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Senator Jan Angel middle-fingers parents of dying child.

Senator Jan Angel is any thing but an Angel. This despicable individual is suppose to “represent” the people of WA State, but more importantly to “protect and maintain individual rights.” But Senator Angel believes she only ‘sets policy’ and ‘balances the budget’. Everything else is not her responsibility. Well, even if Senator Angel is correct she is still failing as the “policies” she sets are being violated every day by corrupt public servants, and, as a consequence of this official misconduct by judges, prosecutors and public officials in ignoring Jan’s policies, the budget is not balanced. And when I reminded Senator Angel that her duty is to ‘remove’ corrupt public official, she gave me the middle-finger.

Ron and Teresa Estes, after reading my experience with Senator Jan Angel, were so outraged that they contacted the Senator in an effort to make her realize the harm in the blind-eye our representatives cast to the blatant criminal conduct that occurs within government – especially within the judicial branch.

Ron and Teresa Estes are particularly qualified to speak of judicial/attorney corruption as their young daughter, Kyla, is slowly dying from the diagnoses of “legal abuse syndrome“.

In short, Kyla, a single mother, petitioned the ‘court’ to force the child’s father to pay child support. Enter a lawyer. Long story short, Kyla lost custody, she may only visit her child for a couple hours a week and must PAY a court appointed guardian to supervise Kyla’s visitation and all travel expenses. If that isn’t beyond the pale, Kyla hasn’t seen her child for months and the King County Superior Court Judge Cahan doesn’t give a 2-cents. Each day Kyla dies a little more in missing her child and in the arrogance and disregard for her rights by a corrupt Judge – Cahan.

Here is what the Estes wrote to Senator Angel.

From: Estes .. []
Sent: Tuesday, February 10, 2015 4:53 AM
To: Angel, Sen. Jan
Subject: Judicial System and your duty as an elected official

Dear Ms. Angel,

It has come to our attention that our judicial system has some serious issues. We can make a list a mile long as to what the problems are, but the reason for our e-mail to you today is that we as citizens of Washington State understand that you as an elected official do not want to abide by our state constitution.

It does not surprise us that you disregard our constitution as so many others that are in the same position of power disregard the same constitution believing that you are only voted into office for budgeting.

We’d like to address that you have a duty to the citizens of Washington State to ensure that each and every person who is in a position of power that as elected official in a judicial capacity are abiding by the same laws governed by our Washington State constitution.

If you as an elected official cannot abide by laws and our constitution how can we as citizens of Washington State trust that you and anyone else who is in the same positions as yourself or any elected judicial officer protect the citizens of Washington State. You may be in a position of helping to make laws, but it appears that you do not take the oath of your position very seriously because if you had you’d start by helping to correct a growing problem that we have in our state and that would be to start with our Judicial System being severely broken.

We have continued to witness first hand these past few years the unethical dealing with a judicial system that has legalized rape, legalized domestic violence, child abuse, child endangerment and negligence along with numerous other issues we have witnessed first hand.

The oath of office you were supposedly have taken would have stated: I, ——–, do solemnly swear that I will support the Constitution of the United States and the constitution of the state of Washington………..! When you don’t take your oath seriously as a judicial officer whom was sworn into their position it constitutes as treason. If an average citizen of the United States and Washington State were to commit such violations of laws that would constitute as treason and be prosecuted for treason, why is it that when an elected official or judicial officer commits such a heinous crime against the citizens of WA State and against their oath that they are allowed to get away with it by using their position of power to commit such unjust against?

We believe that you have a duty as an elected official to help protect our rights as citizens and if you are unable to perform such duties of your oath of office then you should resign from your position and allow someone whom is capable of upholding the WA State Constitution along with all laws that are implemented to protect the average citizen to resume your position and get the job done that is supposed to be done and that is to do what you were elected in office for by ensuring that all judicial officers abide by their oath and that they are held accountable for their unethical actions and their violations of the constitution.

