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Kitsap Superior Court Judge, Kevin Hull’s competence under attack.

Once again Superior Court Judge Kevin Hull is under attack. This time for violating the ‘sovereign immunity’ of Indian Tribes.

Judge Hull is presiding over the custody hearing (battle) that pits spouse against spouse, child against child, child against parent, parent against child, State against families, public servants against the public, and the law against a judge, that continues to escalate in both allegations and tempers.

Behind this back-stabbing, finger-pointing, anger-inciting, tit-for-tat, drama that will decide the future “parents” of three young children, Miles Tejano Jr., Luis Anthony West and Phoenix Reising West, are the court appointed lawyers who have written the ‘script’, directed the actors, and are producing the movie … they are Peter Kay, WSBA #24331, of the WA State Attorney General’s office; Stephen Greer, WSBA #17166; Kerry Stevens, WSBA #15420; and Catherine Cruikshank, WSBA #16255.

The question is, what is behind this government intrusion into the lives of this family?

Luis Ewing, the father, believes it is ‘retaliation’ for him being a ‘tribal attorney’ and not a member of the WA State Bar. In fact Luis Ewing has nothing but disdain for WA State’s legal establishment. Mr. Ewing is an advocate for those who find themselves facing the WA State’s corrupt legal system and he fights for their rights in ways that ‘rub the system’ in the wrong way. He says that the “legal establishment” has been after him for years for his status as a tribal lawyer, which, he claims, gives him the right to practice law in WA courts — a claim that runs cold in the veins of the WA State Bar.

So now the “legal establishment” has his children and he believes they will use any and all means to remove him from practicing law even if it means using his children as leverage, or worse, putting him in jail under some courtroom scheme played out by the lawyers and judge.

But Mr. Ewing isn’t going down without a fight and he claims the “kidnapping of his children” is not only unjustified but is in violation of US-Indian treaties.

READ Mr. Ewing’s pleading on Indian Sovereignty. SOVEREIGN IMMUNITY

However these claims will likely fall on deaf ears in Judge Hull. In my experience with Hull proves to me that he is a good-ole-boy who feels compelled to safeguard the legal establishment’s reputation and not safeguard the law… clearly US-Indian Treaties are similarly no different.

Stay tuned as this case is still playing out in Kitsap Superior Court and is scheduled to resume Monday, June 16, 9AM in Judge Hull’s courtroom.

About Brandia

I am an animals rescuer, a mother, a grandmother, a minister, & a human being who is tired of all the corruption going on in our state.


2 thoughts on “Kitsap Superior Court Judge, Kevin Hull’s competence under attack.

  1. “It is well past time for this sort of nonsense to end. American democracy provides citizens the ability to change laws, and remove elected officials who flout our will. But lacking a more direct mechanism, we citizens depend on those same elected officials to supervise and control the public servants who actually administer justice.

    But they basically refuse. Why they refuse to do their Job, is either they are aiding & abetting, Accessories after the fact. Intimidated and scared to Rock the boat for fear of alienation, Judicial Retaliation exactly like what they did to me and my children, or flat do not care, or just basically don’t have the nerve, stead fast mind set for actually doing their job nor adequately seeing to it that the rights of the innocent public are being upheld and not blatantly , criminally intentionally violated. Nor that the very Laws that they so illustriously have designed and voted into effect are actually being honored , applied, and not severely violated by the very Judicial System in charge of applying them.

    What ever it is, it is apparent that the corrupt Judiciary is counting on that being the case in advance. That it is already known before some innocent victim of the corrupt Judiciary even asks one of these elected Officials to actually represent the best interests, legal rights, the Law itself to protect innocent citizens from corrupt abusive unaccountable Organized Crime Judicial Officials.

    So the elected Officials are in fact, aiding and abetting felony corruption and felony crimes , this is unquestionably RICO, Color of Law for which there is no immunity for anyone, especially a Judge and a Elected political Official that who‘s job and duty is to serve the innocent citizens, innocent victims of this Organized Crime corruption and these Political Officials blatant disregard and neglect. These corrupt elected Officials and these severely corrupt rouge elements throughout the entire Judicial System must be purged immediately from our Judicial System and our lives. These cancerous rats are destroying the Country, its people, destroying the peoples right to trust and have faith in their own Judicial System & Political representatives here within Washington State and in Washington DC .

    These corrupt Elected Officials and Judicial Officials are being paid large salaries from our own hard work and tax dollars to basically cheat , defraud , abuse us , rob us and violate our rights. War against us innocent citizens, our Country and its Constitution. Our President knows this and is allowing this because these Rats are apparently more important to him than the people of this Country who put him in Office and just financed his African vacation and the one for the Mrs. To Belgium to the tune of practically $20,000.,000.00 tax payer dollars.

