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WA Representative Matt Manweller (R), calls Scheidler “stupid.”

Representative Matt Manweller, Ranking Republican 13th District, calls Scheidler “stupid”.

Scheidler, in a third email to Washington State’s legislators asking for their comments on the class claim being initiated against WA State for the legislatures blind-eye towards the unlawful conduct committed by WA State Bar members of the Judicial Branch, none have answered except Jan Angel and Matt Manweller.

Matt explains that the reason our WA State representatives won’t answer my email request for comment is because it is a “stupid argument.”

Matt goes on to demand that he be removed from the “email list” provided by WA State to “encourage citizens of this state to lobby any legislator” RCW 42.17A.610.

The email communication with our “trusted” representatives is copied below.

Subject: Re: To Jan Angel and all other legislators.
Date: Wed, 13 Aug 2014 08:29:23 -0700
To: “Manweller, Rep. Matt” <>
Full Headers
Undecoded Letter
Matt, you should recommend all our representatives ‘filter to junk’ emails from citizens (SEE RCW 42.17A.610 which states it “is intended to permit and encourage citizens of this state to lobby any legislator, public official, or state agency”.)

You need to be removed from the legislature as you are a threat to a civil society.


On Wed, 13 Aug 2014 14:50:50 +0000
“Manweller, Rep. Matt” <> wrote:
I will just filter you to Junk Mail b

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On Aug 13, 2014, at 7:28 AM, “bill scheidler” <> wrote:


About 15% of the voters of this state agree with me and not you. You should check the SOS primary election results for the 26 district and my “candidate statement”.

It seems one of us is surely stupid.

By the way… you are staying on my email list … so sue me!


—– Original Message —– From: “Manweller, Rep. Matt” <>
To: “bill scheidler” <>
Sent: Wednesday, August 13, 2014 7:07 AM
Subject: Re: To Jan Angel and all other legislators.


The reason that we don’t respond it’s because it’s a stupid argument. If you would do your homework, you would know that this issue has already been litigated at the federal level with respect to military reservists serving in Congress given that they are technically under the direction of the president.

Additionally, if you paid attention to the law than you would know that legislature is not subject to public records act. Please take me off of your email list or come up with a better argument.

Matt Manweller
13th Dist.

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On Aug 13, 2014, at 6:20 AM, “bill scheidler” <> wrote:

Dear Senator Jan Angel, and all legislators

By your uncharacteristic answer appended below, Jan, it is clear to me you are being threatened, intimidated or manipulated by some member of the WA State Bar. Please identify all the lawyers who are telling you what your responsibilities are as a Senator who serves citizens.

Said another way, to all legislators (representatives and senators) please provide the names, positions, salaries, of all WA State Bar members who tell you how to do your job or define for you what your job is, or tell you how to answer questions from your constituents.

If you prefer as an alternative to the simple request above, under Public Records Act 42.56 RCW, please provide a list of all WA State Bar Members who have government positions (jobs) within the legislature, or are on contract with the legislature.

Thank you for your prompt attention to his urgent request that concerns our “representative” government. See Article 1, Section 1 and Section 32.

Bill Scheidler

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Cc: “Austin, Debbie” <>
Sent: Tuesday, August 12, 2014 9:22 AM
Subject: RE: To Jan Angel and all other legislators.

Bill I am not an attorney and will not be commenting on this. Jan

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From: bill scheidler
Date:08/11/2014 3:44 PM (GMT-07:00)
To: “Kline, Sen. Adam” ,”Billig, Sen. Andy” ,”Hill, Sen. Andy” ,”Rivers, Sen. Ann” ,”Cleveland, Sen. Annette” ,”Bailey, Sen. Barbara” ,”Hasegawa, Sen. Bob” ,”Hawkins, Rep. Brad” ,”Klippert, Rep. Brad” ,”Walkinshaw, Rep. Brady” ,”Vick, Rep. Brandon” ,”Blake, Rep. Brian” ,”Dansel, Sen. Brian” ,”Hatfield, Sen. Brian” ,”Chandler, Rep. Bruce” ,”Dammeier, Sen. Bruce” ,”Condotta, Rep. Cary” ,”Dahlquist, Rep. Cathy” ,”Magendanz, Rep. Chad” ,”Ross, Rep. Charles” ,”Reykdal, Rep. Chris” ,”Rolfes, Sen. Christine” ,”Hurst, Rep. Christopher” ,”Ryu, Rep. Cindy” ,”King, Sen. Curtis” ,”Habib, Rep. Cyrus” ,”Kristiansen, Rep. Dan” ,”Hayes, Rep. Dave” ,”Frockt, Sen. David” ,”Sawyer, Rep. David” ,”Taylor, Rep. David” ,”Morrell, Rep. Dawn” ,”Takko, Rep. Dean” ,”Stanford, Rep. Derek” ,”Muri, Rep. Dick” ,”Benton, Sen. Don” ,”Ericksen, Sen. Doug” ,”Hansen, Rep. Drew” ,”MacEwen, Rep. Drew” ,”Orcutt, Rep. Ed” ,”Cody, Rep. Eileen” ,”Scott, Rep. Elizabeth” ,”Pettigrew, Rep. Eric” ,”Chopp, Speaker Frank” ,”Tarleton, Rep. Gael” ,”Pollet, Rep. Gerry” ,”Hunt, Rep. Graham” ,”Dunshee, Rep. Hans” ,”Zeiger, Rep. Hans” ,”Darneille, Sen. Jeannie” ,”Fey, Rep. Jake” ,”Pedersen, Sen. Jamie” ,”Angel, Sen. Jan” ,”Holmquist Newbry, Sen. Janéa” ,”Overstreet, Rep. Jason” ,”Rodne, Rep. Jay” ,”Kohl-Welles, Sen. Jeanne” ,”Holy, Rep. Jeff” ,”Morris, Rep. Jeff” ,”Young, Rep. Jesse” ,”Farrell, Rep. Jessyn” ,”Hargrove, Sen. Jim” ,”Honeyford, Sen. Jim” ,”Moeller, Rep. Jim” ,”Fain, Sen. Joe” ,”Fitzgibbon, Rep. Joe” ,”Schmick, Rep. Joe” ,”Kretz, Rep. Joel” ,”Braun, Sen. John” ,”McCoy, Sen. John” ,”Wilcox, Rep. JT” ,”Clibborn, Rep. Judy” ,”Warnick, Rep. Judy” ,”Robinson, Rep. June” ,”Fraser, Sen. Karen” ,”Keiser, Sen. Karen” ,”Haigh, Rep. Kathy” ,”Parker, Rep. Kevin” ,”Ranker, Sen. Kevin” ,”Van De Wege, Rep. Kevin” ,”Pearson, Sen. Kirk” ,”Lytton, Rep. Kristine” ,”Haler, Rep. Larry” ,”Seaquist, Rep. Larry” ,”Springer, Rep. Larry” ,”Jinkins, Rep. Laurie” ,”Christian, Rep. Leonard” ,”Ortiz-Self, Rep. Lillian” ,”Kochmar, Rep. Linda” ,”Parlette, Sen. Linda Evans” ,”Pike, Rep. Liz” ,”Moscoso, Rep. Luis” ,”Chase, Sen. Maralyn” ,”Riccelli, Rep. Marcus” ,”Hargrove, Rep. Mark” ,”Mullet, Sen. Mark” ,”Schoesler, Sen. Mark” ,”Liias, Sen. Marko” ,”Roberts, Rep. Mary Helen” ,”Manweller, Rep. Matt” ,”Shea, Rep. Matt” ,”Walsh, Rep. Maureen” ,”Gregerson, Rep. Mia” ,”Baumgartner, Sen. Michael” ,”Hewitt, Sen. Mike” ,”Hope, Rep. Mike” ,”Padden, Sen. Mike” ,”Sells, Rep. Mike” ,”Stonier, Rep. Monica” ,”Johnson, Rep. Norm” ,”Smith, Rep. Norma” ,”Roach, Sen. Pam” ,”Sullivan, Rep. Pat” ,”Harris, Rep. Paul” ,”Becker, Sen. Randi” ,”Carlyle, Rep. Reuven” ,”DeBolt, Rep. Richard” ,”Tom, Sen. Rodney” ,”Freeman, Rep. Roger” ,”Goodman, Rep. Roger” ,”McAuliffe, Sen. Rosemary” ,”Hunter, Rep. Ross” ,”Kagi, Rep. Ruth” ,”Hunt, Rep. Sam” ,”Brown, Sen. Sharon” ,”Nelson, Sen. Sharon” ,”Wylie, Rep. Sharon” ,”Santos, Rep. Sharon Tomiko” ,”Short, Rep. Shelly” ,”Appleton, Rep. Sherry” ,”Bergquist, Rep. Steve” ,”Conway, Sen. Steve” ,”Hobbs, Sen. Steve” ,”Kirby, Rep. Steve” ,”Litzow, Sen. Steve” ,”O’Ban, Sen. Steve” ,”Tharinger, Rep. Steve” ,”Fagan, Rep. Susan” ,”Green, Rep. Tami” ,”Senn, Rep. Tana” ,”Nealey, Rep. Terry” ,”Ormsby, Rep. Timm” ,”Sheldon, Sen. Tim” ,”Orwall, Rep. Tina” ,”Eide, Sen. Tracey” ,”Buys, Rep. Vincent” ,”Hudgins, Rep. Zack”
Cc: bill scheidler
Subject: To Jan Angel and all other legislators.

