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Local Activist files recall against SnoCo Prosecutor Mark Roe

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Why I do this…

I keep getting the same questions over & over so I’m going to esplain it everyone again Short version, 2000 I moved to the city of Everett with my Pit Bulls Dre & Anna, unfortunately I crossed paths with an AC worker was a big fat pig faced woman who hated pit bulls (and thin … Continue reading

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Cause of Action

Ground 1 ~ Malicious Harassment I have been being harrased by the the city of Everett animal control officer Lori Trask every since I moved into the city of Everett in 2000. It got so bad that at times we had to call the police on her, because I moved to the city with two … Continue reading

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Prince Andrew’s billionaire paedophile friend given permission to land private jet at RAF base for visit Sandringham

By Fay Schlesinger and Daily Mail Reporter Updated: 10:51 EST, 10 March 2011 Queen summons son to convey concerns over links to Jeffrey Epstein Billionaire met Beatrice when she was nine and Eugene at eight Duke lobbied for Azerbaijan on MONDAY 127 View comments Prince Andrew’s convicted paedophile friend Jeffrey Epstein was given permission to … Continue reading

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The state of WA State: by the numbers – a scientific analysis of corruption.

A statistical argument why our WA State Constitution is DEAD!   Number of citizens per professional occupation and average wage per hour for each profession Plumber Chemist Lawyer Physician 1000(Note b) 3600(Note c) 210 (Note a) 370(Note c) $31/hr $38/hr $58/hr $54/hr NOTES: (a) WA State Bar (b) WA State Association of Pipefitter (c) Center … Continue reading

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The state of WA State: by the numbers.

A statistical argument why our WA State Constitution is dead!   The Population growth of the State of WA is represented by the chart below. Looking at the growth in WA State’s population does anyone believe that WA State’s preeminent duty is to protect and maintain individual rights, which is the very first article of … Continue reading

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Bill Scheidler| “Corruption is a “blessing”, and I am grateful to be harmed by those who are corrupt”

This post is published in that section of my website that I have dedicated to posting “Something beautiful”. So what, you ask, is beautiful about corrupt people and the harm they inflict upon us? The short answer is there is nothing beautiful in what corrupt people do or the harm they inflict, the “beauty” is … Continue reading

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Guest: Government needs to follow the law declaring government records to be public | Opinion | The Seattle Times

Guest: Government needs to follow the law declaring government records to be public | Opinion | The Seattle Times.

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Bob Grundstein’s battle against the WA State Bar may set the stage for broad legal reform.

Bob Grundstein, like many lawyers who expose legal misconduct, found out his good deed raised the ire of the WA State Bar(WSBA). The WSBA feels it is their ‘obligation’ to hide their dirty laundry so the “public” doesn’t become concerned with the “lack of integrity” within our judicial system. And the WSBA will stop at … Continue reading

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Don’t get on the bad side of the WSBA or you will pay

… but really is there a “good” side: Evidently not. In the past 10 years 206 attorney’s have been disbarred: The earliest disbarment I can find is from 1964 so roughly 50 years there have been 431 total. Please let that soak in for a minute: From 1964 to to 2004 there were 225 lawyers … Continue reading

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Goldwater Institute Sues: State Bars are Unconstitutional Mandatory Unions | Goldwater Institute

Goldwater Institute Sues: State Bars are Unconstitutional Mandatory Unions | Goldwater Institute State bars are acquiring a chilling reputation for misusing the dues of attorneys forced to join them, including using those dues to target conservative attorneys. Right-leaning attorneys are frequently disbarred and disciplined for actions completely unrelated to the practice of law, a gross … Continue reading

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How They Hunt

Originally posted on The Lizard Farmer:
I’ve cobbling this entry together between uptime and downtime over the last couple of weeks so bear with me on this one. I think there’s a fundamental misunderstanding of how counter-insurgency intelligence and exploitation systems work so I’m going to touch on them a bit in this entry.  It’s…

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Governor Declines Investigation into Criminal Complaints of County Officials

Originally posted on Protecting Peoples Rights:
On January 14, 2015, an unidentified representative of “Constituent Services” authors an unsigned letter of response to the People. On December 29, 2014, the People instructed Washington’s Governor Jay Inlee to request Attorney General Bob Ferguson to investigate the STEVENS COUNTY “Prosecutor” and “Sheriff” for criminal conduct and usurping…

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Gold Bar activist who resigned from WA Bar citing gross RICO violations issues press statement

Gold Bar activist who resigned from WA Bar citing gross RICO violations issues press statement. via Gold Bar activist who resigned from WA Bar citing gross RICO violations issues press statement.

