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Lin O’Dell Mark Plivelich & ALL of their associates (Part 2)

You ALWAYS have to wonder when you find a couple with more failed business then 20 people could have in 1 lifetime but are still making decisions about who practices law or medicine while they are profiting from all 3 but still can’t keep a business afloat…

You also have to wonder when those same people are in charge of vulnerable adults, or children. Especially when one of those is a convicted murderer. I’m all about rehab & second chances depending on the circumstances. If you can take the life of your own friend & then go to sleep without a second thought then NO, you shouldn’t be having any vulnerable human being or creature in your care, period.

The biggest red flag is the fact that Ms Linda O’Dell is the disciplinary board hearings officer for the Washington State Bar ( WSBA ) so even if she was doing something dirty & a judge or a lawyer knew about it all she has to do is solicit complaints or set them up just like she did Ms Anne Block & she can destroy their entire lives.

She actually made the statement to one of her own clients she was threatening that she was getting Ms Block disbarred. Proof that she is in fact a liar since Ms Block is not an attorney now or when the statement was made. Not very professional to talk bout her cases outside of the office/kangaroo court.

She also spent years as the Medical Board Judge which means that if a Doctor were to make a complaint about the level of care one of her clients were receiving they were done for too.

It is evil genius, & NOTHING is ever simple with these kinds of things, it’s always a big tangled web of treachery. Years ago my uncle told me that this state who was always accusing him of being a mafioso was 100 times worse then he could ever be, that they had the biggest rackets then any mob boss could ever dream of having. I never realized how right he was until my run in with the city of Everett.

Anyway I was going to go down to the Spokane County Courthouse & get some of the records from all of her transactions & those of Joseph Nappi (another hearings officer she has dealings with who was sitting on Anne Block’s sham of a “case”) I woke up early to get down there because I had planned on spending the day there.

I figured I’d write down the case numbers to figure out which ones to focus on but then I found a very disturbing pattern, just another way to cover their tracks. 18 of her cases have been destroyed! By order of the courts, mostly by a Commissioner named Grovdahl. 4 of those cases were destroyed this year, 3 in 2013, 4 in 2012, 3 in 2011 & the other eight on various years but mostly 2008/2009

(Please note: I have gone through 1000’s of GAL cases so about 1/2 way through O”Dell’s crap I quit cropping & just saved the whole page, if you click on the picture it will enlarge it for you)


Washington Courts - Search Case Records 2014-11-25 03-46-04 Washington Courts - Search Case Records 2014-11-25 03-48-09 Washington Courts - Search Case Records 2014-11-25 03-49-56 Washington Courts - Search Case Records 2014-11-25 03-50-28 Washington Courts - Search Case Records 2014-11-25 03-50-54 Washington Courts - Search Case Records 2014-11-25 04-13-36 Washington Courts - Search Case Records 2014-11-25 04-14-41 Washington Courts - Search Case Records 2014-11-25 04-29-14 Washington Courts - Search Case Records 2014-11-25 04-30-20 Washington Courts - Search Case Records 2014-11-25 04-31-15 Washington Courts - Search Case Records 2014-11-25 04-31-25 Washington Courts - Search Case Records 2014-11-25 04-32-14 Washington Courts - Search Case Records 2014-11-25 04-32-40 Washington Courts - Search Case Records 2014-11-25 04-34-02 Washington Courts - Search Case Records 2014-11-26 04-52-19 Washington Courts - Search Case Records 2014-11-26 04-52-26 Washington Courts - Search Case Records 2014-11-26 04-52-54 Now it’s possible that this is a normal thing to do by destroying historic records by order of the court, so I looked up one of her other associates Joseph Nappi Jr

Washington Courts - Search Case Records 2014-11-26 11-52-05 Washington Courts - Search Case Records 2014-11-26 11-52-39 Washington Courts - Search Case Records 2014-11-26 11-55-03 Washington Courts - Search Case Records 2014-11-26 11-55-23 Washington Courts - Search Case Records 2014-11-26 11-55-52 Washington Courts - Search Case Records 2014-11-26 11-56-20 It seems that they even got a few of them destroyed on the same day! 10-8-2014, to be exact… Now this whole thing has brought 3 of their other associates to light as well.