Dear Legislators, especially Senator Jan Angel.

This is my third request for your comments about the “class claim” being initiated against WA for the failure of you legislators to “protect and maintain individual rights”. A copy of the ‘class claim’ is attached.

Furthermore, as you can clearly see from my email to Senator Jan Angel, circa 2012, this matter – class claim, could have been prevented if she would have simply done her job. Senator Angel was contacted by me many, many times to address the corruption within the Bar association and how they (lawyers) behave to the detriment of citizens.

Please, especially the lawyer/legislators who take an oath to “protect and maintain” individual rights, comment on this class claim

Bill Scheidler
chief activist at
Ex-candidate for representative, 26 district, position 1.
sponsor of initiatives 650 and 651 to the legislature

—– Original Message —–
From: bill scheidler<>
Sent: Monday, July 09, 2012 7:41 PM
Subject: More from Scheidler

Dear Representative Angel,

This email chain and the attachment to this email follows the documents I provided you via your Port Orchard Office. I know you are interested in ‘disability accommodations’ and in my view all of what I’m sending you is ‘evidence’ how the ‘judicial’ system puts citizens through the ringer… and those citizens who struggle with ‘life issues’ will surely find these ** imposed hurdles ** difficult to bare. As you see the ‘Supreme Court’ must enjoy the “riddles” one must solve just to get them to address the very System they are a part! plus $250.

I hope you see the inequity in our ‘judicial system’.

Bill Scheidler

About Brandia

I am an animals rescuer, a mother, a grandmother, a minister, & a human being who is tired of all the corruption going on in our state.


23 thoughts on “WA Representative Matt Manweller (R), calls Scheidler “stupid.”

  1. I received a quick return call from Congressman heck’s Office this morning after Congressman Reichert’s Office Drug their feet, lying to me about the prescribed Course of Action associated to USC title 18, chap.9 sec 3057 Refusing to assist me and risk Judicial retaliation through the Bar. The phone call I received from Congressman Heck’s Staff told me that they had called the D.O.J. inquiring as to what the proper Dept. would be for “ME” to contact for assistance, and were presently waiting for a call back from DOJ to enlighten them with this information. Below is my email I sent back to Congressman heck’s Office after the brief phone call this morning.

    Hello, in regards to your brief phone call to me this morning, I appreciate your effort to at least educate yourself as to who in the D.O.J. would be appropriate to contact in regards to a problem that faces all of us. That is more than Congressman Reichert’s Staff did. Whereas all they did was lie to me about the prescribed course of action regarding violation of USC title 18 chap.9 sec 3057, attempting to cover for the felony committing corrupt Judges involved in this particular case. Even though as I indicated early on, I feel that this is primarily Congressman Reichert’s responsibility due to me contacting him first , and before the illegal retaliatory theft/illegal fraudulent conversion of my home, office building and automotive shop. Also due to the fact that this did indeed occur within Congressman Reichert’s district. They sent me to you with lightening quickness as soon as they could somehow attempt to sidestep their responsibility because no one wants to risk their political career to Judicial retaliation for which there are several prime examples of which in the political sector and the Bar Association who are no longer licensed Attorneys due to retaliation. However it is apparent that the gravity and seriousness of this situation has escaped your Office and are content with the appraisal of things as this being “just my problem” which it is not. This is a major travesty within our Judiciary that are clearly involved with a in house foreclosure mill involving other attorneys I have identified and parties from the private sector which I have also identified. This involves the gross abuse of authority & Office to commit Criminal Felony Crimes involving Organized Crime, RICO, Color of Law, Conspiracy to retaliate and execute legal Terror upon innocent citizens, Steal their homes and everything they own so as to obstruct justice and fill their psychopath thrill void in knowing they are so powerful by abusing their Office and the authority of the United States to illegally destroy their victims lives. However point being is in the interest to saving time, for your information I have already taken the time, trouble and expense to send full documentation to the D.O.J. on Penn. Ave D.C. The special investigation Unit of the U.S. Trustee, The FBI headquarters and the Seattle Office and Tacoma Resident Office. Also the White House whereas the White House responded by having the regional director for the U.S. Trustee send me a letter describing the wrong case and summing it up as just fine. When I searched out the Phone number for this Regional director(Robert Miller) and contacted him explaining that he was focusing on the entirely wrong case, he refused to look at the case that proves I notified the U.S. Bankruptcy Court Clerks Office, the U.S. Trustee, David M. Howe Trustee , Judge Paul Snyder, and the Attorney for the Mortgage company Brian Lynch(who is now B.R.Judge Lynch and a major part of this illegal nightmare) Having done this immediately when these crimes were taking place right in front of everyone. D.O.J. told me when I contacted them after never hearing back from them, that the enormous amount of important files I sent to them via certified USPS return receipt , that they could not locate all of my files. The FBI flat out lied to me, insisting that they had already received a second package of documents from me when in fact I had never sent them a second package of documents, whereas they clearly had no intention of doing anything about this. I have already spoken with all of the U.S.Attorneys, having Robert Westinghouse insist that this was a State matter. At the very same time having Senator Becker’s Office insist that this was a Federal Matter. Everyone knows for a fact that this is a very serious matter but no one wants to be the one who assists me and confronts this matter. I have been everywhere only to be shuffled around and sent some where else for no assistance . What I need and this major problem needs is Authority, not me chasing around wasting even more of my destroyed life getting the run around and no action. Why it would take years and me being subjected to such atrocities and legal terror to get some authority assistance from one of the appropriate representatives or agencies unless there wasn’t obviously something very seriously wrong here makes no sense. Why justice would be impossible to receive, why Due Process is out of the question, why my jury demands have been violated in each and every court, my jury money I prepaid for the Jury with blatantly stolen , why they would assign my adversary Case to the main defendant in that case to Rule upon himself speaks for itself loud and clear. The Judiciary is infested with Organized Crime Felony Judicial criminal corruption that I by myself am ill-equipped to tackle by myself. This requires Authority contacting these agencies on my behalf and following up on their progress, not me because I as a singled out victim have no effect on this Organized Crime corruption.


    Posted by Bruce Gambill | August 13, 2014, 10:08 am
  2. Hang in there Bill, know in confidence that we here on this site admire your Steadfast dedication and thought you have applied to every aspect of this. Strategically, not only the long but the short of it all, for all. Be rest assured (I feel that I can speak for the vast majority of us)that none of us feel that this is a stupid argument, nor a weak approach. We respect and appreciate all that you do in which succeeding, will not only grace each of our own personal issues, but grace all of those lives who have remained silent, yet to be victims & ill effected by this Corruption. The Same Corruption we are all trying to purge the direct ill-effect’s of from the personal injuries to our lives, purge from our Government,ie; the Judiciary/Bar Association & Legislative Branch, “Our Courts Of Law & Justice”.

    It is important that we remain strong/ confident in our quest for corrective Justice & A Correctly structured Judicial System. A Judicial System that is structured in way to prevent itself from rendering itself defunct via Criminal Organized Crime Judicial Corruption. Fueled by the lust for greed, personal gain, the psychotic Lust for the abuse of authority so as to injure / sadistically destroy their victims. Fueled by the despicable total disregard for the lives, Rights and well being of the citizens of Washington State & the United States.

    Remember that the constant attacks, injuries attempted, some inflicted by our adversaries mean only that they are convinced that we will achieve our goals . Plus they would not have succumbed to be so brazen, sloppy and openly spiteful either.

    We each have been routed down one street or another that time after time leads to no where and nothing , outside of even more of the same of what brought us there in the first place. But the difference is here , that together we are going down a dead end street with no convenient emergency exits for then to dash out of, and we are presently getting close to the end of the street, confrontation with the accountable. Their constant increased resistance , slams, etc. are proof of the fact they know what this means, and are very concerned, worried.


