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EX-candidate for WA State Representative, James O’Hagan, addresses judicial corruption.

Dear Concerned,

I cannot thank the people who helped me, and the voters enough for showing their concern and expressing themselves. Out of about 175,000 people in the 19th district about 27,000 voted. About 14,00 voters, voted for the democratic incumbent. It appears to me that about 8% of the people believe they can be the only voice that matters and run the entire area. I disagree.

As many of you know by now, our lives, liberty and property has been continually taken, over the last 20 years from the litigation we were thrust into, by Pacific County officials and other individuals. The litigation came from a water rights argument involving our cranberry farm, we got involved in. When I attempted to protect our water rights, I soon learned we were subjected attorney predators who were eagerly waiting for these kinds of arguments to arise. All of the Public officials who instigated and were involved in the argument were given promotions for providing the attorneys with the revenue generated from the argument. The Washington Counties Risk Pool hired unscrupulous attorneys who engaged in outright fraud instead of disciplining the public officials who caused the argument. It was a profit making scheme for everyone involved except the victims. After being victimized by the attorneys I decided to stop playing their extortion game and represent our family farm by myself. I assumed the attitude of why should I be paying someone to screw us. In making this decision, I knew I had to carefully document everything that happened so I did.

In an effort to shield Pacific County public officials from their personal liability, an attorney by the name of Gregory Ursich convinced Washington state Department of Ecology employees to falsify documents and submit the false documents to the Pacific County Superior Court. In order to do this the WDOE employees had to create new microfiches at WDOE headquarters in Lacy and in an attempt to conceal their perjury the WDOE employees attacked the cranberry industry in an attempt to force me into submission by intimidation. After they did this I located the original documents from local farmers and showed where they falsified the documents. After I caught them in their perjury I hired a private investigator to investigate WDOE to see who had authorized the creation of the new microfiche with the falsified documents on it. Immediately after I hired the investigator the May 23, 199 arson fires occurred at WDOE. The remains of the documents that were set on fire showed who authorized the creation of the false microfiche and who authorized the attack on the Grayland cranberry industry and why. The attack on the Grayland cranberry industry led to over 200 employees being laid off and the destruction of the commodity price of cranberries and hundreds if not billions of dollars of damages. All of the interference of commerce occurred because and only because Christine Gregorie was an attorney who was influential within the entire justice department. She organized and condoned the cover-up of the May 23, 1999 WDOE arson fires to protect her colleagues at WDOE, and fellow attorneys involved. All of it was only possible with the assistance of the entire Democratic Party’s assistance.

Despite all of the personal attacks on my family I represented us in a 3 week jury trial and prevailed. Before our judgment was even entered the attorney who instigated all of the criminal activity within WDOE devised a series bankruptcy schemes for the judgment debtor Kenyon Kelley, even though the judgment debtor had a farm liability policy that would have covered all of his damages. The judgment debtor’s attorney, Gregory Ursich, could not allow the insurance attorneys to become involved because all of his criminal activity and his malpractice would’ve been an issue.

Even though the Honorable Paul B. Snyder denied his bankruptcy discharge of debts and determined he had worked with his attorneys to defraud us of our judgment, the federal prosecutors never addressed any of the criminal activity, as they were required by law to do. If the federal prosecutors had addressed the criminal activity the debtor’s insurance attorneys would have been involved and Gregory Ursich’s criminal activity as well as the cover-up of the May 23, 1999 arson fires would have been exposed.

It just so happens that Gregory Ursich is involved in the law firm of Inslee, Dozer and Best, of which Regan Dunn is a partner of. We are aware of the fact that Regan Dunn is a federal prosecutor in charge of prosecuting domestic terrorism. Obviously Regan Dunn had much to do with the fact the federal prosecutors did not prosecute the attorneys and U.S. Trustees involved in the debtor’s bankruptcy fraud schemes. In doing so Regan Dunn was causing the domestic terrorism he was supposed to be prosecuting individuals for.

After the judgment debtor transferred a $180,000.00 note to American Equities Inc., I attempted to unwind the fraudulent transfer in Pacific County Superior Court before Judge Michael Sullivan, which he refused to do thus assisting the judgment debtor and his attorney with the grand larceny of the $180,000.00. The criminal actions of the judges and prosecutors involved in assisting the judgment debtor and his attorney and public official accomplices led the judgment debtor to believe he was above the law. After Federal Judge Philip H. Brandt and Pacific County Superior court Judge Michael Sullivan provided Kenyon Kelley with the money and the attitude, Kenyon Kelley solicited individuals to murder me, to attempt to keep me from leveraging our judgment against his Grayland cranberry farm. I learned about his murder for hire scheme after Judge Michael Sullivan and David Burke attempted to prosecute me for attempting to protect myself from him and his hired thug.