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Snohomish County top story for 2014

Originally posted on GOLD BAR REPORTER:
In March 2014, Snohomish County’s Director of Emergency Management (DEM) killed 44 people in the Oso mudslides. We use the word “killed” because emails between former Executive Aaron Reardon and John Pennington documented that when Reardon was having meetings with Oso mudslide builders, Ridgeway Homes, he ( Reardon), asked…

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Gold Bar Reporters may file missing person report

Originally posted on GOLD BAR REPORTER:
One Gold Bar Reporter noticed that Gold Bar council member Bob Strom was at Gold Bar City Hall pretty early on January 9, 2014.    Council members in Gold Bar are not given free access to City Hall, only Mayors are. During the second week of January 2015,  we correctly…

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Snohomish County major participants in Racketeering Enterprise

Originally posted on GOLD BAR REPORTER:
On February 13, 2013, the Snohomish County Daily Herald exposed Snonomish County Executive criminals Aaron Reardon, Senator Steve Hobbs’s brother-in-law Jon Rudicil, and Kevin Hulten for criminal harassment.   Once caught, the Snohomish County Council was forced to assign the investigation over to King County, who then assigned Aaron…

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4 yr Anniversary… Doing the PRR Dance again

January 6th was the 4 yr anniversary of one of the worst days of my life. The day they came & took my animals. I thought we’d clear things up by the end of the week & I’d be back home with my furkids going on with life as usual. As we all know that … Continue reading

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Once in a while I remember why…

I write this blog sometimes to ease my own pain, other times to ease the pain of others. I write it so that someone can see that we were all here, all of us who have been abused by a morally & ethically corrupt system, that we mattered & that we tried to warn others. … Continue reading

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I’m still hiding in plain sight

Most of you know I am Native American, Native Alaskan & Jewish by blood, my Aleut & Jewish blood both come from Alaska. Most people know tons about Native American rituals, customs & history. They know very little about Aleut culture customs or religion we don’t share many details after having it beaten out of … Continue reading

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How to remedy judicial/lawyer corruption — a Corruption TAX.

The virtues of a “Corruption Tax” We all know that the legal establishment of judges and lawyers operates as a racketeering enterprise. That is why we are drafting a RICO complaint against the WA State Bar Association (WSBA). But such a lawsuit needs to be “litigated” in the very system that is controlled by the … Continue reading

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Snohomish County public records confirms John Pennington spent most of county time using hacking software

Originally posted on GOLD BAR REPORTER:
While 44 while residents in the small community of Oso, Washington, suffocated to death, the bonehead in charge spent most of his day “hacking” on the taxpayers dime, public records from Snohomish County confirm. Three months ago, the Gold Bar Reporters sent Snohomish County Department of Information Services (…

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WSBA does what they always do ~ Nothing

So I wrote to the WSBA (one of the entire boards) to express my concerns & share info about the gross abuses of clients by several high ranking disciplinary board The letter was as follows: TO:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; … Continue reading

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Where is Hollywood when you need them? Snohomish County drama in FULL swing

You can NOT make this stuff up! I bet if I could write a screen play of all the crap that goes on in SnoCo I could have get one hell of a deal in Hollywood… Not sure if it would be a comedy, a drama, or maybe a sitcom or made for TV movie … Continue reading

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” Who let the pigs out? “

Originally posted on GOLD BAR REPORTER:
When Aaron Reardon was booted out of office with the assistance of the Gold Bar Reporters in 2013, then Sheriff John Lovick promised voters a ” new atmosphere…”  pretty laughable shit for those of us who knew that John Lovick was just as big of a piece of shit…

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