    Posted by Bruce Gambill | August 13, 2014, 11:45 am
    • I know Bruce, and I will fight these arrogant, self-righteous thugs who look at us, citizens, as their “play-toys” and ‘pockets to pick,’ all the rest of my days. Of all of us, Bruce, you have been the most abused and if any person with a soul gave 2-cents about how corrupt our justice system is, and learned your case, maybe more could be done sooner.

      I agree with you, they know their end-time is near, and they must also know when their house of cards topples … our jails will be populated by these arrogant thugs. Thanks for always offering a word of encouragement AND for your sacrifices you make for the benefit of society too.


      Posted by Bill S | August 13, 2014, 2:43 pm
    • I’m from NY…we are all linked up now and watching the out-of-control legislative bodies who are SUPPOSED to be watching out for the citizens… call Bill Scheidler “stupid” is just another window into how total the efforts of the covering up of misdeeds rampant among elected officials. I’m in a State that is so dysfunctional it’s impossible (right now) to source the corruption….what Mr. Scheidler is attempting to do is have WA turn into NY or Detroit and so many others. Those elected should all be as “stupid” as Bill Scheidler.


      Posted by afinndorian | August 13, 2014, 5:31 pm
      • Thank you Ann… you too are taking on those who are corrupt in NY and likely suffer the same “retribution” in doing it.


        Posted by Bill S | August 14, 2014, 6:35 am
  3. You are most certainly welcome Bill. Because soon when we succeed, this Country and the citizens of Washington State are going to be living in a much better place . complete with a far more sound, secure and brighter future.. I will of course keep you updated with my progress with the FBI.


    Posted by Bruce Gambill | August 13, 2014, 3:49 pm
  4. Yesterday I turned in formal criminal complaints with full supporting evidence, including an attached thumb drive with 547 documents, to Vancouver FBI, Clark County Sheriff’s Office (IA Officers and please see previous attempts to report criminal conduct resulting in a threat of arrest at and my turning down a $100,000 hush money offer with public funds signed off on before my being offered the hush money by the WA AG, Clark College Trustees, WEA, Clark College AHE: And I will be publishing all my correspondence with various agencies over the years. I now have hard evidence of not only past, recent and presently ongoing crimes with implications for the future, but also this evidence could have been easily obtained with anyone with a badge, subpoena power and power to prosecute for perjury, obstruction of justice, conspiracy against rights and the like.

    Here is the deal in my opinion. Every time I deal with anyone in government, or in any capacity of public service and thus accountability under law in ways not so much in the private-sector, I always have a witness and I always cite “I am here as a public employee, under the mandate and authority of RCW 42.20 (Conduct and Misconduct of a Public Employee Class C Felony) as well as 18 USC 4 (Misprision of a Felony 3 years prison, $10,000 fine failure to report a felony crime asap one has knowledge of) and 18 USC 73 (Obstruction of Justice flows per se from Misprision of a Felony but a separate crime) and I am reminding you of 28 USC 1361 28 U.S. Code § 1361 – Action to compel an officer of the United States to perform his duty.

    For me to be anywhere near law enforcement, particularly FBI, but also Clark County Sheriff’s office or the Vantucky Police Department is painful to the extreme. I was for many years a COINTELPRO target for the “crime” of lawfully, peacefully, openly and with accountability for my opinions and supporting evidence and reason, opposing the Vietnam War as founded on lies, pretexts, and every bit of the same nature as the preemptory and aggressive wars of the Japanese, Nazi and Italian fascists for which not enough people, from many nations faced the justice they deserved. And this is after being an honorably discharged Vietnam-Era veteran of the U.S.Army and developing my opinions while in the military from documents I saw when they originated that later showed up in the Pentagon Papers. And I remember vividly, because of my age, not only the McCarthy era and all the fear,witch-hunting, snitch-jacketing and sell-outs of that period, but also when that pioneering and hypocritical couple in same-gender marriage J Edgar Hoover and Clyde Tolson were using the U.S.Constitution as toilet paper, mobbed-up and engaging in blackmail, extortion of even presidents. And as Blackfoot Indian, and activist on Indigenous issues, for me to be anywhere near them could be used against me in so many ways.

    But here is the deal for me and perhaps others here may find some use in this argument. To be fair, it is also not easy, and even dangerous career-wise, for many FBI to deal with the likes of me or any whistle-blower, especially with my views on some issues, than it is for me to deal with them. But I know for a fact, that there are inside FBI and other agencies, honest officers really trying to live-up to their oath to serve,protect and defend the U.S.Constitution and all law, they do not like some of the stuff they see, but they also cannot work miracles if surrounded by or managed by the “old-guard” types.

    In the case of a tort, if no one else is involved, I can waive civil action, take money not to undertake civil action or take money to terminate civil action because if is a specified offense by persons against persons with no social implications in terms of civil order or stability. But if it is a felony crime, not a gross misdemeanor or a tort, then it is not only an offense against persons in particular, but against society in general. The victim of a felony crime cannot waive prosecution if the prosecutor can make the case without the victim’s cooperation not only because the victim awaits justice, and society awaits justice, but also because perps not properly taken out of circulation and brought to legal accountability, go on to harm others and more of society in general. What does that mean? It means no matter how I feel about the FBI as an institution, or about the Clark County Sheriff’s Office, or the Vantucky Police, or the AG, or the Governor or whomever, and no matter even if I am portrayed as a snitch by enemies, real people are being hurt in real ways, it has to be stopped, it must be stopped, and thus knowledge of a felony crime having been committed, is not some kind of personal property one can use as one wishes–perhaps trade on it or leverage it for a promotion at work, blackmail, extortion etc al la J Edgar Hoover and Clyde Tolson et al. and thus it must be reported asap.

    But, and this is the case and reason for 18 USC 4; this means that once law enforcement, or any court, or any duly charged authority has been presented with evidence of a felony crime having been committed, or any union in the course of defending members, or even any citizen has acquired that knowledge, it must be reported for the previous reasons stated. That means just as we the people do not get to pick and choose which legal duties we must and will recognize and obey as a matter of law and morality–non-hypocrisy–so it is that law enforcement and unions and others do not get to pick and choose who they feel like taking evidence or criminal complaint from and acting upon: again because real victims and society are being harmed in real ways by those who refuse to do their duty. I tell some of my friends who hate all cops and everyone in government no matter what, then What would you do, say a loved one were being attacked, perhaps you were disabled, and some police or someone in government from any agency you particularly despised, were in a position to do what you could not to stop the attack? Would you just say sorry but my ideology prohibits going anywhere near the cops or government? How about a home invasion? Want to call a tax protestor or tea party member?

    But, I have a long paper-trail and now hard-evidence I could not get without having to go through the process of being fired which I expected and planned for. And I have a long paper trail of hard evidence, not my rants, hard documents I had no knowledge of, no influence on, never allowed to see and rebut, finally gained with subpoenas and the seriousness of a tenured professor being fired, I have evidence of serious damages against my family, other Clark College employees, students serially defrauded, fraud by wire, conspiracy against rights and under color of law, trading in public employment, theft of public employee medical and other benefits, and so much more that resulted since and from serial dereliction of duty and worse by all those law enforcement and government agencies that refused to accept and act on, real evidence, of real crimes, against real people, suffering life-altering damages and harm, being covered-up with massive sums of public monies and resources .

    I will use the law, the media, evidence, reason and a whole lot of sunlight, invited or not, to drag some of these folks aiding and abetting crimes with their own crimes of dereliction of duty and worse, out into the sunlight and careful scrutiny and analysis of the kind law enforcement do and even more intense. And this is non-partisan in that the corruption that is pervasive and embedded in various County and City governments in WA, is by partisan. Lao-tze said it long ago: “Power is that which a good person will not (not should not) seek and that a bad person should never have.” And Plato put it: “Those who seek power are invariably the least fit to hold and to wield it.” So those slandering Bill S and using all these ad hominem, it means he and others are hitting paydirt, are getting closer and closer (as in offering me $100,000 hush money) and just keep on keeping on, bore into them, force them to put everything on paper, tape always if you can but do not ever violate the law on two party consent for all voice taping. Find others, share experiences,documents, law cites and data along with names of alleged offending creatures and stay on law enforcement and the government officials responsible,


    Posted by jimcraven10 | August 14, 2014, 12:50 am
    • Jim, if there is a way for me to join you in your effort — intervenor, affidavits, ???, let me know. What we are dealing with is “institutionalized” corruption — like I said in my candidate statement — “when you peal back the layers of the rotten onion you find lawyers.”


      Posted by Bill S | August 14, 2014, 6:32 am
  5. Jim, late tonight I took the time to Read your post, then went to your blog and have attempted to better familiarize myself the best that I could from the material posted there. Including the statements by your former students. I can relate to so much of what you have written describing the M.O. of the conspiracy against you by most all of the guilty parties. The mind set of these weak minded short sighted sell out actors that have demonstrated the severe void they retain individually regarding the ethic’s & integrity dept. Giving birth to their need to all gang up together and hold each others little hands in doing so, with hopes of finally together producing enough strength to destroy yours.