Despite the fact his farm insurance liability policy would have paid our judgment the crops that should have came off of his Grayland cranberry farm would have repaid our judgment in full. Instead the entire farm asset and the crops were destroyed by U.S. Trustees and state and federal prosecutors who were in charge of preventing this kind of thing from happening. Together U.S. trustees, state and federal prosecutors, judges and attorneys destroyed the commerce of the Twin Harbors area by hundreds of millions of dollars so they could execute public corruption. I have a hearing tomorrow morning August 20th at 9:00 AM to address this corruption with the judge who is managing the execution of all of it.

The last sentence of our judgment guarantees my family a jury trial to litigate our future damages. In November of last year I filed for and paid the jury trial fees in Pacific County Superior court. Since Judge Michael Sullivan is guilty of multiple criminal attacks on me personally and he knows I will address his criminal and his accomplices criminal attacks on me with a grand jury, he is not about to allow me to have any access to a jury trial.

All of this criminal activity occurred within the judicial branches of our government because and only because of the violations of the separations of powers that is occurring, and the Democratic Party’s involvement. The members of the judicial branches were motivated to infiltrate the legislative and executive branches so they could be certain their industry members would not held accountable for anything. This created a situation where justice was sacrificed for the economics of a judicial industry that has nothing to do with justice and everything to do with supporting corruption. In order to create a situation that would protect the economic interests of the state bar, they convinced legislators that a referendum should be adopted that discouraged civil liabilities for public entities, without addressing a means to address bad faith decisions by public officials. This created a situation that encouraged and encourages bad faith decisions by public officials because the bad faith decisions are a profitable business enterprise for attorneys.

The intent of public bonds were put in place to address bad faith decisions by public officials and as a means to rid ourselves from corrupt public officials and corruption. The moment state bar members strayed from the intent of the public bonding it opened the door for public corruption to be a profitable business enterprise, and encouraged all kinds of criminal activity. While all of this corruption and lack of accountability is profitable for state bar members it is a direct attack on our domestic tranquility that our constitutions were established to protect. The civil unrest that is occurring throughout our country and the world is a result of attacking our constitutions by state bar members, who are profiting from it.

The Democratic Party is at the core of these attacks on our constitutions. They have used propaganda to sell the notion that they are established protect the interests of the lower class citizens when in reality they have made more millionaires out of state bar members, who have taken more life, liberty and property from lower class citizens than any other entity on earth. It needs to be exposed that the Democratic Party is the lawyer party who have converted the judicial branches of our governments from justice to a legal industry that provides special privileges and immunities to the elite. The grip the democratic party holds over our government has to be addressed, they have discouraged most individuals from even signing up to vote and most voters now have the attitude of since we can’t beat them why not join them. This attitude combined with the propaganda that is being sold to the public is a recipe for the same kind of disaster Hitler caused in Germany. We must be able to question authority and hold each and every one of them accountable for their actions.

I support more government accountability, not less government accountability, and if I ever get the chance I will enforce more government accountability onto the Washington State Bar Assn.. In order for me or anyone else to be able to enforce government accountability the silent majority will have to stand up against the Lawyer Party’s.

In an attempt to get the silent majority to speak up and be noticed I am planning on setting up a fair booth at the Pacific County fair this weekend and encouraging the silent majority to voice their opinion. I can use all of the help I can get in manning the booth. I am also planning on doing a few radio and newspaper ads asking the silent majority to register to vote and write me in as a write in against public corruption and for government accountability.

James (Jimi) O’Hagan

About Brandia

I am an animals rescuer, a mother, a grandmother, a minister, & a human being who is tired of all the corruption going on in our state.


One thought on “EX-candidate for WA State Representative, James O’Hagan, addresses judicial corruption.

  1. I supported Bill’s candidacy and it was the first time I had ever supported anyone with a Republican preference. But it is for me, as it is for Bill, clearly by the breadth, depth, detail and relentlessness of his work, that he is one of those, no matter what party, who are among the honorable ones; because demagogues and opportunists, slogan-mongers, dilettantes, unemployables outside of politics, all these types, along with outright psychopaths, frauds, poseurs, climbers, megalomaniacs and malignant narcissists, these types, that both parties and indeed politics, law, business, academia and religion are full of, will never put in the time and effort, never mind vast knowledge of the law and procedures used to screw pro se litigants and obstruct justice.

    But I urge everyone here to look at 18 USC 4 Misprision of a Felony very closely and how it can be used:

    18 U.S. Code § 4 – Misprision of felony

    Current through Pub. L. 113-142, except 128. (See Public Laws for the current Congress.)
    US Code

    Whoever, having knowledge of the actual commission of a felony cognizable by a court of the United States, conceals and does not as soon as possible make known the same to some judge or other person in civil or military authority under the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.