We’d love to hear back from you regarding your position on this matter.


The Estes Family

And Senator Angel’s reply…

From: Angel, Sen. Jan ;
To: Estes .. ;
Subject: RE: Judicial System and your duty as an elected official
Sent: Thu, Feb 12, 2015 10:07:10 PM

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Estes, the Washington State Legislature does not have the jurisdiction or authority to execute an investigation. The correct course of action is to contact the Attorney General, Bob Ferguson to request an investigation. The Attorney General can be reached at the following:

Office: (360) 753-6200


Jan Angel
State Senator
Legislative District #26

About Brandia

I am an animals rescuer, a mother, a grandmother, a minister, & a human being who is tired of all the corruption going on in our state.


6 thoughts on “Senator Jan Angel middle-fingers parents of dying child.

  1. I suggest a mass hate mail project for all these SOB’S.


    Posted by armedkafir | February 19, 2015, 11:20 am
  2. Why doesn’t the Estes’ family turn this into a petition on…idetail the facts, and make this a public (all over the Country) forum to be heard. Mail will only be thrown away, hate or otherwise…you don’t actually think these creeps would READ your protests do you? They don’t care, that’s why the bucket is kicked in circles constantly. A petition on the net is public, humiliating, and effective. Good Luck.

    A special Thank You goes out to Bill Scheidler for creating a public forum here to enable citizens to expose their grievances publicly.


    Posted by afinndorian | February 20, 2015, 7:07 am
  3. Have we addressed the PACER RICO scam yet, Mr. Bill? Shall we take it there? Because after three years in Kyla’s situation and fighting alone, the three impertinent, cocky little punks who refused to tell me their names, physical address, custodian of records, address to send inquires, the legal name of the individual or company who signs their paychecks, or whether or not they were in the business of renting or selling back the documents I am held responsible for paying, “indigent,” no less, I have to say, my patience is running thin.

    If that was the intended purpose and system, then “extreme” as opposed to “pre-determined” “trauma,” “levels” based funding outcomes, the” best interests” . . . of the state of Texas Legislature, TXOAG and General Fund (let us not forget the annual Texas Child Support Surplusage Report and a balanced budget so why is the Vatican stealing my child) of my only child still missing and my name in every database in the free and third world republic He_ _ (double hockey stick) inevitably lend themselves to chaos, anarchy, and a few special chosen “nobodies” uniquely equipped and sufficiently impassioned or inflamed to light the backfire.

    Catch ya’ on the flipside, or at the New Nuremberg Judges’/Associate (“AJ”) Trials, and hopefully added category “CPS and GAL/AAL/Special Prosecutor/State Secretary and Attorneys General Trials.” Keep fighting!


    Posted by Julian's Real Mummy | March 29, 2015, 1:40 pm
    • Please write about your case here so others will see that this matter needs immediate action by “citizens” if not our representatives. I share your feeling… ‘patience is running thin’!


      Posted by Chief Activist | March 29, 2015, 4:44 pm
      • PRESS RELEASE: LEGAL KIDNAPPING,UNLAWFUL| “It’s a Family Tradition”. . . in Harris and Brazoria Counties, Texas

        Contact: Joni Faith Saloom
        Telephone: 713/240-1727

        LEGALLY KIDNAPPED…UNLAWFULLY/US Unconstitutionally, thus, Illegally
        A “Family” Tradition in the Court of Country Corruption

        Former F.B.I. Agent, Ted Gunderson, called it the “Damon 10,000 Screw,” or “The Fix Is In” when he investigated Brenda Battle Jordan’s case. Most mothers, however, will be quick to correct any such statement as it is known all too well among the “victims” that the bidding for one’s child in the “R.I.C.O. court con,” or, in the fraudulent family court racket begins at $20,000, as a standard, flat-rate bribe to the judge (elected Harris County Judge Lisa A. Millard, exclusive of attorneys fees, expenses, court costs, investigators, judicial election campaign contributions, judicial entertaining fees, government incentivized slush funds and non-for-profit lobbying contributions and business referrals).