    I admire your detail you employ within your endeavors to combat this RICO Conspiracy against you. The steadfast integrity you willfully demonstrate , concerning especially to not even be temped for a split second to allow these creeps with their self inflated outlooks towards you and so many others, to purchase that integrity wholesale for their chinsy 100k insult to you. A class example of how these type operate and view their victims. Thinking that after so much wrongful unjust injury, and ganging up on one individual victim , that the victim will be so beaten and desperate, that they will be willing accept practically anything to make this temporarily go away/ stop, etc.

    The back in their face, no thanks I applaud. More power to you, and for what it is worth, remember that you are not alone. I know that Bill means it offering to help in what ever way he can, and so do I. I have already learnt things from your experiences that I can apply to my own situation. Hopefully ours can help contribute to yours as well. This criminal Felony corruption within so many different aspects of our State that is destroying & wasting , cheating so many must be purged from where it now resides so safely and confidently. Having the safety & confidence provided by the insurance of advance confidence of knowing for a fact that the State and Federal Law Enforcement Agencies, commissions, associations including both sectors of legislators will not disturb them or provide any assistance to you, me , Bill and so many others.

    Which clearly demonstrates the employment of the RICO, O.C. It could not exist without it, let alone to the degree it is actively employed & demonstrated with such brazen confidence within so many corrupt areas of our State & Federal Government.

    Good Job ! I am right behind you with the Federal Felony Criminal complaint, whereas mine will include some real celebrities within our moss growing State, which of course will inevitably make me all that much less popular with them all for anything other than a target. But so be it, I am not impressed with their light weight corrupt sell themselves out, hold each others little hand for strength program, nor am I easily intimidated by their desperate attempts to do so. However, this one should open several eyes wide too, with the surprise they unknowingly thirst for. .


    Posted by Bruce Gambill | August 15, 2014, 1:25 am
    • Dear Bruce, Thank you so much for your reply and for taking the time to read what I have posted on my blog. And there is so much more. I have had to fight over many years since I was a whistle-blower in 1994 against a faculty member who bragged to me about collecting and disseminating child and other pornography on Clark College system (he is still there teaching as the warrant got messed up and he walked on the criminal charges but was found guilty by Washington Ethics Commission given $2500 fine and one-quarter off) that led to a secret file opened on me (all my emails to various agencies of the local, state and federal governments) in 1994 and this file was discovered with the revelations of Emma Kim who worked in HR at Clark College and refused to keep it as it was covert and illegal; she was fired. I should also note that I have had real world training and experience in investigating conspiracies as had my friend who has been with me all along. (see and in the piece se PR file for what kind of work I was doing) and also: img243PR and

      It is amazing that my own attorney hired by WEA did not know what “Misprision of a Felony” was or 18 USC4; this is also common with many police. But corruption can only beget more of itself as each person who does corruption with others in a conspiracy becomes vulnerable to any of the others being taken down and they are also vulnerable to his being taken down. Conspiracies like any system, are as strong as their weakest links and that is how they are taken down: 1) Surveillance; 2) Calculated probes to test defenses and organization structure along with potential weak links; 3) Infiltration and internal weakening; 4) turn insiders and plant anxieties and reckless responses; 5) gather, assess and connect the dots and go back to other stages for dots and connections missing but likely and apparent. That is what I am doing now and have been doing since 1994. My secret and illegal file is 4900 pages, 6 binders and I only recently got a copy of it as they wanted 10-cents a page or $490 for a copy of an illegal and secret file used against me without my knowledge of it or being given any chance to respond to anything in it.

      But this reaches far beyond Clark College or Clark County. The corruption reaches into Division II of the Washington Court of Appeals, Thurston County Superior Court, Washington Employment Security Department, the AG’s office, Clark County Clerk Scott Weber, and some other entities as well. And this is truly non-partisan. I have worked in and seen the rank political patronage and worse in the Democratic Party since the times of Rosellini and have seen and fought from the inside, the Dem Machine and the rank political corruption it has brought over many years in Washington State. But there are other players from the Republicans as well.

      There is a secret little group, it is declining in membership, in Vantucky called “Antheria”. Former Judge John Wulle is one of the alleged ringleaders along with C C Smith, some owners of prominent businesses in Clark County, some Vancouver Police, members of the Clark County Sheriff’s office, Clark County prosecutor’s office according to sources once on the inside. Their name comes from Antheria which are male (they are very patriarchal) reproductive organs on some plants that produce “antibodies” against “invasive species” that threaten the “purity of the Garden”. Of course what they mean by “invasive species” are my kind, American Indians, gays, non-whites, non-their kind of “Christian” (they are Calvinists mostly out of 1st Methodist but also Congregationalists and Presbyterians), immigrants and the like. Although Republicans and Calvinists in their leadership, they work with and use Dems like Royce Pollard, Mormons and certain law firms and members of the City Council as well. They fancy themselves “pioneer stock” and “settler stock”.and they are very frightened of change and loss of their little power bases.

      Now if they want to celebrate their pasty white skin and settler-pioneer genes they had nothing to do with, if they want to fix jobs in the private sector and closely held businesses like the Columbian, Burgerville, and others that is their right. But in public employment, fixing jobs and contracts, using public resources to give meaningless awards to embellish meaningless resumes, nepotism, cronyism, political patronage, hush money settlements to prevent crimes being exposed at trial, all of it are crimes and not just torts and they cause real harm to real people until exposed and dealt with by law. And if law enforcement refuses to act, then I document it all and move forward.

      There are all sorts of courageous people like yourself and Bill S from various political perspectives and backgrounds but all united in demand for rule of law not of the ruthless, the U.S.Constitution as the supreme law of the land, to make government open, transparent and accountable, to stop political patronage and to demand that all public employees be necessary, competent, properly hired and vetted and fully accountable. That is part of what I have fought for over 21 years as a tenured professor at Clark College and in my over 35 years of teaching often in public employment. But there is also the cowardice and treachery one will face with whistle-blowing as courage on the one hand, exposes and indicts cowardice and opportunism on the other hand and many of your colleagues, will turn on you when your own courage and refusal to participate in or cover-up corruption exposes them for what they are and their own part in that which is being exposed.

      Thanks so much and please feel free to use any of my work or materials for your own cases. More will be published on my website and the fact that they came up with a last-minute $100,000 offer, itself a crime, and then when that failed, a motion to limit that obstructed exposure of documents that would have made Mr. Knight’s perjury again, this time in the same venue as the sworn testimonies exposing his perjury, evident in the termination hearing that was a total farce run by a James Stonier, a former Kelso judge selected and picked by Knight, a hearing panel picked by Knight, guess how it will go.

      keep the faith and please keep fighting–it is up to us when the people fear the police more and respect and fear them less than the criminals and have reasons to do so.



      Posted by jimcraven10 | August 15, 2014, 7:19 am
  6. Jim, you are most certainly welcome, you have paid your dues and more than earned what I wrote.

    Personally in my own experience I managed to establish two facts that our Judiciary and legislators are incapable of dealing with as follows, !. Being the truth. 2. being reality.

    I was in court in front of Judge Brian D. Lynch early on in my ongoing dilemma and took a moment to ask him something from the stand.
    ” I said Your Honor, I am at a loss here, for we have these various Laws, Bar Rules, FRCP, Sworn Oaths, If they are selectively refused to be adhered to or employed, what is the purpose of having them at all?”

    Judge Lunch immediately looked very flustered, somewhat red in the face and very uncomfortable, having yet to reply to my question. The gun powder snorting Trustee was quick to notice the situation and immediately blurted in to this with some idiotic “nothing” statement about some irrelevant aspect of the case. Doing so to rescue Judge Lynch and earn herself some major butt kissing points with him.

    Point being, my question was never addressed with any type of answer at all because as anyone equipped with the brains that God would bestow upon a gopher would be quick to recognize , there is only one answer to that question, being there is no point at all. No point other than servicing the needs of a major Fraud, quite possibly the biggest Fraud to ever be set upon the American people since the beginning of America itself. Providing a way and means to service the needs of Super Gross Cronyism, Gross legal abuse , organized Crime, and Color the Law to the disgusting Criminal shades that when riding with RICO, RICO likes best.

