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Gold Bar… Freaky weird

There is nothing these lunatics won’t stoop down to. I swear… & they have nerve to call me odd (LOL) it seems they have come up with a cover story for the missing Mayor.

Her dad died: In October. (he did~we checked) but when you are the Mayor (or anyone with a job) you still come to work, you still handle your responsibilities. In less then 10 months my nephew, my son, & my sister were murdered, in that time my Aunt decided to end her life because of a terminal illness, my dog died & one of my “couch” kids died after being shot in the back.

Life sucks sometimes but I want a job where you can just flake off & leave for 4 months, I figure that’ll keep me in a job for at least 2 years… but seriously my boss would’ve canned me within 2 days. THOSE are the perks of running for public office, you can act any way you want, do anything you want with NO accountability to the morons who voted for you.

Problem with the whole story is I don’t believe it for one minute. Why? Because of emails that were shared with me… but that’s okay let them say what they want. The TRUTH will always come out, it always does.

Most of you know the freaks at the Sky Valley Chronicle who are too chickenshit to sign their names to their bullshit stories have turned their attention on me… In one story they have me having 3 different kids with 3 different men, when I have 7 different kids with 5 different men & 3 different women ~ It’s called adoption dumbasses. So they have just included me in their RICO activities. Now I seem to be the star in several of their stories & NOTHING could make me happier (not really) because now I’m coming after them too. Not only that: It PROVES what Anne Block has been saying about them for almost 7 yrs.

When they first started bringing me into their drama, I requested some public records & the public records officer Denise Beaston did the usual run around with a full on PRR dance then the other day I get a letter in PDF from the Mayor (supposedly) saying she had been out of town because her father died & I fell for it hook line & sinker, problem is that was almost 4 months ago & I know the sheer agony of losing a father, I lost mine 18 yrs ago but that doesn’t explain why it took her 4 months after storming out of city hall to come up with this story.

Well everyone deals with their grief in their own time & in their own way & I would’ve accepted that if it weren’t for the big schpiel about HER being the public records officer & how hard poor Ms Beaston has worked to try to cover all of the PRR’s

(47 unread) - saving_them_all - Yahoo Mail 2015-01-15 06-11-14

There is something weird about the letter so it is fuzzy, I don’t know why. So if she bothered to put out this “letter” why didn’t she sign IF she sent it as a PDF, IF it was just an email I could see a signature in Italics.

I called small towns all over & none of them have the Mayor doing public records requests, even had one Mayor tell me, either they’re lying or they are tying to do some damage control. Me thinks it’s a bit of both.

The bigger picture here that NO ONE seems to be getting is that Gold Bar has been going down the crapper for the better part of the last decade. Everyone seems to have their hands in the cookie jar. We’ve got a guy who sabatoged the city water system which IS an act of domestic terrorism but what does the city of Gold Bar & it’s them Mayor Crystal Hill (Pennington) do? Well she gets him a shiny new job over at the City of Bellevue pays him off & never reports it to the Dept of Homelenad Security or the FBI. Really?

Then someone supposedly hacked into the city’s bank account to the tune of about 400K but then it kept happening

Then the city clerk gets busted for stealing from the city’s funds

Yet…. (Drumroll inserted here) not just one but THREE mayors are blaming Anne Block for running the city dry to keep the focus off of them.

I searched & could not find even one favorable state audit from the city of Gold Bar as far back as records can go


The only Mayor stupid enough to blather about it was Joe Beavers

Gold Bar mayor says latest state audit is ‘petty’ Posted by

Now here is where I am at an utter & complete loss…

There is a case that went on for years in Gold Bar NOT listed on the state’s website yet it is in the state’s digital archives, plus a few others I never heard of & couldn’t find either. The state wants up to 5000.00 for some of these documents so whatever they are they must be GOOD

Add to Cart - Washington State Digital Archives 2015-01-15 07-59-22

This Surfside Development LTD Inc. was run by an attorney accused of RICO Dean Kalivas
McAleese et al v. Kalivas :: Oregon District Court :: Case No. 3:03-cv-00865-BR

WHY is Gold Bar in bed with this character? How did they screw him over too?

I sent out a request for info about this & about a man named Karl Majerle who sabotaged the City of Gold Bar’s water system, instead of firing him & reporting this act of domestic terrorism to the feds they get him a new cushy job at the city of Bellevue (pretty sure they didn’t inform Bellevue about all of this though). Oh & they gave him severance pay ~ Somewhere around 10K WTH???

On Jan 16, 2015, at 4:27 AM, Life Matters <> wrote:
Can you clarify this for me?

1) Are you saying that Mr Raey & Mr Roe approved money for Kevin Hulten’s defense in regards to his activities against you (while on county time) without the approval of the council?
2) If they agreed without approval from the council does that mean that they approved of his activities? (That’s what it means to me ~ Correct me if I’m wrong) Or that they possibly directed his activities?

3) Since when is it even legal for the prosecutors office to approve such a high expenditure & who else knew this & agreed to it?
In regards to Gold Bar

1) Isn’t tampering with a city or town water system considered an act of Domestic Terrorism & weren’t the city leaders required by law to report this matter to Federal Authorities?
2) Why isn’t this guy sitting in prison instead of the city’s then Mayor Crystal Hill getting him a cushy job at the City of Bellevue.
3) Did the city of Gold Bar disclose to the city of Bellevue his subversive activities?

In Regards to Kaliva’s V The city of Gold Bar (known as Sufside Development LLC Inc V Gold Bar
1) Why isn’t this case listed on pacer, google scholar, our state court’s website or anywhere else I can find
2) Why was the city of Gold Bar dealing with a man who has been disbarred in several states AND charged with RICO in other states with 91 dummy corporations set up all over
McAleese et al v. Kalivas :: Oregon District Court :: Case No. 3:03-cv-00865-BR

3) What was his role in the creation to these 2 corporations?What is Sky Valley Chronicle & Gold Bar’s relation to these corporations?
A) SVC Finanacial Services
B) GB Investments Incorporated (20031275482)

Thank you & I look forward to hearing from anyone in regards to my questions.



As you might’ve guessed I received no response to my questions… as usual.

That’s the one thing you can count on from the Cities of Gold Bar, or Everett & Snohomish County, they don’t feel they are accountable to anyone or that they have to answer to the citizens.

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About Brandia

I am an animals rescuer, a mother, a grandmother, a minister, & a human being who is tired of all the corruption going on in our state.


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