        Mother’s Day weekend marked the second year that a now seven year-old boy has been without his mother, Joni Faith Saloom, and, reciprocally, that Joni has been deprived of her only child, Julian Jacob Worrell of Genealogy Saloom (who generously gave “J.J.W.” his father’s last name even though he completely abandoned them in pregnancy, and afterward, and vowed to ruin their lives, and did refuse to attend Julian’s birth, who is now called “J.J.,” on knowledge and belief, by his father and Nancy Gray/Nancy Gray-Dufour/Nancy Gray-Worrell/Nancy G. Worrell (with three of her own small children residing in the same former marital home of he/r recent ex-husband and father of he/r children on whom she admitted to committing adultery on in open court on official and unofficial court record as they are quite known to be altered and denied in these cases so as to block appeal and any state remedy for the re-victimized fit parent so deprived, the mother as per state “pilot demonstration projects” to “remove”/constructively, kidnap legally, though, unlawfully where mother is unmarried, young, or of a single household income or receiving any kind of alleged “benefit,” and a lot of times when s/he is not when the father has money and social services and a $650 or even $450/hr. attorney possibly on Father’s for Equal Rights TX OAG affiliated third party faith based organization or “community ‘stakeholder’/’partner’ payroll as in New Day, for example) as a direct result of a malicious and retaliatory custody-switching scam set in motion by profiteering social workers, cooperating police officers, and an angry father who did not want to pay child support any more—no matter what the cost.

        Social worker and police officer individual defendants in Saloom’s Federal Civil Appeal U.S.C.A. No. 13-20605, filed in “propria persona,” sui juris, de jure, and currently in the Federal, U.S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans, against, inter alia, Cheryl Harvick, Brazoria County Texas CPS Program Supervisor, Paul Elton, a Pearland police officer for Defendant City of Pearland, Brazoria County and Brazoria County CPS, a division of Department of Family and Protective Services for the “state of Texas,”Lesly Damian-Murray, a Brazoria County CPS caseworker or “investigator,” Karen Coblentz, a Brazoria County CPS Program Director, William Lilly, a police officer for the Special Crimes Against Children Unit for Harris County Sheriff’s Office/Harris County Office of Risk Management/Commissioner’s Court under elected official, Harris County Attorney Vince Ryan, and one angry father and his family (the latter of whom are not part of federal litigation), retaliated against Miss Joni Faith Saloom (and her only child, her son, who was only five years old at the time) on May 08, 2012 at the Pearland CPS office when they wrongfully and unconstitutionally (see Amendments I, IV, V, IX, XIII, and XIV, thus, unlawfully, thus, illegally, “removed” Child without a court order for Child’s “removal,” without exigent circumstances or imminent threat of danger, without a warrant for “removal” that issued on probable cause and reliability, and without convicting Saloom of being an unfit parent with clear and convincing evidence (and certainly without an attorney or a trial)—the constitutional standard for such “removals,” or, in this case, kidnapping committed under the color of law for the State of Texas.

        Defendants retaliated against Joni and her son for making legitimate complaints to their superiors (Office of Consumer Affairs in Austin, Texas and to Pearland Police Department (Captain J.C. Doyle, Pearland Police Department’s Chief-of-Police for City of Pearland, a municipality and home rule charter city) on May 03, 2012 and May 05, 2012) regarding the way they attempted to cover-up Child’s plausible allegations of sexual abuse/misconduct/assault against his father, Matthew James Worrell/a.k.a. “Matt Worrell” or “Matt James Worrell” and “The Visitor—a homeless teenager with black, spiky hair” before they abducted Joni’s son.