    The very same question can be applied to our Law enforcement agencies and our elected Legislators who’s purpose and designed intent was to represent us, us being the body of this Country. But if our legislators and law enforcement agencies do not represent us if it involves the Judiciary due to being encrusted in cronyism, or fear of judicial retaliation, or being severely corrupt themselves. Prioritizing their own best interests, personal gain, power, wealth etc. Placing their Duty to the constituents well below a pile of cigarette butts in a dirty ashtray, and allowing their ethics and integrity to reside there also. Refusing to assist the citizens and innocent victims of this Organized Crime Judiciary and the flagrant Felony Criminal Crimes produced on a daily basis from that judiciary coast to coast. Refusing to see to it that the very laws they help to design and place into society are in fact being enforced, willfully being adhered to,, then what in the name of God is the purpose of having Congressmen, Senators, Sheriffs, FBI, U.S. Attorneys, Governors at all?

    Most certainly not to self enslave us so as to grace their lives with wealth & power derived from our hard work, sweat and sacrifices by defrauding us out of our own Tax dollars. If we refuse to pay this extortion for Fraud, they will abuse the Law and take our homes and property, our cars and possessions. They will take our freedom and place us in prison along with several fines that must be paid, and if not, find ourselves right back into prison.

    If the Law enforcement agencies and the DOJ amount to nothing more than the illegal enforcers and grunts for the Judiciary, breaking laws and violating Rights at will, then have the asinine nerve to profess and attempt to project to the public that their main core value goal is to uphold the Law and our Rights…….. amounting to nothing more than a major extension of this massive Fraud blanketing the entire Nation and its people.

    Having the reality of this be, this is exactly what we have. Ignorance no longer services the needs of bliss, because at the rate of these corrupt criminal crimes being executed by the judiciary, there is no longer the available real estate left to comfortably house bliss. It is now so out of control and being executed on such a regular basis, that only the select few are immune from the direct effects of which.

    That being the purpose and intent of my costly certified USPS Mailings of undeniable proof of all the criminal acts and violations contained within my case/cases to the Law enforcement agencies and our congressman , senators, our Governor and our President. With these small little green cards I have is proof of their refusal to adhere to sworn oath of Office and obey the Law, assist innocent victims of this organized Crime and criminal felony judicial corruption. Proof of their Misprisoning Felony Organized Crime and criminal Corruption. proof of their aiding & abetting severe Criminal Felony RICO, color of law and Felony Criminal Judicial Corruption , Fraud and Grand Theft, Aiding & abetting judicial Terror, judicial torture and warring upon innocent victims/citizens .

    The meat & potato’s basic elements necessary to establish proof of which in a Federal Criminal complaint that is currently destroying this nation and its people. In which that Organized Crime Felony judicial Corruption has already been long since established by all , of achieving nothing less than the worst enemy of this Country , its people. Destroying us from within, destroying our safety, security, future and that of our children’s.

    That is why I referred to in my analogy to Bill and the folks on this site, that we as a whole, together are now proceeding down a dead end street. Not one that we have been directed towards by corrupt public officials to obstruct justice, waste our time, money, thoughts, emotions, lives. A street that we have directed not only us , but our adversaries down by our own chosen directives which contains no easy avenues of escape routes for them, only the dead end with final confrontation with our adversaries/the guilty responsible corrupt government actors that are in desperate need of filing an address change to the post office.

    We the people are coming after the enemy with the blood sweat and tears produced from this organized Crime Criminal Felony corruption injuries, losses & catastrophic injustices in our eyes and in our hearts . A gang of wanna be bullies and piss ant criminals never amount to much of an adversary when it gets down to it, exactly what we have here. I am not impressed nor is anyone else that amounts to anything. Just something we have to do & effectively extract from our lives & our Government, like taking out the trash. .


    Posted by Bruce Gambill | August 16, 2014, 11:16 am
    • Hi Bruce,

      So well written, argued and presented. We have a weapon that history shows in the long-run, and often even in the short-run, no special ops forces, no weapons of stealth and sophistication can match or suppress: the raw simple truth and the contradictions that expose it as they widen and deepen as they must. “Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive.” Sir Walter Scott. That is what a RICO or other kinds of conspiracies are: webs of interrelationships, power structures, activities, communications, command and control, defenses and offensive weapons, etc. And the longer they last, the bigger they get, the more people they have to recruit to cover for past stuff they are trying to hide in the present, they more exposed they get and more vulnerable to weak links taking down the whole web.

      But we do not have to worry about weak links or remembering which lie is necessary to cover which other lies, we do not need high IQs and good memories, we do not need to fear going to paper, we do not need to fear being vetted, just as I had no fear when a Clark College HR employee, who was once taught to fear me, exposed the existence of a secret and illegal file on me (I now have it and so will law enforcement) of 4900 pages in six binders; I had no fear of contradictory statements or representations in different submissions or emails other than perhaps the usual wrong date or something non-material and not contrived.

      I am also confident in my statements because I do due diligence or diligence due as a matter of law. All of the statements or allegations that I have ever made, were always accompanied with my supporting evidence, reasoning and texts of statutes, case law etc; always presented in writing, never anonymously, and always with an invitation for rebuttal and an offer to correct and apologize for any errors and on venues far more public than my errors along with the venue on which I made an error. Under the public person standard for libel and slander, there must be: an intentional untruth one knows to be untrue and/or untruth that is made with reckless disregard for available facts exposing the untruth and/or repeating the untruth after being apprised of the untruth and mounting damages, and with malice and with tangible damages being sustained. I do not tolerate slander and libel against me and do not practice it.

      And this is truly non-partisan on so many levels. For example, why are so many unions acting so corrupt and in ways opposite to their charters and interests of membership? One main reason is the very same personality types (megalomaniacs, narcissists, plutocrats) who most hated unions were most responsible for their existence as self-defense organizations against rapacious and predatory capital and capitalists; yet these very same types also wound up in the leadership of the unions that were then created. Another problem is the union members themselves: narrow, selfish, myopic, self-absorbed and mostly material (pay, tenure and pensions) interests being protected and little said (except about not enough teacher control and too much accountability except the reverse on administrators) and little said or done really in the interests of the students. The same with many public employees; it is just bread and butter and as long as any corruption does not impinge upon their turf, well it is someone else’s problem. And where does it all lead?

      keep the faith,

      “In the contradiction lies the hope” (Bertolt Brecht)



      Posted by jimcraven10 | August 16, 2014, 3:09 pm
  7. This is off the beaten path here, but it is just a little retrospect humor, in a sense

    The Funniest Joke Ever !
    > . . . ON US
    > Does anybody out there have any memory of the reason
    > given
    > for the establishment of the DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY
    > during
    > the Carter Administration? Anybody? Anything?
    > No?
    > Didn’t think so.
    > Bottom line . . we’ve spent several hundred
    > billion
    > dollars in support of an agency the reason for which
    > not
    > one person who reads this can remember.
    > Ready? It was very simple, and at the time
    > everybody
    > thought it very appropriate.
    > The Department of Energy was instituted 8-04-1977 TO
    > FOR
    > HAVE DONE!
    > Ah yes, good ole bureaucracy. And now we are going to
    > turn the Banking
    > system over to them? God Help us.
    > – – – – – – – – – –
    > More bureaucracy – more Democrat voters! Once
    > everyone works for the
    > bureaucracy, where will we be then ? Goodbye to the
    > USA we all once knew.


    Posted by Bruce Gambill | August 16, 2014, 3:13 pm
  8. not to turn this site into irrelevant gibberish, but many of us have so little to laugh about, that from time to time, to crack a smile and have a little chuckle does not hurt , so viewing things in that light, as I was going through some older things that were sent to me from some associates in Houston Tx. I thought I would risk sharing one more of them with all of you, as follows;

    Joke; My Daddy the Dancer

    My Daddy the Dancer

    One day a fourth-grade teacher asked the children what their fathers did for a living.

    All the typical answers came up — fireman, mechanic, businessman, salesman, doctor, lawyer, and so forth.

    However, little Justin was being uncharacteristically quiet, so when the teacher prodded him about his father, he replied, “My father’s an exotic dancer in a gay cabaret and takes off all his clothes in front of other men and they put money in his underwear. Sometimes, if the offer is really good he will go home with some guy and stay with him all night for money.”

    The teacher, obviously shaken by this statement, hurriedly set the other children to work on some exercises and then took little Justin aside to ask him, “Is that really true about your father?” “No,” the boy said, “He works for the Democratic National Committee and is helping to get Hillary Clinton to be our next President, but I was too embarrassed to say that in front of the other kids.”


