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How corruption kills…. slowly but surely

2014 sux3

So they say bad things come in 3’s … BULLSHIT

In one year I have lost

1} my Aunt Linda  ~ She chose to die with dignity after a terminal diagnosis on 11/12/13

2} my Bulldog Foxy Brown ~ She passed in her sleep on 11/1/13

3} my nephew Matthew Grover ~ His body was found in the White River on 3/8/14 in Indianapolis but the last time he was seen alive was December 26th as far as we know. We suspect his father killed him but the local Barney Fife’s can’t seem to figure it out.

4} my adopted son Austin Derby ~ He was shot 11 times on 7/1/14 by the Seattle Police after running from them & several other police agencies. He claimed to have a gun, he did ~ a BB Gun under the seat of his truck (which we have proof of ) the King Co. Exec Dow Constantine has ordered an inquest into his killing

5} my sister Crystal is currently on life support at Harborview after drowning in her own bathtub supposedly, her brain is dead, & her brain stem functions ceased as of Saturday afternoon but the doctor said she died on 11/12/14 & all that was done was to revive a body & a heartbeat. My mother is not going to accept it & how could she?

6} my “couch kid” Ian Hughes ~ After being shot in the back Ian had so many problems & health issues that I am amazed he made it this long & then he became addicted to prescription medication that he needed for pain management. He died in his sleep & was found Monday morning 11/10/14

So what does this have to do with corruption? Everything

The story starts with my sisters, & my brother. They all got strung out on drugs, I mean all of them. Mostly because of their dad but also because it was just always around.

I took off from home as a pre-teen, it was too much for me & sleeping behind a dumpster on 1st & Pike street in downtown Seattle was a better option then being at home. Hell I even made it into a movie about streetkids called “Streetwise”  I drank & did drugs, mostly MDA but then something happened when I turned 15, I started getting cramps so bad I went to the hospital, then they did an ultrasound & what I seen that day profoundly changed everything. A person, perfect little fingers & toes, in a womb that had been so brutalized that I was told at 7 yrs old I would never have children thanks to my step-dad’s abuse, but there he was growing inside of my drug polluted body. I went home for 2 weeks, detoxed, cleaned up & went right back to the streets, to my job at the Monastery around all of my drug friends & the same environment but I made a vow to God that if he just let my baby live I would never touch that crap ever again, he was & I never have again.

I never went to a treatment center, never participated in a 12 step bullshit program, I just decided that; 1st my son was more important & then so was I. I think I’ve drank about 4 times since then but found out that I was allergic to most alcohol & trying to figure out which one is just too much work for me to even try. Most of it was because I didn’t want to turn out like my family & I spent so much of my life out of control of everything around me & I most certainly wasn’t going to become a slave to that or anything else.

In order to understand why I had more of a chance then my siblings did, you’d have to know something about early childhood development. I was born autistic, my mother was unable to handle me so I spent most of my early years with Grandparents who never abused me, never neglected me, who did everything they could to raise my self esteem, in other words I was taught I had worth & that the world was a good place & that my needs would be met. My siblings were born into abuse & unless I had them they were subjected to the brutality in their formative years. I did not return back to my mother until I was almost 7, & I was abused beyond anything you can imagine in your worst nightmares but I knew I didn’t deserve this, I knew it was wrong, I knew that these strange people were bad, & that it had NOTHING to do with me.

I did raise them for a while, all 6 of them but nothing I did made a difference. I have 7 kids of my own & they have had trouble or scrapes with the law but all of them pulled their head out of their butts & got it together & are doing well.

Poor people keep the entire judicial system in business. Poor people are more likely to commit crimes. Poor people are more likely to get prison time for these crimes whereas someone with money who commits a crime will usually get away with it. That is a universal undeniable truth.

My step-dad, sister, & brother in their drug crazed logic decided to rob a drug dealer, along with her boyfriend & their friend. Things went bad, very bad & the guy who owned the house was shot & killed by my sister’s boyfriend. My mother tried to save him, but he died in her arms. He lived 2 doors down & my sister chickened out at the last minute & went to my mother’s house. My step-dad, my brother & the other 2 boys went. Make no mistake, the guy who was shot was a piece of shit perverted shit, but no one had any right to take his life.

My sister tried to get one of the girls there to change her story & lied to protect her boyfriend, KNOWING she had 2 children to care for & that she could lose them & her freedom. She chose them over her children. It was “WHO” the guy who got shot was, that got my sister 29 yrs in prison.