    All being done while we, the innocent victims of this severe Felony corruption and Organized Crime , citizens of President Obama, Congressmen Reichert and Senator Murray and Cantwell’s own Country, including State Senator Becker citizens of Washington State that have all been provided documented and recorded hard undeniable proof and evidence supported by statute and FRCP violations are being victimized, having their homes and everything they own illegally stolen, their children illegally & wrongfully framed and imprisoned by the Corrupt Judicial Retaliation to Obstruct justice and execute the personal vendettas against innocent citizens that clearly deserve & demand justice, substantial legal and financial relief from the direct illegal effects of this RICO, Color of Law , Organized Crime cult that has taken captive of our entire Judicial System and Law enforcement agencies.

    This being done while the innocent victims, citizens of the United States are illegally deprived of their Constitutional rights, rights to Due Process of Law, Rights to home and property and are being illegally and unjustly warred upon by the criminal rouge elements in charge of our own Judicial System. Being made illegally home less, having their innocent children illegally framed for crimes they knew nothing about nor had anything to do with, and then denied due process of law, denied DNA hair sample tests and having the Corrupt Judge and prosecutor ignore the names and locations of the real assailants responsible for committing serious felony crimes just so they can abuse the Legal process and Judicial System to further their own Organized Crime & Corrupt Felony Criminal acts.

    Then their victimized parents via color of Law, RICO & Felony State & Federal Felony Crime Corruption are being subjected to Organized Crime Extortion being forced to pay thousands of dollars to the Corrupt Unaccountable , bankrupt of ethics State of Washington for criminal restitution charges that they nor their innocent children have had nothing to do with .

    Flagrantly demonstrating that there is absolutely no possible chance of ever receiving a fair, unbiased, non Corrupt , Due Process honoring legal proceeding in either the Washington State Court system or the Federal Court System or Appellate Court System. Openly demonstrating that this Organized Crime Felony Corruption represents a much larger ongoing ever increasing threat to the Well fare and Safety of the innocent citizens of the United States and the State of Washington than any foreign Terrorism Cult or Organization .

    Whereas I personally nor anyone I have ever known living in this State of Washington or the United States has ever encountered someone going by the name of Abdul or Mohammad that has ever stolen their homes and everything they own and have worked hard their entire lives for. Nor any of these names involved in illegally and wrongfully imprisoning one of their children, illegally destroying their good hard earned credit, destroying their 20+year careers or violating their Constitutional Guaranteed right to a jury or Due process of Law.

    Illegally forcing us to starve, scrimp and try to save anything we can, go with out and get totally ripped off and screwed over by our own Judicial System, specifically the Criminally Corrupt, Organized Crime Judges, Lawyers& Clerks Offices. Including the 100% Fraudulent Controlled by Felony Crime Committing Gross Bias Cronyism Bar Assoc. and Judicial Commissions each of which are actively and willfully aiding & abetting,, accessories after and some during the fact to Felony Organized Crime & Corruption.

    We and our State & Federal representatives are allowing this, with no agency or authority willing to perform, and when it gets right down to it , refusing to perform their assigned Duty of Office or function to assist the innocent victims & purge from our Law enforcement agencies and Judicial System the very specific Officials directly responsible for these specific individual crimes to humanity and this Nation.

    No wonder all of them think they are better than the public and a superior cult. At this rate, viewing through the window where this severe out of control Organized Crime Corruption resides, you can readily see how these Corrupt Officials attempt to rationalize their illegal Felony Crime Acts and their “self appointed right” to commit these treasonous life destroying crimes to innocent victims of the United States & Washington State Judicial Systems while they continue to violate all of ours (Rights) on an ever increasing daily basis.

    Viewing this as in comparison to the public at large, who do we in the public know that will pay us quite handsomely to screw them over, lie to them, violate their guaranteed Constitutional Rights, Defraud them , Steal their homes and illegally wrongfully imprison their innocent children just to serve as a side tracking decoy to focus the attention and effort to that instead of what this corrupt Judiciary and its unaccountable felony Crime committing RICO activities had just illegally done to the innocent child’s father, destroying all of their lives, credit and careers ???