        The role that private “play therapist”/marriage and family counselor and sex therapist, Kimberly A. Abernethy of Houston, Texas, played in this bizarre custody switching scam through child’s allegations of sexual abuse against his father and “The Visitor” is unknown to Miss Saloom. Child’s father, after no-calling and no-showing for one hundred thirteen (113) consecutive days of his then non-primary “joint managing ‘conservatorship’,’ started picking the boy up to take him to see “Miss Kim.” Kim A. Abernethy received her license from the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services. It is also unclear whether or not a Brazoria County CPS worker, Dedra Latasha Hardaway (of Alivin, Texas), recommended Abernethy to Child’s father. “Play therapy” is not even recognized as a pseudo-science.

        When Child’s father learned on Friday, May 04, 2012, that Joni and Child were at Texas Children’s Hospital (for sexual assault exam for Child), he immediately had his attorney file for an Emergency Hearing and Temporary Restraining Order against Joni in the 310th Judicial District Court of Harris County, Texas. Joni didn’t learn, until months later by accident, that on Monday, May 07, 2012, Associate Judge Conrad Moren and Judge Lisa Millard switched “primary managing ‘conservatorship’” from Joni to Child’s adjudicated father without notice, without a hearing, and without a chance to present evidence or be represented by an attorney. To this day, the switch has never been mentioned to Joni by any one.

        On Monday, May 07, 2012 around 6:30PM, defendants Cheryl Harvick and Sergeant William Lilly telephoned Saloom and falsely led her to believe that they had investigated Child’s father (based on four referrals CPS had received on the matter from highly credible professionals), and further, that it was urgent Joni schedule an appointment to come to the CPS office in Pearland the following day to “help” them “make an arrest” on the father and one of the alleged perpetrators of sexual abuse against a child as Sergeant Lilly was allegedly in the process of “getting a warrant). Saloom had no idea that she was taking her child to an appointment to be permanently “kidjacked” (attributed to author of website, Kidjacked).

        When Joni arrived at the Pearland CPS office with her son at 1:30PM the next day, Harvick immediately seized Joni’s then five and one half year-old (5 1/2 years old) son and separated them. Harvick threatened that Joni would “never call Office of Consumer Affairs” on one of [her] “people” again, angrily snapping and rolling her neck. Then, Defendant individual Paul Elton appeared and threw Joni’s valid Texas driver’s license—the one that he purposefully failed to return to her when he showed up at Saloom’s then town home with father for visitation on Thursday, May 03, 2012– at her as he also threatened that Joni would “never go ‘talkin’ smack’ about him at [his] precinct again! Between approximately 1:45PM and 3:00PM on the same day of May 08, 2012, defendants “transported” and subjected Child to an unnecessary second sexual assault exam at the Children’s Assessment Center (“C.A.C.”) in Houston, Texas (Harris County). Harvick then used this second alleged sexual assault exam at Texas Children’s Hospital by the experts to which Saloom’s son’s doctor, police, and paramedics had referred them, that Harvick, not Miss Saloom, ordered, as an excuse to conclude that Joni had allegedly subjected her son to “neglectful parenting” for “exposing him to an adult situation” along with alleged “emotional abuse” for allegedly saying Joni “coached” her five year-old son to make said allegations of child sexual abuse on fraudulent “Notice of Removal.” Harvick claimed on court record that no tape was made or exists of this alleged exam that she alleged was conducted by a person identified as “Ekira Jones.” Jones is not and has not been employed with the Children’s Assessment Center/Child Advocacy Center.

        At all times defendants had evidence that Joni had taken her son to Texas Children’s Hospital on Friday, May 04, 2012 for a sexual assault exam by specialists at the advice of child’s primary care physician in Pearland, who had also made a report based on Child’s allegations to him and urged Joni to do the same as this is the law in Texas, on Wednesday, May 02, 2012. They also heard from Joni that two different Pearland police officers and a CPS hotline worker in Austin, Texas not only believed Child’s allegations made directly to them, but also insisted that Child and Saloom go directly to the police station in jurisdiction where alleged events occurred—Tomball, Texas in Harris County justice of the peace jurisdiction, which they did on the same evening.

