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Washington State Attorney General ties to O’Dell & Steve Tucker…

I’ve written about the allegations against Robert Caruso a Spokane attorney made by a woman with a history of drug abuse, & FALSE reporting.

So as soon as I tie the last name Caruso to  Lin O’Dell &  Steve Tucker (The Spokane County Prosecutor who thankfully is on his way out the door) The Washington State Attorney General picks up the case & charges him! What in the hell???

I am not even sure if that is legal but what it did do is let me know that there is a connection to all of these people all the way to the Attorney General’s office!

Tucker is a monstrous putrid pile of everything that is wrong with our “system”


Tucker’s office to be reviewed

Spokane County commissioners agreed Tuesday to pay for an outside review of the prosecutor’s office. Commissioners gave consultant David Bennett $5,000 to bring in a yet-to-be-identified Florida prosecutor to analyze Prosecutor Steve Tucker’s office.

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And don’t you DARE run against him, or you will pay (Just like Robert Caruso is)


Tucker places Stevens on leave

A Spokane County deputy prosecutor who announced this week that he’s running for his boss’s job has been placed on paid leave and faces possible discipline. Prosecutor Steve Tucker said his complaints against David Stevens are “obviously” connected to Stevens’ decision to challenge him in …

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There is no shortage of screw ups & malfeasance in his office…


‘Careless handling’ draws ire of judge

The Spokane County prosecutor’s office was sanctioned Monday and fined $8,000 by a judge angry over mishandling of a critical detail surrounding a home-invasion case that could send several men to prison for the rest of their lives. At issue was a last-minute change Monday …

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Appeals court overturns Stark’s murder conviction

A state appeals court overturned the murder conviction of a Spokane woman who claimed she killed her husband in self-defense after years of forced prostitution. In a 3-0 ruling, the appellate court’s 3rd Division ordered a new trial for Shellye L. Stark, who is serving …

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Prosecutors’ mixup takes death penalty off the table

A Deer Park man accused of murdering a witness in an assault case against him will avoid the death penalty because prosecutors mismanaged the case, a judge ruled Wednesday.

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Of Course Tucker has an excuse for everything…

One woman did try to stand up to him but she was unsuccessful because “of course” all the Judges ruled in Tucker’s favor & the local media seems to have their noses so far up his ass that I’m surprised any of them can still breathe

If anyone has any doubts about how corrupt this guy is then just a quick search turns up this document which lays out just how many different ways this guy is dirty. It also perfectly illustrates just how much the prosecution & judiciary gets away with in this state under the “protection” of the Washington State Bar Association WSBA

Now with just a few of those stories above I’m hoping that you realize that  Tim Rasmussen came from Spokane under Tucker’s rule & brought his own form of high school drama & corruption to Stevens County…

FRIDAY, JULY 30, 2010

Judges ask bar to probe donations connected to Rasmussen

Stevens County’s two Superior Court judges have asked the state bar association to investigate Prosecutor Tim Rasmussen. Judges Rebecca Baker and Al Nielson said in a Sept. 30 complaint that they were concerned about Rasmussen’s practice of encouraging defense attorneys to contribute to a Guatemalan …

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Washington bar clears prosecutor

The Washington State Bar Association has dismissed a complaint that Stevens County Prosecutor Tim Rasmussen improperly solicited contributions for a Guatemalan orphanage. A three-member review committee found unanimously that there was insufficient evidence to prove Rasmussen acted unethically when he steered defense attorneys to a …

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Murder trial delayed months while judge, prosecutor feud

Kristen Cosby has no patience for quarrels among Stevens County judicial officers. Cosby’s mother was the victim of an Oct. 3, 2009, homicide. Her father, Craig Raymond Cosby, is the suspect.

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 The big thing about Tucker is he never files charges against any law enforcement officer no matter if they are wrong but then there is something else far worse… Under his watch child abusers & molesters seemed to have flourished to the point that Spokane is the “go to place” for those interested in receiving or producing child porn, even those in the public sector & even more disturbing is the fact that his office does little if anything to stop it unless the FBI steps in to stop it.

