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Getting closer to the bottom of things more disgusting corrupt officials running Washington State

The reason this whole thing is taking so long is because I don’t understand some of the terms so it takes me a while to “get there” but now I find out that one of my main sources feels it necessary to not just tell me something but to make me research things surrounding events so I can understand them better. That is okay, that will make me a better smarter more well informed investigative reporter in the future.

So my list of clues were

Franklin Scandal
Host Homes
Foster Homes
Juvenile Facilities
Abrupt departures

Along with some documentation.

1) Franklin Scandal… easy enough, once you cut through the crazy it is a horrifying story which has never been resolved & seems most likely to still be occurring. Now I have people reaching out to me from that situation so I will continue to try to report on it until there is some resolve for all of the victims. I will not feed into the conspiracy theory crap that diminishes it’s credibility.

Yes there are elements of satanic rituals, we have a satanic priest involved, yes there is very strong Kabballistic inferences with the name Nebraska~Ak-sar-ben, (which in my mind lends more credibility to the legend that the Native Americans are one of the lost tribes of Israel) yes there has been a very major “conspiracy” to cover it up by both the CIA, & the Secret Service. My focus has got to be on the victims, & there are 1000’s of them so to add all the elements of crazy is going to help no one, least of all the people who have been abused & victimized.

As a Medicine Woman I have had my fair share of run in with devil worshippers, that being said I’ve also had contact with some of their victims or people who became involved for whatever reason with them. I’ve dealt with the Freemasons, dabbled in Kaballah hung out with Pagans, Wiccans, & was a Mormon for a very long time. What I found is that there is no real true power in any “religion” the power comes from individuals, those with certain gifts ~ good or bad. Kind of like the Government, the power is in the people but they gave it away to a party instead of seizing their own power. I believe in God with all of my being, as for the “devil” I don’t believe in him as an outside entity or diety, I believe it is merely a part of our being that resides in all of us, in our nature & it is that that we must fight. The evil that men do is far more tangible, & horrifying then any imaginary stories of what the devil may do.

2) Pages… Pages? Documentation? I found thousands of pages of that. So I glossed over it thinking I had that part.

3) Host homes... Huh?

4) Foster Homes… Well we knew that the kids from the Franklin Scandal were sometimes farmed from foster homes

5) Juvenile Facilities… We know that some of the kids were also farmed from Boys Town Nebraska & from a few other facilities

6) Abrupt departures… Oddly except for death I couldn’t find anyone who abruptly left office as a result of any of this

So how did this relate in any way to these people? I have bolded the folks directly involved but have gotten information on the other folks listed here as well & somehow it all seems to tie in together

1} Senator Brian Hatfield, (D)
2} Senator Steve Hobbs, (D)
3} Representative Ed Orcutt, (R)
4} Jennifer Dunn, (R)
5} Patty Murray, (D)
6} State Rep, turned FEMA Dir., turned SnoCo DEM, John Pennington, (R)
7} State Rep turned County Exec Reardon, (D)
8} Council man turned Ombudsman John Koster, (R)
9} Commissioner Jeff Rasmussen, (R)
10} Senator Joseph Zarelli (R)
11} Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R)
12} Rob McKenna (R)
13} Christine Gregoire (D)
14} Roger Goodman (D)
15} Rodney Tom (D)
16} Jim Hargrove (D)
17} Tim Sheldon (D)
18} Paul Shinn (D)
19} Norm Dicks (D)
20} Former Edmonds Mayor turned Snoco Deputy Exec, Gary Haakenson (D)
21} Marko Liias (D)
22) Mark Roe Snohomish County Prosecutor
23} Ray Stephanson Mayor ad nauseam of the city of Everett
24} Mike Fisher Everett City Prosecutor/Special Prosecutor for SnoCo
25} Ron Gipson Council member ad nauseam for the city of Everett

I just realized what “Page” meant, legislative pages young kids that go to the Capital for a time, who are “sponsored” by certain legislators & stay in host homes.