    Combined with while being illegally victimized for nothing the innocent victim has done to deserve even so much as one single bit of this , being directed to refer to you in the highest regard and respectfully attempt to speak to you beginning with “YOUR HONOR”. The answer to this question for all of us is “NO ONE”. None of us know anyone that is insane enough, hates themselves enough to ever allow anything even remotely close to this , let alone pay you hundreds of thousands of U.S. hard earned tax payer dollars to do this to them. But this is exactly what is illegally being done to us right in front of everyones faces and we, the American People and the citizens of Washington State are allowing this and are incapable of controlling our own government or stopping these tragic life destroying felony crimes being executed against innocent citizens by our own Government.

    No wonder the rest of the world think we are soft minded weak self indulged idiots and easy prey, and so is our entire Country. Where there are undeniable examples of that in our faces , news papers and nightly News programs on a daily basis. Illegally coming across our boarders entering our Country depleting our social resources , committing violent crimes, filling up our jails and Court Dockets while we are secretly sending our weapons to them across our own boarders so as to kill our own agents and citizens with.

    And why would this be the case for all of us that clam to be Law abiding and normal thinking sane and rational human beings? Because what is being proposed and illegally done to us by this out of control Organized crime Judiciary and Corrupt Law enforcement Officials is 100% insane and in complete contrary to their designed and desired original purpose and intent of upholding the Law and the Rights of the Citizens of the United States of America and the State Of Washington.

    When our Chief Justice of the Wa. State Supreme Court , our Supreme Court Clerk actively , willfully imprison clear undeniable Felony Organized Crime Corruption, signed proof of Fraud being committed by their own executive officials of the State Bar Association to specifically cheat and defraud an innocent victim of his right to submit a valid claim to their lawyers Fund for Client protection. A victim who is there at their Fund specifically for the FACT that the Superior Court allowed multiple court proceedings by the unlawful unlicensed practice of Law by a suspended from practice attorney and further with the Superior Courts undeniable filed with their own Clerks knowledge of Felony crimes being currently executed against this innocent victim that one of which was in contempt of an order generated and signed by the Superior Court and all in violation of Washington State and Federal statutes.

    But the Superior Court intentionally aided and abetted these felony crimes and made them possible to be executed at all . Intentionally doing this to try an avoid the Superior Courts own accountability for the severe gross unprofessional negligence for allowing all of this to transpire in the first place and the 100% liability for every last bit of it .

    But still our Chief Justice of our Wa. State Supreme Court refuses to act upon documented undeniable proof of all of this and the Clerk of the Supreme Court does the same exact thing plus denies that any fraudulent felony crime committing actions executed by the executive Officials of the Wa. State Bar Assoc. are of any concern to his Office , him or the Supreme Court. Then refuse to help innocent victims, and further states that they will not respond to any further communications concerning notice of Organized Crime corruption in their own program and judicial System.

    Clearly and undeniably aiding and abetting felony criminal crime and corruption. Actively involved and advocating the illegal warring upon innocent victims of this Atrocious Criminal Activity of the Corrupt Judiciary and Law Enforcement Agencies , we have arrived at a point of an Emergency Situation that retains the undeniable potential to harm & destroy the lives of every innocent citizen within the boundaries of the State of Washington and the United States.

    Then combined with this undeniable state of severe emergency, and threat to the well being of the public and open treason being committed by those of who are in direct charge of our judicial system, our Law enforcement agencies, our Senators and Congressmen have their staff members lie to the innocent victims and refuse to help them or adhere to their official Duty.

    I have personally experienced this from each and every Law Enforcement or Investigative agency, Political Office, Court and their respective Clerks Office that I and my case has been to both State and Federal Capacities.


    Posted by Bruce Gambill | June 15, 2014, 9:43 pm
  2. I feel that the court system can be fair but bearing on the type of court case occurs. This particular spouse just recently had a court case in family court. Her ex-husband has been constantly harassing her and her new husband for years with lies after lies and the spouse have always followed the Parenting Plan. Her ex-husband never follows the parenting plan and has this ” I do what I want and no one can touch me” attitude. The spouse was found in contempt for not following the Parenting Plan just recently by the Judge. Her husband even tried to interrupt my career with lies but never succeeded. Last year the courts ordered them to have a case manager(GAL) involved that how bad it was and still is. The Case Manager submitted the report for evidences which stated how difficult the ex-husband can be. The case was set as an Evidentiary Hearing but the Judge ruled that the spouse is in contempt and now the spouse ex-husband is trying to have his ex-wife pay his attorneys fee which are unreasonable and the wife does not work. The spouse and her ex-husband have two children together and not once does the ex-husband thinks about what’s better for the kids. He is a narcissi’s .


    Posted by Samuel Young | December 23, 2014, 5:22 pm

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