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WSBA does what they always do ~ Nothing

So I wrote to the WSBA (one of the entire boards) to express my concerns & share info about the gross abuses of clients by several high ranking disciplinary board

The letter was as follows:

TO:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; Douglas.Shae@CO.CHELAN.WA.US;;;;;;;;; RebeccaG@ATG.WA.GOV

Forgive this broad email but I am reaching out to everyone involved who is in the WSBA Court Rules & Procedures Committee, Liaisons, and even Nonmember Participants to try to ascertain just how many of you are aware that Lin O’Dell & Joseph Nappi have very questionable connections & associations. Along with quite a few others in your Association that are associates of both, as well as some in the Judiciary.

I have written several stories with proof & documentation about the allegations that I have made, I don’t say anything without proof.

I am writing to you all because you are responsible for policing the lawyers, prosecutors & judges in this state who pay a very lucrative fee to belong to your “Association” yet abuses like this & so many more happen daily. Some would say they are the norm.

If you could please answer these questions for me:

1} Since we know that Joseph Nappi used his influence to get Lin O’Dell appointed: What safeguards do you use to ensure that the very people you put in charge of others, who will be deciding the fate of others is operating above board & is ethical in their daily legal interactions?

2} Why has NO ONE (except for me) seemed to have noticed that Mr Nappi, Ms O’Dell & many of their associates associated with this board & many others are having most of their cases destroyed by one Judge in the Superior courts illegally? Including the Judge that has presided over most of their cases & who used to be a trust/guardian attorney as well (all of his records that were questionable were destroyed in May of 2011) We also found some of you & a few of the attorneys in Mr Nappi’s Office that took advantage of the same thing.

3} How many of you knew that Ms O’Dell was living with a convicted murderer & that she was placing him in the care & control of vulnerable adults, even to the point of threatening them. WHY would you let that continue? We know that numerous reports & bar complaints have been filed yet no one has ever addressed this issue.

4} We know that the board is aware of a land deal in a case where Ms O’Dell “bought” a 208,000.00 property from one of her wards, a Mr Highland for 15,000.00 so why hasn’t anyone investigated that? How is that NOTHING has been done about then when we have cases of certain attorneys where merely 4.00 short on a clients’ account being disbarred or suspended.

5} I would like to know how many of you have been involved in the solicitation of complaints against certain attorneys that you felt were somehow becoming an issue or who had upset someone else in city, county or state govt. I do have some of you actually sending out emails to solicit complaints against several attorneys, including one that is now under suspicion of rape. I am currently trying to find one single case where the Washington State Attorney General has ever prosecuted a rape case

6} I would also love to hear your explanation as to why in the entire history of the WSBA there has only been 1 prosecutor even suspended, never disbarred. According to your own website

7} I would really like help understanding or being able to reference to a case where the bar has ever disbarred a non-attorney based on complaints by a non-client. I have searched for months & have never found one besides Ms Anne Block. I did find some reference to a CLIENT being able to file a complaint after the lawyer has quit, or resigned but never a non-attorney vs. a non-client

8} Why has Ms O’Dell not been suspended for practicing law in Idaho even though she is not licensed to practice law in that state?

Please don’t respond & tell me I am free to file a Bar Complaint because we all know that it will get filed in the round folder just like the rest of any citizens complaints. I personally sent the disciplinary board documented PROOF that Stevens County Prosecutor was funneling money from attorneys to a charity in Florida & back to his own charity & 1 week later the same board “cleared him of all charges” after they sat on it for almost a year.

I have also identified a very elite group that seem to be at the forefront of many attorneys who have been disbarred which is another story I am working on so that I can lay it out in a manner that my readers can understand.

I am writing about 16 to 30 more stories because I have so much documentation & so many people have stepped forward wanting to tell their stories so not all of the documentation has been destroyed even though the case files were. It is horrifying to me that I wrote one story & got 20 responses, I write another 1 & get 18 more. I hope they file a class action lawsuit in the Federal Courts

You are the very people who are supposed to protect clients so I am wondering it is policies or inaction it is that seem to prevent you from doing so.

Thank you very much for your time & consideration,
Brandia Taamu
(425) 319-3298

As you might expect…. There was almost no response, I did get one response but not one I am going to print here. That person was very nice but I don’t want them getting attacked because we KNOW how the bar goes after people.

This is what happens when you let the foxes guard the henhouse. The ONLY good thing that happened this week is that I found out that the lady who’s money Lin O’Dell is stealing is okay & didn’t freeze to death. Nevermind that Ms O’Dell FORGED a whole new trust contract without this woman’s consent or knowledge. I seen the document & it’s like she didn’t even try to fake it. Guess what the Washington State Bar Association will do about it? That’s right! Nothing…

I plan on doing a 10 part series of what they have done to just ONE person, it is the “Onion Effect” they bury people in litigation, lies & innuendos so that the truth can never surface. It is what they do to everyone they go after or attack, atleast that never changes. So this establishes that they are aware of what is going on & that they are doing nothing to correct it.

