstanding arrest warrant and who was convicted of “Dangerous Weapons” while a member of the Communist party. (Pierce County Superior Court Judge Frank Cuthbertson.)

    Its past time for the Serfs and Sheeple to rise up and throw off the yoke of this corrupt system. Our fore fathers put it in writing as to how we do it, but most Americans until they are screwed by the system could care less. 2,200,000 people in jails/prisons is not acceptable. This doesn’t even count the people they have in rehab and the rehabilitation scam system.

    I was arrested and persecuted by the corrupt Kitsap County Prosecutors office hand in hand with the federal sponsored Northwest Justice Project for violating a restraining order that was not properly issued to me and was in the name of another person. I was persecuted for almost 2 years. The Kitsap County Sheriff’s Office tried to kill me and have me killed twice even after my criminal attorney had me move 30 miles away from Kitsap County. (Attorney David Gehrke is one of the 1% of attorneys that are the good guys.) The whole thing was a setup between my now ex-wife, her boyfriend (unknown to me at the time), the Northwest Justice Project and the Kitsap County Sheriff’s office (after they found out I collected vintage fire arms and they stole 12 of my firearms never to be seen again.)

    I beat the trumped up charges, but since I sued the Kitsap County Sheriff’s they came after me. To protect my family (brother, sister nephews, etc) from the corrupt police/Washington State Bar Associations I had to retire from my job with the State of Washington and flee to live in Cambodia (which btw/ is cheap and has some wonderful white sand beachs/islands.)

    FLEE American while you still can. (BTW/ I am a past Commander of an American Legion Post and a Vietnam era vet.)


    Posted by William D. Webster | May 19, 2014, 4:56 pm
  3. Its all corrupt, both Washington State & the Federal Judicial System. Flagrantly proven beyond any reasonable doubt. It has exceeded cronyism, simple lack of judgment, mere Legal Abuse, or abuse of discretion. It is outright WARRING UPON INNOCENT VICTIMS OF THE ORGANIZED CRIME JUDICIAL SYSTEM, AND NOTHING LESS.

    Now here as of late with me filing an EMERGENCY MOTION at the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals (2) weeks ago that of this morning 05/23/2014 is still pending !! Pending what??

    They just like Judge Settle at the U.S. District Court, have virtually set up a “Tent” and are presently CAMPING ON my Emergency Motion.

    I have come to a conclusion, regarding the Blatant Due Process Violations I have consistently been subjected to in each and every Court . The Null & Void Orders that have been produced Via Fraud, Breech to Oath of Office, Suppression of Hard, undisputable Documented & Recorded proof of Guilt, violation of Statute that requires Prescribed Action to be Ordered & Taken.

    All just continually Ignored in each and every Corrupt Court that are Clearly joined in this COMMON GOAL of both Washington State & United States Federal Judicial System is to Obstruct Justice, Obstruct/Avert a Federal Investigation or a Grand Jury Investigation at all costs to innocent victims of this Felony Corrupt “OUT OF CONTROL ” Judicial System . To Avoid Accountability, Liability, & Public Disclosure, and for Damn certain, no pro se innocent victim is going to come in here and receive Justice, have us accept the clear undeniable proof of the corrupt malicious felony criminal acts that have been executed against innocent victims. Not without practically splitting in half what little might be awarded to this innocent victim , with his attorney & our fellow Bar Member first.

    Although here as of this most recent (2) WEEK Camp Out on my Emergency Motion, including the severity of the Criminal Acts & Direct Unavoidable Injury & loss incurred by me via each of their joined aiding & abetting Fraudulent improper Venue proceedings……… Basically this has exceeded just sick & malicious Organized Crime Controlled State & Federal Judiciary,, No This is more than that!

    Apparently I am the subject hockey Puck in a FIERCE COMPETITION between all courts, attorneys, Clerks Offices, Law Enforcement Agencies to see which one can injure , rip off , defraud , deprive of Rights, justice, Professional & Honest Services, including commit any additional crimes against the innocent victim.

    Apparently it is 2 weeks in your choice of destinations, or one hell of a trophy presented in front of fellow gang members. Because the amount of effort that has been put forth by each and every dept. , court etc. mirrored but without support of statute, the truth and the facts. Some have exceeded one another, but the competition is fierce, without question. There is absolutely no Statute, no Doctrine, No FRCP, no Due Process or Constitutional right, no Documented recorded proof of guilt, liability for this, they will not overlook intentionally, pervert, or violate that will even begin to slow them down. Don’t even give it a second thought.

    Confident in knowing there is nothing but a corrupt & loyal FBI, DOJ, or Senator or Congressman for you to waste your time, money and life trying to get them to take the plugs out of their ears, the blinders off their eyes, and buck up and do their described job. Basically like going to the pond full of alligators that just bit you all over , now looking for stiches and band aids. And they are laughing all the way to the bank and the Bahamas while we are paying them to violate our rights, break the Law and Ruin innocent peoples lives and steal everything they own. How Rude, how foul, down right disgusting, and totally out of control or context does it have to get before it finally causes everyone to pop out of gear, and unite. Just like in Hitler’s Germany, or over in Russia & the Ukraine right now, including various other choice locations.

    But it is happening and building the same scenario right here in the United States Of America right before our eyes, and if it is not placed in check, and properly addressed, the writing is on the wall, current events and history support my analogy.


    Posted by Bruce Gambill | May 23, 2014, 6:41 pm

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