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How the “legal establishment” works a ‘fraud upon citizens.’

The “legal establishment” has created an insolvable riddle that traps all citizens in their quest for justice. This “design” by the legal establishment gives them “absolute” control over citizens. Said another way, the “constitutions of the United States and the constitution here in WA State” means what the “legal establishment” wants it to mean.  Citizens … Continue reading

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Judge Stephen Holman: impartial, justice, openly provided. BRAVO!

When we here at witness one of our public servants doing “public service” in the spirit of their oath, WE must celebrate that event. Today was such a day. The event was a court hearing to decide if a citizen has a right to a jury trial. The defendant, Marcus Carter, was asking for … Continue reading

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John Darash. The coming showdown: “We the PEOPLE” v “YOU — the Public Servants”!

Showdown! What, where and …. Who is moving this country to a showdown and why? For a little perspective….. Clearly we at understand all too well the blatant and arrogant attitude the “legal establishment” of lawyers, judges, BAR associations, the judges’ associations, law professors and their colleagues have towards us people. We have reported … Continue reading

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Judge Keith Harper: you want a fair venue, try the moon or Mars…

UPDATE: Constitution v Legal Establishment Attached is an audio snippet from a motion hearing “Scheidler v Executive Director, Commission on Judicial Conduct and Associate Director, WSBA, et. al.” at which I objected to a WA lawyer, under RCW 2.28.030 from acting as judge when the judge is ‘directly interested’ in the subject matter of the … Continue reading

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Will these corrupt lawyers find a new home? … the Jail Cell!

I view honesty as the most basic element in all relationships. When there is honesty, there is no fault in trying and failing… there is no fault in making a mistake… there is no fault in an unfortunate consequence. When there is ‘honesty’ civilized people will always recognize the “honest intentions and effort” regardless of … Continue reading

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Bob Grundstein: lawyer, warrior … now, “VENDETTA”

I have known Bob Grundstein for some years and know of his utter disgust with his chosen profession — he is a lawyer but he would be the first to say that there is very little “law” in LAWyer. A couple of articles published by focused on Bob’s efforts to address the “legal establishments” … Continue reading

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The battle enters phase two: “Constitution” v “Legal Establishment”

Friday, March 14, John Worthington filed to intervene as intervenor-plaintiff in Scheidler’s Amended Complaint. Worthington joins Bruce Gambill, who filed earlier. John’s MOTION TO INTERVENE (1) In response to Scheidler’s ‘amended complaint’ Kristen Schimpff, WSBA # 31299, and Mary M. Tennyson, WSBA # 11197 have filed to “strike” the amended complaint claiming it violates ‘court … Continue reading

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In the continuing and expanding lawsuit against the “legal establishment”, Scheidler will file an Amended Complaint to add lawyers Jennifer Forbes, Esq.,(who is abusing her power as judge to save her fellow associates) Kirsten M. Schimpff, Esq., Mary M. Tennyson, Esq., Dionne Padilla-Huddleston, Esq., to the previously named defendants J. Reiko Callner, Esq., and Felice … Continue reading

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Superior Court Judge, Jennifer Forbes, rules to dismiss complaint against other lawyers.

Kitsap Superior Court Jennifer Forbes refused to disqualify herself under law, see RCW 2.28.030(1) and refused to recuse herself under law, see RCW 4.12.050, so she could use a court rule, 12(b)(6) motion to dismiss, a case against lawyers, Felice Congalton, Associate Director of the WSBA and J. Reiko Callner, Executive Director of the Commission … Continue reading

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WA State Attorney General says “Goverment Officials” can violate the law and citizens have no say about it!

It’s official WA State Citizens are simply Government’s play-toys. This story relates to Charges filed against J. Reiko Callner and Felice Congalton, who are two lawyers and happen to hold high government office. Is it any wonder that our states highest lawyer, Bob Ferguson, a state official, wants these two lawyers to get off with … Continue reading

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And Again: J. Reiko Callner, Esq., and Felice Congalton, Esq., under pressure for their criminal conduct.

Today, 1/29/2014, Bruce Gambill filed a “motion to intervene” as intervenor-plaintiff in the Criminal Complaint against Callner and Congalton. Mr. Gambill, too, has been defrauded, raped of his property, and denied his fundamental rights by attorneys and by the judges who, using their “judicial power,” shelter these corrupt attorneys. Bruce Gambill’s story spans 14 years! … Continue reading

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Gallup’s new poll: Honesty and Ethics

According to Gallup pollsters, lawyers still rank low on the “ethics meter”; right down on the list with car salesmen and lobbyists. To read the full article go to

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Dr. Richard L. Fine imprisoned for 14 months for violating a judge’s order!

Once a dapper Beverly Hills attorney known for his bow tie, Richard Fine has been held in solitary confinement at Los Angeles County Men’s Central Jail for 14 months, even though he’s never been charged with a crime. Dr. Richard Fine admits, “I ended up here because I did the one thing no other lawyer … Continue reading

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Is John Darash our present day Samuel Adams?