These 3 have many dealings with Nappi, O’Dell, David Hughes, & Mark Plivelich.They also seem to work together quite a bit when it comes to selling off their clients property once they have passed away. (David Hughes works at Joseph Nappi’s firm so it portrays a very deep conflict of interest for them to be in business together)

That okay for some of them to do, lots of attorneys work together: but Nappi & O’Dell even Hughes can NOT work together because of Nappi & O’Dell’s role as hearing officers

Not surprisingly they also have 100’s of cases between them that have been destroyed as well. I have the whole list of GAL’s & NO ONE but these folks in Spokane have their case & records destroyed! Why? Well that is how you use your influence to cover your tracks.

BUT you guys know me! I ALWAYS find a way. They may have stripped the info from the docket & had the court cases disposed of but there is more then 3 ways to find out the information that most folks don’t even consider.

I got an entire list of the people they have “represented” & am in the process of contacting them all so I can get whatever court records they have & get their stories & it appears that I was right: I am going to have to start an entire new web page & blog to cover all of the dirt that is coming up about these people.


Then there is the matter of how many names Lin O’Dell uses, I am still gathering records but I will post them here as soon as I’ve gotten what I need because I don’t want to give her time to cover her tracks.

Oh & just to show you what a pile of trash this woman is: It seems her non-profit horse rescue was a cover for some horses she stole from a few clients… so the last thing I thought showed any humanity about her turns out to be another scam. I’m not talking about barnyard hags, I am talking about Champion Thoroughbred Show Steeds, who she is supposedly keeping on “radio-active” land she has in another state.

I told you this whole thing just gets weirder & weirder by the minute, I wasn’t joking.

Seems they are learning from a pro though

Steven N. Grovdahl is a court commissioner with Spokane County Superior Court. He was appointed to that position in 1998. He presently serves as a co-chair of the Family and Juvenile Law committee, as a member of the Guardianship and Probate committee and also as a member of the Education committee of the Superior Court Judges Association. He is also a presenter at, and past dean of, the State of Washington’s Judicial College. Prior to his appointment to the bench, Commissioner Grovdahl was in private practice for 24 years. He has an undergraduate degree from Washington State University and received his J.D. degree from Gonzaga University Law School.

Washington Courts - Search Case Records 2014-11-26 23-10-21 Washington Courts - Search Case Records 2014-11-26 23-12-10 Washington Courts - Search Case Records 2014-11-26 23-15-20 Washington Courts - Search Case Records 2014-11-26 23-16-35So what happened in May of 2011 that made him destroy these cases? What happened?

I intend to find out.




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About Brandia

I am an animals rescuer, a mother, a grandmother, a minister, & a human being who is tired of all the corruption going on in our state.


14 thoughts on “Lin O’Dell Mark Plivelich & ALL of their associates (Part 2)

  1. This is a great article.

    FYI, Newsworthy Public Safety articles such as this, the evidence and information on corrupt attorney Trustees, Guardians and Estate Planners is being tracked in databases, analyzed and vetting for repeating patterns of collusion, alleged and actual criminal behavior as well as civil violations. Please keep posting evidence and links to evidence such as this.

    The software and data-collection research projects I mentioned are projects being accomplished by Citizen Volunteers for the development of Citizen to Citizen (C2C) Reporting Software and VP Task Force Public Safety Tools. Learn more about this at &

    Again thank you for getting these “Newsworthy Public Safety Matters” published publically. Together we can help one another and those affected by these horrible criminals preying on our nation’s most vulnerable.


    Posted by finmaccool | March 28, 2018, 4:19 am
  2. Thank you for the courage to print the truth. These attorneys/guardians and there hitmen (literally) have destroyed many people and families I know, something must be done to stop them. The corruption in the NW is thick and putrid, its high time the trash was taken out. Articles like this help inform the law abiding public that its time to unite and for the sake of public policy since the courts just cant seam to do the job that is desperately required. Justice won’t be served until the corrupt are as outraged as their victims – public exposure does not sit well with these Cluster B social disordered types enough articles outing them will outrage them.


    Posted by finmaccool | March 29, 2018, 6:30 am


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