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Nearly every day, either by phone, email or by mail, I get stories from people who have been victimized by unlawful conduct by our judicial branch and its judicial officers – lawyers and judges. The stories are heart wrenching and told to me with obvious signs of desperation and hopelessness. And each of those who tell me their stories are hoping I have the recipe to solve their problems. But what can I do? How can I help?

But first, what I cannot do.

    1) I am not a lawyer, therefore I cannot represent you;
    2) I am not a legislator – therefore I cannot represent you;
    3) I am not a sheriff, policeman, prosecutor or other law enforcement agent — therefore I can do nothing about your circumstances or the people who caused you harm;
    4) I am not charged with any ‘regulatory’ authority – therefore I can do nothing about those who fail to act in your behalf, fail to prosecute those who violate your rights, or punish those who violate their ethical and moral obligations to you;
    5) I am not a judge — therefore I cannot rule to protect you;

However, it is my obligation to you, as a citizen of this country and of WA state, to help you achieve justice by the exercise of my constitutional right of free speech, petition and assemblage in defense of the laws of WA State. To say this another way … while I can do very little to nothing about your particular situation, I can, I will, and I am doing all I can to insure you have the “equal protections of the law” and that WA State Public Servants abide by their DUTY to protect and maintain your individual rights. If I can achieve my goal, then you, each of you who contact me, have hope and a reason to believe justice will prevail — the TRUTH will set you free! If you want to understand how I’m working for you, you need to read these two stories — Scheidler’s planned lawsuit against WA and the WA State Bar and Unused power our legislators have to hold judges accountable

Let us help you, by you helping us in what we are doing. Each of your cases, your stories, are “evidence” of judicial corruption. But this is only “evidence” and part of a larger picture than just your case or your story. Furthermore, the more you have done to address your own circumstances, such as, filing grievances, alerting your legislators, etc., the better is your evidence! We can share our strategies with you and if possible, join in broader claims.

Understand that we are about correcting what is wrong with our judicial branch and the corrupt lawyers and judges who have destroyed our trust in our judicial branch. We cannot do much, if anything, about your individual circumstances, but we ARE in the battle for your rights against these corrupt judges and lawyers.

Believe me, if I could wave a magic wand I’d solve your individual problems, but the only tools the law gives me, unless I’m elected to the legislature, are those expressed by our constitution and laws of WA. And this reality in our limitations should define our “strategy” to achieve success and guide your expectations of us.

About Brandia

I am an animals rescuer, a mother, a grandmother, a minister, & a human being who is tired of all the corruption going on in our state.


6 thoughts on “What we, at, can do for you!

  1. Nothing will and can be done unless there is “extreme” exposure about our “selected” officials that are running this state. The problem is that “hand picked” officials will continue the work of their ((( rip off and bad character )))friends.

    Top Definition

        “bad character ”

    1: A descriptor used to indicate lack of moral or ethical strength in an individual.

    Nothing will change unless a group of people get together and document a monthly newsletter (that gets distributed around the State of Wash). This newsletter needs to tell stories about how people get treated by elected and selected Officials. Once the word gets out things will change little by little. There needs to be lots of exposure. I am willing to become involved, This is a way to help hopeless people.

    If you get the right people together fighting for the same cause things will get done.


    Posted by Vera | January 27, 2015, 1:15 pm
    • I agree with all that you say. And when you say “If you get the right people together fighting for the same cause things will get done” is what we are all about — getting the right people together who agree on what the “goal” should be. This is the slow process, but when we have reached ‘first base’ and agree on an “objective” our resources are more efficiently utilized. But many people want “instant” relief from their individual and difficult situation and are NOT interested in adding another layer of difficulty by getting involved in ‘another’ effort in addition to their personal suffering — regardless of the potential benefit the success in the “other effort” would have on their “individual situation.” It is ‘human nature’ to reduce suffering, not add to it.

      And this is what judges and lawyers already know… they go to school to understand “human nature” and how to manipulate it for their benefit. They know that the more “complex” the problem is made, the less likely a solution will be found! The “I protect you today; you protect me tomorrow” creates a very complex chain of interrelated events that make the “core problem” seemingly vanish into a sea of misconduct. In other words, the misconduct becomes so widespread it is nearly impossible to characterize and even less easy to agree on a solution.

      Your thoughts?


      Posted by Chief Activist | January 27, 2015, 1:35 pm
      • Very well expressed. Years ago, I was one of those “instant” souls actually believing there was this type of relief….I also believed the Judiciary was there to help and wave that wand. Fast-forward, my disabled daughter is still without most of her legacy from her father, nine years later, thanks to a Westchester County Surrogate Judge, who has just recently stepped down; this is amidst what will, hopefully, be one of the larger scandals in NY History. Hope really does spring eternal.

        Anyway, you are so spot-on with your explanation of the process. It’s just as if you are chipping at a piece of marble to create something from this block of stone…it takes time, patience and Will. All three are hard to bear, but what is even harder is throwing in the towel and letting lowlife live another day to do dirty deeds!!

        Thank you Chief Activist….for your work and dedication.

