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Washington State Bar Association finally reaping the consequences of thier actions?

I you walk like a duck, talk like a duck, & act like a duck don’t get mad when you get shot at during hunting season, or in the case of the WSBA if you want to act like a state agency don’t be surprised when you have to follow the rules!

So now Open Gov EEOC & HRC is up their butt around the corner & to the far left. Not to mention that there is several suits & a quiet storm brewing in the Federal Courts & in other venues.

Remember the WSBA is an association, not a state or govt agency BUT they take taxpayer monies & conduct quasi judicial hearings which they make open to the public, some in conjunction with the Washington State Supreme Court & in doing so they have opened themselves up to be held to the same standards as any public agency.

I’ve been trying to get public records from them for a while yet they claim they are a private association not covered under the public records act, yet that is an absolute lie. Once I pointed out a case that proves otherwise then they complied but tried to charge me 360+ dollars for gathering those records. That is called extortion, not once did I ever enter any type of contract with them, ever. They are not my attorneys.

At this point all I can do is take the matter to court. I will & once the courts rule in my favor then the public records requests are going to go through the roof & their slimy veil of deceit will fall like Rome.

Here is the latest response:

WSBA 9 24 2014

So let’s go over that again, they claim to not be a state agency YET they claim they are under “protection” of the Washington State Supreme Court. So what other Association is being “God~Fathered” in by the Washington State Supreme Court? Hey maybe they’ll take my 501(c)3 rescue under their wings too! Where do I apply? Under what authority did the Supreme Court move to violate our basic rights to open government?

I am no attorney BUT if they have Supreme Court protection then YES they are in fact a public agency, & they are subject to the open records laws but we have this club being run by a bunch of slimy people who don’t want to lose their power.

At what point did the courts become immune to the public records laws? They cite to a case, & to something called GR’s as to why they are not accountable yet they also just plainly stated they are an agency of the court??? You can’t have it both ways, it doesn’t work like that. It may for the time being but that is what the higher courts are for.

These folks are so full of themselves that they go after attorneys in other states! Once they get it in for you they will go anywhere to fulfill their petty vendettas. Some of you may know of a John Scannell AKA John Zamboni who is running for the Washington State Supreme Court against one of Gregoire’s little appointees: Debra Stephens & we see the crapcan this entire state became under her rule

So this is a statement from John “Zamboni” Scannell but what he forgot to add is that he is still licensed to practice law in other states AND in the 9th District in the Federal Courts. My understanding is that the “law” is fuzzy so technically it s not exactly illegal, the law does not clearly specify that he can’t be elected if he is disbarred, it merely states that anyone running for a judicial appointment “shall have been admitted to practice in the courts of record of this state.”