    Posted by Bruce Gambill | August 16, 2014, 11:12 pm
    • Corruption is really a non-partisan issue: both parties are rotten and have been for a long time. How about if we did a re-vote on going into Iraq with the knowledge of the present of over 1/3 of Iraq under ISIS control? The dirty little secret is that “We The People” include some real scum and they wind-up in offices they are not fit to hold by pandering to all sorts of fears and prejudices like the “3 Gs”–God, Guns and Gays. The Dems pull on all sorts of heartstrings they hope will “bleed” with money for the party, but as my mother used to say about “bleeding heart liberals” is that “They are the ones whose hearts bleed, so profusely, so publicly, so theatrically, so piously, so safely under the cloak of “reason” and “fairness”; but it is always with the blood of others.” On the supposed “Christian” right she would say: “They want to go to heaven but they don’t want to die; they hate government and taxes but when there is a disaster, they are not out fixing their own power lines or roads, and they are the first ones lined up for their FEMA checks and raise hell if they do not get them and attention to them and their problems first; they also love to support the troops but few of them or their kids would ever go into the military or combat themselves; they claim to love Jesus, but they never quote from the Sermon on the Mount”

      The problem is that “We the People” leave government to those who run to get into it under a banner of hating all government and what it takes to provide critical services. It all comes down to what the sages of the ages have noted: “Those who SEEK (not necessarily those who have it) power are invariably the least fit to hold and to wield it.” (Plato) and “Power is that which a good person will not seek and a bad person should not have” (Lao Tze) and “Politicians are like diapers: they should be changed often and for the same reason.” (Robin Williams).

      Here is a joke with a deeper message. This student in a critical thinking class was asking the professor how to explain to his buddy what is critical thinking as he was urging his buddy to take the course. The professor said “Well critical thinking is the analysis of the dimensions of the quality of one’s own thinking and that of others according to principles of logic, inference and scientific method.” The student said “Huh, I can’t remember let alone understand what you just said.” So the Prof says “Look, critical thinking is about “The 3 Fs”: figures to facts to figuring the implications of the facts and figures.” The prof said to the student: “Do you own a weed-wacker or a lawn mower? The student said yes, “one of each.” The prof said then you are likely a heterosexual. The student said “What? you’re right.” The prof said “I started with a question to yield data or figures on if and how many weed-wackers and lawn mowers you owned and you said one of each; that means it is highly probable, but not absolute or certain, that you are a home owner and if so, it is highly probable but not absolute or certain that you have a family, and if you have a family it is highly probable but not absolute and certain that you are heterosexual…” The student said “That’s amazing I’ll try it on my buddy to explain critical thinking.”

      The student went up to his buddy and said “You asked what critical thinking is, do you have a weed-wacker or a lawn mower?” His buddy said “No”. The student says forcefully: “QUEER!”.


      Posted by jimcraven10 | August 17, 2014, 10:21 am
      • I be knowing all about that scum you mentioned, both in and out of those Offices. Seem like dead beat scums we have an abundance of, and a good lot of the remainder of we the people seem to all be related to the sit on their butt I’m gonna family. The scum is part of the reason why the Judiciary gave up and become what they are constantly subjected to , scum.

        Interesting analogy ur mom has, pretty close to hitting the nail right on the head. I do know in regards to myself, unfortunately FEMA doesn’t owe me a dime. Plus if it was concerning my home, they would give it to the criminal organized crime felons who are the insiders working with the corrupt retaliatory Judiciary who stole my home, tooth brush ,underwear, socks and everything it took me 60 years of hard work to amass. Even though according to the written Law I still own my home , property and all those stolen prized possessions, just forcing these no good corrupt Officials we have to admit that they speak English and they too must obey the same law as the rest of us, is where I am at.

        During the V.N. War, I was already a licensed pilot at age 17, signed up for college and already had contacted the Air Force to notify them of this and if needed , I would report immediately.

        When the storms came and the wind blew so hard , it dropped be fir trees all around the lake road, and some through houses. It was midnight , raining and cold, so I got out my big Stilh Chainsaw with the 33″ bar on it, hooked up the car trailer with the 12,000lb winch on board it to the one ton truck I had in the driveway, and commenced to clear all four of the road blockages so the emergency crews could get into the lakes, and the power company could get in and go to work fixing power lines instead of logging first, and folks on our lake and Tanawax could get back and forth if they had to , plus go to work and school..

        As far as the G’s go, personally gays bother me, its like when you take 2 positive ends of a magnet and try to place them together, they repel like hell and no way on Gods Green earth can you get them together, although I must admit, with enough of them in these over populated areas, it might just do the trick after a while. Guns are fine if your figuring that you got to kill something or someone for some last resort reason,other wise their a pain in the ass around here because it either is getting stolen by the scum, or the scum Law enforcement doesn’t like you having guns too, or the damn things always want to start rusting up on you unless you keep them oiled up like a duck or a seal.

        So as far as the G’s go for me, I have 2 that concern me, God and Guts, without both of them, I wouldn’t have made it this far, nor would I have the confidence in knowing that I will take down these no good worthless bastards who have taken our judiciary and law enforcement Agencies captive. When I look hard into their beady eyes , I can readily see that they know this too. sure they can send a whole mess of them out to get me, just like at my home. But now I know that there are no rules, its all fair in war according to them. So being that’s the basis we are dealing with, I am far better equipped than most of these hold each others little hands for power dweebs and lost little birds. So the next time around , I will be sure to have more than leveled the playing field, so they don’t trip and fall right away and hurt one of themselves early on. . Its like this dead end street I mentioned earlier, we are not being lead down it by them any more, we are finally doing some leading ourselves, and bringing them along with us. . I am going to attach a letter I sent to our chief prosecutor here in Pierce county Mr. Mark Lindquest . It is my reply to him after this criminal corrupt team leader told me that their legal documents were no more valid than he is. Just to show him that I am still a good guy and am willing to give credit where credit is actually due.

        To the Pierce County Prosecuting Attorney 4/8/2011
        Att: Mark Lindquist
        Per Last Phone conversation

        From Bruce E. Gambill Jr.
        32502 Benbow Dr. E
        Graham Wash.98338

        Dear Mr. Lindquist

        In regards to the fact that National Crime Victims Rights week is coming upon us, I thought perhaps now might be the appropriate time to contact you in regards to the difficulty-impossibility I have incurred in attempting to collect even so much as 1 single payment of the restitution I have been owed since 2004. Now according to the Clerks Office, totaling approx. $80,000.00 I am owed in restitution.

        This being a result of being beat over the back of my skull with a 357 revolver multiple times, struck on the side of my skull with a large Blackjack hard enough to cause my ear to bleed internally and incur a hearing loss. Then being beat to the ground, kicked in the ribs of few times while they held the loaded revolver to my head, threatening to kill me if I attempted to fight back, refused to tell them my password to my bank account, where my money was located along with the key to my gun cabinet. They then promptly bound my arms, my legs and my arms to my legs. As I laid bleeding profusely on the floor of my home, watching these men steal everything of value in my home. Family arlooms consisting of great grandmothers jewelry passed down to my daughter, grandmothers large stone retirement ring she received after working for the State of Washington Dept. of Game and Public lands. Guns my father had given to me while growing up that meant a great deal to me, some of which that had been in our family for over 120yrs. Knowing that they took everything I had of value, right down to my drivers license and social security card. As I could hear them smashing the hand beveled glass out of the front door of my 18th century German mahogany gun cabinet to access my valuables and successfully remove them from it , my home and place them in their vehicle outside my home.
        Knowing that the majority of the $14000,00 in cash they stole was intended for my mortgage company, having the remainder allocated for assisting a new business to get up & running. Although as a direct result of this I received a bad hernia trying to wrestle off both of these men at the same time. I had to remain in severe pain at times from that hernia for a period of 2 yrs there after until “crime victims comp” finally agreed to cover the cost of the surgery only, most certainly not compensate me in any other way what so ever. It was a separate crime in itself attempting to deal with those worthless money grubbing bastards themselves.
        As a direct result of the tremendous loss of cash that I had recently borrowed from my father, my home went into foreclosure which is all documented costing me another $47,000.00 to save it. That was not allowed to be reflected for compensation at the Al Mighty restitution hearing. A hearing in which the judge was paid, the Prosecutors Office was paid, attending Court personnel were paid, attending Law Enforcement were paid. Even the janitor and the light company were paid that day in Court. Everyone was paid and they happily went home and paid their bills and went about their lives. Although during that Court I heard very Strong and Stern words being employed in referencing this restitution to be paid, enforced through the Dept. of Corrections , div. of Probation and Parole. By means of monitoring, possible short term detention enforced, possible revoke of Parole and returned to Prison for refusal to pay this debt. I heard words such as “Assured to be paid” as well as having these same words written on the documents I was provided through your office and the court. Words such as the “court retains the right to enforce this amount to be paid for a period of 10yrs or longer until the debt is fully satisfied .”
        This being more than adequate implied intent of assistance from the State and Pierce County to lead the victim to believe that although nothing of mine or 1 single dollar was ever recovered, that at least I am not on my own here, and that the State in which I myself along with the rest of its population pay our tax’s to will be beside me in an effort to see to it that at least some thing is recovered after losing so much more than was reflected in Court that day. With the word “Assured “ employed in Court and these documents I still have , I felt some what comfortable leaving court that day thinking that at least I could rely on this body of government to follow through with their most implied intent of doing so.