There is a HUGE investigation going on at the Denney Youth Center in Everett Wa. involving sexual abuse of minors & sexual harassment of workers by our own Ron Gipson

So let’s take a good look at our list of “candidates”

Joe Zarelli: Becoming Leader of the Pack by   on Mar 11, 2011 • 7:47 am
It’s taken a long time for Joe Zarelli to make it to the top of the dogpile. Here’s what we know about the background of one of the more terrible beasts of the State Senate, a wolfman whose vicious bite is far worse than his mostly mild-mannered bark. Disorder & the law: Zarelli’s early days The story begins way back in 1983, when Joe Zarelli, then a 21-year-old man in the Navy, was arrested for driving with a suspended license and found with cocaine on him, according to an Edmonds police report cited in the Seattle Times on June 12, 1996: Records show that Zarelli, 34, was 21 when Edmonds police arrested him July 23, 1983, for driving with a suspended license and two municipal court warrants in July 1983. The incident report also says Zarelli was carrying a tiny but usable quantity of cocaine, less than one-tenth of a gram., he howled about the corruption of the Edmonds police department, especially with regard to how the police there treated Italian-Americans. Again from the Seattle Times: Asked whether he had any memory of the 1983 incident, Zarelli said: “Yeah, I have memory of the incident. I have memory of three cops beating the (expletive) out of me. That’s what I have memory of. “You need to understand the Edmonds Police Department . . . at the time (was) corrupt.” As for why officers would want to rough him up, he said, it’s linked to growing up as the son of an Italian American in Edmonds. If the cops alleged he possessed cocaine, he said, “then I guess the (expletive) runs a little deeper than I thought in Edmonds lately. It’s a tough world.” For his part, Edmonds Police Chief Tom Miller said, “I wouldn’t even dignify his remarks with a comment from our department.”

Then there is that pesky fraud thing where he was collecting unemployment, naval disability benefits & a legislative paycheck all at once. Yet he’s the first one to cut disabled people benefits! This guy even happened to get a dishonorable mention in the Daily Kos along with a fuck you. I would believe a lot of things about the Edmonds police, like if you said they don’t do much about animal abuse, or if you said they might’ve got a little nookie on the side where they weren’t supposed to but being prejudiced & planting drugs on folks… NOT buying that one. Those are the same cops who pulled me over to tell me: not ticket me, that my rear tail lights didn’t work & then spent a couple hours in my trunk trying to fix it, then gave up & followed me home so I got there safe, the same cops who picked up my son then went to court & to bat for him! Personally I would’ve just kicked his behind but they pretty much just coddled him.

I have gotten many many emails about this guy being nothing but a piece of shit perverted coke head but I didn’t realize he had anything to do with our SnoCo Crew… Oh yes he does! He, Hobbs, Reardon, Orcutt, Pennington, Rasmussen, Tom, Hargrove, Dunn, Rodgers,& Orcutt we’re besties: Oh but wait, these aren’t just republicans, some are democrats but if you remember, Reardon himself is a republican who ran on the democratic party because that is where he stood the best chance of winning. Ever heard of the Roadkill Caucus? Problem is no one has ever been specific about his “perverted” part. Oh & he made an abrupt departure. In a brilliant move to push Anne Rivers out, he named her for his replacement so she couldn’t run in the next cycle.

But… there was another notable that made an abrupt exit SnoCo’s own Aaron Reardon & boy oh boy did he go out in a blaze of dis~glory. Most notably for his 6 dollar intimacy kit but no one said anything about any of his other mistresses & there were at least 6 that I know of, but remember this was Senator Zarelli’s rising star, a republican turned democrat to get the votes. Almost 2 years after his right hand man stepped down Mark Sione.

Perhaps the strangest one I have found is a former state rep Richard Curtis that wasn’t “gay” but picked up some guy in a porn shop for sex & the guy tried to blackmail him. Sorry dude but that sounds pretty effin gay to me, too bad about your wife & kids oh & that whole living a lie thing. Just remember because that woman believed in you doesn’t make her stupid, it just means she trusted in you more then you ever deserved & those children you created are going to have to live with the consequences of your behavior, not about being gay, but about being unfaithful & disgraceful. Let’s just hope you didn’t have unprotected sex for your wife & kids sake.

Back to my list we know that Paul Shinn also abruptly stepped down citing Alzheimer’s as his reason

Spokane seems to have a wild gunman running around… oops wait that is just a state representative.