1} Medical Lake, Washington Man Sentenced To Twenty Years In Federal Prison For Production And Distribution Of Child Pornography Images
2} Man Sentenced To 15 Years In Federal Prison For Production Of Child Pornography
3} Dr. Craig A. Morgenstern Charged With Child Pornography Related Crimes
4} Spokane, Washington Man Sentenced To Five Years In Federal Prison For Distribution Of Child Pornography Images
5} Spokane Man Sentenced To Fifteen Years In Federal Prison For Receipt Of Child Pornography Images
6} Spokane, Washington Man Sentenced To Five Years In Federal Prison For Receipt Of Child Pornography Images
7} Soap Lake Man Sentenced To Five Years In Federal Prison for Receipt of Child Pornography
8} Former Spokane Indian Reservation Resident Sentenced To 30 Years For Child Sexual Abuse Convictions
9} Clarkston Man Sentenced To Fifteen Years In Federal Prison For Attempted Production of Child Pornography
10} Spokane Man Sentenced To Fifteen Years In Federal Prison For Uploading A Child Pornography Video To Photobucket
11} 59 Year Old Spokane Man Sentenced To Five Years In Federal Prison For Receiving Child Pornography
12} Spokane Valley Man Sentenced To Five Years In Federal Prison For Possessing Child Pornography
13} Spokane Valley Man Sentenced To Twelve Years In Federal Prison For Possessing Child Pornography
14} Former Liberty Lake Pastor Sentenced to Five Years In Federal Prison For Distributing Child Pornography
15} Spokane Man Sentenced To Five Years In Federal Prison And Paid $75,000 To The U.S. Marshal Service For Transportation Of Child Pornography
16} Liberty Lake Man Sentenced To Ten Years In Federal Prison For Attempted Possession Of Child Pornography
17} Spokane Man Sentenced To Ten Years In Federal Prison For Possession Of Child Pornography
18} Former Marine Sentenced To Five Years For Receipt Of Child Pornography
19} Producer Of Child Pornography Sentenced to 55 Years
20} Possession of Child Pornography Nets 48 Months in Prison
21} Child Pornographer Sentenced to More than 13 Years in Prison
22} Distributor of Child Pornography Sentenced to 10 Years in Prison
23} Child Porn Collector Receives 12-Year Prison Sentence
24} Possession of Child Pornography Nets 10 Years in Prison
25} College Place Man Sentenced for receiving Child Porn
26} Spokane, Washington Man Sentenced to 5 Years in Prison for Receiving Child Pornography
27} Mead, Washington Man Sentenced to 5 Years in Prison for trading Child Pornography
28} Child pornography collector receives 5 year prison term


These are just a few of the stories for a couple of years ~ So the resounding message is if you are a killer cop or a child molester you are more then welcome in Spokane County, not only are you welcome but you will be protected unless the FBI steps in & there is NO instance where the FBI has stepped in to intervene in any of the killer cops cases so if you’re a trigger happy cop you are home free here.

I wonder how Tucker convinced the Wa AG to get involved in this farce. We know that Tucker is on his way out & that Caruso ran against him & he took 36% of the vote in 2006 & ever sine then Tucker has had it in for Caruso (which is why he had to get an outside agency involved) Any buffoon with more then 3 brain cells can see this is a last ditch effort by Steve Tucker to use his office to abuse his power before he loses all control over Spokane County.

So how is the WAG going to justify this woman’s history? How in the hell are they going to find an untainted jury pool in this state? Since when has the Washington State Attorney’s office EVER filed rape charges against ANYONE? They HAD to have reviewed this case before they decided to venture into now charging common citizens, so how are they going to justify taking this woman’s word when she has already been deemed dishonest & mentally unstable? I can not wait til the truth comes out & when Mr Caruso presents his defense & their whole case falls to shit… Unless they railroad him or make up evidence that is the ONLY way they will be successful & even then it would be such a blatant set up that everyone will know the truth. Like I said now it’s time to focus on the Attorney General’s Office. He has ties to Spokane, Snohomish County & Preston Ellis & Gates (the former law firm now KL Gates after they were tied to the Franklin Sex Abuse Scandal & the Abramoff corruption scandal which are both one in the same.

Ferguson went to law school at New York University.[6]  After receiving his law degree from NYU, Ferguson began his legal career in Spokane, where he served as a law clerk for Chief Judge William Fremming Nielsen of the Federal District Court for Eastern Washington, who was appointed by George H. W. Bush.[6]He then clerked for Judge Myron Bright of the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals in the Midwest, who was appointed by Lyndon Johnson.[6] After his clerkship, Ferguson returned to Seattle and joined Preston Gates & Ellis (now K&L Gates) as a litigator, where he represented individuals, businesses, local governments, and Washington corporations. After four years at Preston Gates & Ellis, Ferguson decided to run for the King County Council.


I guess no one in this state worries about the “Appearance of Impropriety” because they really don’t have to.

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