        But now after talking with the Dept. of Corrections and having them flat refuse to do anything to enforce this. Telling me that the Prison Population just would not let them allow themselves to follow through with what was in print on my documents. Although I could not locate the clause that said anything about relieving them from this duty depending on the prison population. Then after contacting every major collection co. in Pierce County only to here them refuse to take on this file because the State nor the County does one thing to enforce or motivate these type of debts to be honored and paid.
        Then with speaking to you on the phone where as you enthusiastically informed me that you nor your office would do one thing to assist me in this matter either. Also telling me that there was not one Judge in Pierce County that would either, end of conversation without ever providing me with a legitimate reason as to why. With it being a given, if speeding tickets were handed out, but not enforced to be paid, then just how many people do you think would continue to speed, or do the posted speed limit? Doing nothing other than using their ticket to light their fire place with and keep their home warm.
        So basically for all intent and purpose that day in Court, for the true value what everyone was paid for that day to be present there using up that priceless &scarce Court time, I might have well just been awarded a nice block of warm air, or possibly $66,000.00 of Monopoly money for all the value I have received for my time and the tax dollars spent for this gathering that day.
        As I write this I am glancing at your picture with that stern look on your face right above that statement ”Victims right are a priority for our office” In light of all the aforementioned facts, I cannot help but think this is a misprint that you have yet to become aware of. Might want to look into this before much more money is wasted on these and get the real ones out there before too many people see the misprinted one’s.

        In regards to that brochure, it has been unanimously agreed up here that your picture should be cut out of that brochure and placed in the center of our dart board. Since doing this, I wanted you to know that my game has improved so dramatically that just here as of late, I have been able to amass a whole $3.00 in winnings @ 10 cents per game. Knowing that it be only proper, to give credit where credit is due, prior to our phone conversation, this never would have been possible. So now I am going to take the entire amount and re-invest it with the State through their lottery program. In doing this, knowing well in advance that I stand the same odd’s of winning on each and every ticket that I purchase as I do have the same odd’s of ever receiving any assistance from you or your office concerning what is printed on these papers I have that you vigorously enlightened me to the fact, that they are virtually worthless.

        Yours Truly
        Bruce E. Gambill Jr.


        Posted by Bruce Gambill | August 17, 2014, 9:37 pm
      • Yes I have Indian Blood in me too, Nez Pierce . I am a direct descendant of Chief Joseph. This Boarder Crisis, this race problem that has consumed the news for the last 100yrs, with either the Blacks or the Indians or the Mexicans. Now its Fed Ex for distributing pills and what ever to unlicensed , mobile Pharmacists. And the poor lets Go Postal!! folks down at the USPS always having a financial problem. I really don’t see why, for today I checked on my postage amount to send this little vintage Caterpillar Part to a gentleman over in Norway. This part is about the size of 2 chicken eggs still in the shell. The cost is hovering around $100.00 and that is not being delivered by Super man either.

        AlI I can say , its a damn good thing that it didn’t cost everyone so darn much money to get here in the first place, or this white majority Corruption would not even be an issue. The damn country would be all Indians and some Mexicans a little farther south and that’s it. No china towns and opium dens, no Harlem’s, no Obama, . Ya know I was thinking about that Dept. of Energy thing, what if they just took that 25-30 billion dollars they run that sham with and use it to buy crude oil/gas with, put all of those thousands and thousands of people working us in the Dept. of Lack of Energy , to work at something that would have visible benefits for the rest of America. Like for instance trimming down our deficit by whacking these Judges retirement benefits down to where they match everybody else’s, and the Congressmen, Senators and presidents right along with them, and their wages too, like at least in half.

        Also cut out this secret service BS so much and allow these ex officials(presidents) to get the real feeling of what its like to try and stay alive and healthy in America on your own.. And instead of Obama and the Mrs. taking a little low budget, short $20,000,000.00 vacation to Africa and a little hop over to Belgium for the Mrs. and the rest of the girls, how about instead of prancing all over the Globe like maybe this is what we want to spend 20mil of our tax dollars for, keep your jive ass at home and use this time to clean up your own back yard and your own peoples lives that have been Illegally Wrongfully Destroyed by “His Friends” in this Corrupt Organized Crime Judicial System for starters.

        Then skip blowing our 20 mil and get your jive ass back to work you jerk. Just like the rest of us, because of the present situation and mostly always the situation, we just cannot afford to go prancing around the world at a drop of the hat like maybe we are Royalty. But we do always get to pay our taxes, and go back to work providing they haven’t sold those jobs to china, or some other growing low wage concern.

        That’s a real racket they have going with those made in China tools that are everywhere and in 97% of the tool boxes across the country. You spend half the time you intended on using them to find the tiny little faint marks on them telling you what the hell size they are! Then when you finally get lucky enough to find the right one, the damn thing either is so poorly designed, it is either lose, or too tight, or too fat to get to the bolt or nut.

        Then when and if you do get it on one of them well enough to give you the confidence to bear down on it hard, you can safely bet the farm it will crack, break or strip the bolt or nut you are attempting to remove or tighten. Then you stop all progress, stop work, go get in your Kia, stop & buy more gas, and head to the cheap tool place to spend more money buying more of them . Because they do not warranty any of them like Proto, S.K. Wayne, Craftsman, Snap on, all American made out of good steel and proper design and intent. Then you go back to work and try to get the pace going again and pick up where you left off so you can make enough money to pay your Nissan or Kia payment with so they don’t take your transportation you need for going to the cheap china tool place .

        Did you know that each year on our Independence day 4th of July, that there are more Chinese people looking forward to it than American’s? Plus on the fifth of July , there are more Chinese celebrating this event by either making bank deposits or buying something they have wanted since the last 4th of July. Plus instead spending the 5th cleaning up all the mess from the 4th, they are back at work making more tools for us, and trying to figure out where they are going to put all of this Gold bullion in a safe place and that not everyone can keep track of just how much they really have.

        Just wandering thoughts of a victim that is about done being any bodies victim. I am trying to remain focused on seeing if I can remember what the hell it was I liked to do, or wanted to do or planned to do with my life. And then trying to gauge as to just how long it will take to get used to that again. Freedom , finally. Soon , so we must remain strong and as united as we can. Where has Bill been over the last few days? We need his input. Just because we are human and desperately trying to hang on to our sanity, do these short breaks help ?


        Posted by Bruce Gambill | August 17, 2014, 11:06 pm
      • me again, Bill, I was thinking about all of this corruption. Thinking that it is not very much unlike our lawns in the summer time. Whereas, if we quit feeding them, they quit growing and die off.

        Most certainly its not a case of where we are willfully feeding corruption intentionally. We who have been a victim of Felony Corruption have all contacted the FBI, our Sheriff’s Dept., our Senators and Congressmen, but to no avail. So the Corruption is still being fed, all made possible by the other corrupt Officials who are suppose to be representing us and assisting us.

        Today for instance when I still had not heard back from congressman Heck’s Office who told me last week they were presently waiting for the DOJ to give them a call back and indicate to them which Dept. I could Contact and wait for the rest of my life for them to get around to thinking about doing anything to assist me.

        So today when they called me back this afternoon, and this is after I sent them the email I recently posted copy of here on this site, they proceeded to tell me that they give various agencies “30” “DAYS” to call them back! REALLY?? A month to return your call about some innocent victim that has had his home and everything he owns illegally stolen by the retaliatory corrupt Organized crime judiciary, and is now illegally made to be homeless and unemployed. Well then they apparently must figure if that is all it is, then no big deal and we will just take our time and maybe talk to you next month sometime providing everyone still remembers..

        When someone does press the issue enough for one of these corrupt slackers to open their mouth a tiny bit, and somebody ends up taking the hit for the corrupt judge, then that of course sends out the signal that they is no reason to lighten up on the corruption, theft, rights violations and organized Crime, just keep the status quo as it is. Personally I feel its time to rumble with these pro corruption legislators, Governor, Law enforcement, and white house. I am going to file my complaint as I told Jim earlier . file it against all of them, including our favorites, that make it all possible. Mainly to let them know just how funny we think it is to be ignored and played for fools by people who do not even represent fair competition to us.. By people who are suppose to be assisting us and helping put a stop to this organized Crime corruption and felony injuries to innocent citizens. Clearly representing some corrupt Government Actors that are incapable of understanding what it is like to have practically $100k of your money illegally taken by from you via corruption and color of law Bias. What it is like to have your children illegally taken from you and charged with a serious crime that neither of you knew anything about or had anything to do with it. what it is like to have your home, your business location, your office building all illegally fraudulently converted by felony Corrupt scum and stolen from you via retaliation for you having the nerve to think you deserve the truth and real justice.