Washington State Representative Matt Shea (R) brandished an illegal handgun and chased another motorist at 60 mph through a residential area. The Spokane Police cited Matt Shea with two violations of the State’s firearm law. 2012

Patty Murray & Norm Dicks seem to be able to get away with anything they please. Norm is gone but it is time to get rid of Patty. Seriously

Wash. State Lawmakers Got Cash From Raided Lobbying Firm MARCH 25, 2009
Two Washington State Democrats are embroiled in an FBI investigation for taking hefty donations from a defense lobbying firm that exchanged political contributions for earmarks with more than 100 federal lawmakers. The Virginia-based lobbying firm (PMA Group) was raided by the FBI earlier this year and remains under federal investigation for its shady practices and profitable connections in the U.S. Congress. Founded by a former aide to Pennsylvania Representative John Murtha, PMA specializes in getting clients hundreds of millions of dollars in earmarks from the veteran legislator who chairs the powerful Defense Appropriations Committee. In return, Murtha has received hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign donations from the companies’ top executives and employees. In 2008 alone, Murtha helped PMA Group clients—many of them his political contributors—get nearly $300 million in earmarks. As a result, PMA Group raked in close to $14 million in fees from the firms.


Among them are Washington State Representative Norm Dicks and Senator Patty Murray, the feds’ latest target. Dicks pushed for nine earmarks worth $20 million for PMA clients in the last few years. In return, he got $84,000 in contributions from PMA and authorities say some of the money came from made-up sources to skirt campaign finance laws.


Murray, a member of the powerful Senate Appropriations Committee, requested a pair of earmarks worth nearly $5 million for PMA clients last year. She got $26,000 in PMA donations and recently gave away $3,500 of her “questionable” contributions to charity.


So let me see here… I take 26,000.00 from some shady lobbying group but IF I donate 3,500.00 of it to some charity it is ok?

Authorities say some of Dicks 84,000.00 came from made-up sources yet nothing happened to him? Really?

Norm Dicks - CREW's Most Corrupt Members of Congress 2014-08-21 17-11-25


Seems Norm has gotten away with an incredible amount of shit & you have to ask yourself why… the first problem is us. Somewhere in this state were & are idiots who are still voting for these people.

Marko Liias has his fair share of questionable actions himself, but atleast he is honest about being gay. His cushy new job courtesy of the Mukilteo Mayor is raising plenty of eyebrows.

Representive Jim Jacks seemed to have ducked & run, although he is not part of our list he seems to be another drunk pervert running amuk in our state capitol…

Rep. Jim Jacks Abruptly Resigns! Inappropriate Conduct Alleged!

by lewwaters

Confirmed by a source in Olympia, 49th legislative district representative Jim Jacks, Democrat, has tendered his resignation.

See also Clark County Politics for more information I am also told there will be a special election held in November. Jacks claiming “personal reasons, he does not want publicly statedThe Columbian Initial speculation was the reason might be health related. His name has been pulled from the roll-call, his web page has been taken down and he has vacated the House. The Olympian is reporting, “House Majority Leader Pat Sullivan, D-Covington, put out this statement, which confirmed rumors heard after Jacks failed to show up for committee hearings yesterday:
“Rep. Jacks has been a good legislator for the people of his district and a productive member of our caucus. However, we understand his decision to put his family first, and we are accepting that decision.” Read more: The Olympian

UPDATE: I’m now hearing it alleged that Jacks has been “dealing inappropriately with members of legislative staff of the opposite gender.” Will post more as I hear it.

Seattle Station KOMO News says,

“He said he needed to take care of some things at home,” said Democratic Majority Leader Pat Sullivan, who refused to divulge any more details. “There’s not much more to say about it.” The resignation raises more questions than answers. His departure came to light as a leadership statement accepting his resignation. There was no official announcement of his quitting. A call to Jacks’ cellphone by The Associated Press was not immediately returned. His official legislative website has been shut down and his legislative aide did not arrive at the office Friday. KOMO also updated, “Sen. Craig Pridemore, a Democrat who serves in the same district, said his resignation had been discussed for a couple of days.”


About Brandia

I am an animals rescuer, a mother, a grandmother, a minister, & a human being who is tired of all the corruption going on in our state.


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