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About Brandia

I am an animals rescuer, a mother, a grandmother, a minister, & a human being who is tired of all the corruption going on in our state.


6 thoughts on “WSBA does what they always do ~ Nothing

  1. What Lin O’Dell has done to my Trust doesn’t even began to touch the unbearable and TRAGIC heartbreak of at least 6 canines she brutally killed, the loss of my reputation due to ostracism from my canine ‘social community’ due to what she did, possibly the death of 2 horses, not to mention the theft of them, the loss of irreplicable family heirlooms, such as the paintings of my professional artist and Beloved deceased Mother, my graphic design portfolio and last but not least the dishonorment of what my parents, intended for me when they left me the money in a Trust and the collusion of her with two families members, one now dead and the other one, irrepairably estranged, grief to both ex-husbands due to the tragedy she has been in my life that bleeds into theirs. And the PTSD I will probably suffer from for the rest of my days. Publish this if you like or discreetly keep it to Yourself Brandia. This is a HUGE personal damages event.


    Posted by Paula Lynn Johnson | December 15, 2014, 9:58 pm
    • What did she do to your dogs? If she stole your horses they are probably at her property in New Mexico that is on radioactive land. She is the most evil creature I have ever encountered in my life & there are a lot of evil people in this state in power but she tops the cake. She makes her living off of the suffering, misery & helplessness of the most vulnerable, that is special kind of scumbag that can do that. She is that special one though.

      Liked by 1 person

      Posted by animallawnewsandabuse | December 15, 2014, 10:02 pm
      • Very Briefly….she took advantage of a mental meltdown I had when my car broke, I was broke, the pens needed repair, the dogs were escaping. She sent me away to Crisis House in Colville, Wa. – then to Residence 12 in Kirkland,….when I needed to be HOME to attend my critters, and my attempts to insist ‘as much’ were thwarted. She used her caseworkers to implement contrary help to the situation and no communication by leaving me at those places penniless. I was not allowed to contact the caretaker via refusing to give me his phone number. I was told lies and false truths about the ongoing situation (caseworker was letting them out) as well as lies about what I was coming home to. I was told 7 or 8 days before I left there was NO DOGS and that she had sent my pure Wolf to New Mexico, a sanctuary called Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary. They relented and said it could be arranged to get my GSD back. On the day that GoodBoy was delivered unbeknowingst to me until reported by the caretaker, who I was not able to be in touch with – 3 dogs were loaded into Jimmy Smith’s car but only Good Boy came to me. Where the other two were dropped off to was never found. The wild wolfdogs (4) that were running were ordered to be shot and killed by the locals as confessed(bragged) by Lin O’Dell to my ex later. Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary is well aware I KNOW what happened and I feel is liable for Silva, who is a 3-legged wolf due to a birth defect from the breeder. WSWS appears to have a direct connection to O’Dell….as evidenced by the horse ranch in new Mexico.
        The CRUX of this is THAT – this was a long time in plotting and when I had the ‘meltdown’ I fell right into their hands. Unbeknowingst to me earlier that summer she had called my ex up and said “I am going to get rid of paula’s dogs and send her away. My daughter also made a similar statement that summer but Tom and I had been out of common conversation for some time. He did his best to stand up for me behind the scenes but neglected to think to warn me of her and the families intentions.
        She had already taken ‘care of the horses’ by persuading me to supposedly ‘let them winter down in Spokane valley’. So by the time I had my meltdown the stage was set for what she did to 7 canines and my life.
        In Court she would/will base her decisions on lack of care and neglect which due to lack of funds was negligence on her part! And in fact, there was never a rescue agency or resource other than her friends at WSWS called in for assessment to make a verifiable decision concerning my animals and I was respected by Stevens County Sheriffs as a person considered responsible and capable of managing my animals. Just like her ‘decision’ (unbacked by any legal documents) to call me incapacitated was. This is a person that uses her ‘opinion’ as if it were ‘the law’ as evidenced by her statement once to me – ‘My opinion is my opinion and I have a right to my opinion’. This is a person that used to stand in as a ‘judge’ for medical court. Would you want a judge basing legal action that permanently affect your life based on ‘her opinion’?? isn’t that WHY we have agencies and boards as a stop, check, balance system?


        Posted by Paula Lynn Johnson | December 16, 2014, 12:16 pm
    • Take this proof to Judge Monasmith, he is probably the ONLY one who can or will help you, he can’t be bought & sold like a cheap whore the way the rest of them can


      Posted by animallawnewsandabuse | December 15, 2014, 10:04 pm

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