Today, New Year’s Day 2014, the “Unified New York Common Law Grand Jury”, which is the birth child of John Darash’s grassroots movement – The National Liberty Alliance, has laid down the gauntlet in their quest to reclaim our “justice system” from the grip of the legal establishment of lawyers, judges and law professors. According … Continue reading

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Dr. Richard Cordero, Esq. A powerful voice calling for judicial reform.

Dr. Richard Cordero holds a Ph.D. in law from the University of Cambridge in England, where his doctoral thesis dealt with the legal and technical aspects of creating a European banking system. He also holds a law degree from La Sorbonne in Paris, where he concentrated on monetary regulation and financial integration in the European … Continue reading

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J. Reiko Callner is to blame for the corruption within the Judicial Br.

J. Reiko Callner is the Executive Director of the WA State Commission on Judicial Conduct.  Callner is an “investigator” for the CJC and member of the WA State Bar, No. 16546.  In other words, WA Bar Member Callner investigates other “Bar members”… and as she almost always does… she dismisses the complaints citizens file against … Continue reading

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How many of our judicial and quasi-judicial officers are “pathological narcissists”

Written by Michael A. Haberman, M.D. This Israeli doctor says Obama has a mental disorder. He labels Obama a pathological narcissist. There is no greater insanity than electing one as President said Dr. Sam Vaknin who is an Israeli psychologist. Interesting view on our president. Dr. Vaknin states “I must confess I was impressed by … Continue reading

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Corrupt Judge Was Texting Instructions To Prosecutors To Help Send People To Prison | Techyville

Corrupt Judge Was Texting Instructions To Prosecutors To Help Send People To Prison | Techyville. The Texas district Judge Elizabeth E. Coker is stepping down from the bench after she is being heavily scrutinized because of a texting scandal. A recent whistle blowing case exposed that the judge was SMS messaging prosecutor’s questions that they … Continue reading

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Violations of privacy implicate lawyers and judges in crimes InBox Message From: <> Subject: Online Grievance Form Confirmation Date: Fri, 15 Nov 2013 21:04:32 -0800 To: <> GRIEVANCE AGAINST A LAWYER Office of Disciplinary CounselWashington State Bar Association1325 Fourth Avenue, Suite 600Seattle, WA 98101-2539 GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS Read our information sheet Lawyer Discipline in Washington before you complete this form, particularly the section about … Continue reading

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Justice Joel Penoyar –a.k.a. “Dirty-Slick”– the battle to have him removed from the Bench has begun!

This is an UPDATE to the story first published March 2013. “Justice Joel Penoyar: He is as dirty-slick as they come “ and then Sept 2013, “Will Joel Penoyar, a.k.a., Dirty-Slick, be prosecuted for criminal conduct?. It has been almost a week since I emailed State Representative Jan Angel, Seacrest and alerting them to the ‘dishonesty’ … Continue reading

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UPDATE: Judge Kevin Hull —- Scheidler’s motion — DENIED!

UPDATE: 11/04/2013. Today I filed a complaint against Judge Kevin Hull, for his ethical violations, with the Commission on Judicial Conduct. Click this link to read the full complaint.Complaint against Judge Kevin Hull UPDATE My motion for a new trial, relief from judgment due to misconduct and fraud upon the court, and objection to the … Continue reading

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UPDATE: Will Justice Joel Penoyar — a.k.a., Dirty-Slick, be prosecuted for criminal conduct? | Corrupt WA

UPDATE: Continuing the campaign to remove Dirty-slick Joel Penoyar . In my quest to have Justice Joel Penoyar removed from the bench of Division II Court of Appeals, I have filed a complaint with the Commission on Judicial Conduct. This is my next course of action that follows my letters to my State Representatives. See … Continue reading

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Will Justice Joel Penoyar — a.k.a., Dirty-Slick, be prosecuted for criminal conduct?

UPDATE 9/15/2013: Complaint filed with the Commission on Judicial Conduct This “officially” begins my quest to get Joel Penoyar removed from the bench of Division II, Court of Appeals. As a first step I’ve asked my state’s representatives to address the issue as the “integrity of” and “faith in” our judicial BR depends upon the … Continue reading

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UPDATE: NY to conduct – once again — public hearings on Judicial corruption.

UPDATE: This is an update to the story first published June 20, 2013 SPREAD THE WORD! Opportunity to Testify against New York’s Corrupt Judiciary — & the Worthlessness of Purported Safeguards The Commission to Investigate Public Corruption is NOW requiring those wishing to testify at its hearings to register. Here’s the link to its website: … Continue reading

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CORRUPTROOM: Will Judge Kevin Hull, attorney Scott Ellerby, Jeffrey Downer and 9 other attorneys get “DISBARRED!”

Today I filed my reply to Scott Ellerby’s opposition to my motion for a new trial based in the Rule of Superior Court which states a new trial must be granted in instances of attorney fraud, misconduct or other improprieties by the opposing party. In this case the misconduct has been comitted by Ellerby and … Continue reading

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