In the meantime Mark Roe was screwing Lisa Paul & her husband Brian Phillips was having a nervous breakdown. Lisa Paul prosecuted my sister, & Brian Phillips was supposed to be her attorney while he was spinning out of control because his wife was screwing someone else…

Even though my sister was not there, in order to get himself out of trouble my step-dad created the illusion that she was the mastermind & evidently my brother went along with it because even though they were there in the house they both walked off scott free.

She got 29 yrs in prison ~ even more time then the murderers because my mother & Kimberly stood up for themselves & tried to fight back & Brian Phillips told my mother he was going to make sure that she would be DEAD before Kim ever got out of prison ~ yes her defense attorney laughed at my mother as he said this but of course all the CORRUPT PIECE OF SHIT APPELLATE & SUPREME COURT JUSTICES just blew her off except for one & after he did that he came under attack from the Bar & the other Justices. He didn’t play by their rules & these moron voters lost their chance to have ONE person who wasn’t dirty or corrupt to protect them.

I know Roe & Paul along with a few others are on this page everyday so I guess I have a question: How can either one of you pieces of shit portend to prosecute others for immoral acts when while you were busy screwing each other when at least one of you was still married? Don’t try that 2 consenting adults shit either. You were committing crimes of moral turpitude. So while you were in your office on county time you were breaking not only a biblical rule but a few state & administrative laws!!! Isn’t it precious that Mr Roe has attacked Mr Reardon’s behavior when he was doing the same thing! Priceless…

Anyway this should make you both feel better: By locking up my little sister she did in fact lose her sons, 1 of which Matthew was killed by his father, & along our little sister. Tomorrow we have to go pull her breathing tube because she is brain dead, so I figure that’ll get your little rocks off ~ maybe you can have a little celebratory desk hump for old times sake, just make sure to spray some air freshener because when people walk in they can “tell by the smell”… (Yes that was an actual email I got from someone ~gross)

Believe me ~ what you guys did to my son & my daughter was not lost on me either. You should know that my family, ESPECIALLY my children are off limits. You made this personal & you might want to ask the city of Everett morons IF I EVER back down.

Take a good hard look at Matthew’s face, he looks just like that little girl you sent to prison but he will never grow up, he will never have children, he will never fall in love for the first time, instead he spent his life getting beaten by the very man YOU said was such a stand up guy, just like you claimed the guy who was killed was such a martyr when you knew he was nothing more then a predator. Better yet take a look at Crystal she looks like Kimmy too. Oh & you can tell your piece of shit ex-husband that he won too. My mom will probably die of a broken heart now so he will get his wish.

I know where my family was wrong, I know the bad choices, no: Horrible choices they made but the only one who was not at fault is the one who has paid the price because you use your office for revenge, to “teach folks a lesson for talking back to you” & play out your little vendettas & power trips.

I will not stop or rest until I make sure you guys can never legally hurt others like this again. If I get my way you’ll both be cleaning office buildings somewhere… maybe you can go to Thailand & see if Brian will get you a job at one of the local whorehouses or where ever in hell he ran off to to have his little nervous breakdown. You know you’re some kind of a piece of work when someone has to leave the continent to get away from you.

1240416_410507329059540_1466030295_nOh & trust me I have a LOT MORE to say… believe that. I would LOVE it if you tried to argue or defend ONE SINGLE thing I have said here because I am not lying & you BOTH know it, but if you’d like to litigate this: Bring it, I would LOVE to depose both of you, I’ve gotten a whole lot more information about you then I have printed here & I’d love to be able to ask you both about all of it under oath in a public record!

In case NO ONE has noticed: Not once have I been sued, I have been threatened by anonymous email & phone calls & a few crybabies have gone to wordpress to “tell on me” but after review they seen I had documentation for everything I said. Not once have I been sued because I have never printed a lie, the one time I was incorrect about something I fixed it within 2 minutes once it was pointed out to me. Like I said I would love it if anyone I write about tries to sue me for telling the truth, that would make for a great couple of headlines.

I can’t bring my sister or my nephew back, I can’t unbreak my mother’s heart, I can’t fix my family but I can damn sure use every tool I have & every dirty corrupt thing you two have done to help me fight you two


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About Brandia

I am an animals rescuer, a mother, a grandmother, a minister, & a human being who is tired of all the corruption going on in our state.


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