    Deconstruct this in legal terms: 1. Whoever (That means any citizen, any person no matter if or if not attached to law enforcement or the justice system–ANYONE 2. having knowledge (does not specify if hearsay which can lead to evidence or in the possession of hard evidence but does not spell out what constitutes a basis to claim real knowledge rather than supposition or intuition or just rumor; 3. actual commission of a felony, not a tort or even gross misdemeanor but felony crime having been already committed (also a duty to report knowledge of a planned or incipient crime) that any court of the U.S. would recognize as a felony 4. as soon as possible is left somewhat vague (facts during investigation establish asap and if the person did or did not report when they had an opportunity or their asap; 4. make the knowledge (and supporting basis for it) known to some judge (any kind, administrative law, superior, district etc) or other person (could be a clerk) in civil or even military authority under the U.S. (even military as they are also bound to protect and serve and pass it on to where the information will be dealt with) 5. Shall be fined or imprisoned up to three years or both.

    Is that not very clear? It means when a crime has been committed, it is a ticking time bomb because those who have committed the crime know it goes unexposed but with the potential to be exposed; they might want to take out potential witnesses; they are likely involved in other crimes, they will likely be involved in future crimes, and they will enlist others to take responsibility, to keep their finger prints off their crimes, reward them with public jobs they are unqualified formally and unfit character-wise to hold, , medical benefits etc; that is what is going on at Clark College, all over Clark County in various areas of public employment and the unions will not go criminal as they might lose some compliant and accomodating bargaining powers on the other side to make them look good and that they got something at the bargaining table. The supervisors won’t touch it because they likely ordered it and executed through their scabs, snitches and just plain bootlickers. And law enforcement is true overstretched no doubt, and they also like big cases with wide implications that make headlines, and they also have to work with “leaders” in the community that are likely part of the whole corruption being railed against (Royce Pollard, who should have been a shoe-in for re-election in Vantucky with his connections in the little power cults that run the place but he was turfed out because even many of his supporters could not stand the political patronage and crony machine he ran out of his office; he is now on the Board of Trustees at Clark College and instrumental in the placement (without open competition or his meeting even the minimum qualifications for the position) of Bob Knight who, according to the sworn and unrebutted testimonies (in two different venues once in the same hearing) say that Knight is a perjurer and a lot more.

    A Few days ago my friend who has been with me in all meetings at Clark College, a former police officer, went again to the Clark County Sheriff where last time, after speaking with an IA Officer and with his shuttling back and forth to talk with some captain who never came out of the back room, and the IA officer never returned to face us like a man, sent some lnbred-looking thug out to tell us to “Leave immediately or you will lose your freedom” I cited 18 USC 4 over and over and asked under what charge and he said “Trespassing” Well we went back, this time, as we had before, but now with another new transcript and more perjury and worse, and this time we got an African-American officer and another who was disabled and on crutches. We ran through the story and this time they took not only the complaint, but a thumb drive with over 500 documents of direct and in-your-face evidence (not my rants or allegations–real evidence) including the hush money offer of $100,000. Then we went to FBI and same thing, turned in not only a formal criminal complaint with full supporting evidence but they would not take our thumb drive even as they have the means to check it for bugs or trojan horses of whatever; we accepted that. They also would not give an email to send documents; so I spent over $200 to copy the relevant documents and evidence and deliver them by hand so that they did not just have my rants and allegations; they have real, hard evidence, it is on my website, and not the hearing examiner, not the union lawyer, not the Clark County Sheriff, nor FBI in the past, nor the Vancouver Police, nor the Clark County Prosecutor (also gave one copy to him), not the AG or AAGs, none of them reported clear evidence of perjury even after 18 USC 4 was quoted to them over and over.

    So here it is. I have a termination hearing on Sept 12, to be decided by the Board of Trustees that authorized the last minute hush money offer of $100,000 even after being fully aware of his potential perjury charge (there is also additional evidence, a lot, that the perjury was from Knight and not Dr. Roi and Ms Davidson whose sworn testimonies meant if not perjury, that Knight’s sworn testimonies in two different venues were perjury, obstruction of justice, conspiracy against rights, conspiracy under color of law, etc..And Bob Knight was not only the one who hired and appointed the hearing examiner and any outside investigators, he is also the originator of the allegations through proxies (we have email proof of backroom dealing) but he appointed those administrators who “investigated the complaints and made their findings”; he pre-assessed discipline each time with no separate mitigation phase; he appointed the appeal authority for stage I appeals and was the appeal authority on Stage II Appeal and the only appeal left has to be accepted and funded by the union (who think they have to work and get along with him after the case is over).

    Even in Nazi Germany they did not have the same person making the allegations, then turning them into formal complaints, then becoming the “investigator” of his own complaints, then becomes the fact finder from his own investigation of his own complaints from allegations from his snitches and scabs, then becomes the assessor or pre-assessor of discipline, and then becomes also the appeal authority on two of three possible levels of appeal.

    I am looking forward to Sept 12, because I already showed them I cannot be bought and will not be bought. At my age this will be a great way to go out and I promise all of them a whole lot of sunlight and transparency will come down on this inbred cesspool and the corruption and corrupt ones who presume to run it. Law Enforcement does not just have my formal complaint they have hard evidence that folks on this site have seen, and if they try to blow us off, we leave a paper trail and we go after them with the law that they have shown contempt for.


    Posted by jimcraven10 | August 19, 2014, 4:31 pm

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