        Shortly thereafter, defendant Sergeant William Lilly, Special Crimes against Children Unit for Harris County Sheriff’s Office (see his role in the contrived political stunt of fame known as Lawrence v. Texas, 2005, US Supreme Court argued by former corrupt Harris County D.A. who was forced to resign for other indiscretions, Charles/”Chuck” Rosenthal), appointed by Harris County Sheriff Adrian Garcia, arrived to coerce an interrogation that Joni refused and where Joni insisted upon an attorney being present before questioning, but was denied. Defendants (with two, and at times, three other fully armed and uniformed police officers for City of Pearland) spent five and one half hours after they seized Child trying to coerce Joni into signing away her parental rights to her only child. Lilly demanded that Joni “confess” to what he reminded her was “a felony in the State of Texas”—making a false allegation of child abuse—so that they could all “go home.” It didn’t work. Lilly then threatened that he was “coming back” for Joni when he went to the father’s house and proved she was “lying.”

        Child’s father has a criminal record in Harris County (Houston, Texas) for intention to distribute large amounts of “M.D.M.A.,” street drug name, “Ecstasy,” DUI/DWI, and who was found to have at least four (4) illicit substances in his blood when police officers pulled him over on December 18, 2005. He also has a documented history of secreting and enticing Child and interfering with child custody regarding Joni’s son. Saloom says Child’s father had a penchant for sexual deviance. He is currently Child’s “sole managing conservator.” Neither CPS nor police investigated allegations of sexual abuse against the father or “The Visitor.”

        Joni has not been allowed any meaningful contact with her only child, who she describes as being more vital to her life than her own heart, for over two years as a direct result of this conspiracy and retaliation. Her son calls someone else “Mommy” and took classes on how to “grieve for the loss of his [real] ‘Mommy.’ His first day of kindergarten has come and gone. After his wrongful, unconstitutional, thus, unlawful “removal,” Joni lost her home and her car. Currently, Child’s father is trying to put Joni in jail for alleged contempt of court and child support that she miraculously caught up on while employed for three months. There is allegedly a court date, regarding which, Saloom has not been served with process, in the notorious 310th “Judicial District” Court of Harris County, Texas set for June 30, 2014 at 9:00AM. The same 310th court was originally a defendant in Joni Saloom’s Federal lawsuit for violation of rights perpetrated under color of law and for conspiracy against rights of a U.S. citizen, and will most likely use this opportunity to demonstrate its wrath against Joni Saloom. When Child’s father threatened Joni that he and his family would “ruin” her life if she didn’t show-up for multiple abortions he scheduled in Houston, Texas without her knowledge or consent, and that he paid for over the Internet with a credit card, she had no idea he could legally kidnap her only child.

        Update as of July 11, 2014: (Former) Sergeant William Lilly, after thirty years of service, was reportedly (possibly temporarily due to litigation) terminated for “failing to investigate” (sex crimes against children and probably others). His immediate supervisor, as reported in a two liner on the public Internet local Houston news, a one Mr. Ruben Diaz, was reportedly put on suspension without pay for twenty (20) days for “failing to supervise” Lilly. Disappointingly, and, curiously, or, well, in a grossly negligent and callously indifferent, conscience-shocking manner, the cases Lilly did not investigate as a matter of fact have not been re-opened with the Harris County Sheriff’s Office (for Sheriff Adrian Garcia) or the Harris County Children’s Commissioner’s or family courts in Harris or Brazoria County in Houston, Pearland, Tomball, and Angleton, Texas.