In March of this year, I filed for the position of Washington State Supreme Court Justice. Shortly thereafter, the Tacoma News Tribune picked up on the story, pointing out that a supposedly disbarred attorney was running for the position of judge, and investigated how that could possibly be legal. A routine check with a few legal experts confirmed that it wasn’t, and that if somehow I was elected, Governor Inslee would be forced to appoint a replacement. The paper interviewed my opponent, (she wrote the decision that allegedly disbarred me), who stated that while her campaign would not file a challenge, there were reports that other attorneys might.
Those challenges so far have failed to materialize.
The argument seems simple enough. I was disbarred by the Supreme Court. Washington’s constitution and relevant case law says I can’t run. So how do I wiggle out?
Any attorney will tell you that fundamental to the legitimacy of any court order is jurisdiction. It is universally agreed by every Anglo American court in the world if a court lacks jurisdiction, its orders are void.
Jurisdiction falls into primarily two categories, personal jurisdiction and subject matter jurisdiction. Personal jurisdiction (which does not concern us here) is was the party properly hailed into court? Usually this means, was he served properly with a summons? It can be waived.
Subject matter jurisdiction is whether the court had the power to adjudicate the subject of the dispute. It cannot be waived. One form of subject matter jurisdiction is what is called territorial jurisdiction. Does the court have sovereignty over the territory of the dispute.
Now territorial jurisdiction was a big deal when our country was founded. In fact, if you go back and read the declaration of independence, it was one of the primary reasons the colonialists fought the revolutionary war. King George had a habit of arresting colonialists, shipping them on a boat to England and finding them guilty of pretended crimes. The colonialists were powerless to defend as they couldn’t even subpoena witnesses to court.
Now, any first year law student will tell you that that a court can extend its sovereignty into other states or countries. For example, if a business sells you a product over the Internet, or by mail order, the state court can obtain jurisdiction over that company because it has what is called a “significant contact” with this state. It is called long arm jurisdiction. Long arm jurisdiction was established early and has been expanded greatly with technology
But the United States Supreme Court has warned the states there are limits to territorial jurisdiction. In one case, a retiree in Florida passed away, a probate was opened up, and Florida proceeded to adjudicate the distribution of her assets, including some property in New York. Even though the court clearly has personal jurisdiction and apparent subject matter jurisdiction because she died in Florida, the United States Supreme Court threw out its decisions on the New York property because it lacked territorial jurisdiction. The ownership of New York property is exclusively within the territorial jurisdiction of New York courts, and thus Florida was powerless to adjudicate.
Now go back and read the details of Justice Steven’s decision in my case. I was accused of obstructing the bar’s investigation as to whether I had aided my client in the unauthorized practice of law in a Virginia Court. Washington applied Washington law to the Virginia court and determined that I obstructed the investigation when I refused to turn over attorney client privileged information on my clients case to the disciplinary counsel who was also prosecuting my client. Under Washington law as it existed at that time, I could not assert attorney client privilege, so when I refused, it constituted obstruction.
My point is this. Where does Washington get the power to adjudicate disputes occurring before a Virginia Court? Not one attorney has been able to point out to me a single case that states that Washington has the ability to do this, even though the issues have been thoroughly briefed in two lawsuits. I have string cited to numerous cases that being an attorney in a state is not enough to establish long arm jurisdiction. The court still has to establish a significant contact within that state. I contend that Washington, just as in the case of real property, has no business telling the Virginia courts what it considers the practice of law should be in that court’s system. At least one state agrees. When Washington disbarred another attorney (named Robert Grundstein) for a dispute occurring in Ohio using its unique definition of long arm jurisdiction, Vermont refused to honor it and is now letting Grundstein sit for the bar.

So they have gone to Vermont & Ohio to play out their little power trips & basically both of those states & their courts have told them to go piss up a rope.

I think it’s a no brainer that we have established a course of abusive conduct in certain government agencies in collusion with the WSBA.

The open gov agencies & the media have taken note & are on full guard as evidenced by the recent Amicus Curiae recently written for Anne Block in her public records case. She seems very relieved & happy that they finally got on board now that they understand the brevity of what her case represents.

I still can’t figure out why it takes 8 major law firms, 1 county & 1 city to go after 1 woman along with the WSBA. They have abused people for so long that I think they just don’t know how to react when someone fights back.  They are sure going to figure it out now!


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I am an animals rescuer, a mother, a grandmother, a minister, & a human being who is tired of all the corruption going on in our state.


3 thoughts on “Washington State Bar Association finally reaping the consequences of thier actions?

  1. I’ve had the attorney general, under RCW 42.56.530, review Schimpff’s claims and via an email reply said in his opinion the WSBA is an agency and is subject to the PRA. However he said that filing a lawsuit would be futile because the WA Supreme Court Justices have “improperly” exempted the Bar from the Act. If you want that email reply let me know and I’ll try to find it as it was years ago.

    Liked by 1 person

    Posted by Bill Scheidler | October 13, 2014, 10:50 am
    • That would be awesome. I don’t know if you’ve heard about the case with the Tri-Cities Animal Shelter, they tried the same crap but I’m sure the WSBA has found a way to slime out of that too. I’m so sick of their corruption. I have found 3 other lawyers who have disbarred for “crossing” them. I think they should should file a class action suit against these snakes. I sure hope they do!


      Posted by animallawnewsandabuse | October 13, 2014, 11:07 am

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