        Another Activist

        Ann (which should be producing a tenth of the articles you write)


        Posted by afinndorian | January 27, 2015, 2:31 pm
  2. man, I most certainly do AGREE that this bunch needs to be EXPOSED for every single ILLEGAL action against the public.
    I am at the point of finding out how much a quarter page “ad” costs on pg 3 of any major city newsrag in __ and POSTING THE TRUTH every damn week on them-
    I’m callin it “The Wall of Shame”.
    Same for a 30sec spot on radiO and TV.
    subhuman PsOS have KNOWINGLY CAUSED sheer outright human misery and in some cases TRUE DESPAIR in these kangaroo courts.
    Apparently,we the people who are NOT endowed with the right to PRESENT GRIEVANCE truly have no alternative.

    why hasn’t the occutard movement included these kangaroo courts ?

    Scanning through google I have come across a mi_nute number of authentic attorneys that MISTAKENLY THOUGHT THEY could expose the probate and family system for the $hithouse it IS.
    THEY HAVE BEEN DISBARRED on trumped up bs from their state’s respective bar associations.

    Bill-one TX atty drew up RICO charges back in 2000 and was disbarred-searching for him went to a group based in ???!topic/alt.prisoner.rights/kvWkiEo_GHs

    IF i could FIND attorney Truncellito , I’d hire him to advise US.
    google has a TX listing-i will CALL and inquire.
    how to pay this knowledgeable AUTHENTIC litigator ? hell, i’ll simply ADD ANOTHER LIEN to my property as THEN it HAS NO VALUE TO THEM,so THEY won’t bother troubling me via their bs courts on my assets.
    same for my truck–i’ll sell the title to 1 of those loan companies–THEY won’t be bothered.
    Atty Truncellito is the ONE WHO DARED FILE RICO against the TX cartel–look where it got HIM.

    William Windsor finally released from a TX jail–held without ANY TX CHARGES but taken outta circulation for a while .

    where does this leave US out here ?
    we already ARE GOING THROUGH stalking and harassment and in my position within the state of ___ and damn right it’s BLANK as we know these subhumans TROLL, SCROLL & stroll through these type of websites to see HOW THEY CAN FURTHER F WITH US and our loved 1s–
    well, he’s at RISK for another removal due to their capacity UNDER THE SHIELD of the __Bar assoc to libel,slander and perjure ME and remove him and disappear him. THEY know i’m complaining and registered authentic grievances with state agencies and DOJ-
    i can smell THEM plotting.
    nice, huh ? this is like nazi germany.–threaten the individual VIA actions against their family.

    Bill ? think there is even the REMOTE POSSIBILITY OF A CONVENTION ?
    we get as many antiCPS, antiprobate, victims of these courts,Liberty Alliance etc TOGETHER and toss ideas around ?
    or even state by state conventions CALLED AND DONE ?
    somehow get as many as possible to actively participate via teleconference/skype etc ?

    i like the wall of SHAME.
    Would LOVE to have as many as possible NATIONWIDE file on a SET DATE the same-and send that “cc” to the state insurer/liability,gov, lt gov,ombudsman, your congress rep ,senator, state DOJ, DA and bar assoc.,-as many state agencies as can be thought of and OF COURSE THE MEDIA.
    all on the same DATE NATIONWIDE.
    flat rate priority mailings, certified/return -be worth every single dollar spent to simply put these bastards on notice.

    screw them.

    thank you.
    and this is EXACTLY WHY some out here can’t wait for that SHTF fantasy to truly materialize.
    THEIR agencies and courts will be shuttered and they will take off to be at their safe house.


    Posted by anonymous&UknowY | February 2, 2015, 8:07 am
  3. Between our recent contact with Jim Craven and intense scouring of “Corrupt.WA” blog over the past two weeks, my fiance and I have come to understand the machinery behind the “wasp’s nest” we stepped into just over a year ago when we challenged the corruption within the Clark County court system, Vancouver, WA … and for that, we are truly thankful. The knowledge, while overwhelming, will clearly give us an advantage in this battle.

    There are some interesting examples in our neck of the woods of the Enterprise in its full, unabated glory. One such interesting phenomenon took the form of twin class action lawsuits filed against some important political figures, judges and commissioners. Both cases were kept entirely out of the media and quickly moved out of Clark County… one to the north into Cowlitz, and the other to the east, Skamania. They featured many of the same players and represent a valiant effort to bring down the house of cards. Unfortunately (as far as we can tell from court documents) in the end, there was no win. Further evidence of that is the fact that the same egregious, unethical and corrupt practices that were called out in those cases, are in full operation today. These actions and/or the bad actors involved may be useful as examples.

    #03-2-01766-4 Knox et al. vs. Curtis et al (Cowlitz County) and
    #03-2-00137-8…Jane M. Citizen I, II, III, IV vs. Clark County Board of Commissioners (Skamania County)

    Again, thank you for sharing the kind of information and example that will pave the way for radical change


    Posted by Unintentional Activist | March 17, 2015, 8:30 pm
    • Thank you for your compliment … by providing examples of what occurs within our judicial branch and the comments and stories that others contribute, one day the right combination of people, resources, and strategy will bring the needed reforms to our failing judicial system. BTW, “Unintentional Activist” is a great name, wish I had thought of it -smile-

      Please keep us informed how it goes for you — remember the WA State Bar is for all practical purposes “our court system” and they operate for the benefit of their members. And it is a zero sum game…. their benefit = our loss! In other words, “corruption” is the name of the game and the WSBA isn’t going to relinquish the “golden goose” without employing all their assets (judges, politicians, prosecutors, … ) to defeat any challenger. I am hearing the Fed Courts are starting to look at these “racketeering” Bar Associations… so keep your fingers crossed.

      Thanks again and good luck!


      Posted by Chief Activist | March 18, 2015, 12:14 am

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