        With this demonstrating that the only way they would finally understand just what they are doing, aiding and abetting is for it to be done to them, and having their family HEIRLOOMS , HOMES, PHOTO ALBUMS AND CHILDREN ALL TAKEN FROM THEM AND THEN ILLEGALLY MADE TO PAY FOR IT ALL THEMSELVES AFTER THE THEFTS AND THE ILLEGAL IMPRISONMENTS AND KIDNAPPING OF THEIR CHILDREN.



        Posted by Bruce Gambill | August 18, 2014, 6:14 pm
      • Hi Bruce… the “claim” of which you write is already in the works. That is why we all needed to file with the Office of Risk Management, this gives the attorney general an ultimatum — find a solution to everyone’s satisfaction, or be sued. If you didn’t file your claim with the office of risk management and or failed to include “appendix A” then you may need to do as you say and file an independent action. As a back-up to our “class claim” it may be a good idea to file a separate action too… Depending on who you are suing, double check RCW 4.92 and 4.96. If you don’t follow the right procedures, all your effort may be dismissed under a “procedural error”. While I argue “procedures” should NOT affect substantial rights, it is better to keep the “issues” on the core matter rather than diverted to “procedural arguments.”

        Whatever you decide to do let me know and send me a copy of your complaint… If I can I’ll file to intervene in your action.


        Posted by Bill S | August 18, 2014, 6:44 pm
      • Hi Bruce,

        First of all, even as I do not know you, I am sitting here extremely saddened about all you have gone through and the callousness with which your obvious just claims and allegations are summarily dismissed. I am about to be fired from Clark College with the decision made by the Board that put a perjurer, Bob Knight, with no open competition for the position of president and without his meeting even close to the minimum credentials for the position and the very ones that offered a $100,000 hush money at the last minute if I would not go to a hearing where Knight committed perjury for the second time according to the sworn testimonies of two union officers for the second time, no disclosure of even the agreement let alone its terms, no civil or criminal actions ever for any reason against ANY Clark College employee or even agent; and this is with the knowledge that
        I have already been to law enforcement and given sworn statements and allegations per 18 USC 4 and 73.

        This is what I hit them, my lawyer from WEA I had to fire for not coming with me to law enforcement to report perjury and obstruction of justice during the hearing in her presence (fundamentally contradictory sworn testimonies in the same hearing).

        18 U.S. Code § 4 – Misprision of felony

        Whoever, having knowledge of the actual commission of a felony cognizable by a court of the United States, conceals and does not as soon as possible make known the same to some judge or other person in civil or military authority under the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.

        This includes law enforcement officers, judges, legislators, ANYONE having KNOWLEDGE of the ACTUAL COMMISSION OF A FELONY (not a tort or even gross misdemeanor) and CONCEALS (non-reporting of a felony one has knowledge of is not passive but active concealment) CONCEALS and does not AS SOON AS POSSIBLE MAKE KNOWN (report) TO SOME JUDGE OR OTHER PERSON IN CIVIL OR MILITARY AUTHORITY (even) SHALL BE FINED…OR IMPRISONED not more than three years or both.

        This is very clear and it applies to any judges or law enforcement that refuse to take a good-faith report of felony crimes having been committed and having acquired knowledge of the commission of a felony and do not act; that is why all my emails and submissions include hard evidence and not just my own allegations or citations of law; I connect the links between physical evidence and law in my presentations so they cannot just say it was my rants and they chose not to take them seriously.

        On your comments on Gays, your sentiments and beliefs are your right. I too have a problem with any groups, LGBT, Indians, African Americans, White Conservatives or any of these groups that wind up promoting and reinforcing the very same stereotypes, in theatrical and offensive demonstrations, they often decry and cite as instruments of their own oppression, But those who want to divide to rule, will play you, play me, play anyone on single-issues that are close to use in order to get us to keep these clowns in the offices over 80% of the polled voters say they are unfit to hold in institutions they have no confidence in or approval of. The Dems do it with LGBT, anti-conservatism, unions, Greens, feminism and social safety net programs and Minorities; the Republicans do it with Guns, God, Gays, Immigrants, Patriotism, American rule globally, Minorities, anti-feminism, family values and the like. The idea in all cases is to feed on our concerns and even selfishness (our pet issues) so that we will thing we are getting what we think we want on our pet single issues and thus hold our nose on other important issues we do not get. That is why many Pentecostals wound up voting for Romney a devout Mormon and they hate Mormonism as a cult and not any kind of real Christian one at that.

        Please remember 18 USC 4 and 73 (Obstruction of Justice) and how it can be used.

        take care and thank you for your service to the Republic.



        Posted by jimcraven10 | August 19, 2014, 7:22 am
      • How about if in the next elections the 92% of poled voters who have no approval of Congress refuse to vote for any incumbent of any party or better yet refuse to vote for either party and do write-ins or vote for any independents that are not fronts for one of the parties? Why not real anti-party candidates?


        Posted by jimcraven10 | August 19, 2014, 7:28 am
  9. On a far more serous note, also off topic. I was curious if anyone had heard of the Superior Court , its prosecutors Office, and the Dept . of Corrections all being relieved of any prior written form of Assurance/guarantee . A document “assuring ” another party , that that each one of the aforementioned Government agencies would perform a certain function, task, and Honor any written and signed form indicating, Stating each of which would do so.

    Compounded by the fact ,these same Officially signed and Ordered documents, it States very clearly that these efforts, tasks, assured performance by these very specific , “Government agencies” would in fact remain actively employed by all of the aforementioned Government agencies/actors for life if necessary to complete this assured task, or until the debt was fully serviced & recorded as being satisfied in full..

    I am specifically referring to Court Ordered Restitution for Felony Grand Theft Loss and Violent Crime. I am owed well over 100k with the court documents stating all of this, that this Restitution is assured to be collected by the D.O.C. while they have jurisdiction and authority over this Debtor/Felon. That thereafter, the Court retains the authority and jurisdiction to enforce this said amount to be paid in 30 day installments until satisfied or able to pay it in full earlier. Failure to adhere to this Order will result in a stay in jail for up to 6 weeks, on each failure to honor this debt.& payment agreement. Continued failure will result in parole violation, parole revocation, and returned to prison.

    But now all of a sudden over these last 2 years, Mr. Mark Lindquest , Chief Prosecutor for the Wash. State Pierce County Prosecuting Attorneys Office , Told me directly that these same signed documents are basically worthless. That there was not so much as 1 single Judge in Pierce County that would Honor these Court Documents that were generated by the Superior Court , signed, stamped and provided to me at the restitution hearing. A hearing where this Prosecutor walked around the front of the court room , pounding his chest and repeating all of this Assured stuff verbatim to the documents the court generated, filled out and signed before providing them to me.

    Everyone was paid our tax dollars that day in the restitution hearing proceeding, the judge, the prosecutor, the defense attorney, attending Law enforcement, the Clerks Office, even the Janitor and the Light Company. Everyone paid well except for the party that had already lost more due to this specific theft than a good portion of these actors make during a full year of steady employment, some 2 yrs.

    The actual Proceeding, was a breeze for them all, which from what I gather is quite common and the way it is the vast majority of the time. No objections other than the first few light weight for”show” normal ones, that go no where.. Pont being they all collect major easy money from us all for doing this, generate some paper work, stamp it and sign it, record it. Bingo , the two felons are in prison, the victim is defrauded by all 3 of the Government agencies/actors, and the debtor to the restitution.


    If nobody within our government enforced property taxes to be paid, or speeding tickets to be paid, how many people would be continuing to speed even faster, and using the property tax money for more speed equipment and radar detectors for their car?

    Why does the word FRAUD, CON GAME, MILKING THE PUBLIC & ROBBING THE VICTIMS keep coming in vision and out of my mouth?


    Posted by Bruce Gambill | August 17, 2014, 10:00 am
  10. Bill, as I told you earlier, I did file with you at risk management. I will send you a copy of my filing later today after I finish my other work. And Jim, in regards to the issue of gays, personally I do not hate them, I just do not give them any serious attention, any more so than other lost little birds. Lets face it, if the entire world was gay,then it would only require just how many years before the end of the human race occupying this planet? So if there is a hidden advantage concerning that , an advantage that outweighs all of our efforts for future generations, the preservation of the planet, that advantage has yet to be presented to me. No more babies mean there is no real reason to concern yourself with going green is there?


    Posted by Bruce Gambill | August 20, 2014, 10:34 am

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