        Reports show that this is not the first alleged cover-up of sexual abuse against a six year-old child by a Pearland CPS (Child Protective Services) social worker in Pearland, Texas in Brazoria County, thus, defeating the “isolated incident” “immunity” defense. Parents, please be warned that the self-proclaimed and fervent advertisers for the government “protectors,” and especially the alleged “non-for-profit” one hundred percent non-transparent by Texas law and statute joint public-private ventured businesses like “SAFE” supervised visitation (though Saloom has been denied access even to court-ordered two hour one time per month visitation) and victim’s assistance centers, domestic violence centers, and many churches and doctor’s offices (any and all first reporters, including police) are not here to “help” anyone but the state treasury (See the Texas General Fund and my post on this blog taken from Clint Richardson’s Reality Blog titled, “Where the State of Texas Hides Your Money,” the Texas Child Support Surplus Fund Report, also posted on this blog, and the Texas CAFR reports. Trust nobody in this “state” of fallen grace. Take it from this author with Hindsight 20-20 vision, or, if not myself, then explore the “Blogs and Websites” Post on this blog for a variety of opinions and perspectives. Please, Please, Please do your homework. Your child’s lives, any future children of yours, and your future livelihood and those of your families and friends literally depend on it if you should be put in such an unenviable position or your child “coached” to tell you these disgusting allegations by those who stand to profit as a matter of fact on average $100,000 per child “removal,” getting thousands in commission on-the-spot.”

        Similarly, the police have been promised federal land grants, and, on knowledge and belief, so have social workers, judges, and BAR member attorneys, and all court-appointed “therapists, “ legislators, “evaluators,” social services affiliates, collaborative law “stakeholders,” magistrates, and guardian ad litem and amicus and court-appointed attorneys who are all paid by the same Commissioner’s Court (led by Judge of Judges, Ed Emmett and Harris County Attorney, Vince Ryan who acts through CPS special prosecutor, Mr. William Sumpter Frazier along with Donna Everson, court-appointed Guardian Ad Litem/Attorney Ad Litem for the child in the 310th court of Judge Lisa A. Millard and Associate Judge Conrad Moren) that pays CPS to “remove” fit, healthy, and happy children from loving mothers, and, sometimes fathers, although there has been quite the backlash due to Father’s for Equal Rights lobbyists (Child Advocates, Inc. who were routinely served with notice of hearings in a more timely and proper fashion than was I though I had never met them and suspect their presence was compelled to watch the judge to make sure she ruled in their–CPS and adoption lobbyists’–favor) and pedophiles in very high places who arranged for legal bribes to judges and “slush funds” to sell your children and then sell you services–racketeering, organized crime, artifice to defraud, honest services fraud, extortion, duress, threat, coercion, bribery, perjury, and subornation of perjury not to mention misprision of judges, malfeasance of lawyers, and High Treason, and breach of fiduciary duty (Federal RICO predicate crimes against humanity).

        Veritatem Dilexi–Through truth, knowledge. “Take heart and have courage” (The Holy Bible, repeated throughout, all real versions).


        Fair Use and Legal Disclaimer (PROMINENTLY DISPLAYED):

        (1) This post is made in GOOD FAITH and for deterrent purposes against child abusers, alleged child abusers, and those who would maternally alienate fit, loving mothers and children from one another.

        (2) Content in this post is protected by Julian’s Real Mummy’s First Amendment herein claimed rights as a natural-born American, “sovereign,” “elect” citizen pursuant to the Supremacy Clause of the US Constitution and incorporated Bill of Rights made applicable to the states via ratification and application of the Fourteenth Amendment to the Federal, US Constitution and incorporated Bill of Rights, under the freedom of expression, freedom of association, freedom to peaceably assemble, and freedom to speech.

        (3) All content in this post is also protected pursuant to the Federal statute 17 U.S.C., section 107 (“Fair Use”) as this content is solely intended for general knowledge, academic research, and/or entertainment purposes.

        (4) If anyone should desire, require, or demand a retraction or modification in part or in full, you must contact the author of this blog for fair notice to correct, pursuant to reasonable and lawfully obtained evidence supported by all legal and factual bases for your desire, demand, and/or requirement for a full or partial retraction in a timely manner so that Author of this blog may respond expediently and lawfully.


        Posted by Julian's Real Mummy | March 29, 2015, 9:24 pm
    • Thank YOU!


      Posted by Chief Activist | March 30, 2015, 2:01 am

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